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					    Recruiting for a First Line Manager at
        Tim Horton’s (at Kwantlen)

       Recruiting is a very important step in the hiring process. Since recruiting is getting the

word out to the people you may want to interview, one must do just that. The first thing, one

must do before this is the job analysis. After doing this one should work on the recruiting stage.

The first step in the recruiting process is as follows: the person administrating the hiring process

should tell each employee about the opening. This allows internal candidates to apply for the

position. This is especially important, if the company has a policy that clearly states that the

hiring manager must take a look at the internal candidates first and then look at the external

candidates. In order to make sure the first step – that is internal recruiting come true, the human

resource manager has three main options. The first option would be to call up each and every

employee that works at this specific location and inform them about the job opening. A second

option would be to create a mass email for all employees. The third option that the human

resource manager has when deciding how to carry out the decision is to communicate the

message of the store is hiring a first line manager is to post signs where only the employees can

see. This is to be done this way because the first step in recruiting for this position is to advertise

to internal candidates.

After, this is done and if there are not sufficient candidates to advance to the selection process,

then the person in charge can go on looking for external candidates. In doing so, one has to be

aware of equity issues and legislation. The best first step to take when starting to recruit external

candidates would be to post on common major job board sites. These sites can be any or all from
the following list:, and However, one is not limited to these job websites. There are plenty

more to look at. These are good starting points. These are good websites to post on because they

are common and popular. Moreover, it is easy for potential applicants to search up and find

exactly what they are looking for. Furthermore, it hits the hiring manager’s specific target

market. This is simple, because there are fields to put what is needed.

       To conclude, there are two recommended way to go about recruiting. They are both

internally and externally using word of mouth approach and advertising on job boards.

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