Ideas for a maths week

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					                                 Ideas for a
                                 maths week

 Launch                                 Focus on 2001 or millennium

    o Hold a poster competition to          o How many ways can you make
      advertise the week                      2001?
    o Create a slogan/tagline for the    Focus on maths at work
                                            o Parents in to talk
    o Inform the local papers/radio
                                            o Visits to the parents’
    o Hold a ‘Countdown’ style                workplaces
      competition in assembly
                                            o Visit to Pizza Express
 Create a maths trail around school
                                            o   Info on Count On Website
  with puzzles and problems to solve
                                            o   Involve local shops and
 Set up an orienteering course or              businesses
  maths treasure hunt around the
                                         Design some mathematical sweets
  grounds using vocabulary from the
                                          and a mathematical box for them
  framework appropriate to different
  year groups                            Shapes

 Have a mathematical fancy dress           o Links to art
  day – It is amazing how creative          o Explore the locality of school
  people turn out to be                       to search out shapes
 Poetry                                    o   Investigate square numbers or
                                                triangle numbers
    o Write and perform some maths
      poetry                                o   Make huge models of 3D
    o Read some poems from the
      Count On West Sussex web              o   Make a metre cube from
      site                                      newspapers
 Explore maths in stories and/or
  reference books – Jon Scieska’s
  Maths Curse or The Phantom
  Tolbooth are great for older
  children, also see Grid+ RAINING
                                              o Display the words/symbols
                                                used for numbers in as many
                                                languages as possible – children
                                                could learn to count in some of
 Involve parents
                                              o Display problems around the
    o Parents evening                           school and offer prizes at the
    o Hold a workshop for parents               end of the week
      and children                         Explore the internet from the
    o Parents invited to a daily            WSGfL
      mathematics lesson                   Find out how other countries do
    o Getting children to write             different calculations
      individual invitations works well
                                           The History of Maths
    o Sell a mathematical quiz sheet
      for families to do at home and          o Find out about famous
      use the money to buy a prize              mathematicians – see challenge

 Have a collection                           o Find out about maths in Roman
                                                or Egyptian times
    o Challenge the school or
                                           Visit a museum or gallery
      individual classes to collect
      2001 items, such as buttons,         Get children to write puzzles for
      that would be a useful resource       local newspaper or church magazine
      for future maths lessons              etc – perhaps local radio would
    o Make a km of pennies and give         broadcast them too
      it to charity                        Maths and make believe play
    o Who can bring in the heaviest
                                              o Role play area could be:
                                                restaurant, shop, garden
 Displays                                      centre, post office, airport,
    o All corridor boards have a                three bears cottage etc and
      mathematical display                      have focus on maths

    o Make a display of items that         Other themes
      weigh 1kg                                    o Football
    o Display 100 items to build                   o Money
      understanding of what 100
                                                   o Cooking
      looks like – eg dots, pasta,
      items arranged in rows etc                   o Mazes
      (older classes could display         Playing cards
      1000, 10000, 100000 or even
                                                   o Loads of possibilities – see
                                                     Beam’s book Cards on the
        o Teach children to play     Send other ideas to us to add to our
          cribbage or patience        site
 Try some of the competitions or    Design a mathematical game
  challenges on Mathematics for
  millennium web site                Design a page for our web site

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