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									                                                                                                                        Fall 2006

                                  THE NEWSLETTER OF THE OVERBROOK FARMS CLUB

Calling L&I Works!                                                                                             AUTUMN
The Philadelphia Depart-              owner claimed he only had            potentially dangerous to the        GENERAL
ment of Licenses and Inspec-          three people on the lease            neighborhood’s children.
tions is much maligned and            and he was unaware that              Despite the owner’s efforts
certainly gets no breaks              there were more people               to avoid service of L&I cita-     October 24th 7:00 PM
from our neighborhood,                living there. The Court was          tions and hearing notices,
usually. However, recently                 unmoved and entered a           the owner was eventually
the department was instru-                 permanent injunction            summoned to court in Sep-         A Planning Session for
mental in two key victories                 prohibiting the owner          tember. Again, with the              the Community
for our community.                          from having more than          assistance of the City Solici-
At 2030 Upland                              three unrelated persons        tor’s office and Overbrook
Way, neighbors                                         living at the       Farms residents, the Court       On October 24, 2006, Overbrook
had been com-                                               property.      provided relief. This time       Farms Club will hold its Autumn
plaining for                                               To give its     the Court fined the owner        General Membership Meeting in
years that the                                           injunction some   $150,000 and ordered that        the Wistar Morris Room of the
absent owner ran                                      teeth, the Court     the property be cleared of       Overbrook Presbyterian Church.
a dorm/frat                                         also ordered           all debris within 30 days.       All members of Overbrook Farms
house for college                                 fines of $150.00         The Court permitted the          Club are invited to come, listen to
kids. Complaining                               per day for viola-         owner 90 days to remove          brief reports on the status of the
of parties at all                            tions of his injunction.      the bucket loader and in-        Club and to contribute ideas to our
hours, cars parking on the                                                 structed the owner that he       initial planning sessions. Also,
lawn, garbage strewn                  At 2048 Upland Way, the              needed to remove other           preceding the meeting, there will
around the house and into             problem was even worse. In           pieces of equipment and          be a Red Cross Blood Drive taking
the street and the property           addition to leasing his house        repair his garage.               place in Fellowship Hall of the
falling into disrepair,               out to more than three unre-                                          Overbrook Presbyterian Church
neighbors demanded re-                lated people, the owner              Although persistence is re-      (1:30-7:30). If you would like to
peated L&I investigations.            also stored all manner of            quired, the Philadelphia         come early to the meeting and give
L&I cited the owner numer-            construction debris, heavy           Department of L&I and the        blood, please contact Mike Lemley
ous times and eventually the          equipment, numerous vehi-            City Solicitor’s office can      ( to
City Solicitors office took up        cles and other commercial            help us with our zoning and      schedule a time, or you can
the battle. At a June hear-           construction “trash” on his          use problems. To report          schedule online at
ing well attended by Over-            property. The property had           problems or code violations,
brook Farms residents, the            become an eyesore and                call (215) 686-2643.             using sponsor code 8T32.
                                                                                                                             Continued on page 3

                            Inside this issue:

President’s Remarks                                 2                                   OFC LISTSERV
Neighborhood News                                   2-6
                                                                                             Sign up at
Resources and Information                           7
Upcoming Events                                     8
President’s Remarks
For most of its history, Overbrook Farms      the best course of action. We have been        times and changes that have occurred
Club has sought to maintain its character     looking at a number of factors in              since Wendell and Holmes implemented
and quality of life by attacking individual   developing a community plan, such as:          their Suburb Deluxe. While it is true that
problems as they arose. Whether it be a       traffic and parking; use, improvement and      we could probably obtain a grant here
use variation for a property or an            development of green space;                    and there for this project or that,
ordinance violation of some sort, the Club                                                   individual projects and “one-off”
would react to and seek to correct                                                           improvements do not have a lasting affect
                                                    The first step is to develop
whatever the issue presented. Notable                                                        on the entire neighborhood. Rather, what
recent exceptions were the Club’s success           a plan for our community,                we seek to do is ensure that improvements
in obtaining a nomination to the National            a picture of what we all                we implement today will be lasting,
Registry of Historic Places and restoration        would like our community to               sustainable and benefit the community as
of the train station, two outstanding                         look like.                     a whole. This is why a community plan is
achievements that benefit the entire                                                         necessary, to provide our roadmap for
neighborhood. These achievements were         redevelopment of the commercial strip;         the future development and maintenance
very far-sighted, comprehensive and           programs to assist in preservation and         of our neighborhood.
enduring in character. We hope to             restoration of historic structures; and        Recent traffic on the list serve has
contribute to these past accomplishments      overall quality of life improvement            demonstrated that many of you are
with similar far-reaching ideas.              programs. At our Autumn General                interested in these issues. I have seen a
As many of you know, over the past year,      Meeting we will together be taking the         lot of great ideas about improving the
the Club has begun a more concerted           first concrete steps in making these ideas     look and feel of our neighborhood and
effort to attract and retain home owners      reality.                                       enhancing general quality of life. We
who will live in their houses, attract and    The first step in bringing these ideas to      truly need you all to bring your ideas and
retain families who want to raise their       life is to develop a plan for our              excitement to our General Meeting so
children here, improve overall quality of     community, a picture of what we all would      that we can share these ideas, build on
life and beautify and enhance our historic    like our community to look like. Wendell       your energy and begin to put our plan
neighborhood. Until now, our efforts          and Holmes gave us all a great                 together. The foundation of our
have been largely academic; floating          foundation that we want to preserve, but       neighborhood plan must be community
ideas, discussing issues and determining      we must deal with the reality of modern        input, community participation and
                                                                                             community support.
                                                                                             So, along with all the other things that you
                                                                                             do in our great neighborhood, please
Comings and Goings                                                                           come to our Autumn General Meeting to
                                                                                             listen, discuss and give voice to your ideas
                                                                                             to make our community a better place.
The Overbrook Farms Club must once again say good bye to two of
our long standing, hard working and dedicated board members.                                                                       Terry
Corresponding Secretary Carol Tinari and her husband Nino have
taken advantage of an incredible opportunity in Center City and
will be leaving the neighborhood soon. In their years in our commu-
nity, Carol dedicated herself to improving our neighborhood and
worked closely with Club Presidents in maintaining close relationships                       Overbrook Farms Club
with our elected officials. Carol also worked hard to find and se-
cure funding sources for Overbrook Farms Club.
                                                                               Directors                      Board Members
Recording Secretary Amy Taylor and her husband Jeff and daugh-
ter Zoe will also be moving to Center City soon. Like Carol, Amy               President            Larry        Huntley        Carol
has worked to improve the community, focusing on issues that affect          Terry M Henry        Andreozzi      Hardison       Tinari
families. In addition to her responsibilities as a Club officer, Amy
was a driving force behind organizing our Annual Block Party, in            Vice President          Sharon         Adjoa        Jean
                                                                            Michael Lemley           Curtis     Love-Dorsey     Tracy
getting SEPTA to study the affect increased bus traffic in our
neighborhood has on the houses and in pursing L&I enforcement of
                                                                              Treasurer              Melanie                   Victoria
code violations near her home.                                                                                 Kevin Maurer
                                                                             Wes LaBlanc         Ellison Roach                 Wilson

If you see them around the City, please wish them well. Both Carol             Secretary           Margaret
                                                                                                               Keven Parker
and Amy, and their families will be missed.                                   Amy Taylor           Gardner                      Winter

Page 2                                                                                                                          OF Note
A Planning Session for the Community (continued from page 1)
As announced on the list serve, the Autumn General Meeting will   As you can see, there will be separate
serve as an initial planning session for development of a         planning sessions for each of three
community plan. The agenda of the meeting will be:                specific areas occurring concurrently. In this
                                                                  way, we hope to cover more ground during our
    7:00-7:30     Arrival and Socializing                         first planning session. This means that once specific planning
    7:30-7:35     Introduction                                    discussions begin, members will have to decide in which group
    7:35-7:40     President’s Report                              they wish to participate. The break-out groups will be guided
    7:40-7:45     Treasurer’s Report                              by a board member who will facilitate the discussion and
    7:45-8:00     Introduction to Planning                        record ideas for improvement in each of these areas.
                  Session                                         If you would like to participate in all of the planning sessions,
    8:00-9:00     Break-out Groups for                            that will not be possible during the Autumn General Meeting.
                  ⇒ Traffic and Parking
                                                                  However, there will be separate follow-up planning meetings
                  ⇒ Green Space Development and Use
                                                                  devoted specifically to each of these and other areas of the
                  ⇒ Commercial Strip Redevelopment
                                                                  planning process. So, as we continue to develop our community
    9:00-9:30     Re-Convene General Meeting,
                  Summary of Priorities.                          plan, you will have an opportunity to be involved in all areas as
    9:30          Adjournment                                     much as you would like.
                                                                  Please join us on October 24th as we begin this important

Red Cross
Blood Drive                                                       Overbrook School for the Blind
A Red Cross Blood Drive is being sponsored by the Overbrook       175th Anniversary Celebration
Presbyterian Deacons on Tuesday, October 24, 2006 from
1:30 until 7:30 pm at Overbrook Presbyterian Church. If you       Overbrook School for the Blind will commemorate its 175th An-
are interested in donating, please contact Michael Lemley,        niversary in 2007. The kick off of this yearlong celebration was
215-477-5286 to schedule an appointment. You can also             an open house at the school on September 30th.
schedule an appointment online at
donate, just identify sponsor code 8T32. Walk-ins will be wel-    For more information on this yearlong celebration, please con-
come on the day of the drive. However, preference will be         tact Kathe Archibald at 215-877-0313, ext. 264 or karchi-
given to those individuals with an appointment. If you have
any questions about donating, or if you want to determine
your eligibility, call 215-451-4363 or 800-GIVE LIFE from
9:00 am to 7:00 pm, Monday through Friday.
Some interesting facts from the Red Cross:
•   The blood used in an emergency is already on the shelves      In Memoriam
    before the event occurs
                                                                  Long time Overbrook Farms resident Joe Thompson, passed
•   A single car accident victim can require as many as 100       away on July 1st. A resident since 1937, Joe attended Our
    units of blood                                                Lady of Lords School and later St. Thomas Moore High School.
                                                                  He was an alumnus of St. Joseph's University where he received
•   Blood cannot be manufactured – it can only come from
                                                                  his Law degree and remained a faithful supporter of the
    generous donors
                                                                  school's sports attending almost every game.
•   Donating blood is a safe process. A sterile needle is used    During WWII Joe was squadron leader and a bomber pilot
    only once for each donor and then discarded                   flying B-17 Bombers with more than 50 missions over Germany.
•   The actual donation typically takes 10-12 minutes. The        He received the Distinguished Flying Cross for his service. He
    entire process, from the time you arrive to the time you      later worked for Liberty Mutual Insurance Company in their
    leave, takes about an hour.                                   legal department and was well respected throughout the
•   Even in good times, the nation’s blood supply is fragile.     Joe is survived by his brothers and sisters. The entire Thompson
    The need for blood continues to outpace the growth in         Family has actively supported Overbrook Farms for the past 70
    blood donations.                                              years.
Please help!                                                      We offer our condolences to the Thompson family.

Fall 2006                                                                              Page 3
Overbrook Farm's Resident Receives "Genius" Grant
On September 19th, Overbrook Farms            violence to understand the effect of           justice systems to engage young men in
neighbor John A. Rich was named a 2006        trauma in their lives. By linking economic     caring for themselves and their peers.
MacArthur Fellow by the John D. and           health, mental health, and educational         Dr. Rich is currently professor and chair of
Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation. John       and employment opportunities to physical       the Department of Health Management
Rich is a physician, scholar, and a leader    well-being, Dr. Rich’s work on black men’s     and Policy at Drexel University. He
in addressing the health care needs of        health is influencing policy discussions and   came to Philadelphia from Boston just last
one of the nation’s most ignored and          health practice throughout the United          year, but he already hopes to replicate
underserved populations—African-              States. Among his many interventions, Dr.      some of the work he did up north. He also
American men in urban settings. Through       Rich established the Young Men’s Health        is working on a book drawing on the
this award, Dr. Rich is being recognized      Clinic at the Boston Medical Center, which     hundreds of interviews he has conducted
for his work in addressing the primary        provides primary care to men ages              with minority men, seeking to tell their
health care needs of young men in the         seventeen to twenty-nine, many of whom         stories in a way that can't be
                                              are victims of urban violence. He also         accomplished in a medical journal. In
          Rich’s work on black
         “Dr.                                 initiated the Boston HealthCREW, a             addition, he is helping to establish a
    men’s health is influencing               community health-worker training               violence prevention program in
   policy discussions and health              program for young black men to conduct         Philadelphia, a research collaboration
   practice throughout the United             peer outreach in general health education      with Children's Hospital of Philadelphia,
               States. “                      and men’s reproductive health. By              the University of Pennsylvania and
                                              focusing on the realities of the lives of      Temple University.
inner city by designing clinical services     young African-American men, Dr. Rich
and training programs. He is also noted       designs new models of health care that         Congratulations to Dr. Rich on this
for his research using in-depth interviews    stretch across the boundaries of public        outstanding award.
with young African American victims of        health, education, social service, and

Indian Creek Studied by Temple University Lab
Over the past two years, staff and students of Temple University's Environmental Hydrology and
Hydraulics Laboratory, headed by Dr. Michel Boufadel, were working in Morris Park under a
grant from the USDA (PENR-2003-01280). Below is a brief summary of our findings:
As many of you know, Indian Creek enters Philadelphia's Morris Park near 66th Street and City
Avenue. The wide (150-200 m) riparian corridor of deciduous forest in this area provides many
benefits to the stream. In particular, the forest slows stormwater runoff and helps to prevent bank
erosion. Unfortunately, the area surrounding and upstream of Morris Park is highly urbanized.
These areas produce very high storm flows which are carried downstream, causing bank erosion
and bed scour, and removing valuable habitat for organisms which live in the hyporheic zone (i.e.
the areas of the streambed where surface water and groundwater mix). When the storm flows
subside, the fine sediment eroded from the bank is deposited on the bed, limiting the flow of oxy-
gen and nutrients to the remaining hyporheic organisms.
We found that hyporheic exchange was controlled by a combination of groundwater inflow, me-
anders (bends), and the fine sediment content of the streambed. In meanders or in areas where
groundwater enters the stream, water is pushed to one side of the channel. This increases pres-
sure on the streambed and forces water into the hyporheic zone. In contrast, fine sediment in the
streambed limits hyporheic exchange by plugging the bed, making it more difficult for stream
water to enter the streambed. This is particularly important in straight sections of the stream. Our
studies suggest that reducing the amount of fine sediment in the stream (by controlling bank ero-
sion) will increase hyporheic exchange and improve overall ecosystem function. If you would like
more information, I can be reached at or
                                                                      By Robert J. Ryan, Ph.D., P.E

Page 4                                                                                                                             OF Note
Open House Has A Banner Year
The 2006 edition of the Overbrook Farms         30. The proceeds go to the Overbrook                the artist, Lilliana Didovic, a resident of
Open House turned a profit of $4,500, a         Farms Club for the benefit of the commu-            Overbrook Park, who works at Overbrook
record year for the neighborhood house          nity.                                               School for the Blind.
tour, thanks to the efforts of many people,
especially the homeowners and historic          In addition to the tour, the ticket price in-       If you would like to be involved in next
                               places of        cluded an elegant sit-down tea put on by            year’s event, as a committee member or
                               worship that     the committee and held at Ivy Hall, thanks          by offering your house for the tour, please
                               opened their     to Marty and John Haas. Expenses were               call Eileen Doyle at 215-871-5523 or
                               doors. More      significantly lower this year because the           Stephanie Kindt at 215-878-4533.
                               than 145         most-excellent tea sandwiches were made
                                                by committee members, rather than pur-              Many, many thanks to our hosts: Larry and
                               people                                                               Jean Andreozzi, Ed and Rita Boe, Leslie
                               bought tickets   chased, and the printing of the program
                                                book was donated by a company that                  Brown, Congregation Beth Tovim, John and
                               for this self-                                                       Marty Haas, Carol Hammarberg, Stepha-
                               guided walk-     does work for Alan Yatvin.
                                                                                                    nie and David Martin, Kevin Maurer and
                               ing-and-         Additional revenue was generated by                 Jim Schneider, Keven Parker, Our Lady of
                               driving tour,    selling space advertising in the program            Lourdes Church, Overbrook Farms Country
                               which took       book and by the raffle of “Betsy Ross               Store, Overbrook Presbyterian Church, St.
                               place April      House,” an original painting donated by             Thomas African Episcopal Church.

Reporting Neighborhood Crime                                                Treasurer’s Report
Dealing with crime is a community effort. Our police cannot                 For the period between Annual Meetings - June 2005 - June 2006
deal with all the problems on their own. Without our commit-                Beginning balance 6/27/2005        $18,376
ment to helping the police, little can be done. The biggest thing
you can do to help is to report all illegal activity. No matter             INCOME
how minor it may seem.                                                        Dues                              $4,815    37%
More Police - All crimes reported to 911 are reported and                     Open House & advertising          $7,957    61% Includes proceeds
affect the crime statistics for our neighborhood. The higher the                                                              from this year plus
statistics, the more resources we get. If the crimes are not re-                                                              late payment from
                                                                                                                              last year
ported, we don't get the resources.
                                                                              Interest                           $327      2%
Drug activity - Unfortunately, we've seen our share of sales in
the neighborhood. If you see activity, record as much informa-                                         Total $13,099
tion as you can gather (time, location, make/model of vehicle &             EXPENDITURES
tags, race and description of the persons, etc.). Immediately call
911 to report the illegal activity. The 911 call can handle any               Communications                     $1,692   23% Includes: Newsletters,
                                                                                                                              Telephone, Website
immediate action required, plus the reported incident will affect                                                             and Listserve ex-
the statistics for or neighborhood. After that, call 215-686-                                                                 penses
DRUGS to report the incident again. The information reported                  Open House                         $1,275   17%
to 686-DRUGS will go directly to the narcotics officer investi-
gating the incident or location. This ensures no details are lost             Beautification                     $1,168   16% Includes: Donation to
                                                                                                                              Morris Park Restora-
from the 911 report.                                                                                                          tion Assoc. and
Illegal Dumping - Unfortunately, vandalism and dumping have                                                                   neighborhood clean-
occurred in Morris Park. To combat the unsightly problem, Over-                                                               ups
brook Farms has a $500 reward leading to the arrest and con-                  Administrative & miscellaneous     $1,111   15%
viction of anyone responsible for vandalism or short dumping in
                                                                              Community Events                   $1,086   15% Includes: Meeting
our Park. Report any illegal activity to 911.                                                                                 space rental, Summer
Follow up - Our liaison to the police is Officer Christine Linder                                                             block party, Santa in
                                                                                                                              the park
of the 19th Police District. You can contact her at 215-686-
3190.                                                                         OFCF Start-up costs                  $994   14% Overbrook Farms
                                                                                                                              Civic Foundation -
Community meeting - Officer Linder hosts a community meet-                                                                    Tax exempt filing
ing at 6:00 pm on the 4th Tuesday of every month at the 19th                                                                  fees
Police District at 61st & Thompson. If you are interested in at-                                       Total $7,325
tending, please contact me I try to at-
tend all the meetings and would enjoy the company. I am also                Closing balance 6/22/2006          $24,149    $4,741.50 is designated to
                                                                                                                          future Historic Certification
happy to raise any concerns brought to my attention.                                                                      expenses
Michael Lemley V.P. Overbrook Farms Club.                                   INCREASE IN CASH ON HAND           $5,773

Fall 2006                                                                                           Page 5
  Ten Reasons Why You Should Support the                              "Never doubt that a small
                                                                      group of committed people
          Overbrook Farms Club                                        can make a difference. Indeed
                                                                      it's the only thing that ever
 1. TO PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT IN YOUR PROPERTY -                     has." Margaret Mead
    Support our efforts to advocate on behalf of Over-
    brook Farms -- to oppose zoning variances and demoli-
    tion efforts that are destructive to the character of the
 2. TO GET THE INFORMATION YOU NEED ABOUT OUR COM-              Who Ya’ Gonna Call
    MUNITY - Ensure that you know about neighborhood
    happenings and other important information through          A directory of people and places to contact
                                                                about neighborhood issues.
    email briefings, newsletters and policy updates.
 3. TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE - The OFC seeks to unify the           State Representative Louise Williams Bishop
                                                                District Address - Philadelphia
    public spirit of the neighborhood and direct it into use-   1991 N. 63rd Street, Philadelphia, PA 19151
    ful and constructive channels.                              Phone: (215) 879-6625
 4. TO GAIN STRENGTH FROM OUR NUMBERS - When many               Fax: (215) 879-8566
    voices are raised and many people work together,            Philadelphia Police, 19th District
    much is achieved.                                           61st & Thompson Streets, Philadelphia, PA 19102
                                                                Phone: (215) 686-3190
 5. TO GAIN INFLUENCE - Recognizing the value of strength
    in numbers, we can lobby and influence policy makers        To report problems with St Joseph’s Students
    on behalf of our community.                                 St Joseph's University Department of Security
                                                                5600 City Avenue. Philadelphia. PA 19131-1395
 6. TO KNOW THE HISTORY OF OVERBROOK FARMS - To edu-            Phone: (610) 660-1111
    cate and become educated about the splendid history
    of our neighborhood.                                        To report zoning code violations
                                                                Phone: (215) 686-2643
 7. TO HELP SHAPE THE FUTURE OF OUR COMMUNITY - Help            You may also report problems or code violations through
    influence the direction we take as the country's oldest     the Licenses and Inspections Online Services and
                                                                Complaints System on the Licenses and Inspections site at
    home owners' association. Help us continue to preserve
    and protect the historic fabric of the community and
    maintain the quality of life of its residents.              To report an abandoned vehicle
                                                                24-Hour Abandoned Auto Hotline
 8. TO KNOW YOUR NEIGHBORS - Santa in the Park;                 Phone: (215) 683-2277
    neighborhood clean ups, Mothers and Others, The
    House Tour, History Night, the summer picnic and other      To report illegal dumping
                                                                Call the neighborhood Services Unit at
    activities all bring us together and help to foster our     Phone: (215) 685-3097
    sense of community.
 9. TO KEEP OVERBROOK FARMS BEAUTIFUL - Support the             To report narcotics activity
                                                                Phone: (215) 686-4135; Fax: (215) 685-4133
    beautification efforts that help to make Overbrook
    Farms a gorgeous and desirable place in which to live.      To report a pothole, uncut grass, or un-shoveled snow
                                                                on sidewalks
 10. PRIDE - Ours is a wonderful community made so not          Phone: (215) 686.5560.
     only by its architectural magnificence but also by the     Email:
     diversity of our residents.                                Web:

                                                                To report chronic non-emergency problems
                                                                District Attorney’s Office. Public Nuisance Task Force
 Thank you for joining your neighbors in support of the club    1421 Arch Street
 and the community.                                             Philadelphia, PA 19102
                                                                Phone: (215)686-5819

Page 6                                                                                                             OF Note
                  Something to Say
                                                                        We welcome your articles on neighborhood topics, news
                                                                        from your block, or information about an upcoming event
                           Subscribe to the
                                                                        (under 300 words, please).
                 Overbrook Farms Club listserv
                                                                        Submit via:
   Use this convenient communications tool to share
                 community related information                          Mail:    Overbrook Farms Club
                                                                                 6376 City Avenue
  with subscribing Overbrook Farms Club neighbors.                               Philadelphia, PA 19151

                                                                        All submissions must include a name and phone number.
                            To join go to:                              Article insertions are subject to space availability, relevance,                      and publication deadlines. We reserve the right to edit for
                                                                        length and accuracy.

How to Build a Community
Turn off the TV                          Put up a swing                                         I Know a Guy (or Girl)
Know your neighbor                       Help carry something heavy
Look up when you are walking             Barter for goods                            Do you know someone who
                                         Start a tradition
Greet people                                                                         ● Cleans gutters?
Sit on the stoop                         Ask a question
                                         Hire young people for odd                   ● Remodels?
Plant flowers
                                         jobs                                        ● Services furnaces?
Use your library
                                         Have a pot-luck
Play together
                                         Bake extra and share                        ● Repairs roofs?
Buy from local
                                         Ask for help when you need it               Have you had work done on your
                                         Open your shades                            home?
Share what you have
Help a lost dog                          Sing together                               Would you recommend your
Take children to the park                Share your skills                           contractor to other Overbrook Farms
                                         Take back the night                         residents?
Garden together
Support neighborhood schools
                                         Turn up the music                           Add your contractor’ s name
Fix it even if you didn't break it       Turn down the music                         to our recommended
                                         Listen before you react                     contractor list . Please send
Have block parties                       to anger                                    an email to:
HONOR YOUR ELDERS                        Seek to understand
Pick up litter                           Listen from new and
                                         uncomfortable angles
                                                                                     with contractor
Read stories aloud                                                                   information to share.
                                         Know that no one is silent, but
Dance in the street                      many are not heard. Work to
Talk to the mail carrier                 change this.
Listen to the birds
                                              -From Syracuse Cultural Workers

Fall 2006                                                                                    Page 7
 Upcoming Events

               (Zoning adjustment
               application for 2119 North
  Oct 18       63rd Street)
               Overbrook Presbyterian Church
               6376 City Avenue
               7:00 PM

               RED CROSS BLOOD DRIVE
               Sponsored by the Overbrook
               Presbyterian Deacons
  Oct 24       Overbrook Presbyterian Church
               6376 City Avenue
               1:30 PM until 7:30 PM

               GENERAL MEETING:
               A Planning Session for the
                                                                                         ADVERTISE IN THE OFC NEWSLETTER
  Oct 24       Community
               Overbrook Presbyterian Church                                       For information and rates, please contact us:
               Wistar Morris Room
               7:00 PM                                                  Overbrook Farms Club 6376 City Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19151
                                                                                     (215) 477-9250

   21    7:30 PM

               SANTA IN THE PARK
December Fun for the Kids
         11:00 AM until 1:00 PM
    2    Morris Park Guardhouse
               Sherwood Rd. and 66th St.

 January       OFC BOARD MEETING
   16          7:30 PM

To submit a Calendar Event, please send an email
message with complete information to We reserve the right to make
final decisions about submissions.
                                                        The solicitations appearing on this page are paid advertisements only. These advertisements should not be con-
                                                        sidered a recommendation for any specific company and Overbrook Farms Club does not endorse any of these
                                                        companies or individuals or the goods and services they provide. Should you wish to use the services of any of the
                                                        companies that advertise in the OF Note newsletter, consider asking for references from the company and/or from
                                                        your neighbors.

                                                                                             THE OVERBROOK FARMS CLUB
                                                                                                             CONTACT US:

     HOLIDAY OBSERVED                                  COLLECTION                                          6376 City Avenue
                                                                                                        Philadelphia, PA 19151
Columbus Day
Monday,                                 Tuesday, October 10
October 9                                                                                              Phone: (215) 477-9250
Christmas Day                                                                                        E-mail:
Monday,                                 Tuesday, December 26
December 25                                                                                        Preserving and protecting
                                                                                              the historic fabric of the community.
ALL HOLIDAYS: Trash and recycling collection will be one day behind schedule for the
remainder of the week
                                                                                                Maintaining our quality of life.

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