; Portraying people enjoying one product
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Portraying people enjoying one product


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									Photos into design is like putting life into it. Without photos, the
design would appear bland and boring to those who are seeing them.
People, having short attention span, gets bored easily. It is when they
see something interesting that their attention first is caught. Curiosity
will follow.

Then the need to satisfy them eventually followed suit. A successful
design would mean giving the people what they needed and making them want
to go back for more in the future.

What is the importance of photos in a design? The obvious reason is that
it draws attention. These are the first things that people see whether
they are looking intentionally or unintentionally.

In photos, the colored ones have the strongest pull over the black and
white ones. Some of the cases though can have this reversed, depending on
ambiance that the readers see the photos.

Photos give credibility. This fact is seen clearly in the advertisements
of products. Portraying people enjoying one product or others choosing a
certain brand over another can convince people.

The readers seeing these photos would then imagine that maybe that is the
result of the product being endorsed. Notice that most advertisements
feature photos focusing on the positive light.

There are also some using photos that contradict what they are trying to
say. This type can be appreciated by those readers who are more into
ironies. Both ways, the presentation tends to add credibility as compared
to those that do not use photo.

Memorization is easier with photos. Associating things or events with
photos are what most people do. Photos are easily stored in the mind that
whenever the opportunity calls for it, that person would just dig it up
in the memory and be able to conjure the right idea.

Photos tell a story. It can tell various kind of story depending on the
range of the imagination triggered just by looking at pictures.

Creators of these photos can create many ways of tickling the imagination
of the readers. Using colors are helpful in bringing life and clarity to
the photo. Sometimes not using colors also served its purpose. Color
usage can be effective depending on how the writer or the artist used
them in the photo.

Lastly, photos create a lasting impression. By this, it could mean a good
or a not so good impression. Whatever kind it is, it helps facts and
other things be imprinted in the mind of the people. When they think of
the photo, they would ultimately think of the product or idea that goes
with it.

Adding photos into designs make the extra expenses worth it, once you
think about it. Better try with photos than not having tried at all.

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