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                             Walking the talk ...
CHRIS ADAMS, PASTOR                                           MAY 2012

                                       Note from Pastor Chris

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The Good News

      A note from Pastor Chris                                                                           HILLSBORO
    “For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper                         CHURCH
        you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”                                       Chris Adams
                                       -Jeremiah 29:11(NIV)                                                    Pastor
   It’s official! By the time you read this, I will be "officially" the pastor of Hillsboro Pres-
byterian Church. Thanks be to God.                                                                        Rev Hudson Neely
   Over the last three months, we have gotten to know one another a little bit and even                    Family Minister
started making plans about our work together. It’s not too much to say that getting to know
you has been one of the greatest pleasures of my life. I am truly blessed to be here and feel                 Amy Dillon
that blessing more and more with the passing days. You are God’s people to be sure.                 Director of Children s Ministry
   Let’s talk a little about the plans we are making for the future...
   Transitions are hard. Transitions are sometimes confusing and filled with anxiety as we                  Shawn Cothran
remember the past and consider the future. Congratulations! With my installation, HPC                    Director of Youth and
moves out of transition, "officially," after five years. We have laughed, we have cried, we              Young Adult Ministry
have lived and we have died. Time passes and things happen. We have lived through transi-
tion.                                                                                                        Stephen Nix
   I wish I could say to you that "officially" means that our transition is now over and we           Director of Music Ministry
are capable of moving to something else. Now is when we get to be comfortable again,
right? I’m sorry but I don’t think so. The reality of the world we live in is that life in the              Tim Gmeiner
Holy Spirit is always in transition. Every church, in every part of the world is always in                 Church Organist
transition. It’s part of who we are as God’s people.
   Our theology is filled with transitions. Over and over, God’s people have found them-                    Linda Diguette
selves in transition. Many scholars believe that the birth of our faith was in the midst of                Pastoral Assistant
transition. Moses led God’s people from the hard hands of Pharaoh out into the desert, and
out into an unknown future. They had to depend on God.                                                      Alice O Dwyer
   Great kings like David led God’s people to form a new united nation and even through                 Child Care Coordinator
the times when that nation was threatened by enemies and by their own sinful behavior.
They had to depend on God.                                                                                     Janie Hay
   Prophets like Jeremiah preached a message of dependence on God from the midst of                         Office Manager
transition. In chapter 29, Jeremiah reminds God’s people of God’s faithfulness even as they
are living in exile, away from everything and everyone they ever knew. It was a time of                      Gloria Shiavi
great anxiety and confusion. But Jeremiah proclaimed that God would show up and lead                        Office Assistant
them to His plans for prosperity and His hope for the future. We know it was truth, by the
very fact that we stand here today to continue as God’s people. They had to depend on                        Carole Shean
God, and God showed up.                                                                                 Financial Administrator
   That’s what I have in mind for our future. My hope is that we might depend on God
more and more with the passing days. My hope is that we would trust the words that Jere-                     Cynthia White
miah and so many others have proclaimed with full voice, that God is with us and will pro-          Director of Creative Care Center
vide the future that God intends for us as God’s people.
   We continue to live in the season of resurrection. Even the Easter message is again one               Stephanie Hasbrouck
of transition. When everything it seemed was finished, and Jesus was laid into the tomb fi-             The Good News Editor
nally defeated once and for all, God had more to do. The stone was moved, and Jesus lives.
God continues on the move to continue to change and shape all of creation more and more                 General Information:
into what God intends for the Kingdom. We still have to depend on God to see what comes
   Wow, what an exciting time to be the church. It’s official! We are Hillsboro Presbyterian
                                                                                                     Email: gloria@hpcnashville org
Church. We are God’s people. We are depending on God to show up and grant us the bless-
                                                                                                                Web site:
                                                                                                         www hpcnashville org
ings of hope and a future filled with good news. Thanks be to God!

                                                                                                        The Good News deadline:
                                               Shalom,                                              Good News items will be accepted
                                                                                                     until the third Sunday of each
                                                                                                      month for publication in the
                                                                                                       following month s edition

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                                                                                                  The Good News
                                                                                            StudentLife for
                                              REBECCA SWAN AND JEN JAMES, LEADERS


                                                                                            Kids Camp
  Your children are invited to dive into
fun July 9-13 at Operation Overboard:
Dare to Go Deep With God Vacation                                                              This summer our rising 3rd-6th grade
Bible School.                                                                               kids are invited to attend summer camp
  Explore and experience God's under-                                                       with the organization StudentLife for
water universe at VBS from 9 am-noon!                                                       Kids. Amy Dillon will be taking campers
The adventures include regular Deep Sea                                                     to Shocco Springs Conference Center in
Voyages into Bible fun and creative                                                         Taladega, Ala., June 25-28. The theme for
crafts, hands-on mission work, water sci-                                                   this year’s camp is "Big" and is based on
ence, and great music. VBS is open to                                                       Jeremiah 32:17 which says, "Ah, Sover-
children ages 3 years-completed 5th                                                         eign LORD, you have made the heavens
grade.                                                                                      and the earth by your great power and out-
  Then, during the afternoon, completed       like to help us decorate prior to VBS,        stretched arm. Nothing is too hard for
1st-completed 5th graders are invited to      shepherd a group from one workshop to         you."
participate in our high energy afternoon      the next, lead a class, or help with             This is an exciting opportunity for our
program called Hi-5 from noon-2 p.m.                                                        children, and I hope you will consider
                                              snack/lunch, we are sure to have a spot
each day. This is an opportunity for our                                                    sending your child to camp with us! The
                                              for you! Please contact Amy Dillon to         cost is $299 per child with a $60 deposit
elementary kids to dive even deeper as        discuss specific opportunities or go to
they explore talents and gifts in a differ-                                                 due to Amy Dillon by May 15. Please
                                              www.hpcnashville.org to register as a         contact Amy at amy@hpcnashville.org for
ent enrichment class every day. A free
lunch will be provided for our Hi-5 at-       volunteer.                                    more information.
                                                       Supplies needed!
                                                                                            Wednesday Night
  There is no cost for the week and it is        If you aren't available during the week

                                                                                            Parenting Series
the perfect opportunity to invite friends     of July 9-13 please consider collecting
to participate! For more information or       some supplies for us. A more complete
to register, please visit www.hpc-            list will be available as we draw closer to
nashville.org. Please also feel free to       VBS, but here are several items to get us
contact Amy Dillon at amy@hpc-                started: paper towel tubes, toilet paper         We have an exciting Parenting Series
nashville.org with any questions.             tubes, empty oatmeal containers, blue         coming up on May 9, 16, and 23 from

     We need your help with
                                              cellophane, loofah sponges, empty soda        6:30-7:30 pm each Wednesday night.
                                              bottles, pool noodles (these will be cut         Dr. Bonnie Miller-McLemore, is the E.
        VBS and Hi-5!                         up so can't be returned), goggles,            Rhodes and Leona B. Carpenter Professor
                                              snorkels, fins, life vests, scuba gear, and   of Pastoral Theology at the Divinity
  VBS and Hi-5 are our biggest chil-                                                        School and Graduate Department of Reli-
                                              wet suits. Items may be dropped off in
dren's ministry events of the year and we     Amy's office in the parish house or in the    gion of Vanderbilt University. The focus
could sure use your help! Whether you'd       Well. Thanks!                                 of her series with us will be on her book
                                                                                            In the Midst of Chaos: Care of Children

                                                                                            as Spiritual Practice. In this work she
                                                                                            "shows us how to integrate and strengthen
                                                                                            the practice of faith in the everyday (and
     Creative Care                                                                          often mundane) experience of raising chil-
                                                                                            dren" and will also help us rethink "par-
   Center students                                                                          enting as an invitation to discover God in
make a mad dash                                                                             the middle of our busy and overstuffed
   for eggs during                                                                          lives." We hope that you will join us for
                                                                                            this series! Please contact Amy Dillon for
their recent Easter                                                                         more information.

                                                                                                   Youth News
         egg hunt.

                                                                                              Join us May 20 to celebrate this year's
                                                                                            High School graduates from our Youth!
                                                                                            A church- wide luncheon will be held in
                                                                                            their honor following worship.

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The Good News

 Book Club                                                                              Women’s prayer group
  Hillsboro’s                                                                             The Women in
Book Club                                        Our next place                         Prayer Small
meets the last                                to meet is Local                          Group will meet
Monday evening                                Taco in Brent-                            Thursday, May
of each month.                                wood. Mark your                           17, at noon at the
The host for the                              calendars: May 8                          home of Julia
month chooses                                                                           Harrell. Please
                                              at 6:30 p.m. Let
the book to read.                                                                       bring your sand-
                                              me know your                              wich along with prayer requests. Our God
Please join us!                               coming, and I’ll
  May 28 we’ll                                                                          sees the sparrow fall so we can be bold
                                              save you a seat.                          about bringing our needs to Him, along
meet at the home
of Joan Adams and the book to discuss         Feel free to bring                        with our praise. See you on the 17th! If
will be Home Front by Kristen Hannah.         a friend!                                 you need any additional information
                                                                         — Deb Smith    please call Julia or Hazel Nichols.


Name tags for all!
                                            BEN CANNON, LEADER

                                                                                           Wednesday Night
                                                                                            Dinner menu
   Have you noticed folks wearing name
tags at the early service? Would you like                                               May 2 : baked potato Bar: bacon bits,
your own name tag?                                                                      chicken, broccoli, shredded cheese,
   Karen Stevens asked a few folks to                                                   cheese sauce, butter, sour cream,
wear name tags at the early service, and                                                chives, mushrooms, onions, peppers
the name tags seem to have caught on                                                    (give or take some of the veggies);
like a new fashion statement, even                                                      rolls, salad, birthday cake
spreading to the late service. If you                                                   May 9: fried chicken, green beans, corn
would like your own name tag, please                                                    bread, salad, cobbler
notify Karen or the church office. You                                                  May 16: pasta bar: marinara & alfredo,
can reach Karen at 269-6050 or               tags, so watch for an announcement         chicken, meatballs; veggie medley,
Kstevens@comcast.net. The church of-         soon. In the meantime, look for your       breadsticks, caesar salad, cookies
fice, of course, is 665-0148.                name tag close to the coffee station.      May 23: tilapia, broccoli, salad, bis-
   Our membership ministry team is           Thanks, Karen, for taking the initiative   cuits, pie
working on a place to house the name         to help us all get acquainted.             May 30: chicken noodle soup, rolls,
                                                                                        crackers, salad, cookies

Updated church directories available
   Updated Church Directories are
available on the table in the foyer
and on Gloria's desk. Some folks
find it helpful to have an extra direc-
tory for their office or car. Please         Directories                                    Please send concise articles to Gloria,
take what you need. If you would                                                                   gloria@hpcnashville.org.
like a photo directory, please contact                                                    Send pictures in jpeg format to Stephanie,
the church office.                                                                               hasbroucks@bellsouth.net.
                                                                                            Remember to include your name and
                                                                                                contact information. Thanks!

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                                                                                                                The Good News
  On Saturday, April 14, the Life Group led by Roger & Gloria
Marriott and others from the Church participated in "NAMI
Walks for the Mind of America" a fund-raiser for NAMI-David-
son County. There were 20 walkers and 16 sponsors involved in
our "DREAMHOPE TEAM" that gave $1400.00 to the cause.
So far, the walk has raised $33,000. 00 with more coming in
every day. NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) - David-
son County’s Mission is to provide support, education, and ad-
vocacy for those with mental illness, their families and friends in
order to improve their quality of life.

      Meet the Miburo Family
                                               Thanks for caring,
                                                       John Lewis

                                                                                                        Volunteers needed to
                                                                                                        wait with AR bus riders
   The eight-member refugee family that began       He decided to continue his education and has            Hillsboro began using the city's Access Ride
worshiping at Hillsboro last June has been in       been attending the Cohn Adult Learning Center       (AR) service just before Christmas of last year to
Nashville for nearly a year and they all seem to    since the beginning of the year. He is taking or    bring Kate Wells to the 11 a.m. service every Sun-
be adjusting fantastically well:                    will be taking History, English, Math and a few     day. The specially equipped Metro bus has a lift
   Christela Umwere - is attending First Grade      other courses to get the credits he needs to get    so that Kate can easily enter the bus in her wheel-
at Crieve Hall Elementary. Her mother has met       his High School diploma. All the work is done       chair. She gets picked up between 10 and 10:30
with two of her teachers and she's doing very       through computer courses which he uses either       a.m. at Green Hills Health and Rehabilitation
well. Her English is really coming along. She       from Cohn, libraries or home. He passed his         Center and can arrive anywhere between 10:15
transferred the beginning of this semester from     learners permit and road test in February and is    and 10:45 a.m. at Hillsboro.
Whitsitt Elementary after her family moved          now a very good driver. T he family bought a            After the late service the AR bus is scheduled
from a tw-bedroom apartment on Glenrose Av-         used Nissan Altima earlier in the year.             to arrive anytime between 12:15 and 12:45 p.m. If
enue near Thompson Lane to a four- bedroom             Wellaris Nsabimana - is currently in the Job     the worship service lets out early she could have a
apartment on Edmondson Pike in December.            Corps program. This is a U.S. Government pro-       little wait before the bus arrives. The bus can't ar-
   Elis Uwenayo - is attending the Fourth Grade     gram that usually takes two years and readies       rive at a specific time since it depends on other
at Crieve Hall Elementary. His mother met with      the students for specific vocations. There is no    passengers who are scheduled for pick up that day
one of his teachers and he is doing very well       cost to the students. There are several locations   from other places in the area.
and adjusting well after transferring also from     in the U.S., Wellaris is in the Simpsonville, KY        Sometimes Kate is the last one to leave the
Whitsitt. His English speaking and listening is     Center where he is studying to be a Clinical        church since the bus could arrive as late as 12:45.
coming along amazingly well.                        Medical Assistant and provide Medical Office        There is always someone who graciously stays
   Solomon Yubahwe - is in the Seventh Grade        Support. He has been there about a month and is     with her when everyone else has left but most of
at Croft Middle School. He transferred at the be-   enjoying the choice he's made. Just before he       the time the AR bus arrives when there are still
ginning of the year from Cameron Middle             left he had started a translator job which he can   plenty of people still at church. However, we may
School. His English has improved dramatically       always do after he graduates.                       begin a sign-up sheet to ensure whoever stays
since he came to this country. He also com-            Rose Uwimana - has been working since the        with her knows what to do if the bus hasn't ar-
pleted two English reading comprehension            beginning of the year in the housekeeping de-       rived by 12:45 p.m.
courses by the internet using a computer given      partment at the downtown Doubletree Hotel.              If the bus hasn't arrived by the end of the win-
to him by the school system. He is a member of      She works the day shift and has learned to take     dow of time they are scheduled to be here, AR is
Hillsboro's Youth Group.                            the Metro bus to and from work. She still does-     called using the number 880-3970. A person usu-
   David Iremizi - is a Freshman at John Over-      n't speak much English but is hoping to get into    ally answers after only a small wait and is told
ton High School. He transferred earlier in the      an English tutoring program soon.                   that the pick up time for Kate has elapsed and she
year from Glencliff High. David's English is           John Miburo - is more or less the stay-at-       has not been picked up. The AR person will in-
also much improved since he's been in this          home Dad. He has submitted some applications        vestigate and ensure that a driver is sent and pro-
country. He's involved with the Youth Group on      for work but so far with no success. He still       vide a time. This has only happened once since
Sunday nights.                                      doesn't speak much English but is hoping to get     the service began.
   Alexander Iradukunda - was finishing his         in an English tutoring class at some point. He is       JoAnn Truex was just approved for Access
Junior year in High School in Kenya when the        experiencing a torn tendon in his shoulder and is   Ride (AR) on April 12 and will begin using the
family left for Nashville. Their sponsor arranged   having outpatient surgery at Southern Hills Hos-    service when she isn't riding with someone from
a job for him at the Opryland Hotel where he        pital on Monday, April 30 to treat it.              church. Ben & Keri Cannon, Jim & Pat Swan and
has been working the second shift since last Au-                                         — Penn Cobb    Ann Markham have been very faithful in bringing
gust, working in the kitchen and dining rooms.                                                          her to church and she is extremely grateful for
                                                                                                        their friendship.                  — Penn Cobb
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The Good News

                            Happy Birthday!
           Ma y 1                                             May 11                                           Ma y 2 1
   Gloria Yokley-Upham                                     Steve Ressler                                    Avery Davis
                                                                                                           Tiffany Walters
              Ma y 2                                          May 12
            Al Nations                                    Kevin McCalla                                        May 22
           Laticia Lord                                    Valerie Moth                                      Mary Locker
                                                                                                             Sharlo Davis
            Ma y 3                                            May 13
        Jim Schleicher                                      Paul Latour                                       May 24
                                                                                                           Beth Baxter
            May 4                                           May 14                                        Kelsey Woodard
         Dan Albert                                         Ed Kur
        Melinda Culver                                    Mark Dodson                                           May 25
                                                                                                             David Kidd
            Ma y 7                                            Ma y 1 5                                     Juliana Ericson
         Laura Grizzle                                      Becky Ross                                      Parker Hodge
         Hayden Davis
                                                            Ma y 1 6                                            May 27
           Ma y 8                                       Dave Hasbrouck                                         Kelt Locke
       Cameron Locke
        Gayle Burton                                        May 18                                             May 28
                                                        Christie Mitchell                                    Cecil Goode
          Ma y 9                                                                                             Gary Niblack
        Rich Shiavi                                           Ma y 1 9
        Beth Hodge                                           Joe Layne                                           May 29
      Nathan Musfeldt                                       Nancy Duke                                          E d Sm i t h

            May 10                                           May 20                                          May 31
          Edie Maney                                      Rebecca Swan                                    Chantelle Fuller
         Katlann Smith                                     Phillip Lewis                                   Bob House
                                                          Larry Hunter

   If your birthday is not included, please call Gloria in the church office so she can update our records. We don’t want to leave you out!

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                                                                                                               The Good News
  Dear HPC
    For a long time I have had so many great and loving friends at Hillsboro. Your love gave me joyful friendship. Recently I have been praying
  and listening to God and God has given me a new and joyful life at Ashley Green. I’ve made many friends and we visit a lot, take great walks,
  have a Bible Study every week....and much more. The son of one of my new friends is a minister at Westminster Presbyterian and since she no
  longer drives, I’ve been taking her to that church and have enjoyed the worship style there. Recently I joined the Westminster Church Family.
    So life for me now is different...but still great. By the way, I do miss you all. So I’d love to hear from you or have you come for a visit!
                                                                                                                                     With Much Love,
                                                                                                                                               Mary Ev


   Your PC (USA) is involved in mission
efforts all around the world.
   It sometimes seems here at Hillsboro as
if we are working alone, but that is not the
case. Here, we are most familiar with the
work in Guatemala and Zimbabwe, but
people visit both of those countries from
PC (USA) churches and presbyteries from
across North America. Additionally,
churches and presbyteries have banded to-
gether to form networks to encourage par-
ticipation as well as exchange information
with one another. Network members
sometimes come together to coordinate ef-
forts, discuss what works and what does
not work in their particular area, share best
practices, and develop strategies and long
term plans with their partners. Network
activity and meetings are posted on the PC
(USA) website.
   As a PC (USA) mission worker for 10
years, I have had the good fortune to meet
Presbyterians from all over the US. Gloria
and I were able to form a sub-network for
four different groups that visited the
Kekchi of Guatemala. We called that
group the AOK (spanglish for Amigos Of
the Kekchi) and we had meetings over the
years in Houston, Spokane, Cincinnati,
and Nashville that were well attended.
   In July, my friends from the Presbytery         one of the least visited parts of the coun-           Do contact me if you’d like to know
of Inland NW will be making a visit to             try. The group will consist of 10 adults at         more about the July trip, or anything about
their partners in the Polochíc Valley. I will      most. We will visit villages, a seminary in         the PC (USA)’s mission efforts around the
accompany them, make all the in-country            Cobán, construct some bunk beds along-              globe. We pride ourselves on being a "con-
travel arrangements, and be the translator.        side our partners, and do some other                nectional" church and this is a good way
   This is an excellent opportunity for a          things that will be determined upon further         to take advantage of that.
few (or one) from HPC to learn more of             conversation with our Polochíc friends.                                     — Roger Marriott,
how the PC (USA) works in the world as             We leave Nashville July 19 and return July                           gloshemerlin@gmail.com
well as learn of the scope of the work in          27 or 28. We’ll be staying in modest ac-
Guatemala. The Polochíc Valley is located          commodations. The entire trip should be
about 4 hours east of where we lived in            around $1400 or less per person since we
Cobán. The Polochíc is the prettiest but           will have some economies of scale.
                                                                      PAGE 7
The Good News
Hello HPC Family,
   Here is a most recent update from
Paddington regarding the school feeding
programs that were started about three
years ago... We started by offering a daily
meal at one school of about 350 children,
and you will see how much it has grown in
the years since. Paddington states:
   "We have continued supplying Nutresco
Mahewu as part of our School Feeding
programme. This term we managed to dis-
tribute 3000 kilogrammes to three different
schools. Previously we had two schools
that had a total of about 900 pupils. This
term we added another primary school
which has 464 pupils. This means a total
of 1364 pupils were fed for every school
going calendar day.
   Reports from the schools indicate that
vast changes were registered on the posi-
tive side. The children were more active in
class as well as in the athletics competi-
tion as they were energized by the Nutri-
tion. There are also reports of enrollment
going up at some schools given that some
of the children were not motivated to
learn. Now that they are getting supple-
mentary feeding the children are more mo-
tivated to learn. There has been also
reduced truancy by children at school as
indicated in the feedback that we received
from the schools.
   We are pleased to account that the feed-
ing programme had managed to register
significant progress this term. The project
has made significant impact in the lives
and relations of the schools, the commu-
nity and the Village Hope Family. During
the weekends some pupils and parents
come for the Seed to Sadza as well as the
gospel. This program, together with the
preaching of the gospel at Village Hope
family, has managed to cement relations,
promote love and sharing of ideas among
people of diverse political affiliation.
Those who were enemies can now today
recognize each other as friends. This came
a long way through initiatives and the         work and love for the people. On the other     mailings on our next trip to Zimbabwe --
sharing of the good news. The people can       hand we have managed to make sure the          which was re-scheduled and is now
now share manure from the cattle, the          resources in our hands are fully utilized to   planned for late December (after Christ-
goats and the poultry. This type of manure     the benefit of the less previledged of the     mas) through early January 2013...as al-
is highly nutritional especially in garden-    society."                                      ways, we encourage you to consider
ing and even the fields. Without the proj-        As always, we thank you for your con-       making the journey with us!!!!
ects and the spreading of the word of the      tinued support - both financially, emotion-      All that is good,
Almighty Father, this was not going to be      ally, and spiritually - as HPC continues to                               — Keri Cannon
possible. The reality of transformation that   reach out to the children of
we see today is as a result of your hard       Zimbabwe...Look for details in future
                                                                PAGE 8
                                                                                                               The Good News

                                                                                        Miss Martha’s Ice Cream Crankin’
                                                                                           Mark your calendars for the Purity Miss Martha’s Ice
                                                                                        Cream Crankin’, Sunday afternoon, June 10 on the
                                                                                        shady lawn of First Presbyterian Church Nashville. From
                                                                                        3 – 5 p.m., you can sample dozens of flavors of home-
                                                                                        made ice cream made and served by volunteers. In addi-
                                                                                        tion, there will be music and contests at the old
                                                                                        fashioned summer social. The contests will include
                                                                                        Taster’s Choice, relay races for children, and maybe a re-
                                                                                        vival of the minister’s ice cream stacking contest.
                                                                                           It’s not too late to sign up to make ice cream! You
                                                                                        could be the "Best of Show" winner, which means your
                                                                                        recipe could be one of Purity’s new flavors next summer.
                                                                                        See Crankin’ Captain Suzy Bennett for all the informa-
                                                                                        tion or click on the Ice Cream Crankin link at
                                                                                           Children under 2 are FREE, ages 3 – 12 are $8 each,
                                                                                        and adult tickets are $10 per person for all the ice cream
                                                                                        you can eat! These prices are pre-event prices. Gate
                                                                                        prices are: $10 each, adult tickets are $13 each.
                                                                                           Parking is available at Franklin Road Academy and
                                                                                        Judson Baptist Church and Overton High School with
                                                                                        shuttle service to First Presbyterian. Look for designated
                                                                                        parking signs.
                                                                                           All proceeds benefit Martha O'Bryan Center, a
                                                                                        covenant mission of the Presbytery of Middle Tennessee.
                                                                                        On a foundation of Christian faith, the Martha O’Bryan
                                                                                        Center empowers children, youth, and adults in poverty
                                                                                        to transform their lives through work, education, em-
                                                                                        ployment and fellowship.
             Homemade ice cream, entertainment and ice cream contest.                      To find out more, contact your church’s Ice Cream
  Proceeds benefit Martha O’Bryan Center, a creative activist ministry serving one of   Crankin’ Captain, Suzy Bennett.
      Nashville’s poorest neighborhoods. Learn more at www. marthaobryan.org

 Martha O’Bryan Center competes in national Let’s Move challenge
   The Martha O'Bryan Center is competing in Michelle Obama's "Let's Move" Video Challenge to combat childhood obesity. Win-
ners will be invited to the White House this summer, and we need your help. Please visit the voting page, register with the site and
click the red "Vote" button above our 3-minute video. Please vote every day until the contest ends at 4 p.m. on May 11. Share this
with your friends (who also can vote every day) and help us win! Thank you for your support!

Summer clothes needed
  Recently we’ve been having a visitors from the Room In The
Inn community at the 11 a.m. Worship service. It would be
helpful to have some Summer clothes for the clothes closet
available for them.
  If you’d like to donate some clean and appropriate items in
good condition, please leave them in Gloria’s office. Thanks!

                                                                          PAGE 9
The Good News
   Hillsboro Presbyterian Church Benevolence 2012 Budget
 Homeless                                            Poverty, Mental Illness & Social Change
 Room In The Inn's Campus for Human Development      Center for Living and Learning $2,000
 $4,000                                              Nations Ministry Center $3,500
 Living Room Ministries $1,500                       Second Harvest / Nashville's Table $1,200
 Rooftop Rent Assistance $4,000                      Siloam Family Health Center $6,500
 Safe Haven Family Shelters $1,200                   Backpack Mission Ministries $1,200
 Luke 14:12 Lunch Program $1,000                     Friend's Life $2,800
 Penuel Ridge Retreat Center $1,500                  Secret Santa $300

 Children & Youth                                    Other Expenses
 Martha O'Bryan $4,500                               Emergency $6,000
 Monroe Harding $4,000                               Unbudgeted $2,500
 Preston Taylor Ministries $2,500                    Habitat for Humanity $4,000
 Vanderbilt Campus Ministry $750                     Refugee Ministry $5,000
 Youth Opportunity Center (Oasis) $1,000             CCC Scholarship $3,150
                                                     Room In The Inn-HPC expenses $800
 Prison Ministries                                   Spruce Street Baptist Lunch Program $1,000
 The Next Door Ministry $1,700                       HPC Youth Outreach $1,500
 Prison Christmas $500                               TOTAL $72,100
 Better Decisions $2,500

Hillsboro Work Day is Saturday, May 5
   There will be an HPC Work Day Satur-
day Morning May 5 From 9 to Noon.
   This Spring there are an array of jobs to
be done at the church ~ some inside,
some outside. We’ll plant some annuals
and perennials in the Agape Garden and
                                               Church Work Day
plant or prune a few small shrubs around
the buildings.
   Inside work will include moving the
folding chairs from the dirt basement to
                                                           May 5
inside. They need to be cleaned also.
There is a dysfunctional household dish-
washer in the CCC/Youth kitchen that
needs to be removed. It’s always produc-
tive and enjoyable working together, as
we did last Spring.
   Watch you weekly e-mail highlights or
the bulletin boards for more details!

      — Building & Grounds Committee

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                                                                                              The Good News

HPC finances
                        J                           ODY GRANTHAM AND SCOTT BRUNETTE,       LEADERS

                                                                                                     MARCH 2012
                                                                                     Following is a summary of the Hillsboro

   Looking Back – For March our giving
and other income totaled $65 Thousand,
                                             Treasurer’s Report                     Church's financial operations for the total
                                                                                    year compared to the budget and the prior
                                                                                            year for the same period.
expenses totaled $102 Thousand. The
result for the year so far is that we have
                                                                                   2012                 2012           2011
drawn our savings down $109 Thou-            OPERATING FUNDS:
sand. Note that our expenses for March       Revenues:                           ACTUAL                BUDGET         ACTUAL
were extraordinarily high mainly due to      General Fund Contributions          $168,884             $180,910        $177,234
the one-time expense of the cash gift we
                                             Building Fund Contributions             1,380               195             1,265
gave Nancy on her departure.
                                             Other Income                           16,517              16,589          17,550
   Finances Going Forward – You will
recall that last month I commented that      Total Revenues                        $186,781           $197,694        $196,049
our run rate on expenses will benefit be-    Expenses:
ginning in April as a result of our deci-    Operating Expenses                    $281,580             258,679        $175,861
sion not to seek a new Associate Pastor.     Benevolence                             14,370              16,825          18,596
Going forward we should see monthly          Capital Improvements                        0                2,500               0
expenses of approximately $80 Thou-          Total Expenses                        $295,950             $278,004       $194,457
sand, but we will continue to face diffi-    Net Cash Gain (Deficit)               $(109,169)            (80,310)         1,592
culty as our giving and other income is
only averaging $60 Thousand each
month. We need our giving to increase
at least $20 Thousand each month in                                                           BANK BALANCES:
order to stop the depletion of our unre-
stricted reserves.                                                                   Total Cash available           $55,999
   What Do We Do? – Your Finance
Committee is seeking additional pledges                                              Total market securities     $250,216
to help with our immediate cash issues,
and Session has authorized forming a                                                  Less: Designated Accounts $(285,979)
standing Stewardship Committee which
can focus on improving our giving re-                                                Net Cash for Operations $20,236
sults each year. Please prayerfully con-
sider how you help balance our monthly                                                Benevolence Checking $ 22,710
budget gap, and if you feel called to
serve in a Stewardship activity please                                               BE Money Market                $ 15,975
contact the HPC Office and let us know.
   Should you have any questions re-                                                 Total Benevolence              $ 38,685
garding giving or our financial condi-
tion, please feel free to contact any
member of the Finance Committee
which includes Don Fiete, Peter Keene,
Carole Shean, or me. As always, a sin-
cere thank you to all who so generously
support our church with your time,
money and talents.

          — Jody Grantham, Treasurer

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The Good News
                            Departmental Expenses vs. Budget
                                        2012 YTD           2012     REMAIN    PERCENT   2011 YTD
                                                                  BUDGET                ACTUAL
 DIVISION                              ACTUAL         BUDGET                 SPENT

Pastoral Compensation             $78,372           $177,577      $99,204     44%       $24,550
Christian Education               $5,288            $27,665       $22,377     19%       $2,806
Worship                           $2,534            $14,760       $12,226     17%       $1,981
Fellowship/Community              $3,185            $5,000        $1,815      64%       $349
Office Administration             $19,210           $77,740       $58,530     25%       $20,668
Wednesday Night Dinner/Program    $3,472            $12,240       $8,768      28%       $3,444
Evangelism                        $0                $6,000        $6,000      0%        $0
Membership                        $598              $3,200        $2,602      19%       $135
Stewardship/Finance               $0                $350          $350        0%        $0
Media                             $5,367            $11,500       $6,133      47%       $1,591
Building & Grounds                $44,005           $64,700       $20,695     68%       $20,820
Day-to-Day Operating              $23,964           $104,640      $80,676     23%       $19,760
Benevolence                       $14,370           $72,100       $57,730     20%       $18,596
Non-Pastoral Compensation         $95,584           $407,114      $311,530    23%       $79,759

Subtotals                         $295,950          $984,586      $688,635    30%       $194,457

Capital Improvements              $0                $10,000       $10,000     0%        $0

Total                             $295,950          $994,586      $698,635    30%       $194,457
Target Percent YTD                                                            25%
Monthly Average Expense           $98,650
Projected Expense 2011            $1,183,801

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