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									 D’VAR MALCHUS

            RUNNING TO
            FULFILL G-D’S
                WILL                SICHOS IN ENGLISH

SHABBOS PARSHAS BA’MIDBAR; 29TH                    [demonstrated] hatred for division                Torah, “the acquisition of Torah.”
DAY OF IYAR, 5749                                  and love for peace..., it is time for                 There is a deeper lesson to be
1. There are a number of factors                   Me to give them My Torah.”                        learned from the fact that on the
which connect the present Shabbos                     Accordingly, the primary                       first five Shabbasos, we study
to “the season of the giving of our                preparatory steps necessary for the               Mishnayos and on the Shabbos
Torah” that we will celebrate in the               receiving of the Torah are an                     before Shavuos, we study a
coming week:                                       increase in ahavas Yisroel and                    collection of Braisos, which are on a
    It is the Shabbos on which the                 achdus Yisroel (the love and unity of             lower level than Mishnayos.[103] As
month of Sivan is blessed. Sivan is                the Jewish people).                               will be explained, the final
the “third month” and is associated                                                                  preparations for receiving the Torah
with the Torah, “a threefold light”                   Also, it is self-understood that in
                                                   preparation for the receiving of the              are dependant on the study of the
given to a “threefold people.”                                                                       Braisa.
                                                   Torah anew, we should increase our
   It is also the Shabbos which                    study of Torah, both Nigleh and                       The latter concept can be
precedes the holiday of Shavuos.                   P’nimiyus HaTorah. In particular,                 explained as follows: There are two
Since all the days of the coming                   guidelines regarding this increase in             aspects to the giving of the Torah.
week are blessed from the previous                 Torah can be taken from the sixth                 On one hand, Torah is G-d’s “hidden
Shabbos, it follows that this Shabbos              chapter of Pirkei Avos, the chapter               treasure,” His will and His wisdom
contains a specific blessing                       customarily studied on this Sabbath.              which existed before creation.
associated with the holiday of                                                                       Conversely, the Torah was given
Shavuos.                                               In general, the custom of
                                                   studying Pirkei Avos on the                       within the context of our material
    Shabbos falls directly before Rosh             Shabbasos between Pesach and                      world. “It descended... from level to
Chodesh, the day associated the                    Shavuos is to teach “the manner of                level in the downward progression of
essential preparatory step for the                 Torah study and how to behave with                spiritual worlds until it enclothed
giving of the Torah. The Torah                     it after one has studied.” With that              itself in physical things and entities
relates that on Rosh Chodesh, the                  intent, the Rabbis added another                  of our world.”
Jews camped before Mount Sinai “as                 chapter, a collection of Braisos to be               In particular, this concept is
one man, with one heart.” The                      studied on the sixth Shabbos. These               expressed in the contrast between
Midrash relates:                                   Braisos all focus on the study of                 the giving of the Torah by G-d and
   The Holy One, Blessed be He,                    Torah or the rewards given for its                the receiving of the Torah by man.
declared: “Since Israel                            study. Therefore, it is called Kinyan             G-d’s wisdom is drawn down to the

103. This is implied by the very name, Braisa,        the word the Targum uses for the word             related outside the study sessions of Rabbi
    which is related to the word m’bara which is      meaning “outside,” i.e., teachings that were      Yehudah HaNasi.

 4     BEIS MOSHIACH        -   28 Iyar 5763
extent that it can be perceived and                 prevent them from transgressing                     people are different and what
comprehended by human                               Torah law.                                          motivates one may not necessarily
intelligence in a manner where the                      Nevertheless, the safeguards that               motivate another, the Braisa
person’s intellect grasps and                       the Sages instituted cannot be                      mentions a variety of different
encompasses the Torah he is                         considered as additions to the Torah.               qualities and attributes so that every
studying. The person, his thought,                  They are also a part of the Torah                   Jew, whatever his goals may be, will
and the subject matter he is studying               which “Moshe received at Sinai” as                  have a reason to apply himself to
become fused in perfect unity.                      our Sages declared: “Every new                      Torah study.
Furthermore, since “study is great                  concept which is brought out by an                      This also relates to the concept
because it brings to deed,” the                     experienced sage was given to Moshe                 explained above: On one hand, it
effects of the giving of the Torah are              at Sinai.” Similarly, the Braisos of the            reflects a descent for the Torah, its
also apparent in our deeds,” both                   sixth chapter of Avos, though on the                teachings being lowered to the level
those directly connected with the                   surface on a lower level than the                   of people who have to be motivated
performance of the mitzvos and                      Mishna — reflecting the extension of                to study it. On the other hand, even
those carried out in the spirit of “All             the Torah to lower levels, “outside”                after descending to that level, the
your deeds shall be for the sake of                 the sphere of Torah — are taught in                 Torah retains its ultimate perfection
heaven,” and “Know Him in all your                                                                      to the extent that it can bring these
ways.”                                                                                                  people the full range of benefits
    Even though the Torah undergoes                                                                     mentioned in the Braisa.[104]
such a tremendous descent, it
                                                         The primary
                                                                                                           This line of thought is completed
remains essentially unchanged. Even
in our world, it is G-d’s wisdom.
                                                       preparatory steps                                by the final Braisa of the chapter
                                                                                                        which states:
Thus, it can bring about the                           necessary for the                                    All that the Holy One, Blessed be
refinement and the elevation of our
world, drawing down the revelation                  receiving of the Torah                              He, created in His world, He created
of the giving of the Torah within it.                                                                   solely for His glory as it is stated,
    An allusion to this concept is
                                                      are an increase in                                “All that is called by My name,
                                                                                                        indeed, it is for My glory that I have
found in the opening words of the                     ahavas Yisroel and                                created it, formed it, and made it,”
sixth chapter of Pirkei Avos: “The                                                                      and it says, “The L-rd shall reign
Sages taught [this chapter] in the                      achdus Yisroel.                                 forever and ever.”
language of the Mishna:,” i.e., the
chapter is a collection of Braisos,                                                                         This Braisa teaches how each and
however, the manner of expression                                                                       every creation was brought into
resembles the Mishna until the level                a manner which makes them “almost                   being to express G-d’s glory — “and
of the Braisos is almost equivalent to              equivalent to the Mishna.”                          there is no glory other than Torah.”
that of the Mishna.                                    The first teaching of the sixth                  The ultimate expression of this glory
                                                    chapter of Avos continues: “Whoever                 will be in the Messianic age.
    To explain the above: Pirkei Avos
begins by relating the chain of                     occupies himself with [the study of]                   However, in microcosm, there
tradition through which the Torah                   the Torah for its own sake merits                   was already a revelation of this
was transmitted from generation to                  many things” and continues to list                  nature at the time the Torah was
generation. This process also reflects              various qualities and attributes that               given.
a chain of descent as obvious from                  such study will bring. As mentioned
                                                                                                            As is customary, when
the continuation of that Mishna                     above, this chapter is intended to
                                                                                                        completing the study of a Torah text,
which states, “Make a fence around                  arouse a person’s desire to study and
                                                                                                        we connect the conclusion of the
the Torah.” Why are fences                          acquire Torah. By promising all these
                                                                                                        text to its opening statements.
necessary? Because the people’s                     qualities, the sages desired to
                                                                                                        Similarly, Pirkei Avos begins with the
spiritual level had descended and                   motivate people to involve
                                                                                                        statement “Moshe received the Torah
they needed new safeguards to                       themselves in Torah study. Since
                                                                                                        on [Mount] Sinai.” This statement

104. This Braisa can be seen as a continuation         Torah], for everything is in it.” That Mishna        advantages that a person can derive from
    of the concept explained at the conclusion of      speaks of the potentials that are contained          Torah study, teaching him that through
    Chapter 5, “Learn it and learn it [the             within the Torah. Our Braisa speaks of the           Torah study, he can acquire “many things.”

                                                                                                       Issue Number 416   -   BEIS MOSHIACH       5
also brings out the concept that the            expressed by the Braisos of the sixth                The lesson derived from the
Torah effects all the aspects of our            chapter of Avos, that the Torah is the           chapter Kinyan Torah, the
life, the material as well as the               source of all influence in the world,            importance of bringing Torah down
spiritual. Moshe was both the Torah             thus revealing how, “All that the                within the context of our lives in the
leader of the Jews, the Nasi, and               Holy One, Blessed be He, created in              material world, also relates to the
also, their king, the one who is                His world, He created solely for His             service of Naaseh V’Nishma. Within
responsible for their material well-            glory.”                                          the realm of Torah study itself, there
being. Therefore, it was in his merit               2. There is another aspect which             is a concept of Naaseh V’Nishma
that the manna descended.[105]                  is necessary in order to receive the             which is reflected in the study of
When G-d wanted to grant the Jews               Torah, the declaration “Naaseh                   Torah law. In regard to the abstract
meat, it also had to come through               V’Nishma — We will do and we will                study of Torah law, the study of
Moshe’s influence. Though Moshe                 listen.” The Jew’s made this                     halacha represents a descent.
complained, “From where will I have             declaration before the giving of the             Nevertheless, it is described as “the
meat?”, i.e., his spiritual level was           Torah, on the fifth of Sivan.                    crown of Torah,” which reveals G-d’s
too high to descend to such material            Similarly, each year, in preparation             will. Though a person may derive
things, G-d told him, “Collect                  for receiving the Torah anew on                  more pleasure from the study of
seventy men... and I will separate              Shavuos, the Jews must reaffirm                  other aspects of Torah, because of
from the spirit which is upon you               their commitment of Naaseh                       his commitment of complete bittul,
and place it upon them;” the                    V’Nishma. Not only did the Jews                  he will devote himself to the study
influence came from Moshe’s spirit.             promise both to “do” and “listen,”               of halacha for it is that realm of
     Pirkei Avos explains that Moshe            they promised to “do” first, i.e., they          study that G-d’s will is revealed.
“passed on” the Torah to Yehoshua.              gave G-d an unbounded                                3. The above is also connected to
Though Moshe also taught Elazar,                commitment, agreeing to accept His               today’s portion of the text of halacha
Pinchas, the Elders, and the entire             will regardless of what He                       which is studied on a daily basis, the
Jewish people, Yehoshua was the                 commands. This reflects an                       Rambam’s Mishneh Torah.[106]
fundamental recipient of Moshe’s                acceptance not only of G-d’s will,               Today’s portion of study deals with
teachings. Thus, our Sages declared             but an all-compassing commitment                 the delegation of the duties
“Moshe’s face was like the sun,                 to G-d, Himself, the Master of the               associated with the services in the
Yehoshua’s face was like the moon,”             will.                                            Beis HaMikdash. The Rambam states
i.e., Moshe’s full light was reflected              This aspect of unbounded                     that these duties were delegated by
in Yehoshua. Therefore, Yehoshua                commitment is also reflected in the              lot. Why were these tasks delegated
also had both qualities of Nasi and             custom of reading Parshas BaMidbar               in this fashion? The Rambam
king.                                           before the giving of the Torah. Our              explains that this practice was a later
    This phenomenon was not                     Sages explained that the Torah was               institution, ordained by the Rabbis.
repeated in the generations that                given in a desert to teach us that to                Originally, whoever wanted to
followed, however, it will be                   be given the Torah, a person must                remove the ashes from the altar
revealed again in the person of the             make himself like a desert over                  would be allowed to do so. If there
Moshiach. He will be the teacher of             whom everyone treads. The                        were many, they would run,
the Jews and their king. In these               fundamental quality necessary for a              ascending the ramp to the altar.
three personalities, Moshe,                     person to be prepared to receive the             Whoever reached within four cubits
Yehoshua, and Moshiach, their Torah             Torah is bittul, self-nullification. In          of the altar first would merit it...
knowledge and leadership permeated              this context, we can see a positive              Once, it occurred that two were even
through their entire beings to the              dimension of our Sages’ description              while running up the ramp, one
extent that even their leadership of            of a desert as “a place where man                pushed the other. Since the court
the Jews’ material affairs came                 does not dwell,” i.e., it reflects a             saw that the situation was becoming
through Torah.                                  level of bittul above the limits of              dangerous, they ordained that the
     This is also the concept                   human intellect, the very source of              selection of the person to remove the
                                                the Torah.                                       ashes would be done by lot.

105. Even the well and the clouds of glory,        and Aharon died, these miracles returned in   106. The study of the Mishneh Torah parallels
    which our Sages associate with Miriam and      Moshe’s merit reveals that even originally,       the declaration Naaseh V’Nishma, for the
    Aharon respectively, were also connected       they were dependent on his influence.             Rambam (in contrast to the Alter Rebbe in
    with Moshe. The fact that when Miriam                                                            his Shulchan Aruch) states the halacha

 6     BEIS MOSHIACH      -   28 Iyar 5763
    Though originally, the division               the person gives himself over to                     fulfill G-d’s will (“running up the
was not made by lot, once the                     fulfilling G-d’s will, he is willing to              ramp to the altar”). He does not
Rabbis instituted this practice, it               perform any and every service.                       proceed slowly, but runs. However,
became Torah law. Even when there                 Whichever service will come his way                  at present, Torah law teaches that a
was no danger: i.e., a priestly watch             — and he is open to all types of                     person’s own desires should not
with few members or for the third                 services, letting the decision come                  determine which service he is to
lottery — which selected those to                 by Hashgacha Pratis (Divine                          perform. Rather, he should leave this
offer the incense offering — a lottery                                                                 to G-d’s will.
was required.[107]                                                                                        To conclude with practical
    There is a parallel to this in our                                                                 directives for action:
spiritual service: A lottery refers to a           Each Jew, by nature,                                    Since today is the day directly
high spiritual level for a person has
no choice in the matter at all. He
                                                      desires to run to                                preceding the first of Sivan, the day
                                                                                                       on which the Jews camped before
leaves everything up to G-d.
Therefore, one of the central aspects
                                                   fulfill G-d’s will. He                              Mount Sinai in perfect unity in
                                                                                                       preparation to receive the Torah, we
of the Yom Kippur service was the                     does not proceed                                 should increase our service in ahavas
casting of lots to designate the goats                                                                 Yisroel. Also we must develop bittul,
to be sacrificed to G-d and to be                     slowly, but runs.                                total commitment, which like
sent to Azazel. Similarly, the
Purim[108] miracle which expressed                 However, at present,                                Naaseh V’Nishma is a necessary
                                                                                                       preparation to receive the Torah,
the Jews’ ultimate self-sacrifice
centered around the casting of
                                                     Torah law teaches                                 and, of course, we should increase
                                                                                                       our Torah study itself.
lots.[109]                                         that a person’s own                                     We must increase our service in
    Thus, casting lots for the service
in the Beis HaMikdash implies that a                 desires should not                                “raising up many students.” This is
                                                                                                       particularly relevant in the summer
person is willing to leave the
determination of the service
                                                      determine which                                  months when the secular schools are
                                                                                                       on vacation and it is possible to have
appropriate for him to perform to
G-d. This is possible because a
                                                       service he is to                                them enrolled in summer camps in a
                                                                                                       Torah environment. Efforts must be
person has reached a high spiritual                perform. Rather, he                                 made to insure that all Jewish
level.                                                                                                 children are enrolled in Torah camps
    In this context, the Baal Shem
                                                    should leave this to                               in the summer months.
Tov interpreted the word shivisi in
the verse, “I placed (shivisi) G-d in
                                                         G-d’s will.                                       May these activities prepare us to
                                                                                                       receive the Torah anew “with
front of me at all times” to have the                                                                  happiness and in a way that it is
mean “It is equal for me.” Since G-d                                                                   internalized,” as the Previous Rebbe
is constantly before me, all situations           Providence) in a manner similar to
                                                                                                       would wish. And may we receive the
are equal. “Whenever anything                     casting lots — he is willing to
                                                                                                       Torah in a manner — as Pirkei Avos
happens, one will say to himself, ‘It’s           perform.
                                                                                                       concludes — “G-d will rule forever,”
from G-d.’ Therefore, even if one                    Thus, we can understand the                       which will be realized with the
might not think it desirable... since             parallel to the service in the Beis                  coming of the Messianic
his intention is for G-d’s sake, from             HaMikdash mentioned above: Each                      Redemption.[110]
his side there is no difference.” Since           Jew, by nature, desires to run to

    alone without explaining its underlying           between the two holidays, stating that the           and find an answer to their question based
    principles.                                       name, Yom Kippurim, can be translated to             on the passage to which the text was
107. It is likely that only a small number of         mean, “a day like Purim.”                            opened.
    people were eligible for the latter lottery   109. Thus, we see that many Sages would follow       110. This is particularly true since the coming
    since it was restricted to those who never        a practice that resembles the casting of lots        year, 5750, is a unique year. Its letters are
    offered an incense offering before.               to help them decide questions regarding              an acrostic for the words, “It will be a year
108. The Rabbis have noted the connection             their future. They would take a Chumash or           of miracles.”
                                                      another holy text and open it at random

                                                                                                      Issue Number 416   -   BEIS MOSHIACH          7
                                                                                              program, which the Rebbe
                                                                                              emphasized was a reference to the
                                                                                              Gulf War, and then that war was
                                                                                              aborted, so to speak, in the middle; it

              LIVING WITH                                                                     did not end. And people were
                                                                                              disappointed and disillusioned over
                                                                                              the fact that it did not end and the

               MOSHIACH                                                                       revelations that were foretold did not
                      T R A N S C R I P T: A L E X A N D E R Z U S H E K O H N
                                                                                                 But what is happening now?
 “Living With Moshiach” can be heard live every Tuesday                                           We are seeing the end of that
   evening, 9:00, on the clear, strong signals of 620-AM,                                     Babylonian destruction, in reference
                                                                                              to the future Redemption – just like
   WSNR, a station with a listening audience of 25,000-                                       the original Babylonian exile ended in
 50,000 people per program. * Living With Moshiach can                                        two stages, so to speak. So one
                                                                                              shouldn’t become discouraged by the
     also be heard at (live                                        fact that it didn’t finishing in the
  simulcast), (all week), and (twice daily) on                                    beginning. I think that Rashi is trying
                                                                                              to tell us – or at least allude to the
 Radio Moshiach And Redemption 1620-40-AM. Hosted by                                          fact – that the future Redemption of
Rabbi Eliezer Gold, Living With Moshiach features various                                     Israel will also come about in two
                                                                                              stages. But one thing is for sure, one
     experts on the Rebbe’s teachings on Moshiach and                                         thing is definite, that when the Rebbe
     Redemption, and focuses on the relevance of these                                        said, “Od chazon la’moed,” i.e., that
                                                                                              there will be another vision of the
   teachings to our current era. * Living With Moshiach                                       appointed time, when this [i.e., the
invites your suggestions, advertisements, and participation.                                  Redemption] will come true,” he was
                                                                                              predicting that there would be a
Simply pick up the phone and dial 718-467-8330. * Part 2                                      sequel to the Gulf War, and that’s
                                                                                              what we’re seeing right now.
(In correction of last week’s installment, which       So, Rashi is referring to the
was misprinted:)                                   Babylonian exile. However, the                Rabbi Gold: Rabbi Greenberg, we
                                                   Gemara and other commentaries say          have a question from our listening
    Rabbi Greenberg: Now, Rashi                                                               audience. Hello, you’re on the line
                                                   clearly that it refers to the future
seems to be of the school of those                                                            with “Living With Moshiach.”
                                                   Redemption. Maimonides, too, uses
who apply this prophecy to the past,
                                                   the words of this verse in his
to the Babylonian exile. Rashi says,                                                              Caller: Okay. I just have a
                                                   discussion of the Thirteen Principles
“Od asid lakum navi l’keitz shanim” –                                                         question, I don’t understand
                                                   of Faith, where he says that one is
“There will be another prophet who will                                                       something. My cousin is named
                                                   supposed to wait for Moshiach even
arise at the end of years,” “sh’yisgaleh lo                                                   Menachem Mendel, and he is named
                                                   though he tarries, for he will
chazon l’masai yihyeh mo’ed mapalas                                                           after the Lubavitcher Rebbe, and if the
                                                   definitely come, and he will not delay.
Bavel u’Geulas Yisroel” – “To whom will                                                       Lubavitcher Rebbe is still living, then
be revealed the vision of when the time                Now, what’s interesting here about     how is he named after him?
will be for the downfall of Babylonia and          this Rashi is that it seems to fuse both
the Redemption of Israel.” And in the                                                             Rabbi Greenberg: I don’t think
                                                   interpretations. Now we understand
next verse it says specifically that it                                                       that relates to what we were
                                                   how these two interpretations come
refers to the seventy years after which                                                       discussing.
                                                   together. Because what we see here, in
Babylonia was supposed to be                       the recent past, is that there was a war      Rabbi Gold: Give a shot anyway,
destroyed, according to the prophet’s              associated with Redemption, just as it     Rabbi Greenberg.
prediction, and that there will be                 says in the Midrash that you [Rabbi
another, delayed date, at which time               Gold] quoted at the beginning of this         Rabbi Greenberg: The naming of
this prophecy will be fully fulfilled.

 8     BEIS MOSHIACH        -   28 Iyar 5763
someone after a great person is            Geulaschem” (“The time of your             that you’re getting closer to the city of
something that has always been done.       Redemption has arrived”), that             your destination. If you reach the city
Among Sephardic Jews, they give            Moshiach’s coming is imminent, and         and then see a sign that tells you that
these names after living people – that’s   that there is no rational explanation      you are within five miles of the city,
number one. Number two: even               for the delay.                             you get worried: “Maybe I went to far
before Gimmel Tammuz, the Rebbe                                                       already!?” I missed my destination,
told people to name their children             So we don’t really need to have        and I have to go back. So too, we
either after the Previous Rebbe, Yosef     this event happen, or that event           have to realize that the signs are not
Yitzchok, or Menachem Mendel. Even         happen, in order for the Redemption        as strong as the words that the Rebbe
though the explanation [for giving the     to occur. I think we have to be very       himself uttered. The Rebbe told us
name Menachem Mendel] was that it          careful to not take away from the          that they are a “nevua,” a prophecy,
was after the Tzemach Tzedek, the          intensity of what the Rebbe said by        that Moshiach’s coming is now more
third Rebbe, chassidim always had in                                                  than just a hope, an aspiration, and a
mind that they were also referring to                                                 belief – which we always had – but
the Rebbe himself. Even though it was      One thing is for sure,                     that it’s something that is imminent,
not an overt thing, it was still                                                      and that if anything doesn’t make
something that was done. When              that when the Rebbe                        sense, it’s not that Moshiach can come
people give the name Menachem                                                         right now, but that he is delaying.
Mendel now, it’s the same thing as it        said, “Od chazon
                                                                                          So, in that spirit, when we talk
was before Gimmel Tammuz. It was
given for the name of the Tzemach
                                            la’moed,” i.e., that                      about what is going to happen and
                                                                                      how things are going to play out, we
Tzedek, as well as the Rebbe, both
                                           there will be another                      should never take this to mean that

    Rabbi Gold: Rabbi Greenberg,
                                                vision of the                         the scenario has to follow any specific
                                                                                      order, and that it can’t happen before.
obviously what we just discussed           appointed time, when                           Having said all that, one thing is
about “Od chazon lemoed” refers to
what is happening now in Iraq. I               this [i.e., the                        clear – that this war is definitely
wanted to ask you, it says there                                                      connected to the revelation of
clearly in Rashi that the falling of         Redemption] will                         Moshiach and the complete
Iraq-Bavel is connected with the                                                      Redemption. And we hope that it will
Geula. So what can we expect right
                                            come true,” he was                        not have to delay even one more day.
now, as we’re witnessing the fall of
Bavel? And what should we be
                                           predicting that there                          Rabbi Gold: Is there a specific hint
                                                                                      for us in the Rebbe’s statement that
expecting in the days to come in           would be a sequel to                       “Od chazon la’moed”? Is there some
fulfillment of this prophecy in
                                                                                      specific hint in that statement that
Habakkuk?                                   the Gulf War, and                         should inspire us in a particular way
    Rabbi Greenberg: We can only go          that’s what we’re                        to deal with what is happening in the
                                                                                      world today and with which we can
by what the Rebbe told us and what
the Torah tells us – anything more           seeing right now.                        bring Moshiach faster?
specific, the Rambam writes clearly
                                                                                          Rabbi Greenberg: In that talk that
that we have to just wait until it
                                                                                      the Rebbe gave during the year 5751,
happens. We didn’t invoke this             pointing to various signs that point to    which you made reference to before,
prophecy, this pasuk, until the events     some future date. Those signs only         the Rebbe spoke about Bavel,
started to unfold, and then all of a       exist only to enhance that we which        Babylonia. We know that modern day
sudden, we said, “Aha! Here’s where        we already heard, years ago, from the      Iraq and Iran occupy the ancient
the Torah referred to it.” And that’s      Rebbe – i.e., that Moshiach’s coming       empires of Persia and Babylonia. Iraq,
the way we have to look at all the         is imminent. Sometimes, people even        in particular, is associated with
Biblical prophecies. We can’t really say   feel that a sign detracts from the         Babylonia. The Rebbe explains that
ahead of time how the scenario is          strength and intensity of our emuna.       name Babylonia comes from the
going to unfold. One thing we know
                                                                                      Hebrew word Bavel, which means
for sure: the Rebbe told us in no             In fact, say you’re taking a trip,
                                                                                      confusion. There are things that
uncertain terms that “Higia Z’man          and looking out for signs to indicate
                                                                                      confound and confuse us, that distract

                                                                                     Issue Number 416   -   BEIS MOSHIACH   9
us from our march towards Moshiach.        accept me, I can give you instructions,   Rebbe’s instructions are, and they are
There are things that stand in the way     but not before you accept me.” This is    very clear. That we have to increase in
of our living a life that is in            because if you give instructions to       goodness and kindness – this was said
accordance with the Torah and              people who have not accepted you as       to journalists, and was a more
mitzvos. After all, what is Moshiach?      their leader, as their authority, then    universal way of saying, “Live in
Moshiach is not some magical waving        sometimes those instructions will be      accordance with the days of
of the wand that will transform the        followed and sometimes they won’t be      Moshiach,” “Live a Moshiachdike life,”
world instantaneously into some type       followed, and they don’t have the         to put it in the Yiddish-English
of fantasyland, some type of an                                                      vernacular. And that has not changed.
unrealistic type of existence. That’s
not what Moshiach is in Judaism.                                                         One more thing: We have to also
                                                                                     learn about Moshiach, because the
Moshiach is when the world will
become a good, mature, holy world,
                                            There’s a Zohar that,                    learning is what makes us appreciate
where G-d’s plan for the world will        right before the Geula,                   the difference between exile and
                                                                                     Redemption, and you can only live a
come to fruition, where we will see
G-dliness and live in accordance with       the towers of a great                    “redemptive” life if you know what it is.
that vision.
                                           city will be destroyed,                       Rabbi Gold: Rabbi Greenberg, you
                                                                                     were talking about accepting the Rebbe
   What does that mean in practical
terms?                                     and in relation to this                   as the ultimate authority on Torah and
                                                                                     all other issues. So, I want to ask you if
    It means, as the Rebbe said, that      tragedy a great leader                    you can speak for a minute or two
we should live now the way we will                                                   about a specific situation that is now
live when the Geula will be complete.       will come to the fore                    being connected to the war in Iraq –
Our aspirations should be nobler, our                                                the so-called “Road Map” that they are
commitment to Torah should be more
                                             and will start wars,                    now speaking about, the so-called path
complete, our observance of the
mitzvos should be more meticulous,
                                           but then Moshiach will                    to peace in the Middle East that is
                                                                                     developing from all this. Can you
our relationships with others should         take over from that                     touch on this subject briefly? After all,
be more wholesome, our ahavas                                                        the Rebbe has very clear instructions
Yisroel should be more intense and          great leader. In other                   regarding shleimus ha’Aretz. So, what
more profound. Every aspect of                                                       can we expect right now? The
Judaism should be deeper, broader,         words, as great as any                    president and the prime minister of
and should be extended to others, as                                                 England are now discussing the Post
                                             American or world                       Gulf War II era, and saying that the

    And that is something that               leader can be, they                     next step would be peace in the
                                                                                     Middle East. Can you tell us the
Moshiach is all about, as the Rebbe
emphasized over and over. Sure, we
                                                don’t replace                        Rebbe’s clear instructions about this
have to believe that Moshiach is a           Moshiach, and they
person, and we believe that that                                                         Rabbi Greenberg: Part of the
person is the nasi ha’dor, the leader of     can’t do everything                     process of Redemption is to do the
the generation. These are things that                                                things that are consistent with
we certainly have to believe in and               perfectly.                         Redemption. What is Moshiach gong
accept as part of the process of                                                     to do? As I mentioned before,
Redemption. But what is the follow-                                                  Moshiach is going to bring the world
up to that? That we have to follow                                                   to a state where we will be able to
Moshiach’s instructions. It’s like the     same depth.                               observe the mitzvos properly and we
Midrash that says that when G-d gave                                                 will study Torah without distraction –
                                               The same thing is true about
us the Ten Commandments, the first                                                   everything will be more complete,
                                           Moshiach, about a leader, about a
thing He said was, “First accept My                                                  more whole. One of the things that
                                           king. The first thing we have to do is
monarchy, and afterwards you will                                                    we cannot compromise on – it would
                                           accept the authority of that leader, of
receive My commandments.” In other                                                   be contrary to the whole vision of
                                           Moshiach, and then we follow his
words, G-d was saying, “Once you                                                     Moshiach, as well as a contradiction
                                           instructions. And we know what the

10    BEIS MOSHIACH     -   28 Iyar 5763
to Jewish law – is the wholeness and                                                          Haman, this modern-day Amalek –
integrity of Eretz Yisroel, the holy             The first thing we                           and all the other names that are
land of Israel.                                                                               suitable for Saddam Hussein and his
                                                have to do is accept                          following – nevertheless, it’s not a
    The Jewish people cannot
compromise their right to that land,           the authority of that                          question of having respect or not
                                                                                              having respect, but rather, that neither
which they possess not because of
some UN resolution, and not because
                                               leader, of Moshiach,                           the President or any other king or
                                                                                              leader can change that which G-d
of some Balfour Declaration, and not
because of an historical connection to
                                                and then we follow                            Himself has said – that the lands of
                                                                                              Israel belongs to the Jewish people,
Israel. It’s true that we do have all of          his instructions.                           and that cannot change.
these things, but it’s way beyond that.
G-d gave us the land and said: It’s                                                               There are various sources that
                                             compromising the integrity of Jewish             describe the greatness of Moshiach
your land because this is what the
                                             rule over Eretz Yisroel, we are in a             over all leaders. For example, there’s a
Jewish people are all about. They’re
                                             way, compromising our preparedness               Zohar that people were quoting a
all about being a part of Eretz Yisroel.
                                             for Moshiach, because it is                      while back, in relation to the Twin
That is the place where they live their
                                             contradictory to the whole idea of               Towers, which says that [right before
lives in the most complete way. That’s
                                             Moshiach, in addition to it being                the Geula], the towers of a great city
where the Beis HaMikdash is going to
                                             contradictory to Torah and mitzvos,              will be destroyed, and in relation to
be rebuilt, and that’s where it stood in
                                             which is really synonymous with                  this tragedy a great leader will come
the past. We don’t have a right to
                                             Moshiach.                                        to the fore and will start wars, but
compromise it. In addition to the
                                         There’s no question that as much
security reasons, the fact is that this is                                                    then Moshiach will take over from
our land. Anytime we talk about       as we’re grateful to the United States                  that great leader. In other words, as
                                      and grateful to President Bush for all                  great as any American or world leader
                                                            that he has done                  can be, they don’t replace Moshiach,
                                                            for this country                  and they can’t do everything perfectly.
                                                            and for the world                 We have to stand strong and demand

  Esther's Party Grill                                      by ridding the
                                                            world of this
                                                            menace, this
                                                                                              for the benefit of Israel and the
                                                                                              benefit of America, and for the
                                                                                              preparedness that we have to show for
 463 Albany Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11213 718-735-4343
                                                            modern-day                        Israel, that we cannot compromise on
                                                            Pharaoh, this                     such important matters.

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                                                                                       maamer “Tik’u 5650,” and my uncle,
    Biographical Sketches * From the Sichos of the Rebbe                               Raza, recited Grandfather’s maamer
    Rayatz in America * Seifer HaSichos – Kayitz 5700                                  V’Asisa Tzitz. It was an excellent
                                                                                       farbrengen, and there were present
     Daytime Meal of Shabbos Parshas Pinchas – Part 2                                  at the time Reb Yehoshua of
                                                                                       Cherson, Reb Asher of Nicholaev,
   7. The Alter Rebbe was an atzmi.           punishment [for things done] at the      and others. Reb Asher requested of
An atzmi is constantly connected to           age of thirteen years, and at the age    Father: “Rebbe! Recite the maamer
Atzmus, and he reveals Atzmus. This           of twenty years [see also Shulchan       that your father, the Rebbe, recited
revelation is in two aspects. The             Aruch, Orach Chayim, end of Ch.          on Purim Katan 5635.”
Alter Rebbe opened up the                     343; Shulchan Aruch, Choshen
Chochma, Bina, and Daas in the                Mishpat, Ch. 349, and references             Father leaned upon his arms and
souls of chassidim through avoda in           cited there].                            wept profusely. After that, we sang a
actual deed, revealing that the                                                        heartfelt niggun, and Father recited
                                                  8. There are two periods in          the maamer “V’Kibbel HaYehudim.”
actual deed of chassidim consists of          which each person – according to
the avoda of intellectual                                                              This maamer explains that all the
                                              his station and situation –              Jews at that time were in a state of
contemplation and taking stock of             approaches manhood, and then
one’s soul regarding all periods and                                                   mesirus nefesh for a whole year.
                                              becomes a man. In my case, the           Mordechai and his twenty-two
times in his past. The first of these         period of approaching manhood
periods is when one approaches                                                         thousand disciples revealed the
                                              was in the year 5648, when I heard       power of mesirus nefesh among the
manhood, and the later period is              from my father the maamer “Ein
when he has already become a man.                                                      Jews: whatever the body and the
                                              HaKadosh Baruch Hu Ba BiTronya.”         animal soul desires to do, through
    The Mitteler Rebbe says that one          The period when I became a man           avoda one arrives at the state where
must do t’shuva also for                      began for me in the year 5611,           he does not desire it; and whatever
[transgressions done] before the              when I heard from my father the          the body and the animal soul does
time of his bar mitzva. That is, [one         statement: “Our Rebbeim educated         not desire to do, through avoda one
must do t’shuva] for things that he           the congregation of Chabad in the        arrives at the state where he does
did unwittingly and things that he            idea that each teaching is an            desire it, and he does it in actual
did when he was [as incapable of              intellectual accomplishment in           deed.
moral deliberation] as an animal.             Torah, and each gesture is a lesson
But [even if he does not do t’shuva]          in conduct.”                                After the farbrengen, my tutor,
he is not liable to punishment [for                                                    Reb Nissan, explained to me –
                                                 9. This occurred at a farbrengen:     within my capacity to understand –
things he did before bar mitzva]. In          My saintly father the Rebbe was
fact, there are differences in the                                                     the concept of avoda with mesirus
                                              then reciting an installment of the

                                                                                      Issue Number 416   -   BEIS MOSHIACH   13
nefesh.                                  years. Father did much to               do with the maamer itself. In the
    10. Because of my father’s tears     encourage the development of my         above maamer of 5638, Grandfather
and his praying for Heaven’s mercy       talents, including the use of various   elucidated the teaching of the Sages
regarding my education, I was            playthings that significantly           [Bava Basra 10a], “Rabbi Eliezer
fortunate to have good melamdim.         promote the development of the          would give a penny to the poor,
My first melamed was Reb Yekusiel.       faculties of understanding and          and after that he would pray.” He
His wife’s grandfather had been one      illustration.                           explained: Prayer must be recited
of the Alter Rebbe’s chassidim. Reb         11. The chassid Reb Zalman           with vitality and life. And by giving
Yekusiel taught me Alef-Beis. It was     Zlatapolsky was a chassid of my         [a penny] to a poor person before
his habit each day after the class to    grandfather, the Rebbe Maharash.        praying, and thereby saving his life,
tell a story about the Baal Shem Tov     Whenever he came to Lubavitch,          we add much vitality and life to the
and his disciples. Whenever he told                                              prayer. [While saying this] he
a story we would gather around                                                   gestured with an upward motion of
him and gaze at his mouth. This                                                  his holy hand. This was his habitual
caused [the story to make] a strong                                              way of hinting by gesture of his
impression upon us. One of our             Whatever the body                     hand for every subject where he
                                                                                 wished to indicate that it was in
worst punishments was to have to
stand behind Reb Yekusiel while he
                                          and the animal soul                    great profusion.
was telling a story.                     desires to do, through                      12. Besides possessing
    My second melamed was Reb                                                    intellectual faculties and an
Shimshon. The Tzemach Tzedek              avoda one arrives at                   unrestrained chassidic heart, the
                                                                                 chassid Reb Zalman Zlatapolsky was
had said to him: “Become a
melamed, and I will give you two of
                                           the state where he                    very patient and orderly. And he
                                                                                 was a devoted adherent of my
my grandsons to teach.” But he was       does not desire it; and                 grandfather, the Rebbe Maharash.
a harsh person, and would beat us
for no good reason.                        whatever the body                     Everything that Reb Zalman did was
                                                                                 done with patience, after
   My third melamed was Reb
Nissan, and I have much to thank
                                          and the animal soul                    intellectual consideration. His
                                                                                 approach to everything was with
him for. I have related on numerous
occasions that he made me rich in
                                         does not desire to do,                  the Chabad style of intellectual
                                                                                 order. He had a special schedule
stories about holy people, and also        through avoda one                     regarding his traveling to Lubavitch,
instilled in me inner vitality                                                   the time he spent with the Rebbe
regarding writing my diary.                arrives at the state                  and how long he should remain
    My fourth melamed was the
chassid and master of avoda, Reb
                                          where he does desire                   there, and when he should depart
                                                                                 from Lubavitch.
Shmuel Betzalel. Rashbatz stood on        it, and he does it in                      Reb Zalman was one of the
a higher level than the others, both                                             outstanding intellectuals in
in his knowledge and in his avoda.             actual deed.                      chassidus and masters of avoda, for
My Rebbe Rashbatz possessed a                                                    whom the trip to Lubavitch, hearing
particularly delicate and profound                                               chassidus, and going in for yechidus
faculty of understanding, and an                                                 was an experience of the soul. For
ability to explain each story with an    Grandfather would say chassidus         them, this experience occupied the
inner-Chabad style of elucidation.       especially for him. One time, in the    highest place in their life history.
Rashbatz also had a special ability      year 5637, the Rebbe Maharash           For serious chassidim who are
to illustrate the assets and             recited for him the maamer he had       masters of intellect and avoda, the
accomplishments of the chassidim         recited in public the previous          schedule of their journey to and
whom he had known. He became             Shabbos. But in the year 5638, he       from Lubavitch was an experience
my tutor in the year 5654.               recited a separate maamer,              of the soul. Each of the imposing
                                         especially for him.                     chassidim would stop over in certain
    Through my father’s tears and
his arousing Heavenly mercy, I was          In the middle of a maamer, the       towns and villages during his trip
fortunate to have success in my          Rebbe Maharash would often say a        to Lubavitch and on the return trip,
upbringing from my childhood             few words that had nothing at all to    to transmit to the chassidim what he

14   BEIS MOSHIACH    -   28 Iyar 5763
had heard in Lubavitch and to                      a maamer: “If one restores physical      in the avoda of the intellect and the
repeat the maamarim he had heard.                  life to a Jew by giving him              heart.
They would then make a farbrengen.                 something to eat, he is rewarded             The chassidic baalei battim of
But the real reception occurred                    with both material and spiritual         previous generations implanted in
when he arrived at home. All                       things.”                                 their children, both sons and
Chabad chassidim – regardless of                       When the chassid Reb Chayim          daughters, devotion and dedication
whether they were wealthy or poor,                 Ber heard this statement, he made it     to the Rebbe, so that they would
either in material things or in                    part of his routine that before          ask the Rebbe’s advice about all of
spiritual matters of knowledge and                 davening he would often give food        their affairs, including family and
avoda – would participate in this                  to the travelers and the regular poor    business affairs. They did
joyous affair.                                     people so they would have                everything according to the Rebbe’s
   Once, at a chassidic farbrengen                 something to eat after davening. My      instructions. This had beneficial
held as a reception for the guest                  saintly father the Rebbe said to me      results both for themselves and for
when Reb Zalman returned from                      that this inner devotion and             members of their household.
Lubavitch, he repeated a statement                 dedication of the chassid Reb                                      (To be continued.)
that my grandfather, the Rebbe                     Chayim Ber to the Rebbe Maharash
Maharash, had said in the middle of                placed him in a situation of success

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        NO OTHER
              B Y R A B B I T U V I A B O LT O N , M A S H P I A I N Y E S H I VA
                         O H R T M I M I M O F K FA R C H A B A D

    The meeting had been set months              Moshiach – I’m sure. Let me                I figured that I must have missed
before, and the group of five Chabad             explain.”                               my exit or something, so I turned
women had been waiting almost                       The women were really in no          the car around and headed back. But
twenty minutes in the reception                  mood for stories, but on the other      the more I tried to correct my
room outside the office door of                  hand, why not? They looked at each      mistake, the more lost I got, and not
Knesset member Sara Doron,                       other, shrugged their shoulders and     only that, but the road was empty;
anxious to present their well-                   agreed.                                 no cars were passing by from either
prepared case regarding the law                                                          side.
called Mihu Yehudi. But these women                  The secretary began
                                                 apologetically. “I know that I don’t        At first I wasn’t worried, but after
were in for a surprise…                                                                  another hour of driving in the dark
                                                 look very religious,” she said, “but
    Mrs. Doron came out of her                   believe me, since this story            and not getting anywhere – and I
office, briskly announced that she               happened, I eat only kosher and         was getting low on gas – I started to
had another meeting, and                         even keep Shabbos.                      get nervous.
abandoned the astonished women                                                               Anyway, I decided all was not
with only her secretary to complain                  It happened like this. Five years
                                                 ago I visited some friends in the       lost. I could always flag down a car
to, which they did with a gusto.                                                         for help, right? So I pulled over to
                                                 U.S.A., in California. One late
    After listening to their grievances          afternoon I was driving to a party in   the side of the road, turned on the
for several minutes, the secretary               my convertible, alone on the            light inside the car so people would
quietly said: “Oh, you are                       freeway, watching the sunset,           see me, and began flashing my lights
Lubavitchers, right? I know the                  listening to music and feeling great,   at oncoming cars.
Rebbe of Lubavitch. He is the                    when I had this feeling that                But this didn’t work either. First,
Moshiach!”                                       something was wrong.                    there were very few cars. Second,
    The women were shocked and                       I looked at my watch, and I         the ones that passed didn’t stop, and
furious; this woman was mocking                  realized what it was. It was already    finally when this big truck did stop,
them! Adding insult to injury!                   after eight o’clock. The party was      two huge men got out laughing and
    My wife, who was in the group,               supposed to be a twenty-minute          shouting obscenities. So I put the
looked at the secretary and asked                drive from where I was staying, and     car in gear, and drove away as fast as
her in a bewildered tone, “Tell me,              I had been driving for over an hour!    I could.
are you joking? If so, you’re not very           It was getting darker and darker           Now I was really scared,
funny!”                                          outside, and as far as my headlights    petrified. I even started crying and
   “No, No! Certainly not!” the lady             lit up, all that could be seen was      prayed out loud for help. But it
answered. “I really mean it, he is the           desert.                                 didn’t help. A few minutes later the
                                                                                         gas ran out and I coasted to the side

16   BEIS MOSHIACH       -   28 Iyar 5763
of the road, alone in the middle of       Rebbe, they said, never makes a               The group of women now
the desert.                               mistake.                                  understood the real reason for their
    Then, after about a half an hour          I’m sure that the Rebbe sent them     visit to the Knesset.
it started getting cold. I don’t know     to save me. I mean, there is no other                           ***
if you have ever been in the desert at    explanation. They gave me gas from            This week’s section is called “In
night, but its like winter, and after a   their tank, escorted me home, and         the Desert,” and it is a preparation
while with no heater I was really         calmed me down. They were                 for the holiday of Shavuos, “The
shivering. I was alone, frightened,       wonderful.                                giving of the Torah.”
and it was at least eight hours till         But then I started to think, how
dawn. I began really crying. I lost                                                    The Midrash gives several reasons
                                          did the Rebbe know about me? And          why G-d gave the Torah to the
control completely. I was sure that       why would he even care about me? I
this would be the end of me.                                                        Jewish people in the desert. One is
                                          mean, I wasn’t at all observant. So I     because the desert is free territory;
   I had no blanket, the seats didn’t     decided that there is no other            anyone who wants it can live there,
even have covers, or I would have         explanation other than: he is the         teaching us that we should rejoice in
wrapped myself in them. I just                                                      the knowledge that the Torah is
curled up in a ball and kept saying,                                                similarly free for all who want it.
“Oy Imaleh (mommy)! Please, please
                                                                                        Another reason is that the desert
someone help me.”                             Now I was really                      is all sand, teaching us that one
    I lost track of time, but it must
have been an hour until suddenly I           scared, petrified. I                   must be humble like the earth in
                                                                                    order to learn Torah.
saw a car coming! I began flashing
my lights again like crazy and
                                            even started crying                         Yet a third reason is that
                                                                                    although the desert is a wasteland,
praying that everything would be all
                                           and prayed out loud                      nevertheless G-d provided the
   The car stopped.                       for help. But it didn’t                   Jewish people with food, water,
                                                                                    clothing, and housing, telling us that
   It stopped a good distance from          help. A few minutes                     in order to learn Torah one must
my car. The door opened and three                                                   trust in G-d for his livelihood.
men got out, all dressed in black,         later the gas ran out                        A fourth is that just as the desert
and one of them had in his hand a
gun!                                        and I coasted to the                    is a full of snakes and scorpions, so
                                                                                    must Torah scholars be cautious of
     They were still a bit far away. My       side of the road,                     their own bad impulses and never be
heart was pounding like a drum. I                                                   overconfident.
still had a chance. I jumped out of       alone in the middle of                       These four reasons, however, are
my car and thought that I would
run, but all that came out was a                 the desert.                        not so clear.
scream, “SHMA YISROEL!”                                                                 First: Why would G-d want to
                                                                                    suggest that the Torah is ownerless
   The man with the gun yelled                                                      like a desert? The Torah is the
back quickly,                             Moshiach. He felt that I was in           possession of the Jewish people!
   “Shma Yisroel Hashem Elokeinu          trouble. He must care about
                                                                                       Second: Why would G-d want to
Hashem Echad!”                            everyone.
                                                                                    compare the Torah to the sand of the
    They were Chabadniks from                 After that, I wrote a letter of       desert from which nothing grows?
California who were planning to           thanks to him, and he wrote me            The Torah should be compared to
travel to some convention early in        back asking me to please begin to         good fertile earth.
the morning, but received an urgent       strengthen the Jewish people and
                                                                                        Third: Why do we need the
phone call from the Lubavitch             myself and keep some of the
                                                                                    desert to learn to trust G-d? The
Rebbe’s office to set off immediately.    commandments. So I did.”
                                                                                    desert is not the only desolate place
They thought it was weird to begin            Then the secretary took a deep        in the world. There are
their journey at night, especially        breath, looked at all the ladies, gave    (unfortunately) homeless and
with no sleep, and arrive eight hours     a big smile, and said: “Wow! Thanks       starving people everywhere.
before the convention, but the            for listening to my story!”
                                                                                        Fourth: Dangerous animals,

                                                                                   Issue Number 416   -   BEIS MOSHIACH   17
snakes, etc., exist elsewhere (in fact,                                            through him and did not change at
humans beings are even more                They thought it was                     all; it always remained G-d’s Torah.
dangerous!). We don’t need the                                                         Second, from the barren desert
desert to teach us not to be               weird to begin their                    sand we can learn true humility as
    In other words, G-d could have
                                             journey at night,                     was found only in Moshe Rabbeinu.
                                                                                   The Rebbe MH”M explains that
given the Torah in Egypt or in Eretz        especially with no                     Moshe was the most humble man on
Yisroel, for example, and the Jews                                                 earth (Numbers 12:3), because he
could have learned all these moral           sleep, and arrive                     felt that he himself was nothing,
lessons there. Why specifically the                                                barren as the sand; all his qualities
desert?                                   eight hours before the                   of leadership, wisdom and devotion
                                                                                   were only gifts from G-d (and in his
    The answer to these questions is       convention, but the                     estimation, others would have surely
that only in the desert could G-d
teach the Jews devotion to Moshe             Rebbe, they said,                     used them better).
Rabbeinu. Without complete                                                             Third, the mahn that they ate,
devotion to Moshe it is impossible            never makes a                        Miriam’s well that they drank from,
for the Jews to wholeheartedly                                                     and the Clouds of Glory that
observe the Torah and its
                                                 mistake.                          protected them in the desert were all
commandments. (In fact, we see that                                                in the merit of Moshe (Taanis 9a).
the very moment that they believed        faith and enthusiasm in each and         Teaching us that if we trust the
that Moshe was gone, they built the       every Jew according to his or her        Moshe of our generation, Hashem
Golden Calf and forgot all they had       individual nature.                       will provide for us and protect us.
learned.) And the desert is the only                                                  Finally, Moshe showed them
                                              In fact, the Zohar tells us that
place that this could be done.                                                     repeatedly in the desert (at the Yam
                                          every generation must have a leader
    In the desert, the Jews were          like Moshe (the Rebbe, of course, in     Suf, the Golden Calf, Korach, The
isolated and completely dependent         this generation), and without such a     spies, the mahn, etc.) that even the
on Moshe for leadership. There he         person the Jews are like lost sheep      tzaddikim should not be
could teach and inspire them              without a shepherd.                      overconfident, and the real wild
without interruptions, and bring the                                               animals one must be wary of exist in
                                              So now we can understand the
Torah into every aspect of their                                                   one’s own personality.
                                          four aforementioned factors in a new
souls, as only he knew how to do.                                                      So everything – the Torah,
                                          light: How only the desert can teach
   The reason that only Moshe             us how to connect to Moshe.              ourselves, in fact, the entire world –
could do this is that Moshe was a                                                  depends on Moshe Rabbeinu, and
                                              First, the fact that the desert is
special gift of G-d to the Jewish                                                  (like the secretary in our story) we
                                          ownerless, teaches us that the Torah
people. He was the Raaya Mehemna,                                                  can learn it all from the desert.
                                          in its essence can never be
a Shepherd of Faith, and a “man of
                                          possessed, for it belongs only to
G-d” (D’varim 33:1), so united with                                                For more articles from Rabbi Bolton visit:
                                          Hashem. Only Moshe could teach
Hashem, that he, and only he, knew                                       
                                          this, because Hashem’s Torah came
exactly how to inspire and increase

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18   BEIS MOSHIACH     -   28 Iyar 5763

 770 WAS MY HOME      P R E PA R E D B Y AV R O H O M R AY N I T Z

    The Rebbe Rayatz arrived in the U.S.
     on 9 Adar 5700 (1940) and founded
 Tomchei T’mimim. * One of the talmidim
 of those early years, who slept on the first
  floor of 770 and witnessed many special
    events of those times, was Rabbi Yosef
Goldstein (Uncle Yossi), who presently lives
in California. * The following is Part One
        of his memoirs which he gave
               to Beis Moshiach.
    “When I was three years old, my parents decided to
leave Providence, Rhode Island, where we were the only
religious Jews, and to move to New York in order to be
able to live Jewish lives. It wasn’t easy, because that year,
5690 (1930), was the height of the Depression. The
economy was in bad shape and the currency was
severely devalued, so that every businessman tried to
protect his business. Yet my father sold his business in
Providence and moved to N.Y. without knowing how he
would support his family there.
   My parents made this decision upon the advice of a
number of Admurim who regularly visited our home on
their way from N.Y. to Boston (see box), who told my
parents that Providence wasn’t a suitable place for frum
   We arrived in N.Y. and settled in Boro Park. In those
days, there were only two yeshivos in Boro Park. One

20   BEIS MOSHIACH     -   28 Iyar 5763
was a modern Zionist school called                                   wavelength, they being Litvaks,
Eitz Chayim, and the other one was                                   graduates of Mir and Slabodka,
Toras Emes. At first, my father               The next day I         while I was all-American.
wanted to register my older brothers
in Eitz Chayim, but it cost too          brought him a thermos            A TEACHER OF THE
much, so they registered in Toras                                       PREVIOUS GENERATION
Emes instead. When I grew older, I
                                              of coffee and he           One day everything changed.
too went to Toras Emes.                    thanked me a great        That morning the classroom door
   In those days, Rabi Yisroel                                       opened and there stood a new
Jacobson, one of the distinguished        deal and told me how       teacher. Later on I found out that he
Chabad chassidim in the U.S., ran the                                was Rabbi Shmuel Zalmanov. There
yeshiva, and all Chabad chassidim in
                                            I had revived him.       was no comparison between him and
                                                                     the previous teachers. He had the
N.Y., like the Posner, Simpson,
Rivkin, and other families, sent their
                                           From time to time I       appearance of a Jew from a previous
children to this yeshiva. This was the   tried to bring him rolls    generation. He wore a long coat and
                                                                     a black hat, and he had a long,
case for about ten years, until 5701
(1941).                                      and other food to       beautiful beard. He had a hadras
                                                                     panim, the likes of which I had seen
    That year was very difficult. The
administration of the yeshiva
                                             sustain him. Our        only in history books, and as soon as
                                                                     he walked into the room I stood up
couldn’t pay the teachers on time,        relationship was that      in awe. I felt myself drawn to him as
and when they finally paid it was                                    to a magnet. His manner and speech
only eighteen dollars a week. When       of teacher and student,     were friendly and gentle, and I could
they weren’t paid for a long time,
they left. The high rate of turnover     but it was a wonderful      sense how everything was done out
                                                                     of great love. From day to day my
made it difficult for me to connect
with my teachers, in addition to the             friendship.         attachment and love for him grew.
fact that we weren’t on the same                                         During recess I noticed him

                                                                    Issue Number 416   -   BEIS MOSHIACH   21
leaning his head on the table. I         that also served as a table. I spoke     would be insulted. I finally
didn’t know if he was sleeping or        with some friends and we got him a       approached him and begged him to
just thinking, but he usually            mattress, chairs, and a table.           accept the watch, for I was grateful
appeared frail. I went over to him          He greatly befriended me. One         for his learning chassidus with me.
and asked whether he felt all right,     day he said to me: “Yossel, you’re a     He refused to take it, of course, but I
and he asked me to fetch him             good boy and I have a present for        insisted until he finally took it.
something to drink. I ran and got        you.” It was a volume of maamarim           Thus, a few happy months went
him a cup of water.                      which he began learning with me.         by until he left for Tomchei
    The next day I brought him a         We learned in his home. This was         T’mimim, too. At that point I said to
thermos of coffee and he thanked me      my first connection with Chabad          myself: and why shouldn’t I go, too?
a great deal and told me how I had       chassidus.
revived him. From time to time I                                                     THE FIRST TRIP TO THE
tried to bring him rolls and other                                                       REBBE RAYATZ
food to sustain him. Our                                                              My parents didn’t agree, of
relationship was that of teacher and           R’ Shmuel                          course. In those years, a trip from
student, but it was a wonderful
                                               Zalmanov’s                         Boro Park to Crown Heights wasn’t
                                                                                  simple. You had to change a few
    One day he disappeared. I took it    replacement was also                     trains, and it wasn’t the thing for a
very hard since I had become so                                                   thirteen-year-old to do every day.
attached to him, and I began to             a Lubavitcher, R’                     And the price was prohibitive too at
investigate what had happened to                                                  five cents a ride. It was only after
him. I discovered that R’ Shmuel was
                                            Yitzchok Dovber                       “holy stubbornness” on my part that
                                                                                  my parents agreed to let me switch
one of the big chassidim of the Rebbe
Rayatz who had been appointed to
                                         Ushpal, and I became                     to Tomchei T’mimim, but on
be secretary in the Rebbe’s yeshiva,     friendly with him too,                   condition that I stay in the
                                                                                  dormitory so I wouldn’t have to
Yeshivas Tomchei T’mimim. That’s
when I heard of Tomchei T’mimim           no less and perhaps                     travel every day.
for the first time, and I thought to                                                  I went to yeshiva. This was the
myself that if this yeshiva was good       more than with my                      first time I was traveling by train
for my esteemed teacher, then it was
certainly good for me!
                                           previous teacher. I                    and I went over to ask how to get to
                                                                                  Eastern Parkway. The man told me
    This resolution, however,              saw this as Divine                     where to get off, at what was the
remained just a thought, for R’                                                   first stop on Eastern Parkway and
Shmuel Zalmanov’s replacement was           providence, that                      called the Eastern Parkway stop,
also a Lubavitcher, R’ Yitzchok                                                   which was a half-hour walk from
Dovber Ushpal, and I became
                                          Hashem was sending                      770!
friendly with him too, no less and
perhaps more than with my previous
                                         me angels to raise me                        I left the subway and saw an
                                                                                  impressive building and I was
teacher. I saw this as Divine                out of the mud.                      thrilled, thinking I was going to
providence, that Hashem was                                                       attend yeshiva in such a beautiful
sending me angels to raise me out of                                              building. I quickly realized my error,
the mud.                                                                          discovering this was the public
                                             At my bar mitzva my father gave
    R’ Ushpal’s material                                                          library. I asked a number of people
                                         me a gold watch. When I learned
circumstances were very poor. He                                                  how to get to 770, and they told me
                                         with R’ Ushpal, I noticed that when
came to class with torn pants and                                                 I needed to walk another twenty
                                         he wanted to know what time it was,
shoes, like a war refugee. He was                                                 blocks.
                                         he had to ask me for he didn’t have
very mesudar (orderly) and clean,        enough money to buy a watch, even            I arrived at 770 and stood in
but in tatters, since he had nothing     a plain one. I thought it wasn’t right   wonder once again. I had expected
else.                                    for me to have such a nice watch         to see a large shul, yet this was a
   I visited him and was shocked to      while he had to ask me what time it      house! Yes, an ordinary house, like
see a house that had no furniture.       was. I thought of giving him my          all the houses there. Just as I walked
Instead of chairs he had some crates     watch as a gift, but I was afraid he     into 770 a large celebration was

22   BEIS MOSHIACH    -   28 Iyar 5763
                                          former teacher, noticed me               didn’t want to leave them at home.
                                          immediately and called me. He            At that time, when a maamer came
                                          introduced me to R’ Eliyahu              out, it was “bread from the heavens.”
                                          Simpson, the Rebbe Rayatz’s              Till this day I have a bundle of
                                          secretary at that time, and I was        tzukvetchte maamarim (crumpled
                                          registered in the yeshiva. I began       maamarim), which is what they were
                                          learning in R’ Ushpal’s class in 770.    called since they were folded and
                                              I mentioned Mivtza Mishnayos         put in one’s pocket to be learned
                                          B’al Peh, and I recall the Rebbe         wherever one found oneself, on the
                                          Rayatz sitting on his chair on the       train, on the bus, etc. That was its
                                          small porch on the second floor          beauty: the more crumpled it was,
                                          (above where the large sukka of 770      the more it showed it had been
                                          is) and reviewing Mishnayos.             learned.

                                              The Rebbe MH”M once said: It’s a         The year I came to 770, 5702, it
                                          kal v’chomer. If the air around the      was after the histalkus of Rebbetzin
                                          Rebbe is like Gan Eden (like it says     Shterna Sarah, the mother of the
                                          about Yaakov, “the scent of my son is    Rebbe Rayatz, and I had the z’chus of
                                          like the scent of the field which        being part of the minyan that davened
        Rabbi Shmuel Zalmanov                                                      upstairs with the Rebbe Rayatz.
                                          Hashem blessed”) yet he sees fit to
                                          purify the air, then how much more       Aside from myself there were a few
taking place for a raffle for learning    so for us, in the air we find            other chassidim who davened in the
Mishnayos by heart. I later learned       ourselves in, that we need to review     minyan regularly, such as Rabbi
that the Rebbe Rayatz wanted to           Mishnayos.                               Nachum Sklar, Rabbi Avrohom Pariz
purify the air of America by means                                                 (who came from Boro Park), and
of the saying of Mishnayos by heart,             THE DORMITORY                     Rabbi Yisroel Jacobson. Till this day
and in order to motivate the                  The sleeping problem was solved      I treasure the precious moments I
chassidim they would raffle off           unexpectedly. In those years, shortly    merited to have in the presence of
Mesechtos of Mishnayos in the             after they bought 770, the Rebbe         the Rebbe Rayatz. I especially recall
Rebbe’s presence.                         Rayatz lived on the second floor, his    the sight of the Rebbe MH”M
    The Rebbe sat on the dais, the        son-in-law, Rashag, on the third         standing and taking in every move
Rebbe Melech HaMoshiach on his            floor, while the first floor remained    the Previous Rebbe made.
left, and Rashag on his right. Truly, a   empty at night (at that time there           Those years were really days of
sight to behold. Rabbi Zalmanov, my       weren’t bachurim hanging around at       light. Those who had the z’chus of
                                          night). Being that this was the case,    being in 770 in those years were
                                          Rabbi Berel Chaskind asked me to         able to absorb chayus for a lifetime.
                                          sleep in 770. He chose me because I      Chassidim came from afar in order to
                                          was an American who spoke English        eat at the Rebbe’s table on Shabbos
                                          well and conducted myself properly,      and Yom Tov. The Lubavitch k’hilla
                                          so if a policeman or mailman would       in Crown Heights numbered a few
                                          come, I’d know how to deal with          dozen chassidim, but they came from
                                          them. I got the key to one of the        other neighborhoods, too. Chassidim,
                                          rooms on the first floor, a room that    like R’ Pariz, R’ Rivkin, and R’
                                          later became Rabbi Dovid Raskin’s        Cunin, ate at home and then walked
                                          office.                                  from Boro Park to farbreng with the
                                              That’s how I had the z’chus to       Rebbe until the wee hours.
                                          sleep in 770 for a long period of            Forty to fifty people attended
                                          time. I brought all my things to my      these farbrengens, but relative to the
                                          new room. They included my clothes       room in which the Rebbe farbrenged
                                          and the maamarim that R’ Avrohom         in on the second floor, it was a large
                                          Pariz would publish. In those days       group. We once came to the
                                          printing was very expensive, and he      farbrengen only to find the door
                                          would use a copying machine. These       locked. We learned that the Rebbe’s
      R’ Yitzchok Dovber Ushpal           maamarim were all I owned, and I

                                                                                  Issue Number 416   -   BEIS MOSHIACH   23
doctors said that the room shouldn’t        whereby a few chassidim entered,         stood outside who wanted some
be overcrowded, so it wouldn’t get          and after some time they left and        chassidim to come out so they could
too stuffy (there were no air               other chassidim took their place. It     go in.
conditioners then, and when a few           often happened that in the middle of        We usually knocked quietly so as
dozen people were in the room, it           a sicha there were knocks at the         not to interrupt the farbrengen. One
got very warm). They had a system           door. These were chassidim who

                                                               he withstood this test and was not mechalel Shabbos.
     I was born on 24 Iyar 5687 (1927), in Providence,             My father met my mother in Boston, married her,
  Rhode Island. My father was Moshe Yehuda Goldstein,          and moved to Providence. My father was not a Chabad
  who was nicknamed “Der Shomer Shabbos,” and my               chassid, but he was the first to show the way in
  mother was Chaya Malka.                                      Providence since others did not keep Shabbos and even
      My grandfather, my mother’s father, R’ Yaakov            laughed at it. They certainly didn’t have beards, and so
  Yitzchok Goldman, a”h, who came from Anipol, was a           my father was a dugma chaya for Yiddishkeit. My father
  Jew with a white beard, an outstanding “chassidic            did manual work in the house, which was the source of
  prototype.” He owned many sifrei chassidus, among them       our income. The work he did was printing small items
  the Tanya and Kuntres Eitz Chayim of the Rebbe Rashab,       for customers. He chose to take his chances with a
  and he valued them greatly.                                  private venture, because in those days if you wanted to
                                                               work for someone else, you had to be mechalel Shabbos.
      My grandfather came to America in 1900 where he
  married and settled in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. He               In 5680 (1920) the material situation in Poland and
  supported his family by means of a print shop, and           Galicia was frightful, and Admurim of various
  when he made enough money he devoted the main part           communities left to fundraise in the U.S. They came by
  of his earnings and energy to avodas ha’kodesh.              ship to New York as their first stop. The next stop was
                                                               Boston, because both cities had a large Jewish
      He was a melamed and shochet, and since there was
                                                               population. The trip from N.Y. to Boston took twelve
  no rav in the city, he responded to the halachic questions
                                                               hours by train, and they had to stop to rest in
  that people asked him. The United States at that time
  was really very far from anything to do with Yiddishkeit,
  and today it’s clear that any spark of Judaism in his city        My father, Moshe Goldstein lived in Providence and
  was mainly thanks to the arduous work he did.                he was the only one able to host them with kosher food
                                                               in a true Jewish home. Thus our home was full of these
      In addition to his work with the community, he
                                                               Admurim, who spent Shabbos with us and davened in the
  devoted a great deal of time to his children, and
                                                               little shul in the vicinity.
  succeeded in giving them all a chinuch al taharas
  ha’kodesh despite the difficulties. He merited raising a         Those who accompanied the Admurim joined us at
  family of children and grandchildren who were yerei          the Shabbos table and the tish with singing and divrei
  Shamayim, and who remained that way despite the              Torah. All this greatly strengthened my parents, who
  influences and enticements that surrounded them.             were the only religious Jews in the area. Whenever the
                                                               Admurim came they left a seifer behind and learned a bit
      An incident that happened with my uncle Yehuda
                                                               of halacha or other things with the family.
  Leib Goldman, a”h (I’m Goldstein from my father’s side
  and Goldman from my mother’s side), serves as a good            My mother, a”h, told me that when I was born (at
  example to the strong emuna he implanted in his              home with the help of a midwife) she remembered that
  children. This uncle learned to play the violin, and he      she gave birth in one room while the Admurim sat in the
  eventually became one of the greatest musicians in           other room and recited T’hillim out loud. Certainly, my
  America. The conductor, Sergei Koussevitzky, took him        mother concluded, this z’chus enabled me to see children
  as first violin in the Boston Philharmonic. My uncle was     and grandchildren oskim ba’Torah u’b’mitzvos from you.
  successful there and everything was fine until the issue         Providence is close to Newport, which has the first
  of performances on Shabbos came up. They wanted him          shul built in the U.S. in the time of President George
  to play on Shabbos and they offered him all the money        Washington, who visited the shul. The government
  in the world so that he’d agree, but my uncle refused.       would renovate it every year and it later became a sort of
  He could have risen to the heights of his profession, but    museum which people visit from all over the world.

24   BEIS MOSHIACH      -   28 Iyar 5763
                                                                                   wheelchair, the Rebbe MH”M would
                                                                                   enter the room where the Rebbe
                                                                                   Rayatz davened first, before
                                                                                   everybody else, and then leave last.
                                                                                   When we entered the room, the
                                                                                   Rebbe [Rayatz] was already sitting in
                                                                                   his place with his face to the wall, so
                                                                                   it wasn’t possible to see the Rebbe in
                                                                                   a wheelchair.
                                                                                        One day, after davening, the
                                                                                   Rebbe asked us to wait, and they
                                                                                   turned the chair around so that he
                                                                                   could see us. The chassidim were
                                                                                   shocked and wondered why the
                                                                                   Rebbe was turning to view them.
                                                                                   This scene is engraved in my mind
                                                                                   till this day. Next to me stood R’
                                                                                   Moshe Yitzchok Konikov, a”h.
                                                                                       The Rebbe Rayatz looked at
                                                                                   everybody with a penetrating gaze.
                                                                                   This was the first time that I saw the
                                                                                   Rebbe in tallis and t’fillin. I suddenly
                     The Rebbe Rayatz and the Rebbe MH”M                           understood what is meant by “light.”
                                                                                   I saw an illuminated countenance, a
time, after we knocked a great deal       “A MESSAGE FROM ABOVE”                   handsome face. The heavens simply
but nobody came out, some of the             The phrase “lo raa me’oros            opened and I saw a G-dly vision.
chassidim began banging on the door.     mi’yamav” (he never saw any                   And if that wasn’t enough, the
A few seconds later the Rebbe MH”M       luminaries in his lifetime) is not        Rebbe suddenly began to speak. His
opened the door and said that when       something I can say about myself,         face burned like a flame and he
they knocked strongly the Rebbe          since I did see. In those years it was    began with, “M’hut mir ibergigeben
[Rayatz] had stopped speaking,           difficult for the Rebbe Rayatz to         u’modia geven milmala” (they told me
smiled, and said that they knocked       walk, and since it was not dignified      from Above). He spoke about a day
with “an emes.” The Rebbe allowed        to see him being wheeled in his           when you don’t say Tachnun, you
some chassidim to enter, but I, as
                                                                                   must say chapter 20 of T’hillim, not
well as some others, remained
                                                                                   as part of the prayer service but as
                                                                                   supplication (see this instruction in
    We waited a few minutes and          The Rebbe opened his                      the T’hillas Hashem siddur, p. 190). I
then began knocking again, but                                                     remember myself standing there, a
nobody responded. There were a few         eyes, looked at each                    young boy, like a golem, looking at
“chachomim” who decided to knock                                                   someone who said he was informed
strongly again until the Rebbe Rayatz    one of us, and said: I                    from Above, a man with connections
stopped the sicha again and told the                                               to the upper worlds.
Rebbe MH”M: Tell them that the               stood up in the
                                                                                      Later on, when I had yechidus
time has already come when they
can “take” from the walls there (i.e.,
                                          middle of the niggun                     with the Rebbe MH”M, I wrote up
                                                                                   what happened and concluded that
the building of 770 was already           in honor of the three                    to my great sorrow, despite the fact
suffused with chassidus and k’dusha,
                                                                                   that I had seen the Rebbe in such an
and even where we stood we were          guests [the Baal Shem                     exalted state, I didn’t budge…
able to take chayus and k’dusha from
the walls. When I say this today, I      Tov, the Maggid, and                          The Rebbe read the note, gave
think that if this was the case in                                                 me a sharp look and said: R’ Yossel af
5702-3, how much k’dusha and                the Alter Rebbe].                      zich tor men oich nisht redden lashon
Elokus are there in 770 today?!).                                                  ha’ra (one is not allowed to say

                                                                                  Issue Number 416   -   BEIS MOSHIACH   25
lashon ha’ra about oneself).
    Another scene which I will never
forget happened that same year on
Shavuos. The Rebbe Rayatz said we
should sing the Niggun of Three
Movements, and in the middle of the
niggun he suddenly rose from his
wheelchair, supported himself with
his hands, and stood up!
    At that moment everybody rose
and stood rooted to their spots. I
stood next to the Rebbe’s table,
facing the Rebbe. The Rebbe stood
with eyes closed and sang along as
tears poured down his face. It was
an awesome sight that I cannot
describe in words. A few minutes
later, the Rebbe stopped singing and
sat down. Everybody sat and it was
absolutely silent. We expected the
Rebbe to say something, for we had
never seen anything like this before.
    The Rebbe opened his eyes,
looked at each one of us, and said: I
                                                        The letter the Rebbe Rayatz wrote to R’ Yosef Goldstein
stood up in the middle of the niggun
                                                      in which he refers him to his son-in-law, the Rebbe MH”M
in honor of the three guests [the
Baal Shem Tov, the Maggid, and the        searchlights checking to see whether     twenty minutes and the Rebbe was
Alter Rebbe].                             any enemy planes were present.           bemoaning the waste of time.
          TIME OF WAR                         Suddenly the Rebbe Rayatz                     WORKING IN
    Between the years of 5700 and         sighed. The Rebbe turned around
                                                                                          THE REBBE’S ROOM
5705, the war years of World War II,      immediately to see what had
                                          happened, and the Rebbe Rayatz               Being a ben bayis in 770,
the army did practice drills for
                                          said, “Vos vil men fun main tzeit?”      Rebbetzin Nechama Dina appointed
civilians in the event that New York
                                          (what do they want from my time?),       me to bring food from the kitchen to
would be attacked by enemy planes.
                                          because this went on sometimes for       the home of the Rebbe MH”M,
From time to time they would sound
                                                                                   which was in the building on the
an alarm and everybody had to
                                                                                   corner of President and New York.
extinguish all lights and darken their
                                                                                   The house number was 346, and we
houses [for years afterward you            Suddenly the Rebbe                      had a siman for it, “shmo ha’gadol”
could see the nails in the sides of the
                                                                                   (“His great name,” with “shmo” being
windows of the small zal in 770 on         Rayatz sighed. The                      numerically equivalent to 346). In
which they hung curtains].
Policemen went about the streets          Rebbe turned around                      this way a special closeness with the
                                                                                   Rebbe was developed.
during this time and those people
who did not darken their homes              immediately to see                         With the coming of the Rebbe
                                                                                   MH”M to New York, the Merkas
were heavily fined.                        what had happened,                      L’Inyanei Chinuch was founded, and
    I remember that once, during a
siren, the assistants entered the room    and the Rebbe Rayatz                     one of its first projects was printing
                                                                                   Talks and Tales. I once heard the
of the Rebbe Rayatz to shut the light.
The Rebbe MH”M was in the room at          said, “What do they                     Rebbe MH”M complain to R’ Sholom
                                                                                   Mendel Simpson: “Ich darf alein leigin
that time and he looked out the
window where you could see
                                          want from my time?”                      di Talks und Tales in di envelops un ich
                                                                                   darf alein leigin di stemps. Mistama

26   BEIS MOSHIACH     -   28 Iyar 5763
darf ich leigin in post oich…” (I have to   to see what he was doing. At that        what happened. I was accustomed to
put the Talks and Tales into                time, kuntreisim of the Rebbe Rashab     asking the Rebbe Rayatz questions in
envelopes myself, and stick the             were being published, and the Rebbe      chassidus. One time, when I wrote
stamps on myself. I’ll probably have        edited the material with a pencil. He    that it seemed there was a
to take them to the post office, too.)      stood with one leg on a chair and        contradiction between two maamarei
   In those days the Rebbe had no           the other leg on the floor, and he       chassidus, the Rebbe wrote me [see
help, because there were very few           worked. In response to my request,       picture]: “I gave your letter with the
bachurim and they were tremendous           the Rebbe gave me some of the            question to my son-in-law…R’
masmidim, and so the Rebbe spoke            galley sheets with his holy              Menachem Mendel, shlita, and he
very sharply.                               handwriting on it, as a gift.            will certainly answer you, im yirtzeh
                                                The Rebbe had a typewriter on        Hashem.”
    Since I had heard the Rebbe say
that, I approached him and                  his desk in the office. When I was           Indeed, soon after, I received an
suggested that I do the work, and           older and learned in the beis midrash    answer to my question from the
that I would do it in my room so as         I would correspond with mekuravim        Rebbe MH”M, who wrote his answer
not to disturb the Rebbe. The Rebbe         to chassidus, and in the evening I       on the typewriter and gave me the
said he agreed to my helping him,           would sit and type on the Rebbe’s        letter. I regarded this as a sign to
but he wanted me to work in his             typewriter.                              become mekushar to the Rebbe,
room.                                          In one of my letters to the Rebbe     shlita, already in 5709, as a horaa
                                            Rayatz, I saw in the answer a hint       from the Rebbe Rayatz.
   I worked in a corner of the room,
and as I did so, I observed the Rebbe       from him that I should become                                       (To be continued.)
                                            mekushar to the Rebbe shlita. This is

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                                                                                    Issue Number 416   -   BEIS MOSHIACH      27

     THEY CAN’T FOOL ME!                       To another bachur the Rebbe said:    home alone but he wanted to do so
   In the first years of the nesius, the   If you haven’t yet learned how           with a minyan.
Rebbe gave out Chanuka gelt only to        l’hanhig es atzmecha (lit., “to drive
                                           yourself”; meaning, “to control               A SHORT YECHIDUS
those T’mimim who kept the
                                           yourself”), how is it that you want to       A Tamim related that at his first
yeshiva’s s’darim. The administration
                                           learn how to drive a car?                yechidus the Rebbe asked him: Did
would give in a list of bachurim who
                                                                                    you see the sign on the wall with the
kept the s’darim.                             HOW A TAMIM WRITES                    s’darim of the yeshiva? And that was
    The Rebbe once said to a                  Once, after the month of Tishrei,     the end of the yechidus.
secretary: I was at the chassidus          the Rebbe showed R’ Yisroel
seider in the morning a number of          Jacobson a pidyon nefesh he received           S’DARIM IN EATING
times, and I know that a number of         from one of the T’mimim who wasn’t           The Rebbe told a Tamim in
the bachurim weren’t there. What do        necessarily the cream of the crop,       yechidus in 5728: You should try to
they think – that they’re fooling me?                                               see to it that the times for eating and
They can’t fool me!                                                                 sleeping are such that you will be
                                                                                    able to attend s’darim. There is
         HOW A TAMIM                        The Rebbe said that                     enough time between s’darim to go
     Someone told the Rebbe that his
                                            since he made copies                    from strength to strength.
                                                                                       DAVENING ALONE AND
son made Xeroxes of the Rebbe’s                 of his letters he                        WITH A MINYAN
letters. The Rebbe said that since he
made copies of his letters he should       should do as a Tamim                         A Tamim told the Rebbe that
do as a Tamim does, i.e., read the                                                  when he davened alone he was able
letter before copying it, while copying       does, i.e., read the                  to concentrate on the meaning of the
it, and after copying it.
                                            letter before copying                   words, but when he davened with a
                                                                                    minyan, he could not do so. The
                                             it, while copying it,                  Rebbe told him to daven alone
                                                                                    sometimes, and sometimes with a
   R’ Yosef Goldberg had a yechidus         and after copying it.                   minyan, and to consult with a
at which the Rebbe said: It’s a busha                                               mashpia for more specific guidance.
(embarrassment) that when you ask
a bachur a Tosafos, a Shaagas Aryeh,                                                    IT TOOK THE ENTIRE
he doesn’t know it.                        and the Rebbe said, “Zeh vi shraibt a              NIGHT
                                           Tamim” (see how a Tamim writes).            On Acharon Shel Pesach 5736
      LICENSE TO OBTAIN                                                             the Rebbe said a sicha in which he
          A LICENSE                             NOT TO INTERRUPT
                                                                                    explained the inyan of Yeshivas
    A bachur wrote to the Rebbe and            The Rebbe went out for Kiddush       Tomchei T’mimim and what is
said that he wanted to get a driver’s      Levana in Kislev 5739 at 8:10 p.m.       demanded of those who learn there.
license so he could drive for              during chassidus seider. Before going    After the sicha was published, the
mivtzaim. The Rebbe said: Why are          out, the Rebbe said that he was          Rebbe told his brother-in-law,
you mixing your own taavos                 going out on condition that the          Rashag, that his editing of the sicha
(desires) with my inyanim (concerns,       bachurim wouldn’t be there, so as not    took the entire night!
projects)?                                 to disturb their learning. The Rebbe
                                           said he could have been Mekadesh at

28    BEIS MOSHIACH    -   28 Iyar 5763
     THE REBBE IS WITH US                      The Rebbe sent back his letter and     once asked the Rebbe why he went to
    Ziknei ha’chassidim in Paris would     by way of response, he underlined the      the Ohel on Sundays after “dollars,”
say that at one of the Rebbe’s             words, “azkir al ha’tziyun,” as well as,   and not on some other day. The Rebbe
farbrengens in Paris, the Rebbe            “etc. etc.,” with two lines.               answered that in order to go on a
suddenly got up and with an awesome                                                   different day he would have to be
                                             HOW THE REBBE SPOKE                      matir neder (annul his vow).
look he said: The Rebbe [Rayatz] with
                                           ABOUT HIS FATHER-IN-LAW
his illuminated eyes accompanies us                                                       Apparently the Rebbe did so, for in
wherever we are!                               Chassidim, who remember the early      later years the Rebbe began going to
                                           years in which the Rebbe farbrenged        the Ohel on Mondays.
    And then the Rebbe began dancing       only rarely, relate that when the Rebbe
enthusiastically and everybody joined      began speaking about his father-in-law,     THE SHVER WANTS MORE
in.                                        the Rebbe Rayatz, his face went pale           In the lifetime of the Rebbe Rayatz,
   THE HIGHEST LEVEL OF                    and he cried a great deal. It was a        it once happened that after the
                                           scene that was hard to describe.           bachurim put the s’chach on the sukka,
                                                                                      the Rebbe arrived and told them to go
         MAAMUD                                THE SIDDURIM IN THE
                                                                                      out and the Rebbe Rayatz would come
    5707 (1947). When the Rebbe was                                                   and check to see if there was enough
in Paris he farbrenged with the                                                       or not. Afterwards the Rebbe came
chassidim there and spoke about seven                                                 back and said with a smile, “The Shver
levels of hiskashrus. He concluded: But
none of this achieves the level of
                                            None of this achieves                     wants more.”

hiskashrus that giving maamud (money       the level of hiskashrus                              THAT’S WHAT
for the Rebbe’s household) does. I                                                             THE SHVER DID
don’t say this as a son-in-law, but as a    that giving maamud                            Somebody brought his son for
                                                    does.                             yechidus and complained that his son
                                                                                      did not want to eat mezonos before
                                                                                      davening. The Rebbe told the bachur:
    The Rebbe’s menora is very simple.
                                                                                      That’s what my Shver did, that’s what I
Someone wanted to give the Rebbe a
                                                                                      do too, and I’m telling you to do so.
gold menora. The Rebbe told him that                REBBE’S HOUSE                     And if you want to conduct yourself
he wanted to use a menora like his
                                               A person who spent time in the         with iskafia, then you can put salt on
father-in-law used. The Rebbe accepted
                                           Rebbe’s house said that the Rebbe had      your cake.
the gold menora, but did not use it.
                                           two siddurim of the Rebbe Rayatz, one
                                           which he used and another which he                TIME IS PRESSING
                                           lent to chassanim. In the house there          On 7 Shevat 5710, three days
    Someone who would forward a lot
                                           was a siddur which the Rebbetzin           before the passing of the Rebbe Rayatz,
of requests from people for blessings,
                                           received from her father which had the     a Lubavitcher wedding took place. The
once wrote to the Rebbe, saying that
                                           following words written in it, “Yehi       Rebbe, who had been at the chuppa,
he sometimes hears that people are
                                           ratzon sh’yiskablu t’filosai” (may it be   was asked by the chassan’s father to
dissatisfied when the Rebbe responds
                                           [Hashem’s] will that my prayers are        remain for the meal. The Rebbe said
to their question with “azkir al
                                           accepted).                                 time was pressing and he had to learn
ha’tziyun.” He said that he explained to
                                                                                      with mori v’chami (my teacher and
them that “azkir al ha’tziyun” is very         ANNULLING HIS VOW                      father-in-law).
significant, etc., etc.
                                              The photographer L.Y. Friedan

30    BEIS MOSHIACH     -   28 Iyar 5763

                        FROM MOROCCO
                         TO SINGAPORE
 Nearly nine years ago, a young Lubavitcher woman set off for Asia and became the sole
    shliach in Singapore. Mrs. Simcha Abergel describes her shlichus, the challenges
                       and successes, in this fascinating interview.

    I was born in Casablanca,             When I married, we moved to           He learned in Morristown and then
Morocco, and when I was two years      Crown Heights for a year. After that     helped out on shlichus in Miami.
old my family emigrated to Canada,     we lived in Postville, Iowa, and then    Before we married he learned in 770
where I grew up in Montreal. I         we left on shlichus for Singapore.       and afterwards he continued in the
attended Chabad schools in the city,       My husband, Mordechai, is of         kollel there.
Beis Rivka and Beis Chaya Mushka       Moroccan origin, though he was born          We have, baruch Hashem, four
Seminary.                              in France and was raised in Belgium.     children: Naomi, who is nine; Refael

                                                                               Issue Number 416   -   BEIS MOSHIACH   31
Meir, who is seven; Rina, who is five;                                              do.
and Aryeh is four months old.
                                            There’s no need to                          In order to overcome these
    Pardon my ignorance, but where                                                  difficulties we simply became friends
in Asia are you located?                   prepare for shlichus                     of theirs. After we acquired their
                                                                                    trust, the work was a lot easier. Today
   Singapore is a country in Asia
near Malaysia, Indonesia, and China.
                                              itself except in                      we are extremely close with many
    How did Singapore get Chabad           strengthening one’s
shluchim?                                                                               What do the gentiles in Singapore
                                              emuna. This is                        think of you?
    The local community here needed
a rav, and Chabad couldn’t help them      something you’ll need                         Baruch Hashem, there was never
                                                                                    any open anti-Semitism here, and the
out because they wanted a Sephardic
rav who could read and daven in the       to use many times in                      Singaporean government has an
Iraqi nusach. They kept searching                                                   excellent relationship with the
until they found us.                             the future.                        community. Life here was always
                                                                                    peaceful and harmonious. The nature
   To tell you the truth my husband                                                 of the people here is relaxed. They
didn’t know the nusach they wanted,          How did your shlichus begin?           are courteous and even somewhat
but over time he learned it. The fact                                               spiritual.
that both of us are Sephardim was             When I arrived here I was only
good enough for them.                     twenty-one years old, and it was hard         We influence those goyim with
                                          getting acquainted with everybody,        whom we come in daily contact, and
     How long have you been there?        not to mention becoming the mashpia       tell them about the Sheva Mitzvos
   We arrived in Tishrei 5755, and        of people older than me, some of          B’nei Noach to hasten the Geula.
we’ve been there ever since.              whom could have been my parents.             We have so much work to do with
   What do you know about the                 As far as local communal customs      the Jewish people here that we don’t
Jewish history there?                     (even though we follow minhagei           have much time to spend on those
                                          Chabad), I didn’t have problems           outside of the community.
    The Jews arrived here before
                                          adjusting, because when you come             What difficulties do you
World War I, most of them from
                                          from a Sephardic background there         encounter on shlichus?
Baghdad in Iraq, some of them from
                                          are many similar customs. I think it
India. They opened various                                                              The main challenge is in chinuch
                                          was also a bit difficult for the people
businesses in Singapore. One of the                                                 for our children. According to
                                          here, especially when their mentality
Jewish families here was the Sasson                                                 Singaporean law, every child must
                                          is that you don’t tell adults what to
family, and there was also a Jew                                                    attend school, and home schooling is
named Menasheh Mayor, who became                                                    out of the question. My two older
extremely wealthy, and he built a shul                                              children go to the international non-
and talmud Torah, which also served       I came to realize that                    Jewish school, which is for children
as a Jewish community center.
    Before World War II there were
                                            I am not the most                       of foreign countries who are
                                                                                    temporarily in Singapore and who
over 3000 Jews in Singapore, which         important thing. On                      will return home in the future.
at the time was a British colony. After                                                 They receive a Jewish chinuch at
the war many Jews left for Eretz          shlichus one gains the                    home. They learn every afternoon
Yisroel, Australia, or America.
    In the last twenty years the local
                                            awareness that we                       with four Chassidishe bachurim who
                                                                                    came here for this purpose, as well as
Jewish community numbers 300-500           were not sent to this                    to organize educational activities for
Jews. Aside from the local community                                                other children and young people.
there are other Jews, some of whom            world only for                            How do your children handle
are here on business from all over the
world. Others are Israelis who work         ourselves and our                       shlichus in Singapore?

for the Israeli embassy or various                                                      Great! From a very young age my
engineering firms. Altogether there
                                              desires, but for                      children are taught that they are
                                                                                    different, and this is implanted
are about 750 Jews.                               others.                           deeply within them. They go to

32    BEIS MOSHIACH    -   28 Iyar 5763
 Educational programming with Jewish children in Singapore                  Young shluchim, the Abergel children

school having no other choice, and                                                      Baruch Hashem I have cleaning
they make their peace with that.
Their friends are not from school, but
                                            To tell you the truth                   help at home, which frees me up
                                                                                    from that work. I try to do my work
children from the Jewish community.          my husband didn’t                      in the morning so that when the
Thus far, baruch Hashem, there have                                                 children return home in the
been no problems with this                 know the nusach they                     afternoon I am able to give each of
arrangement.                                                                        them quality time.
    The bigger problem is in giving
                                           wanted, but over time                        On shlichus there are also gashmius
them a traditional Jewish chinuch          he learned it. The fact                  problems, like the inability to shop
when they’re home. It’s very difficult                                              for kosher products in a local
for me to divide my time between             that both of us are                    supermarket.
family; that is, running a household,
while leading a community, with all it      Sephardim was good                          Wouldn’t your children prefer
                                                                                    living in Crown Heights among
                                              enough for them.                      Lubavitchers?
   So how do you do it?                                                                 Actually, no. I’ll tell you an
                                                                                    interesting story in connection with
   ADVICE FOR SHLUCHOS                                                              your question. The last time we
                                                                                    visited New York, my oldest daughter
                                                                                    asked me, “Ima, if you want me to be
     Mrs. Simcha Abergel has some advice for shluchos just starting out:
                                                                                    like the women and girls here, then
     There’s no need to prepare for shlichus itself except in strengthening         we should be living here and not in
 one’s emuna. This is something you’ll need to use many times in the future.        Singapore!”
 In Chabad communities there are other chassidic Jews around you from
                                                                                       To her utter surprise I said, “I
 whom you can recharge your batteries and continue on, but on shlichus
                                                                                    don’t want you to be like the people
 the only way to gain renewed strength is from your spouse. Until you have
                                                                                    here; I want you to even surpass
 a community that you can rely on, all you have is your spouse and
                                                                                        I asked her, “When we are within
     We live in a time when we have access to phones, faxes, and the
                                                                                    the larger Lubavitch family, are you
 Internet, and we can use them to connect with those near and far. But
                                                                                    an example of a Jewish, chassidishe
 obviously this is no substitute for the feeling of togetherness.
                                                                                    girl? During your stay here, did you
     You have to constantly believe that you are on shlichus for a reason and       influence anybody to light Shabbos
 with clear goals. I greatly admire the shluchim who have gone on shlichus in       candles or to eat kosher?” She said
 recent years, in this time of concealment. If only we could get a verbal           she hadn’t. So I told her that was
 bracha from the Rebbe face to face. This would intensify even more the             precisely why we were in Singapore,
 feeling that we can’t disappoint the Rebbe!                                        so she could be even better.

                                                                                  Issue Number 416   -   BEIS MOSHIACH   33
Jewish children in Singapore learning about the Shabbos meal                           The pre-school

                 ***                      shouldn’t we unite? So everybody is        of mitzvos. Chassidishe nachas is the
     Tell us about your work.             invited to every Shabbaton or event        greatest possible pleasure.
                                          we make, for adults or children.                              ***
    When we arrived here there was
no Jewish learning for either adults or      What gives you nachas in your life         Shlichus changed me in
children. There was a neglected mikva     on shlichus?                               fundamental ways. Shlichus removed
which nobody used. There were no             Many things. Every time we              my ego as the center of my life. I
families with kosher kitchens. Today      manage to break up a potential             came to realize that I am not the most
we have a mikva which is used daily.      marriage between a Jew and a               important thing. On shlichus one
Over thirty families keep kosher, and     Chinese or Singaporean, and it             gains the awareness that we were not
there’s a daily minyan.                   happens often, I am happy that we          sent to this world only for ourselves
     We started a pre-school in which     stopped, even if it is only in a small     and our desires, but for others.
fifty children receive a Jewish           way, the plague of assimilation.               Shlichus also changed me in how I
education. The school has children            I have much nachas when I see          relate to my environment. I don’t take
from ages one to six, and they are in     my children influencing their friends      credit for myself, but give it to others.
school all day. It’s a mosad which        in yiras Shamayim and the fulfillment      I need to get others to do things with
requires a great deal of effort and
    We have a Sunday School for the
                                                WE BROKE THE ICE
older children. We have shiurim in
the evening in which Tanach, halacha,          Mrs. Simcha Abergel: When we moved to our present apartment in
Pirkei Avos, chassidus, and Lashon          Singapore, I had a dream of turning the entire building we are in, into a
HaKodesh are taught. Once a month I         Jewish building so that my children would have Jewish friends around
have an evening for woman on                them.
taharas ha’mishpacha. This is attended         Baruch Hashem, today we have a number of Jewish families in our
both by those who already observe           building now, one of whom I’d like to tell you about.
these laws and those who will begin
                                                We once had a guest, a businessman from another country in Asia,
to start soon. We have regular
                                            who was originally from Venezuela in South America. I tried to convince
programming for children and bar
                                            him to move to Singapore and live in our building. He said it wasn’t a bad
and bas mitzva clubs.
                                            idea, but his wife hates anything to do with religion, and she certainly
    Since my husband is the only rav        wouldn’t agree to live in the same building as the Rabbanit.
in the country, we see it as our
                                               The end of the story was that they indeed moved into our building,
obligation to unite the three groups
                                            and today they are a frum family, and the woman can’t believe that once
of Jews here: the locals, the
                                            upon a time she would have refused to live in my proximity. How did we
businessmen, and the Israelis. There
                                            break the ice? Very slowly, but steadily and successfully.
are very few Jews here, so why

34     BEIS MOSHIACH   -   28 Iyar 5763
the feeling that they initiated the
idea. I can’t push them to do things
against their will, and therefore, they
truly deserve being appreciated.
   I want to add that as opposed to
ordinary life, life on shlichus is
completely different. Ordinary
women live in a way of give and take,
but we shluchos do things differently.
We give and give and give and don’t
always get something in return.
There’s no question that we get
something spiritual in return though.
    From your experience on shlichus,                     The website for the Singapore Jewish Community
do you have advice for a shlucha who
is just starting out?                     is a good friend, they won’t give it a    immediate coming! The fact that the
                                          second thought but will automatically     Geula is not fully here proves to me
    There are no rules. It very much
                                          give what is asked.                       that I must continue working and
depends on the type of community
                                             Are you in Singapore ready to          adding more and more in my shlichus,
you are working with, and the
                                          greet Moshiach?                           and we will do this until Moshiach
chemistry that results. I think that
                                                                                    comes to redeem us, the Jews of
every shlucha who is starting out has       We are always ready for                 Singapore.
to focus on forging personal ties with    Moshiach. We are ready for his
the women of the community, and
not necessarily at a shiur, but just to
schmooze with them. Women like to
talk, and there are many topics that
women have in common, like                              LUXURIOUS EFFICIENCY ACCOMMODATIONS
children and cooking, etc.
    Creating and strengthening                             RECOMMENDED
friendships will lead to the women
trusting you and in the not too                              FOR THE UPSCALE GUEST VISITING
distant future you will benefit when                             CROWN HEIGHTS
you want to be mekarev them.
Practically speaking, it will be a lot                  W I T H V E R Y D I S C R I M I N AT I N G TA S T E
easier then, and they won’t relate to
you as to a stranger who came to ask                       FOR RESERVATIONS PLEASE CALL
for a donation. If the one asking them                             (718) 774-0088

                      Y.S. MOVING
                       Reasonable                         Tel: 718-467-0171
                       24 hour service
                       Boxes available upon request. Cellular: 917-805-7757

                                                                                   Issue Number 416   -   BEIS MOSHIACH   35

            VICTIMS                                  By Shai Gefen

     WE PAID THE PRICE!                  over continuing to take action and         gesture in honor of Powell’s visit,
    After P.M. Sharon decided to         it harmed a number of our Jewish           Sharon was bringing the terrorist in
make a gesture of goodwill towards       brethren, shlita, to the point of          himself.
the Arabs in honor of U.S. Secretary     murder, r”l. This occurs not only in           It’s a proven recipe for murder,
of State Colin Powell’s visit, despite   the Holy Land but in other                 mayhem, and bereavement on the
protests from those in Security,         countries as well. And who knows           streets of our capitol city. The 774
what price did we pay? After all,        whether as we speak, for “do not           dead in the past two and a half
every time we make these gestures,       open your mouth, etc.,” that at this       years are on the heads of Sharon
we pay in blood. And Sharon knows        very moment something didn’t               and his government. The man who
that we’ll pay in blood – blood of       happen to a Jew, may it not                allowed Arafat to make a mockery
fathers, mothers, and children, r”l.     happen, for their hand is still            of us without eradicating the snake,
The only question was the blood of       uplifted.                                  shouldn’t come with complaints.
how many people?                                        (Chol HaMoed Pesach 5750)   The one who continues to spread
   We got the answer last weekend                                                   lies among the people – as though a
                                            The murders in Chevron and on
when a couple was murdered in                                                       murderer and Holocaust-denier is
                                         the #6 bus in Yerushalayim were
Chevron on Shabbos, and on                                                          the one with whom we can make
                                         known about ahead of time.
Sunday, only five hours after                                                       agreements – deludes the nation
                                            After talking to them about             and himself and is personally
Sharon’s meeting with terrorist and
                                         concessions, and after Sharon              responsible for the unceasing
Holocaust-denier Abu Mazen, one
                                         promised to evacuate the Gaza Strip        bloodshed.
suicide bomber killed six Jews, and
                                         or some other place in Yehuda and
another suicide bomber tried to do                                                      The time has come to wake up
                                         Shomron “for experimental
something similar but was                                                           and say the truth: The Americans
                                         purposes,” it’s self-understood that
miraculously thwarted.                                                              are not the guilty ones. Neither are
                                         the next attack is only a matter of
    We knew this would happen,                                                      Arafat and Abu Mazen. It’s easy and
                                         time, ch”v.
even though we’re not prophets. It’s                                                convenient for us to blame them.
                                             Baruch Hashem, it was quiet for a      The truth is that we, and only we,
just that we know what the Rebbe
                                         few months . Why? Simple, because          are the guilty parties. It is our
said. In 5750 when the Rebbe
                                         the government stopped talking             leaders who are full of defeatist
barred Peres from carrying out his
                                         with them and denied them any              fears because of the “goy within
devious power-grab at the last
                                         political option. As soon as we            you,” despite the fact that we pay
minute, two representatives of Ger
                                         started with goodwill gestures             for it in blood!
questioned the Rebbe about this.
                                         again, we were attacked once again
The Rebbe responded:                                                                    THE REBBE AND THE
                                         on our streets. When the Prime
    Since this party met with Arab       Minister begins to speak with Arab             ATTACK IN CHEVRON
representatives and negotiated with      representatives about implementing             Exactly twenty-three years ago,
them, and this meeting was               the Roadmap, he is in effect               Erev Lag B’Omer, six Jews were
publicized in other newspapers, and      dressing the suicide bomber in his         killed at Beit Hadassah. In the Lag
among the Arabs, of course, and as       explosives belt and helping those          B’Omer sicha that the Rebbe said at
a result of this – naturally and         who send him out to get him into           the parade, the Rebbe spoke at
logically – this leads to Arabs all      Yerushalayim. By making a goodwill         length about the situation in Eretz

36   BEIS MOSHIACH    -   28 Iyar 5763
Yisroel, talking about the reason for    hunger strike because it is
the murder of Jews in the holy city      impossible to live in this country.”
of Chevron. It’s amazing to learn            The budget cuts are definitely
the sicha today because it sounds as     something that causes many to lose
though the Rebbe said it on Motzaei      sleep. It’s not that, chalila, we
Shabbos 16 Iyar 5763:                    denigrate the determination you
    First of all, we must fulfill the    took upon yourself to wage battle
instruction of Hashem in that            for the sake of yeshivos and stipends
matter. It is an explicit halacha in
Shulchan Aruch, Orach Chaim,
                                         for children. We believe you when
                                         you say that the mothers who are
                                                                                   The time has come to
Hilchos Shabbos, siman 329, that it is   “breaking their heads” as they
forbidden to give a non-Jew              wonder how to cut down on                 wake up and say the
something that can adversely affect      household expenses are your
the security of Eretz Yisroel. And       primary concern. However, your
when a Jew stands strongly by this       battle raises some questions,             truth: The Americans
– since this is not his own strength     especially in light of the bus a
but Hashem’s strength, for that is
what is written in His Torah – he
                                         terrorist exploded Sunday morning,
                                         and in light of talks between Abu
                                                                                   are not the guilty
will not be able to do anything on       Mazen and Sharon in Yerushalayim.
their own, certainly not against the     Let’s say the economic problems           ones.            Neither         are
Jews, and not even to threaten Jews,     were solved, would you be able to
but only to do Hashem’s shlichus.        live in the country then?
                                                                                   Arafat                and       Abu
    And by walking proudly, they             When the Rebbe, nasi ha’dor
will stop being frightened by goyim      v’navi ha’dor, said not to go along
and goyishkait. Especially after         with Peres, one of the rabbanim           Mazen. It’s easy and
seeing that by chasing after the         cried out at the Siyum HaShas in
goyim they use this to harm Jews,
r”l, till the incident that happened
                                         Yerushalayim that apartments for
                                         young people were pikuach nefesh.
                                                                                   convenient for us to
lately in the Ir HaAvos (on Friday       Now, as Jews are being massacred
night, six Jews were murdered near       and the government is about to            blame them. The truth
Beit Hadassah), not far from             implement the Roadmap, should we
Avrohom, Yitzchok, and Yaakov,           be busy with G’zeiros 5763? Is it
and this incident took place on the      not absurd? Is it not bizarre that a      is that we, and only
holy day of Shabbos … If only it         distinguished askan chareidi, held in
affects an essential change in Jews’
conduct, a change from one
                                         high esteem by large segments of
                                         the religious public, is waging a
                                                                                   we, are the guilty
extreme to another. Instead of           hunger strike because of economic
continuing in the same vein –            reasons? What about religious             parties.
giving in to goyim and goyishkait –      g’zeiros? What about hundreds and
may they stand strong with the           thousands of goyim who are being
                                                                                  in favor of it. The same is true for
“might of Your arm,” [the arm] of        allowed to enter Israel every
                                                                                  the Wye and Oslo Accords. The
Hashem, by grasping firmly onto          month? Can you live with that? Is it
                                                                                  economic disaster stems from there,
His holy Torah, which is the Jews’       only the minute they start
                                                                                  from the tremendous security
true strength.                           withholding the perks that alarm
                                                                                  expenses which are necessary
                                         bells go off?
     AN OPEN LETTER                                                               thanks to those agreements which
                                             Let’s take it one step further:      you participated in having passed in
                                         Isn’t chareidi Jewry responsible for     one form or another. You celebrated
    Rabbi Porush, you’ve been            the bleak economic situation? You        for a decade, you made deals to
waging a hunger strike to protest        didn’t support the Chevron               express support for those
the budget cuts. You and your            Accords; you just abstained (which       agreements. Now everybody is
friends call it G’zeiros 5763. On the    is also support), but your colleagues    paying the price, including yeshivos
tent you wrote, “I am waging a           in Shas and Yahadus HaTorah voted        and kollelim.

                                                                                 Issue Number 416   -   BEIS MOSHIACH   37
    “It’s impossible to live in this                                                           It’s difficult to say, but even
country,” you declare, but if you                                                          more difficult to remain quiet.
and the other representatives of the      Is it not bizarre that                           While you are in the Opposition on
chareidi public continue to defy
Hashem and His Torah, and
                                          a distinguished askan                            the side of the fighters, you can
                                                                                           openly say the truth. We expected
continue supporting the Roadmap,          chareidi, held in high                           that you’d understand, once and for
it really will be impossible to live in                                                    all, that the shita that your
this country, even if they continue           esteem by large                              colleagues continue to promote, to
to give you millions. Dead people                                                          sell Eretz Yisroel in exchange for
don’t need money.                             segments of the                              joining the government, will in the
                                                                                           end be your undoing.
    As for you, Knesset member
Rabbi Porush, as you wage your
                                            religious public, is                               How many of your colleagues
just battle against economic                 waging a hunger                               are eagerly awaiting the
decrees, this is the time for you to                                                       implementation of the Roadmap so
wage a battle against the Roadmap,           strike because of                             that the Right will leave the
because those murderers don’t                                                              government and you’ll be able to
differentiate between religious             economic reasons?                              enter it and sit at the table and get
blood and any other. In that same
protest tent of yours, announce to
                                          What about religious                             the money you want? If so, we
                                                                                           hereby inform you: “Relief and
one and all that the chareidi public
has resolved to obey the Shulchan
                                          g’zeiros? What about                             salvation will arise for the Jews
                                                                                           from some other place, and you and
Aruch, siman 329 against all                   hundreds and                                your father’s house…” The time has
concessions, and stop this                                                                 come for chareidi representatives to
despicable shita of trading people’s       thousands of goyim                              understand and accept the
lives in exchange for money for                                                            instructions and warnings of the
yeshivos. It’s contaminated money              who are being                               nasi ha’dor, and begin conducting
which shouldn’t even be used to
build bathrooms! Good chinuch
                                             allowed to enter                              themselves according to Shulchan
                                                                                           Aruch, and at the very least they
can’t come out of money like that.         Israel every month?                             will justify the fact that they are
                                                                                           chareidi representatives.
   Rabbi Porush! Your silence in
the protest tent in the face of                                                               We hope your strike will soon
horrendous acts that are being            millions of Jews? What will Hashem               end and all the needs of the Torah
perpetrated during your strike is an      say? You are concerned for your                  world will be given generously by
unprecedented chilul Hashem. What         honor, but not My honor? Why                     the full, open, holy, and expansive
will people say? He cares about his       don’t we hear your voice when Jews               hand of Hashem, with the true and
pocket and political power but            are murdered in Chevron?                         complete Geula.
doesn’t care about the lives of

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