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									Honda Lawn Mowers
      HRS • HRR • HRX

                                             hen it comes to maintaining a beautiful lawn, nothing makes the cut like a
                                             genuine Honda lawn mower. Behind every exclusive feature, you’ll find
                                             technology that crosses our entire product line. Technology born and tested on
                               racetracks and roadways around the globe that continuously keeps us on the cutting edge.
                               From automobiles, race cars, motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles to marine engines,
                               general-purpose engines and power equipment products, Honda is committed to designing
                               products that meet or exceed the demands of our customers throughout the
                               world. In fact, all Honda Lawn and Garden products offer a 50-state engine that meets
                               California’s emission requirements. It’s no wonder Honda makes more engines than anyone
                               else on earth!

Top Left:                      Yes, throughout our history, Honda has been
Honda CBR1000RR
Top Right:                     dedicated to technological and environmental
Honda Fit EV Concept Vehicle
Above:                         innovation, and today is no different. After all,
Honda Advanced
Robotics — Asimo               we have a legendary reputation to live up to.
HondaJet                       A reputation for unsurpassed quality,
                               performance and reliability. A reputation worth
                               considering the next time you’re in the market
                               for a new lawn mower.
           The Twin Blade Advantage
No matter which                                              valuable nutrients

Honda lawn mower                                             to go back onto your

you choose, you’ll                                           lawn to help feed it

get   an   exclusive                                         and keep it green.

feature no one else                                          They     also    mean

offers, The Twin Blade Advantage.         when bagging you’ll be emptying a

With each rotation of the blades,         lot less often because the smaller

your lawn is cut, then cut again for a    clippings allow your bag to hold

                  smooth, even surface.   more. A perfect cut, better lawn care

                       But that’s just    and less work for you, that’s the Twin

                         the beginning.   Blade Advantage–only on Honda lawn

                         Twin blades      mowers. When you also consider

                     repeatedly chop      Honda’s reliability, easy starting, quiet

      up   each    blade    of   grass,   operation and fuel-efficiency, you’ve

producing finer clippings, and that       got an engineered piece of machinery that

means when mulching, it’s easier for      can serve you faithfully for years to come.
                                    F E AT U R E S   A N D   AC C E S S O R I E S

For some,
yard work isn’t
a chore, it’s
a passion.
The enjoyment of caring
for your lawn begins with
an exceptional lawn mower.                      One Engine for All
One where the reliable engine,                  Honda certifies to all applicable CARB and EPA emission
                                                requirements by offering lawn mower engines with 50-state
durable deck, handlebars                        certification. The development of one engine for use in all
and controls have been                          50 states continues to reflect Honda’s forward thinking with
                                                regard to emission regulations, air quality and the needs
carefully thought out then                      of our customers.

crafted to exacting standards
for safety and ease of operation.
Do we obsess about our lawn
mowers? Yes, but that’s
so you won’t have to.

                                                The Unique Honda
    On All HRX Series Lawn Mowers               Twin-Blade Systems
                                                Only Honda lawn mowers feature twin-blade mowing systems.
                                                Both the Quadracut System® on the HRR models and the
                                                MicroCut System® on the HRX models provide four cutting
                                                surfaces for ultra fine clippings for better mulching
                                                and increased bag capacity. Grass is cut into tiny pieces
On All HRS And HRR Series Lawn Mowers           that quickly decompose and add nutrients to your lawn.
                                         F E AT U R E S        A N D      AC C E S S O R I E S

                                                                                We offer two great
                                                                                mowing decks.                                                   STEEL

                                                                                HRS and HRR
 4-in-1 Versamow System™                Height Adjustment System                models feature our
 With Clip Director®                    Six or seven mowing height
 Mulch, bag, rear discharge                                                     heavy-duty steel deck
                                        adjustments from 3/4" to 4"
 or leaf shred with no parts to         (depending on model) to suit            with up to six height
 lose and no tools required.            your particular mowing needs.           adjustments. HRX
 (HRX only)
                                                                                models feature our
                                                                                exclusive NeXite®
                                                                                mowing deck that
                                                                                is tough, resilient,                                        NeXite®
                                               Easy On/Off
                                               Grass Bag                        easy to clean,
                                               Our grass bags make              and comes
                                               it easier than ever              with a lifetime
                                               to empty, saving you
                                               time and effort.                 warranty.*

 Choice of Transmissions
 With Honda, you can choose single speed, Variable
 Speed (VST), Cone Clutch or infinitely variable
 hydrostatic drive transmissions with Cruise Control
 or Adjustable Smart Drive® which allow you to walk
 at your own pace while easily adjusting ground speed
 to match mowing conditions.
                                                                                HRX Cruise Control      HRR and HRX Adjustable Smart Drive®

                                                         FO U R         I N   O N E

   4-in-1 versatility is designed for your convenience.

Standard Rear Bag              Exclusive Twin-Blade Systems                      Discharge Chute                 Optional Leaf Shredder
   Large capacity,              Quadracut System® (HRR) and                  For mowing open areas when         Means less emptying of bags
easy on/off grass bag.     MicroCut System® (HRX) offer twin blades       bagging or mulching is not desired.   for spring and fall clean-up.
                              for precise cutting and finer mulching.                                                  (HRR models only.)
  A great lineup, all engineered                                                  you can depend on every part of these lawn mowers
                                                                                  from the powerful, easy-starting engines to the
  and built by Honda.                                                             exclusive Twin Blade Advantage of the Quadracut®
  Every one of our HRS and HRR lawn mowers is                                     mowing system. The legendary reliability you’ve
  100% Honda from the ground up, which means                                      learned to expect from Honda is built right in.

                                     H o n d a              H R S          &      H R R          M o d e l s
                                                                                                                    HRS MODELS

                                    and efficient
 OHC/OHV ENGINE Honda’s compact design reduces weight
 and makes the lawn mower easy to maneuver. It’s also easy to
 start. And the extremely efficient combustion of the OHC/OHV                                 HRS216PDA                                     HRS216SDA
 configuration means one engine certifies to emissions standards                  Push type, side discharge/mulcher                        Self-propelled,
 in all 50 states.                                                                                                                     side discharge/mulcher

                                                                    HRR MODELS

               HRR216PKA                                              HRR216VKA                                                     HRR216VYA
          Push type, Auto Choke,                          Honda Adjustable Smart Drive® Variable                      Honda Adjustable Smart Drive® Variable
  3-in-1 Bag, mulch or discharge standard                Speed Transmission Control, Auto Choke,                    Speed Transmission Control, Auto Choke with
    with optional leaf shredder available               3-in-1 bag, mulch, or discharge with optional              Adjustable Throttle Control, 3-in-1 Bag, mulch
                                                                   leaf shredder available                        or discharge, with optional leaf shredder available
                                                              FEATURES & OPTIONS

         IVE                                      IVE                                   IVE                                AVAILABLE STANDARD
      LUS                                      LUS                                   LUS                                   & OPTIONAL FEATURES:
   EXC                                      EXC                                   EXC
                                                                                                        #1                 Honda 4-stroke 160cc, single-cylinder
                                                                                                                           OHC/OHV engine
                                                                                                                           Single speed or infinitely
                                                                                                                           variable transmissions

  Honda Adjustable Smart                Honda Roto-Stop®                    Exclusive Honda Twin-Blade                     Roto-Stop® Blade Stop System (VYA only)
Drive® Variable Speed Control           Blade Stop System                       Quadracut System                           Quick release handle
  Easily control the speed when         Start and stop the blade                   Features twin blades for
                                                                                                                           Adjustable throttle control (VYA only)
 resting hands on the handlebars.        with engine running.                  superior mulching and bagging.
         (VKA & VYA only)                      (VYA only)                             (optional for HRS)                   Ball bearing-supported rear wheels
                                                                                                                           21" mowing width
                                                                                                                           6 mowing height adjustments
                                                                                                                           Side discharge/Rear discharge
                                                                                                                           1-blade or exclusive Twin-Blade
                                                                                                                           Quadracut System®
                                                                                                                           Grass bag (HRR only)

      Easy Fold Quick Release Handle                             Large Easy-Off 2.4 Bushel Bag                             Optional leaf shredder (HRR only)
                                                                           (HRR models only)                               (For all features and options, see back page.)
                                        H o n d a   H R X

The ultimate lawn
mowing machine.
With unmatched innovation and technology,
the Honda HRX leads the way in lawn mower
engineering. The HRX offers exclusive and
advanced design features like the Versamow
System™ It allows you to mulch, partially
mulch, bag, rear discharge or shred leaves.
There are no tools or attachments to fiddle with,                 Adjustable Speed Smart Drive® Control,
                                                          Mulch, bag, discharge or leaf shred with Flywheel Brake,
and it’s the first lawn mower ever designed to                Auto Choke System and NeXite® mowing deck
simultaneously distribute clippings to both the
bag and ground, providing your yard the benefits
of mulching and dramatically reducing the
number of times you have to empty the grass bag.
The convenient Clip Director® control regulates
how much is bagged or mulched. Engineered
and built by Honda, there’s nothing else out
there like the HRX.

                                                     Precision speed Cruise Control, Auto Choke with Adjustable Throttle
                                                        Control, Mulch, bag, discharge or leaf shred, Honda Roto-Stop®
                                                                 Blade Stop System and NeXite® mowing deck

                                                     Precision speed Cruise Control, Auto Choke with Adjustable Throttle
                                                        Control, Mulch, bag, discharge or leaf shred, Honda Roto-Stop®
                                                         Blade Stop System, NeXite® mowing deck and Electric Start
                                                 FEATURES & OPTIONS

        IVE                                               IVE                               IVE
     LUS                                               LUS                               LUS
  EXC                                               EXC                               EXC

Honda Roto-Stop®                                   4-in-1 Versamow System™          NeXite® Deck
If you need to stop the blade without              With Clip Director®              The HRX deck is constructed of
shutting off the mower, Honda Roto-Stop            Mulch, bag, rear discharge or    advanced and extremely durable
does it in a flash. That way, you can              leaf shred with no attachments   NeXite® material that does not dent,
empty the bag without having to restart            to lose and no tools required.   rust or corrode over time. Developed
the engine. (HYA & HZA only)                                                        for Honda, NeXite® is exclusive on
                                                                              IVE   Honda lawn mowers.

Honda 4-stroke 190cc, single-cylinder
OHC/OHV engine
                                                   Honda Adjustable
Versamow System™ with Clip Director®               Smart Drive® Variable
Durable NeXite® deck                               Speed Control
21" mowing width                                   Easily control the speed
                                                   when resting hands on            Exclusive MicroCut® System
Choice of Smart Drive® variable speed or           the handlebars. (VKA only)       Designed specifically to work with the
Cruise Control Hydrostatic Transmission
                                                                                    new HRX deck, The Honda MicroCut
Rear discharge with no attachments                                                  twin-blade system uses four cutting
9" wheels                                                 IVE                       surfaces that result in more efficient
                                                    EXC                             bagging and mulching. When bagging,
All four wheels are ball bearing-supported
                                                                                    homeowners can now mow up to 50%
Exclusive twin-blade
MicroCut® system                                                                    farther before having to empty the bag.
Choice of flywheel brake or
Honda Roto-Stop® Blade Stop System
3-position, Quick Release adjustable handle
                                                   Cruise Control
Sealed control cables
                                                   The HXA and HMA
Large 2.5 bushel capacity grass bag                models offer Honda’s
7 mowing heights: 3/ " to 4"
                    4                              exclusive hydrostatic
                                                   transmission that allows
(For all features and options, see back page.)
                                                   infinitely variable speed
                                                   control so you can walk
                                                   at your own pace and
                                                   still get an excellent cut.             STA GE!
                                                                                        00 CHAR
                                                                                       3 R

                                                                                    Honda’s Innovative Electric Start
                                                    EXC                             The HMA model features electric start
                                                                                    with advanced battery technology.
                                                                                    The Cyclon Battery is completely
                                                                                    rechargable and holds its charge for
                                                                                    up to 300 starts!* Honda’s battery is
                                                   Auto Choke System                designed to last for years and years,
                                                   Eliminates need to choke         compared to other brands that require
                                                   engine prior to starting.        annual replacement. The charger is
                                                   (Full throttle control on        included with purchase.
                                                   HYA & HZA, no throttle           * Customer will need to completely charge battery
                                                                                      at the beginning of the season and once at the end
                                                   lever on VKA only)                 of the season for winter storage.
                         Move Up with Honda
                         Choose the model features you need to simplify your lawn mowing with Honda’s Twin Blade Advantage.
                         Move Up to the Honda with the best combination of innovative features to meet your needs.

                                         HRS                                               HRR                                                                             HRX

Model                          PDA                    SDA                PKA                    VKA                        VYA                         VKA                        HYA                        HZA

Exclusive Twin Blade                     Optional                                         QuadraCut®                                                                       MicroCut®
Lawn Mowing System                                                                     Twin Blade System                                                               Twin Blade System

4-in-1 Capability              N/A                    N/A                               3-in-1 standard,                                                    4-in-1 VersaMow™ System/Clip Director®
                                                                        mulch, bag & discharge with optional leaf shredder                                       No tools or attachment required

Blade Safety                 Flywheel               Flywheel           Flywheel              Flywheel                 Roto-Stop®                  Flywheel                 Roto-Stop®                 Roto-Stop®
System                        brake                  brake              brake                 brake                      BSS                       brake                      BSS                        BSS

Deck                           Steel                 Steel               Steel                 Steel                      Steel                                NeXite® with Lifetime Warranty**

Transmission Control           Push                 1-Speed              Push               Adjustable                Adjustable                 Adjustable                   Cruise                     Cruise
                                                                                           Smart Drive™              Smart Drive™               Smart Drive™                  Control                    Control

Wheel                           8"                    8"                  8"                    8"                         8"                           9"                         9"                         9"

Cut Height                   1"- 31⁄2"              1"- 31⁄2"          11⁄8"- 4"             11⁄8"- 4"                  11⁄8"- 4"                  3
                                                                                                                                                    ⁄4 "- 4"                  3
                                                                                                                                                                               ⁄4 "- 4"                  3
                                                                                                                                                                                                          ⁄4 "- 4"

# of Cutting Positions          6                      6                  6                      6                          6                           7                           7                          7

Handlebars                    Single                 Single         Quick Release         Quick Release             Quick Release              Quick Release              Quick Release              Quick Release
                             Position               Position         2-position            2-position                2-position                 3-position                 3-position                 3-position

Speed                          N/A                    2.5                N/A                   0 to 4                    0 to 4                    0 to 3.6                       0 to 4                     0 to 4
                                                      mph                                      mph                       mph                         mph                          mph                        mph

Bag Capacity                   N/A                    N/A            2.4 bushels           2.4 bushels                2.4 bushels               2.5 bushels                2.5 bushels                2.5 bushels
                                                                                                                                                                                                 Honda GCV190
Engine                        Honda                  Honda              Honda                 Honda              Honda GCV160                      Honda              Honda GCV190                 Electric Start
                             GCV160                 GCV160             GCV160              GCV160 with         Auto Choke System (ACS)          GCV190 with         Auto Choke System (ACS) Auto Choke System (ACS)
                                                                                       Auto Choke System (ACS) with adj. throttle control   Auto Choke System (ACS) with adj. throttle control with adj. throttle control

Emissions                                                                           California Emissions Certified for All 50 States

Warranty*                     36 mo.                36 mo.              36 mo.                36 mo.                     36 mo.                    60 mo.                     60 mo.                     60 mo.

Deck Warranty*                36 mo.                36 mo.              36 mo.                36 mo.                     36 mo.                    Lifetime **               Lifetime **                Lifetime **

Engine Warranty*              36 mo.                36 mo.              36 mo.                36 mo.                     36 mo.                    60 mo.                     60 mo.                     60 mo.

Warranty                      3 mo.                  3 mo.              3 mo.                  3 mo.                     3 mo.                         3 mo.                      3 mo.                      3 mo.

                      * Warranty, Deck Warranty and Engine Warranty apply to non-commercial use only. Visit for details.
                     ** Lifetime Deck Warranty applies to any new HRX Series mower. Deck warranty is valid for the original purchaser and non-commercial use only.
                        For additional warranty details, see your local Honda Power Equipment Dealer or visit our website at
                                                           HRS                                       HRR                                                              HRX





                Honda GCV Series OHC/OHV Engine       •            •                   • •        •               •          •         •
                          21" Mowing Decks STEEL      •            •                   • •        •
                                             NeXite®                                                              •          •         •
                                Manual Fuel Shut-off  •            •                   • •        •               •          •         •
      Quick Release Adjustable/Folding Handlebars                                      • •        •               •          •         •
                              Muffler/Heat Protector  •            •                   • •        •               •          •         •
                                  ErgoActive® Handle  •            •                     •                                   •         •
                          EZ Grip ErgoActive® Handle                                   •          •               •
                               Sealed Control Cables                                                              •          •         •
                           Honda QuadraCut System®                           •         •          •
                            Honda MicroCut System®                                                                •          •         •
                                                                                   †          †         †
                                                                             •         •          •               •          •         •
               4-in-1 (Mulch/Bag/Discharge/Leaf Shred)
                                  Flywheel Brake        •         •          •         •                          •
                    Roto-Stop Blade Stop System                                                   •                          •         •
                                                                                                  •                          •         •
                       Adjustable Throttle Control
                    Transmission Types      PUSH        •                    •
                                         1-SPEED                  •
                                VARIABLE SPEED                                         •          •               •
                             HYDROSTATIC DRIVE                                                                               •         •
                                         Drive Type__________________________________________________________________________________________________
                                                          N/A        Belt     N/A        Belt       Belt            Belt      Belt       Belt
                                                          7/8"      7/8 "
                                      Steel Handles                            1"         1"        1"              1"         1"        1"
                     Residential Warranty – 3-years   •            •                     •                  •                 •
                     Residential Warranty – 5-years__________________________________________________________________________________________________    •                  •                •
                Lifetime Residential Deck Warranty*__________________________________________________________________________________________________    •                  •                •
                    Commercial Warranty – 90-day      •            •                     •                  •                 •
                                                   __________________________________________________________________________________________________    •                  •                •
                                  Discharge Chute  __________________________________________________________________________________________________
                                                          STD       STD      STD (RR)   STD (RR)  STD (RR)        STD (RR)   STD (RR)    STD (RR)
OPTIONS                              Leaf Shredder __________________________________________________________________________________________________
                                                                               OPT        OPT       OPT             INT**      INT**        INT**
                                        Grass Bag  __________________________________________________________________________________________________
                                                                               STD        STD       STD             STD        STD          STD
                            Single Mulching Blade  __________________________________________________________________________________________________
                                                          STD       STD

                             Twin-Blade Mulching   __________________________________________________________________________________________________
                                                          OPT       OPT        STD        STD       STD             STD        STD          STD

                              Deck Edge Guard Kit  __________________________________________________________________________________________________
                                                                                                                    OPT        OPT          OPT
INTEGRATED - INT**                  Spark Arrestor __________________________________________________________________________________________________
                                                          OPT       OPT        OPT        OPT       OPT             OPT        OPT          OPT
                      Honda GCV160 OHC Engine              •         •         •          •         •
                      Honda GCV190 OHC Engine                                                                       •          •            •
SPECS                                      Starting      Recoil    Recoil     Recoil     Recoil    Recoil          Recoil     Recoil  Electric/Recoil
                                                   __________________________________________________________________________________________________ Lifetime Deck Warranty
                                 Automatic Choke                               •          •         •               •          •            •
                                                   __________________________________________________________________________________________________ applies to any new,
                            Fuel Capacity (gallons)__________________________________________________________________________________________________ residential-use
                                                          0.25      0.25      0.25       0.25      0.25            0.25       0.25        0.25
                                                                                                                                                         HRX Series mower.
                              Ground Speed (mph)          N/A        2.5       N/A       0 to 4    0 to 4         0 to 3.6    0 to 4      0 to 4
                                                   __________________________________________________________________________________________________ Deck warranty is valid
             Handle Height Adjustments       FIXED         •         •
                                                   __________________________________________________________________________________________________ for the original purchaser
                                              TWO                              •          •         •
                                                   __________________________________________________________________________________________________ only. For additional
                                                                                                                                                         warranty details, see
                                            THREE                                                                   •          •            •
                                                   __________________________________________________________________________________________________ your local Honda Power
                      Mowing Height Adjustments             6         6          6          6         6               7          7           7
                                                   __________________________________________________________________________________________________ Equipment Dealer or visit
                                                                                                                   3          3           3
                    Mowing Height Range (inches)         1- 31/2   1- 31/2    11/8-4     11/8-4    11/8-4           /4- 4      /4- 4       /4- 4
                                                   __________________________________________________________________________________________________ our website.
                              Ball Bearing Wheels         Rear      Rear       Rear       Rear      Rear             All        All          All
                                                   __________________________________________________________________________________________________ Leaf shredding is integrated
                                       Poly Wheels         8"        8"         8"         8"        8"              9"         9"          9"
                                                   __________________________________________________________________________________________________ with the Versamow System                           ™

                     Grass Bag Capacity (bushels)                              2.4        2.4       2.4             2.5        2.5          2.5
                                                   __________________________________________________________________________________________________ Requires optional
                                  Dry Weight (lbs.)        63        70         76         82        91              89         96          98
                                                   __________________________________________________________________________________________________ leaf shredder.

                                                                                                                                                                        Visit us at

                                                                               For optimum performance and safety we recommend you read the owner’s manual before operating your
                                                                               Honda Power Equipment. Specifications subject to change without notice.
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