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Pool Safety On Vacation

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When vacationing , one of the main parts of anyone’s vacation is the swimming pool. Here we guide you on how
to stay safe around the pool area with particular emphasis on pools at private vacation homes.

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Let’s face it, most of us are not lucky enough to have a swimming pool in our back garden, so when we go on
vacation it’s a rare treat to splash about in the toasty warm waters of an outdoor swimming pool...Outdoor
pools are best enjoyed in the sunshine, and to that end, there can be no better place to lie back in
crystal clear waters, staring at the dappled silhouette of a swaying palm tree and let your cares float away,
than in everyone’s favourite holiday destination, Florida...And whilst not every hotel has it’s own
pool, if to stay in the now increasingly popular choice of a private luxury villa, such as those advertised
you choose
on the Florida Vacation Rentals Web Site Orlando Villas, you will most definitely be spoilt with not only
stunning accommodation but your own private pool too...However, as with all things watery, common sense must
always be applied...For some reason folks on vacation, who in their ordinary everyday lives might be the most
sensible people on the planet, often forget to pack their common sense along with their sunscreen and flip
flops !!!!!This in itself is not a detrimental thing, except perhaps when it comes to pool safety.
鍈鍈Fortunately, Florida state law has stepped in to lend a helping hand by requiring rental villas with
private follow some very simple rules to ensure the well being and safety of their guests...Naturally,
pools to
it without saying that all children must always be supervised by an adult in and around any pool area. But
in addition to that, you will find that your rental villa’s pool is also clearly marked in terms
of water
depth, indicating both the shallow and deep ends...Child alert pool alarms are also required to be fitted
ontodoor leading directly from the property into the pool area. This alarm will sound if opened by a small
child to alert parents of the imminent danger...A clear set of “Pool Rules” will also be posted
at the
poolside, which you should read carefully before dipping your toes into the water...Floatation devices such
water wings and inflatable rings are extremely popular with children, but it should always be remembered that
these are not life saving devices. They are merely floating toys. Just because your child is wearing water
wings, does not mean that it is safe to leave them to play in or by the pool...Rough play and running on
the deck is also a big “No No”, due to the obvious dangers of slipping and diving is also discouraged,
as pools only have a maximum depth of 6 foot...To sum up, if treated with respect, and common sense is
applied, your vacation swimming pool can be one of the highlights of your trip. Remember that small children
learn by example, so if you as an adult can teach them to safely enjoy their swimming experience, it will be
lesson that will never be forgotten, and which ultimately could one day save their lives.

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