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In contrast to other electronic devices, cell phones are an all-digital electronic devices the components
are very small and complex, of course, the phone will be very vulnerable once the damage, especially
cell phones are digital communication electronics equipment Mobile, phones are always carried around
by their owners so that consciously or unconsciously Phone it could be damaged. Never mind the
phone is impacted or affected by water, usually phones are always stored anywhere the user's
important to feel comfortable, often Phone stored in your pocket / pants, sweat or sweat vapor would
be very easy to get intomachine so the machine mobile phone to corrosion. Certainly difficult to avoid
dust, phones performance will be disturbed if there is dirt inside the engine that enables mobile
impurities will disrupt the connectivity between the external and internal components so that the
phone can not function properly. As a result of environmental factors and the weather was very
influential against humidity so that moisture is often the cause of damage to your phone so that the
surge resulted in a series of elektronikanya. Mobile machine is very sensitive at all to corrosion, so it is
possible components or IC in a mobile machine damaged. 70% of mobile working system using
computerized systems, software is software that will determine the performance of the phone like a
computer. To the present sophistication of mobile phones continues to grow even sophistication is not
balanced by expertise in its use, mobile users often work on the phone features without understanding
so that the program becomes chaotic even broken phones. The use of cell phones that are too
 redundant in a video game or load an application program will lead to a very proccesor hard for the
phone, making it less damaged cell phone abruptly. 60% damage this time due to software problems,
even some mobile phones are becoming total dead or can not boot when turned on. Reliable
technicians not only controlled techniques in hardware repair, software repair techniques will be very
important to the carefully mastered. The purpose of this chapter is logical to think that you are trained
in determining corrective measures and analyzing ways to follow up on repairs to purposeful and
systematic based on complaints from the customer, so that the repair is more efficient and accurate.
For example, suppose that: the phone can not hear the other complaint speech, then you do not need
to analyze the damage to the microphone area, but the only complaint we have to analyze and follow
up on the speaker area only. A second example: suppose the phone is totally dead due to water entry,
the first step that you have to do is clean up the phone first, and when the phone is still there are
problems then you can proceed to the next analysis step, of course based on related disorders. With so
many causes and consequences of damage to your phone, Move and repair procedures will be very
different depending on the cause of the damage. In general, damage the phone can be divided into 4
(four) categories: 1. impact, 3. Corrosion and dirt, 3. software problems.

Cause of damage:

  * Mechanical & Electro-mechanic parts damaged
  * Components are not associated with either
  * PWB warped
The phone consists of various component elements mutually support each other, one of them:
electronic components and mechanical components. Heavy impact on the mobile phone will usually
 cause damage to mechanical components, although physically outside of the phone is not visible
 significant damage, it does little damage electronic components that are not to function properly, but
that does not mean you have to remember such damages because the electronic components that have
been damaged in a collision, but the electronic components does not work because it is not connected
properly. Electronic components on the machine phone size is very small so it is difficult to see the
damage to the the naked eye. When the PWB (engine board) just a little crooked though will be hard
pressed to repaired, you should not continue repairs because the damage they cause because too
many lines that have been broken and it is impossible to connect again. Need you remember!, damaged
in a collision cell phone, 100% of components are still good, especially elektronikanya on ICnya.
So should your mobile phone can be purchased from your customer at a price very cheap, so you can
use the phone as a cannibal, saving is not it?

Cause of damage:

  * One phone settings
  * Operating system problems
  * Security code
  * User & Content pack area

The phone is now a computer, the computer is now a substitute for a human task, sophisticated
 is not it? Computers and humans both have the brain to process orders and save an information data.
let alone a computer, humans if too many thoughts will result in not even a little stress to memory loss
(crazy), what about cell phones? Moreover, the phones that only have a proccesor and data storage is
very limited. Software on phone is operating system, operating system without a phone can be perfect
 cause fatal damage to the total dead even, with no operating system as well as human complete his
body but if his soul is compromised, let alone no soul or sense thought, whether humans can live? The
phone comes with a setting that can change, change, but if the arrangement does not conform to the
rules should be, then the phone can not function properly. The phone is also equipped with a security
code which allows can secure your phone from the hands of ignorant, but it is not uncommon even user
the phone itself forgot its security code (not backfire?) whether the phone was immediately in let him
go? certainly not, here duty technicians to serve its customers, just Reset to Factory default do
manggunakan computer that has the special program for purposes of the phone software, of course, I
will discuss in detail in subsequent chapters. So if the phone software problem caused a problem, you
need not unpack much less change components. Simply re-program the phone alone, and finished with
easy problems. You also no need to fix the software stored on the phone, but you just delete the all the
firmware and then rewrite the (flashing) using the appropriate firmware.

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