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                                         2011. I am writing my opinion on the article,

which is called " h F lm S nk M           h n h G           A       n ”   Russell Smith.

I think the author is crazy and he is overeating to the situation of going to the

movies. Russell took minor details and completely exaggerated them. For example,

simple things such as the ads, people talking before the movie, people munching one

p   pl ’ p p   n n f n ll p     pl   l   p ng h        nk       h    h m. H    lk

people talking before the movie. I would understand why he would be annoyed if it

was during the movie itself, but since it is before the movie, it does not compute.

It does not make sense because the movie has not even started yet. Therefore,

you are not missing anything-important information. Another item that he

complains about is the fact he dislikes when people do both drink and eat popcorn

at the theaters, because it is loud and annoying- so he claims. My comment to him

is this: the movie theaters are meant to have people doing that. This is the whole

reason why they have these products available for sale in the cinema house. I

guess, to some point this is somewhat reasonable. However, since the ads are

short, he can easily walk out of the theater and pretend to go to the washroom and

use it. Later he can come back into the theater. He will be able to do this because
he already has access to the theater and if someone asks him to show his ticket,

he can easily do so. Lastly, he complains about having advertisements before the

movie begins. To conclude, Russell complains too much and irrationally.

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