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                                            RGC Officers
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Vice Chairman Kenneth Reeves TX XXI                          E-Mail - blueknightstx21@aol.com
Secretary Gary Keeter ARII                                   E-Mail – 3dkeeter@alltel.net
Treasurer A. J. Sandoval TX IV                               E-Mail signal632000@yahoo.com
International Representative D. J. Alvarez TX XXXI           E-Mail – Blueknights31@aol.com

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Chairman - Chuck Doran

Hello Fellow Blue Knights,

  I'll start with I was thankful to hear that there were no Blue Knights were injured during the hurricanes. There
was a lot of property damage and long hours at work but so far I have heard of no Blue Knights being injured. I
know that Galveston and Beaumont have a long road to recovery ahead of them. I want to thank Alex Ramirez,
the Southern Conference Chairman for his concern for members during Hurricane Ike.

  Well summer is finally gone and fall is here. It actually got to 65 degrees the other night. I almost turned the
heater on. The summer was long and hot but one that I will long remembered. My ride to International started
when I left on Thursday to go to Ken Reeves house. We then meet up with some of the Texas XXI members at
midnight Friday for the ride to Peoria Illinois. They were going to do an Iron Butt run. We made the 820 mile
run to Peoria where Ken and I said addios to the group as they continued their run. On Sunday afternoon as I
was walking through the hotel lobby on the way to the hospitality room I happened to look at the TV which was
showing the weather channel. Imagine my shock to see a tropical storm in the Gulf of Mexico heading straight
for the Rio Grande Valley, Home of Texas II. The rest of the week was a blur because I couldn't get home in
time to do anything. I called my wife who did not make the trip and made sure she had a safe place to stay and
my son boarded up the house. The storm came in on Wednesday with a 100 MPH winds and as it hit land
slowed down to 4 MPH. My friends said that it took about 6 to 7 hours cross the Valley. I left Thursday
morning for the trip home. I got home on Saturday about 3 o'clock in the afternoon, after taking several detours
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around flooded roads. I will never forget the sight when I got to my driveway and saw half of my roof strewn
across my backyard. I didn't get power back until Monday night but thankfully I had my trusty generator and a
quick trip to Home Depot on Sunday morning got me a window unit so I could have an air conditioned room to
sleep in. The insurance adjuster came by I was able to start repairs on my house, mobile home. I replaced half of
my roof, the living room floor and the carpet in two bedrooms, hallway and living room and replace the glass in
the living room window. I also had to replace my computer and house phone due to them being by the broken
living room window. I was lucky compared to about 20 Officers from the Beaumont Police department who lost
their house to flood waters during hurricane Ike.

  About the time I was finishing my home repairs here comes Hurricane Ike, it wasn't even supposed to enter
the gulf but here it comes with a chance of hitting the Valley again. Fortunately for us but not Galveston it
started north an they got hurricane Ike dead center causing major damage and loss of life along their coast. It
then went north causing some wind damage but major flooding to the Beaumont area. It will take a long time
before these areas recover from Ike.

  As far as events at International the 2009 International will be at Louisville KY and the 2010 International
will be at Billings Montana. The BOG got a raise in their travel allowance from 300 to 500 dollars. I voted
against the increase due to a BOG Officer not being at an RGC Conference since 2002. I feel that we are not
getting respected as a Conference due to low voter ballet return. This is an election year and Chapter Presidents
need to push their members to fill out the ballots and return them. Remember that the RGC International
Representative DJ Alvarez is running for International Vice President and he needs our support.

  Tyler has already got the hotel set up for RGC 2009 and the registration form is on line at their web page. This
group is really excited about doing an RGC and say this will be one to remember.

  By the way, the Travelers Pins are in and the one on my vest looks great. Manuela and I qualified for our
Travelers pins on the way to Ruckus on the River in August. It took me 12 hours and 451 miles to get there and
only 5 hours and 255 miles to get back home. I just beat Richard by 2 days in getting the first pin.

  I'm going to wrap it up here and start getting my camping gear ready for the TX XXI Kerrville run this
October. Their going there to ride the Three Sisters route and have a weekend of fun. Anyone who has been to
the Ruckus on the River knows what I'm talking about.

Ride With Pride

Chuck Doran

RGC Chairman
Vice-Chairman - Kenneth Reeves
  The third quarter of 2008 has come to a close and with its end comes some good news and some very bad
news. First, let’s start with the bad news.
  The Gulf coast region of Texas has been hit by two Hurricanes in the last three months. The Hurricanes have
caused a lot of damage to the homes and lives of many Texas Blue Knights from Harlingen to Beaumont. From
the reports I am getting it looks like the Chapters hit worst during Hurricane Ike was Galveston, Houston, and
Beaumont. Along with the hardship of the damage to their homes, they have been working long hours to keep
the public and property of other’s safe while their family needs have been put on the back burner. Sacrifice has
always been a way of life for a law enforcement officer. Please keep everyone in your thoughts and prayers.

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  Now, for some good news. The RGC has a new Chapter in El Dorado, Arkansas. The new president of AR
IX is Jerry Points. The RGC now has 46 Chapters and approximately 1,440 members. Arkansas Rep David
Ellington has been working to start a Chapter in Hot Springs, AR. and it looks like a Chapter may start up there
  The International Conference in Peoria, Ill was the smallest conference I have ever seen. I am not sure what
happened but about half of the Blue Knights that planned to attend did not show up. A big improvement over
past conferences was the fact that the awards and reconnection for the hard work that individual Blue Knights
do over the past year such as recruitment, helping a new chapter start and distinguished service was given out at
the Banquet. This event is generally held at an unannounced time in the hospitality room which is just wrong. It
is always a proud moment for me to see members of the RGC being recognized for their work.
  International recognizes those members who recruit five members or more in a year but how about those
Chapters who use the Power of One as a team effort to increase their numbers by 20, 30, 50 percent or more.
This recognition should be done at the conference level. I am asking all Vice Presidents to send me your
recruitment numbers for your members and your Chapter so we can give them the recognition they deserve. I
am very proud of you and I know the rest of the RGC feels the same way. A pat on the back never hurt anyone.
  Speaking of sending in your information, I know there are a lot of the Chapters who are having elections this
year so please send in your new Chapter officer’s information to me or the RGC Secretary, Gary Keeter, so we
can keep the RGC Roster up to date.
  On August 7-9, I spent some time in Big Springs, Midland and Odessa to see what could be done to increase
the membership in the Chapters in west Texas. I plan on a return trip to West Texas but with rides, events and
working with my Chapter, I have not yet had the time. I am happy to report that the Big Springs Chapter is
getting active in recruiting, riding, growing and having fun together.
  When I recruit and work in an area where a Chapter is needing some help I generally do not sign up new
members in that area. I leave that up to the members of the area in which I work. The reason being, I don’t want
to sign up a new member to a Chapter that may fail. I talk to the officers and/or members of the Chapters and
visit the agencies in the area to see if there are officers interested in the local Chapters and if not, why not. I can
take you to the orchard, show you the apples and how to pick them but, you have to pick them yourself. I will
report back to the Chapter what I have found and make any suggestions to improve that Chapter. Sometimes
what I suggest is hard to hear but these are only suggestions and can be used or thrown out. This is FYI so you
will know what to expect from me if I need to visit your area.
  October 1st is the start of the physical recruiting year and the best time to recruit new members. Remember
that new members who join in October, November or December will only pay dues for 2009 and get the rest of
this year free. A new member joining in October 2008 will get 15 months for the price of 12. What a deal! If
you need any recruitment materials such as posters, fliers or a Power Point presentation, let me know and I will
get them to you. Share the Blue Knight experience and always……
Ride with Pride
Kenneth Reeves
Vice Chairman, RGC
Secretary - Gary Keeter
  Hello everyone I did not go to International this year so I will let our Chairman and others tell you about what
went on there. I am looking forward to next year in Louisville, KY.
  Rio Grande Conference 2009 will be in Tyler, TX next year. So start making your plans for Tyler, TX next
year. You can go to the RGC web-site for registration and any other information to TX 34 hosting RGC 2009.
  Buy now some of you already know the Rio Grande Conference has a Rio Grande Conference Traveler’s Pin
now. We already have 5 members who have received their pins from riding in the Rio Grande Conference. They
are our Chairman Chuck Doran TX 2, Richard Cashell TX 34 Robert Hillard TX 34, Sean Parrish TX 34 and
Kenny Ray TX 34. Looks like the Blue Knights from Texas 34 like to ride. So if you want a Special Pin that
you will have to earn, fill out an application and send it to me. Then get out there and enjoying riding the Rio

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Grande Conference more, because you will be getting closer to getting a Rio Grande Traveler’s Pin. Be one of
the Proud Special Few!!!
  I have heard a little from our Brothers and Sisters from along the Gulf Coast. They are working long hours
and are getting by after the Hurricane. Some only had wind and water damage, a lot are still without power and
I am sure a lot are without homes.
  I have not heard from any of our Brothers and Sisters from the Galveston area. What I have heard is from
others that have talked with D.J. Alvarez and a few from that area. I know it will be a very long time before they
will be able to be on a regular communication bases.
  Let’s keep our Brothers and Sisters who have been devastated by the hurricane along the Gulf Coast in your
Thoughts and Prayers
God Bless and Ride With Pride
Gary Keeter Rio Grande Conference Secretary

Treasurer – A.J. Sandoval

Early on the morning of September 13th, Hurricane Ike stormed onto the Texas northeastern Gulf coast. Many
families who stayed in the Galveston and Houston area were seriously affected; as well were those families who
fled the storm to the San Antonio and surrounding area in search of safety.

Fortunately, TEXANS and BLUE KNIGHTS have a resiliency to survive and ensue a better quality of life. In
times like these it can only be accomplished through the heartfelt donations. Donations, no matter how large or
how small, will go towards helping those affected by the hurricane. So make the effort to donate in your own
way through your community and a viable organization.

I’m not surprised of the generosity of BLUE KNIGHTS, instead I’m very PROUD. Let’s come together as
Blue Knights and as law enforcement officers serving our community to help others in those affected

Here’s a list of some chapters that were affected …
TX 31 Galveston, TX 6 Angleton, TX 7 Houston, TX 19 Orange, TX 33 Conroe, TX 24 Bryan, TX 22
Nacogdoches and others to include chapters in NE Texas and Louisiana; and as far as Oklahoma and Arkansas.

I am pleased to report we have received several applications for the RGC Traveler Pin program. RGC Secretary
Gary Keeter sends me several application payments every week from RGC Members who have ordered the

Check out the RGC web site at http://www.bkrgc.org/ and click on the RGC Traveler Pin link for details on
how you can apply.

Again, it’s my sincere honor to serve you as our RGC Treasure. Please don’t hesitate to contact me directly if
you have any questions, concerns or comments. I know you’re probably tired of all the political rant but I hope
this doesn’t sound like some more of the same BUT I won’t forget that I’m here to serve the RGC and its

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Blue Knights Law Enforcement M/C
President TX Chapter IV - San Antonio
Rio Grande Conference Treasure/TX Rep.

International Rep. – D.J. Alvarez
Unable to Have a Report at this time due to Hurricane IKE!!!

Arkansas I - North Little Rock
 Police Blotter Funnies:
Mountain View, AR Wal-Mart: Police receive a report of a newborn infant found in a trash can. Upon
investigation officers discover it was a burrito.

Sonora, CA: A man came to the Sheriff’s Dept. to “find out how to legally kill” a person who was harassing him

Escondido, CA: A caller reported that someone was on a porch yelling “help” from a residence on Bank St.
Officers responded and learned the person was calling a cat that is named “Help”

 Benton, AR: A woman called the police department seeking help to get into her locked car because her key would
 not open it. The responding officer found she was trying to get into the wrong car and located her car two rows
  The October ride is our annual Jim Rainbolt Memorial Ride and has been set for October 11 with a departure
time of 8:30 am. For this ride we will meet at the Cracker Barrel in Conway at 8:00 am and as before our
destination will be Gaston’s Resort via Push Mountain Road. This date and time is pending coordination with
Chris (Rainbolt).
Charles Carty Secretary Arkansas I
Arkansas II – Harrison
  Not a whole lot has happen here lately. The weather has been kind of wet, Rain one day and not the next here in
the Ozarks this summer. Our lakes have been over flowing from all the run off. They are beginning to drop a little
now. The camp grounds around the lakes have been under water for the summer so camping around the lake was
unheard of.
  We did get a surprise visit from our Chairman Chuck Doran and Vice-Chairman Kenneth Reeves while they were
returning from International in Peoria IL. We had breakfast the next morning and I rode with them down Scenic
Hwy 7. I pulled off at Jasper as they were going home to Texas, the long way around. Sorry there was another Blue
Knight that was from TX 21 but I forget his name (sorry).
  Our V-P Joe Barbalace and Treasurer Morris Pate went to an Arkansas Sheriff’s Football tail gate party in Little
Rock last month. They said they had a great time and plan to go to others. This was sponsored by the Arkansas
Sheriff Association.
   Dawn and I went on vacation the week of the Blue Knights Mid-West Conference and rode west before ending
up in Lawton, OK. That was where the Blue Knights Mid-East Conference was being held. We rode the Route 66
route, threw MO KS OK and TX The weather stated to change for the worst as we got near NM. So we went back
to Amarillo and turned south. We got rained on but not enough to put on our rain gear.
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  Hey we won the longest ride award at the Conference because we went to the Conference the long way around.
We met a lot of old friends and made some new ones as every time we go to a Blue Knights Conference.
  While we were riding we picked up some of our letters for the Rio Grande Conference Traveler’s Pin. We had to
get off the beaten path to find some of the city limit signs but that is part of riding.
  As for the chapter we have not been doing a lot of riding because of the weather, Fall is near and the weather is
getting just about right.
  We are planning to meet with Arkansas V on Oct 11 for a chapter get together at the White River Sate Park I hope
we have a good turn out from both chapters.
Ride With Pride
Gary Keeter President Arkansas II
Arkansas IV – Pine Bluff
As of 09/22/2008, we have a signed contract with The Austin in Hot Springs, AR for RGC 2010. Rooms are
$89.00 for single and double occupancy, $99.00 for triple and quad occupancy, $175.00 for One –Bedroom
suite, and $275.00 for Two-Bedroom suite. You can make you r reservations by calling (877)623-6697 and
mentioning you are with the Blue Knights. All reservations must be guaranteed with a major credit card or an
advance deposit for the first nights lodging. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at:
Snail-mail:   David R. Ellington            e-mail: davidrellington@sbcglobal.net
              9100 Meadowood Lane                   cell phone:   (870)692-2697
              Pine Bluff, AR 71603          home phone: (870)879-4078

Also on 12/13/2008, AR IV will be hosting our 10th Annual Toy Ride. We will line up at White Hall High
School at 11:30am and pull out at 12:00pm sharp. An unwrapped gift, canned food, or money will be
appreciated. All proceeds go to the American Red Cross and with hurricanes this year they can use all the help
we can give them. We will ride rain, shine, sleet, sleet or snow. Please come out and help us help the Red

Ride with Pride,
David Ellington
President ARIV
RGC Arkansas Rep
Texas I – Hurst
Hello again Brothers and Sisters,
  What an eventful “quarter” this has been since the last newsletter! First off – we lost our VP to the new
position of Prez of a new chapter, then I got sick and there was no representation at the International
Convention in Peoria, IL. for our chapter. However, we got a report about the business and activities that took
place there from Karl, the lost VP and new Prez, who had attended to represent his new chapter. It was
shocking to hear about the low attendance at the convention. But who couldn’t have made a prediction with the
gas prices through the roof at that point of the summer.
  We finally got around to electing a new VP however and would like everyone to get to know Larry Ingram
and his wife, Sam. Larry has been a member of Texas # I for several years and is known for his uniqueness.
Some of you have probably met or have seen Larry and Sam on their blue, 3-wheeled Goldwing pulling a blue
trailer which is actually an extra-large “pet-carrier” cage with his bomb-sniffing dog, Ruland. Ruland is a
yellow Labrador and goes on several rides a year with us. Larry works with the Tarrant County Fire Marshall’s
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Office as an arson investigator and is also the Chief of the volunteer fire department in Cresson, TX. Larry has
many contacts throughout the county in which to draw more attention to the Blue Knights in the area and
hopefully bring in several new members from those contacts.

  How about that new “Travelers” pin for the RGC from Texas # XXXIV? I think there are about 15 members
of Texas # I registered and already a good ways through the process of attaining the photos needed to qualify
for the pin. We decided to go to some “obscure” locations for the cities and letters needed. Anybody ever
heard of “Krum” Texas? (Anybody outside of the North Texas area, that is!)
  Labor Day weekend there were about 14 of us who planned to go to Vicksburg, Mississippi to tour the civil
war battlefields. As time passed and priorities got rearranged, there were only about 9 of us that actually made
the trip. It was great riding weather and great time spent with friends and family. We stopped in Gibsland,
Louisiana for a photo with the stone marker where Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow were killed by a law
enforcement trap to end their short criminal lifestyle of killing cops and robbing banks. We didn’t have time to
go through the little museum in town but we have all seen the PBS documentary. We made it to Vicksburg,
toured the battlefield and then Hurricane Gustav reared his ugly head in our direction. Due to the weather
forecast and reported trajectory of the storm, we had to cut our trip a day short. We decided to leave for home
Sunday afternoon after the motel was gracious enough to let us out of our extended reservation and we made it
home around midnight. This also put us ahead of the heavy traffic of evacuees headed north from the Gulf and
then west to Dallas on I-20. There was “a-lot” of traffic already but we made good time by taking some back
  Then came “IKE!” Has anyone heard from our brothers and sisters in Houston, Galveston, and Beaumont?
We have not heard about their conditions or needs as of this writing, just that Gary Keeter, the RGC secretary,
says that there may be a problem getting the newsletter on the website. We sincerely pray for everyone’s well-
being and hope to hear word soon. We have received all of the photos from various medias as to the damages
and conditions as a result of the storm.
  Please don’t forget about our 10th annual fun-run on Saturday, October 25. Information has been sent to all of
the chapter’s Presidents, or, any further information can be obtained from any of our executive officers. We
have been unable to get the registration on our website since our webmaster was Karl Hyzer and I covered that
situation in the first paragraph. Hopefully we’ll have someone take over the website soon and we can get
caught up with information and photos.
Until next time,
Zane Hilger
Blue Knights TX. #1
Texas XI - Lorena
  Hello from Central Texas. Very hot days have cut down on our riding. Our Chapter has gone on some
evening dinner runs. We had several new members join our Chapter during the summer months. Sadly, we lost
one of our new members, Bruce Scott, who suffered a heart attack. Bruce was retired from the McLennan
County Sheriff's Office. He was looking for a group where he could ride and also involve his son. He was
looking forward to being a member of our group. Our sympathy goes out to his family during this time.

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                                Blue Knights Texas Chapter XI
                       2008 Military Order of the Purple Heart
                                 Waco Chapter 4077
                                Scavenger Hunt Ride
                                             October 18, 2008
                                         Registration: 9:30 AM
                                         Ride starts: 10:30 AM
                                        Last Bike Out: 11:00 AM
                             Start and Finish at: Hog Creek Ice House
                                          Cost: 10.00 per Rider
               Door Prizes include a $200.00 Gift Card and a $100.00 Gift Card
                                Live Band from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM
                                            All bikes welcome.
                                   Proceeds will be given to the
                                 Military Order of the Purple Heart
                                         Waco Chapter 4077
                If further information is needed call 254-716-8625 or 254-709-0289 or go to

  Our Chapter is sponsoring a benefit ride on Saturday, October 18, 2008 for the Military Order of the Purple
Heart, Waco Chapter 4077. Registration for a scavenger hunt ride will begin at Hog Creek Ice House (Hwy. 6
N in Speegleville) at 9:30 a.m. First bike out at 10:30 a.m. and last bike out at 11:00 a.m. Cost is $10.00 per
rider. There will a live band until 2:00 p.m. Prizes include a $200 gift card and $100 gift card. There will be
door prizes and 50/50 drawing.
   Proceeds go to the Military Order of the Purple Heart Chapter. They are currently erecting a Purple Heart
Monument at the Waco V.A. Medical Center. They are also involved in assisting veterans in nursing homes in
the Central Texas area. Go to our website at
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www.blueknightstexaschapterxi.com for more information or contact
BKTX XI President Jim Brock at 254-716-8625.
Linda Crook
Texas XXI - Waxahachie
                     TX XXI’s 5th Annual Ruckus on the River

  The Riverside Resort was the site for this year's 5th Annual Ruckus on the River. This year's Ruckus was
attended by almost as many Chapters and members as the RGC itself. Without all the meetings and elections of
course. A large group arrived on Thursday to help with setting up the grounds and in no time the party was
under way!
  Friday morning saw the masses arriving with tents, RV's, and of course we had nearly every cabin at the
resort rented as well. As the kids found the pool, the adults found the beverages and before long our catered
dinner had arrived. With food left over and everyone full as a tick it was time for the wine tasting contest. With
over 30 bottles of wine entered I really don't think anyone cared who got the title for best tasting wine however
I do remember Ken Reeves getting the award for “Prettiest Bottle”. Once the wine was gone the tables were
cleared and our 1st Annual TX XXI Texas Hold-EM Poker Tournament was underway. When the night came to
an end and all the chips had fallen it was down to two weary gunslingers, Mike Burton and Jim Speed. On the
final hand with all the chips on the line the final winning card fell the way of Jim Speed. By the way, Jim
donated all his winnings back to the club! What a guy!
  Saturday morning we awoke to cloudy skies, In more ways than one!
After a large home cooked breakfast it was time to load up the ice chests and load the buses for the float down
the Guadalupe River. This year with cloudy skies and temps in the mid 80's and a water temp of 69 I noticed
that the 80 plus folks floating the river opted for the short version of the float this year. All of a sudden the
warm waters of the swimming pool and playing horse shoes seemed more appealing. It wasn't long before Real
Pit BBQ showed up with twice as much BBQ as we could eat! The line was long but moved very fast and
everyone got plenty to eat.
  While dinner was being set up the serious business was taking place, 22 members and friends were busy
mixing and blending their secret recipes for the Home Made Ice Cream Contest. What a way to top off a great
meal and day of fun. There was every flavor you could think of with a Chocolate Walnut made by Arthur Guy
and a Banana made by Dave and Susan Forman take top honors. After everyone went back for seconds and
thirds of ice cream it was time for the TX XXI Ride IN Movie under the stars. We set up our big screen and
watched “Wild Hogs”. A fitting way to end the evening.
  I would also like to take this time to thank Suzanne Knapp for arranging for Ready Ice in San Antonio for
furnishing all of our ice needs as well as a freezer to store it in! Thanks a Bunch!
  Sunday morning was a scramble as usual with everyone saying their goodbyes and heading off in different
directions. We had over 120 attending this year's Ruckus and after 5 years I have to say I think we have it down
to an art! I look forward to next years Ruckus already and as usual I know we will have some new and exciting
ideas up our sleeves.
  If you are a young or struggling club looking for new ways to get your club rolling, encourage them to attend
next year's Ruckus on the River! The prospective new members as well as current members can see how to have
Ride with Pride,
Dwight Price
aka Captain Hook
Road Captain
Blue Knights TX XXI 903-654-7763
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Texas XXXVII –
    On July, 2008 The Texas XXXVII chapter decided to have an open ride to any club, riders that wished to
join us in a good cause. It was called Blue Knights Texas XXXVII - "The Ride for a Cure". The donations
gathered were donated to the American Cancer Society. We advertised with flyers, radio commercials and area
television interviews. The meeting place was at the Maverick County Lake which is located in Eagle Pass,
Texas. We had over 50 fifty motorcycle riders show up! Our Road Captain, "Crash" spoke to the riders with
safety in mind and we took off to the road. We traveled on the farm to market roads towards the city of
Brackettville Texas. At Brackettville we drove towards the Alamo Village, where several major western
movies have been made, especially the John Wayne Movies, Desperado and many more. Part of the ride
included free entrance to the Alamo Village and it also included free lunch, and five (5) western shows which
are actual actors that have come out on the movies. They dress the part as cowboys and bad guys duke it out on
the streets of an actual western town. After a great time, alcohol free, we were able to gather $500.00 which has
been donated the American Cancer Society. Many riders came up to Blue Knight members and applaud our
organized ride and event. They even stated they could not wait for next year to see what other ride we come up

  On September 11th, 2008 members of Texas XXXVII donated funds out of our own pockets and purchased
school supplies for one hundred (100) students, estimated funds collected was $600.00.
  We took a random draw of all the elementary schools in the area and Kirchner Elementary in was the one
picked to have us ride to there school and meet the parents and students at there PTA Meeting. At the PTA
meeting President Michael Torralba gave a great speech and the people were very happy to hear what our
chapter was doing. We then gave out school supplies, pencils, pens, paper, rulers, erasers, sharpeners, etc to the
students and parents. Our local Peter Piper Pizza Parlor donated coupons which were a free ice cream cone
with there next visit. The community leaders of Quemado, Texas where Kirchner Elementary is located,
praised our efforts.

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Thanxs and Ride with Pride
Vice President Mr. T
Blue Knights Texas XXXVII
Texas XIII - Austin
Angels On Wheels

                                      When: Saturday, November 1st

 Where: Mueller Park (around the corner from Dell Children’s) What: 9:00 am - 2:00 pm - a motorcycle run around
Austin 11:00 am - 4:00 pm - family fun day at the park Why: A fundraising event benefiting Dell Children’s Medical
Center of Central Texas Motorcycle Run Enjoy a fun ride with friends and fellow motorcycle enthusiasts as you ride
 around the Austin area - all for a great cause! There will be a stop in each of the Circle of Friends locations - get
your card stamped - and return to the Park any time before 2:00 pm and get your name in a drawing for a contest to
  win a great prize! Family Fun Day Bring your children, friends and family and come out to celebrate with us at
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  Mueller park and enjoy activities, entertainment, food and lots of fun as we celebrate FAMILY together with Dell
                                              Children’s Medical Center.

                                For Sale
  2005 Interstate custom motorcycle trailer,7x7x14, Silver and Black in Color, Chrome wheels, tandem axles
with electric brakes, holds 2 bikes, wired for A/C, electric lights and outlets, custom floors/walls, recess floor
front wheel chocks and more. Less than 2,000 miles on it, just like new, New Price over $8,000 Selling for
$6,000 contact Gary Keeter 870-741-6908 or e-mail 3dkeeter@alltel.net

                                  2009 Blue Knights Conferences
Mason Dixon Conference, (Winter) Feb 20-22 Pine Knoll Shores, N.C., Hosted by NC-18
Great Lakes Conference, (Spring) May 01-03 Johnson Creek, WI, Hosted by WI- 2
Southern Regional Conference, May 07-10 Mobile AL, Hosted by AL-2
Rio Grande Conference, May 21-24 Tyler, TX, Hosted by TX-34
Mason Dixon Conference, (Spring) May 22-24 Memphis, TN, Hosted by TN-1
South West Conference, June 03-06 Ventura, CA Hosted by CA-2
Mid-West Conference, (Spring) June 12-14 Des Moines, IA hosted by IA-3
United Kingdom and Ireland Conference July 03-05 Folkestone, Kent hosted by England-2
Blue Knights International, July 19-25 Louisville, KY hosted by KY-2
West-Coast Conference Aug 16-19 Calgary hosted by Albert-5
Mid-West Conference, (Fall) Sept. 11-13 Omaha, NE hosted by NE-1

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