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					                                      Strategic Growth Council Work Plan Summary
                                                    For June 1, 2011 Council Meeting

Strategic Plan &     Purpose               Team Leaders         Status
Council Priorities
Strategic Planning   Identify and          Heather Fargo,               Discuss scope and planning process with council (completed 4/8/11)
Process              document              EPO                          Scope of Work and Interagency Agreement with Sacramento State
                     Council’s strategic                                 Center for Collaborative Policy (completed 4/26/11)
                     priorities and                                     Initial scoping & planning session held with key staff 5/24/11
                     action plan                                        Assessment of key stakeholders & planning for focus group
                                                                         meetings in progress
                                                                        Interviews with SGC members to be held

Grant Programs       Purpose               Team Leaders         Status
Modeling             Administer            Andy Knapp,               Continue to work with MPO recipients on invoicing
Incentives           Modeling Incentive    Caltrans                  Nine of eleven contracted MPOs have submitted invoices for
Program              Program                                           partial repayment
                                           Marilee Mortenson,        MPO modeling work underway

Planning Grants      Administer Grant      Bruce Gwynne,                Developing individual agreements with 50 Round 1 grantees
Program              Program               DOC                          Preparing for next round of applications, commencing August 2011

Urban Greening       Administer Grant      Polly Escovedo,      Planning
Grants Program       Program               Resources                 Round 1 Grant Agreements in various stages (e.g., fully executed to
                                                                        detailed work scope in progress.)
                                                                     Round 2 solicitation of application in progress. Deadline July 1,
                                                                     Round 1 Grant Agreements in various stages (e.g., fully executed to
                                                                        detailed work scope in progress.)
                                                                     Round 2 concept proposals solicitation in progress. Deadline June
                                                                        17, 2011.

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Coordination &       Purpose              Team Leaders        Status
Sustainable          Provide support to   Heather Fargo,              Council approved details of coordination and outreach effort proposal on
Communities          local and regional   EPO, Project                 September 1, 2010.
Learning Network     decision-makers      Executive;                  Scope of Work for Sustainable Communities Learning Network
                     to develop and                                    Interagency agreement finalized
&                    implement            SGC Project                 Agreement package at UC Davis for signatures, prior to encumbrance
                     sustainable          Manager: TBD                Anticipated to begin May 2011 pending execution of Interagency
Regional Progress    community                                         Agreement
Indicators           practices, plans     Bruce Gwynne,
                     and programs;        DOC, IA agreement
                     develop uniform      manager
                     indicators for
                     statewide results
State Agency         Coordinate and       Heather Fargo,              Determine network structure and priorities in alignment with SGC
Learning Network     implement state      EPO, Project                 strategic plan implementation
                     agency and           Executive;
                     actions to support   Project Manager:
                     SGC objectives       TBD

State Grants         Coordinate           Heather Fargo,              Work plan to be developed in alignment with strategic plan
Administrators       existing state       EPO                          implementation
Workshop             grants program
                     and activities to
                     better support
                     SGC objectives
Funding Wizard       Develop a tool to    Dana Papke                  Interagency agreement between ARB and Natural Resources (NRA)
Project              help local           Waters, ARB;                18 month project – began Fall 2010.
                     governments                                      Gathering info on grant programs
                     identify available   David Harris,               Coordinating State Agency Participation
                     financial            Resources                   Prototype Funding Wizard complete by June 2011
                     incentives for                                   Enhanced Funding Wizard complete by November 2011
                     sustainable                                      Information Sharing Feature complete by April 2012
                     planning and
                                                                      Developing scope of work for Phase II funds for 2012

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Data &            Purpose               Team Leaders        Status

SGC Data          Identify and          SGC Project                 Finalizing SGC Data Work Group procedures for reviewing funding
workgroup         coordinate data       Manager: TBD                 requests and identifying ways to help other SGC and state agency
                  and information                                    work groups with better data and information coordination.
                  needs, both           Scott Gregory-              Updating inventory of available data to support data needs analysis
                  Geographic            GIO, California
                  Information           Technology
                  Systems (GIS)         Agency;
                  and non-GIS to
                  assist sustainable    David Harris,
                  communities           Resources Agency-
                  planning.             CERES Program;
Data projects     Provide, fund, and    SGC Project                 Funding for four projects approved by Council on Sep 1, 2010:
                  distribute data and   Manager: TBD                  #1- parcel data and protocols;
                  information to                                      #2- vegetation/habitat maps;
                  needed by local       David Harris,                 #3- protected lands and protocols; and
                  government and        Resources Agency-             #4- healthy community indicators.
                  regional agencies     CERES Program;
                  in support of                                     Parcel Data & Protocols
                  developing and        Scott Gregory-                   o MOU between SGC, Cal Technology Agency, and BOE in
                  planning              GIO, California                      approval process; IA finalized and to UC Davis to process
                  sustainable           Technology                       o Staff member on loan part time from ARB to coordinate project
                  communities.          Agency;                              deliverables
                                                                    Vegetation/Habitat Maps
                                        Bruce Gwynne,                    o Staff member assigned part time from Fish & Game to coordinate
                                        DOC, Interagency                     project deliverables
                                        agreement                        o IA signed by all parties; work started;
                                        manager                          o first invoice processed
                                                                    Protected lands and protocols
                                                                         o Scope of work being developed in coordination with state
                                                                             GIO; to be provided to DOC to develop interagency
                                                                         o Staff member assigned part time from Fish & Game to
                                                                             coordinate project deliverables
                                                                    Healthy community indicators
                                                                         o proposal scope finalized; budget being finalized

 Updated 5/18/11 for June 1, 2011 Council Meeting                                                                                    page 3
                                                                          o   Scope of work to be provided to DOC to develop interagency
                                                                          o project coordination by CDPH
Data.SGC.Ca.Gov   To support the         David Harris,               Launched demonstration site June 2010 at http://Data.SGC.Ca.Gov
Initiative        gathering of           Resources Agency-           Data stewardship managers identified in all SGC Council member
                  existing state data    CERES Program                Agencies
                  into one user                                      Brief Agency data stewardship managers on data library
                  friendly location.                                  program and outreach process for sharing of high value data
                                                                     Agency data stewardship managers to identify departmental
                                                                      data stewards
State             Purpose                Team Leaders        Status
Five Year         To improve the         SGC Project                 Revise budget letter and Manual of Procedures to include SGC objectives
Infrastructure    state Infrastructure   Manager: TBD                Create list of SGC screening criteria to be considered during Public
Planning          Planning process                                    Works Board site acquisition review process
                  to meet state          Nathan Brady,               Evaluate SGC role pending next update to document planned by
                  sustainability         DOF; Ted Parks;              DOF
                  objectives.            DGS;
Coordinating                             SGC Project                 Evaluate SGC role in alignment with SGC strategic plan
Infrastructure                           Manager: TBD                 implementation
Funding: School
Siting                                   Kathleen Moore,
Health in All     Purpose                Team Leaders        Status
Policies Task
HiAP              EO S-04-10 the         Linda Rudolph,              Final report with 34 recommendations approved Dec 3; directed to
                  purpose of the         DPH                          continue Task Force, prioritize recommendations, and develop
                  task force is “to                                   implementation plans by July 2011
                  identify priority                                   Legislative Briefing Feb 24, 2010
                  programs,                                           Public input workshops to seek input on priorities and local activities
                  policies, and
                                                                      related to recommendations (Los Angeles, San Diego, Oakland, Redding,
                  strategies to
                  improve the health                                  & Fresno, March 2011)
                  of Californians                                    Task Force met as group on 4/14 and 5/12 with SGC staff present; HiAP
                  while advancing                                     staff also met individually with Task Force members to discuss
                  the SGC’s goals                                     recommendations and possible priorities; proposed priorities will be
                                                                      presented to SGC on June 1.
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                                                                                   HiAP staff working to secure funding from foundations to continue
                                                                                   Task Force work
                                                                                  Next HiAP Task Force meeting planned for late June to develop
                                                                                   implementation plans
       CA High Speed           Purpose               Team Leaders         Status

       Vision California       Work with High        SGC/OPR Project              Need to establish state/stakeholder advisory committee
                               Speed Rail to         Manager: TBD                 Need to schedule Rapid Fire briefing for state agencies
                               manage Vision                                      Caltrans providing ongoing coordination with HSR re Vision
                               California to         Dan Leavitt, HSR;             California contract administration
                               ensure the project                                 Project status briefing schedule for SGC key staff and Caltrans
                               helps meet SGC        Andy Knapp,                   personnel on 5/26/11
                               objectives.           Marilee
                                                     Caltrans; Caltrans
       HSR TOD                 Coordinate            SGC Project                  SGC and HSR staff developed 1-3 pager on how the SGC and HSR can
       Planning Grants         SGC/HSR               Manager: TBD                  work together presented: Oct 21, 2010
                               planning grants                                    HSR to develop process and criteria for station TOD planning
                               and outreach          Dan Levitt, HSR               grants, working with SGC
                               program.              Jim Andrew, DOJ              Evaluate SGC role in alignment with SGC strategic plan

Most recent tasks completed shown in non-bold text
Current or New Tasks in Bold Text

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