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paranormal can be defined as something that is outside the realm of what we can explain using scientific methods. The word itself is made from the Latin word para,
meaning "outside", and normal. This expression can be used to describe many different phenomena, including ghosts, ESP, Cryptozoology and UFOs. When people think
of the paranormal, is the subject of ghosts one that usually comes to mind immediately.

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                                                         Heather O'Rourke : The long-haired blonde girl. Starred in the Poltergeist movies. He            /p?
                                                         died in 1988 at age 12 due to poisoning by blocking respiration.Doctors tried in vain to         c1=2&c
                                                         save her. It is rumored to date, the cause of death was the curse of the film.                   2=8331609&

                                                         Lady Di : After a major scandal unleashed in the Buckingham Palace, Diana's
                                                         marriage is dissolved, and although everything seemed to look good for the Princess
                                                         of Wales, she dies in a car crash in the Pont d'Alma tunnel in Paris. It has long been
                                                         considered the culprits of the death were the paparazzi, who wanted to photograph
                                                         with her boyfriend, but contrary to the official version of events, Mohamed Al-Fayed,
                                                         future father of the princess's death found his son Dodi and Princess Diana had been
                                                         the result of something far more sinister than a simple accident.

                                                         James Dean : W hile at Giant, Dean bought a Porsche Spyder, w hich he named The Little
                                                         Bastard ("The little bastard"). Days before his death made a commercial in w hich he
                                                         w arned young people to drive w ith caution. As soon as he finished shooting the film,
                                                         Dean w as to compete in a car race in Salinas. The night before she left her cat to
                                                         Elizabeth Taylor to look after him, fearing that something w ill happen.

                                                         W hile Dean w as driving his Porsche at a moderate speed on the highw ay, accompanied by
                                                         his mechanic, Ford w as approached by a high speed, driven by a student. Dean tried to
                                                         avoid it, but could not. Ford plow ed under, w ere killed instantly September 30, 1955 at
                                                         the age of 24. The driver of another car and the mechanic Dean saved. They have
                                                         labeled this mysterious death. All holders of that car accidents have been strangers.

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John F. Kennedy : One of the most significant criminal mysteries of the United States
w as the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, former president of that
country. Kennedy w as assassinated in Dallas in the state of Texas, November 23, 1963.

At 12:30 hrs. day, w hile traveling in a convertible limousine next to his w ife, three shots
from the top w ounding an aide to Governor Connally and ended the life of former
president. Lee Harvey Osw ald w as the alleged sniper.How ever, there are several tracks
that belie the actions of Osw ald and to date the case remains inconclusive.

John Lennon : He alternated his time betw een the scandal and benevolence.One of the
most representative figures of the last century w as murdered by a madman intent on
going dow n in history.

At half past eleven in the evening of December 8 in New York City, Mark Chapman shot
him four times in the chest as he returned the recording studio along w ith Yoko
Ono. Just hours before the murder, the executioner did take a picture next to Lennon,
w ho signed an autograph.

Marilyn Monroe : The last years of the life of Marilyn is one of the dark spots of recent
American history, w hich converge the CIA, the FBI and the Mafia in a knot of intrigue
surrounding the relations he had w ith President John F. Kennedy and later his brother

On Sunday August 5, 1962 at 3:30 am, Marilyn Monroe w as declared officially dead
because of an overdose of barbiturates. The police report describes him as "probable
suicide", but still shuffling the hypothesis that the actress w as killed. Marilyn w as found
naked and w ith the phone in his hand.

Jim Morrison : The morning of July 3, 1971 Jim Morrison w as found in his room, a heart
attack victim, from his life of pleasure and drug abuse.

The strangest thing about the death of the lizard king has to do w ith the delayed new s
reached the media on this fact and the low turnout of people at his funeral, and above
all, I can not open the coffin for an autopsy.

Pamela, his w ife died of an overdose three years later, only she w ould know the truth of
w hat happened that night Jim Morrison How did he die? W hy did he die? Did he die? We'll
never know .

Elvis Presley : The August 16, 1977, Elvis Presley w as found dead in the bathroom of his
home. Officially the cause of death w as a heart attack, but some experts suggest that an
overdose of barbiturates and cocaine w as w hat ended his life.

Even now, as has been more than 20 years since his death, some people sw ear they
saw him at Memphis, Las Vegas or Haw aii. Others say that Elvis is not dead, w ho w as
abducted by aliens. Perhaps a w ay to let live the King of Rock and Roll, w ho w ill alw ays
have both in film and music, a long life.

Kurt Cobain : The April 8, 1994 an electrician found the corpse of musician Kurt
Cobain. Beside him w as a pistol, a syringe and a large pool of blood.

Since then the controversy began: suicide or murder? Through some research found that
Eldon Hoke, lover of Courtney Love, former w ife of the late singer, said that Love offered
him $ 50,000 in 1993 to kill Cobain. On April 19, 1997, a w eek later, the w itness w as
found dead in California train tracks.

To date Cobain's death has been classified as a suicide and their fans now is the subject of
w orship.

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                                                            Jimi Hendrix : He drow ned in his ow n vomit? On the morning of 18 September 1970,
                                                            Jimi Hendrix sw allow ed a mixture of alcohol and sleeping pills and died apparently by
                                                            aspiration of vomit. Years later after investigations it w as learned that in reality, the
                                                            musician w as not dead at the time and its ow n gastric juice if not in reality they brought it
                                                            out on the stretcher James Marshall w anted to pull the head back on the floor and
                                                            orderly placed his head out of the couch choking and causing its death. There are
                                                            different versions about his death, although not formally tested.

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