Hiring An Accident Attorney (3) by gabrielamcfarland


									Hiring an Accident Attorney

Before you hire just any lawyer to represent you in an accident or an injury, you must ask these
important questions so you may know if he is the ideal accident attorney that can trust. The
answers to these questions will prove just how much a lawyer can effectively handle your case.

Will you be personally handling my case or will you be referring me to another attorney? This
is probably one of the most crucial; part of looking for an accident lawyer since you need
someone who will hear your case till the very end not someone who will collect a fee and will not
be available in the end. If you are being referred, ask if the next lawyer if he will be your legal
counsel till the end.

What is the settlement value of my case? Although this is very hard to answer the initial time
you meet with a prospective lawyer but an expert will likely answer you easily. A good lawyer
will give you the entire positive and the negative side of your case and will never beat around
the bush; he may give you what your case is worth right away.

What is your fee for my case? Although there is no fixed rate for accident attorneys to rate
his personal injury expertise, personal injury lawyers usually operate on a contingency fee
percentage, this means it is between 33% to 50% which may be higher if the case is more
complicated or as it progresses. Knowing the attorney’s rate beforehand can help you compare
lawyers so you can settle with a price that you can truly afford without compensating the quality
of service that is.

Do you handle personal injuries and accidents more than any other case? Some lawyers may
not be appropriately labeled or titled as personal injury attorneys so it is always best to ask them
their level of experience with the case that you have. If the lawyer’s case handled is almost less
than 50% then better look for another counsel.

Have you been a lead attorney in the trial of a personal injury case? What was the result? A
good lawyer will have had several cases that he has handled as the lead counsel and of course
winning the case is always a plus. Lawyers may refer to this as being the first-chair in a case.


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