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Rite for Celebrating Marriage
         Outside Mass
• Signify and share in the unity
  and love that exists between
  God and his Church
• Covenant
  – Total fidelity
  – Unbreakable unity
  – Sacrament modeled on the bond
    between Christ and his Church
• Strive to develop marriage
• Remain faithful in good times and bad
• Purpose
  – Procreation and education of children
• Priest should pass on these principals in
• Catechesis on
  –   Marriage and family
  –   Sacrament
  –   Rites
  –   Prayers
  –   readings
• Elements to stress in the celebration
  – Usually done within Mass
  – Liturgy of the Word
     • Brings out importance of marriage in the history of
     • Duties and responsibilities
  – Consent of the contracting parties
  – Nuptial blessing on the bride
  – Reception of communion by those present
• Choice of Rite
  – Catholic and baptized person who is not a
    Catholic-Rite of Marriage outside Mass
  – Catholic and non-baptized
• Show special consideration for the un-
• No preferential treatment
• White vestments
• Wedding Mass used except on Sundays
  and solemnities
• Advent or Lent
• Rituals prepared for the customs
  and needs of the area
• Roman ritual may be adapted
• Parts may be arranged differently
• Customs may be used if
• Must have the consent and nuptial
• May be celebrated in the home
Rite for Celebrating Marriage
Outside Mass
• Entrance Rite
  – Priest proceeds to the door or the altar and greets
    bride and groom
• Liturgy of the Word
  – 3 readings
  – #67-105
  – Homily drawn from the readings
     • Dignity of wedded love
     • Grace of the sacrament
     • Responsibilities of married people
• OT Readings
  – Created in God’s image
  – Two will become one
  – Isaac’s love for Rebekah
  – Tobit-join us together until old age
  – Strength of love
  – Beauty of a good wife
  – New covenant
• NT Readings
  – Love of Christ
  – Bodies are a holy sacrifice
  – Bodies are temples
  – Love is . . .
  – God is love
  – Wedding feast of the Lamb
• Gospel
  – Matthew
    •   Light of the World
    •   Building your house on rock
    •   What God has united, man must not divide
    •   Great commandment
  – Mark
    • No longer two, but one body
  – John
    • Wedding feast of Cana
    • Commandment of love
    • May they be completely one
Rite of Marriage
• Introduction
  – Seal and strengthen love
  – Christ’s blessing on their love
  – Recalls baptism
  – Call to lasting fidelity
  – Presence of the Church
• Questions
  – Freedom of choice
  – Faithfulness to each other
  – Acceptance and upbringing of children
• Declaration of consent
  – Statement
  – Questions of the priest
  – Faithful until death
• Blessings of Rings
  – Sign of love and fidelity
• General Intercessions
  – Prayers of the faithful
  – Blessing of the bride and bridegroom
    •   Creation
    •   Marriage of Christ and his Church
    •   Responsibilities of each
    •   Oneness
    •   God’s part
• Conclusion
  – Lord’s Prayer
  – Communion
  – Final Blessing

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