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samurang games spectator handout 2012 by 4vn6z6Ef


									SAMURANG GAMES 2012
         Forms & Self Defense Contests Competition Rules:
      This information applies to forms and self defense:
  1. Although athletes may be divided in groups by age and rank, they will be scored based on individual merit, relative to their
      age and rank, and not judged against the other athletes. Award is based on scoring table below.
  2. Black belts who receive a final score of “Gold” will be eligible for the Grand Champion Contest. A Grand Champion
      competition will not be held unless there are at least three competitors in the division. For grand champion only, this will
      be scored in traditional number system. A competitor may receive only one grand champion forms award. Only those
      competitors grouped in adv’d/black belt division are eligible for Grand champion.
  3. No music is allowed.
Additional Taekwondo Gumdo & Partner Form Rules
     1. This is an open style contest; all forms standardized within a formal martial arts system are accepted.
     2. Contestants must present a form in range of their rank. No creative or extreme forms.
Additional Gumdo & Open Weapon Form Rules –
  1. No sharpened weapons are allowed. If a weapon is dropped by the contestant, the contestant will be penalized one
       award level by the center referee.                                                   Judging table for presentation
  2. As to Open Weapons only, creative forms are accepted however extreme                   awards – forms & self defense
       gymnastic moves are not allowed.                                               Judge 1 Judge 2 Judge 3 Award
Addt’l Partner / Group Form / Synchronized Form Rules                                 Gold        Gold       Gold     Gold
  1. Presented with 2 – 4 people, male or female, may have variety of ranks.          Gold        Gold       Silver   Gold
  2. Synchronized means all of the moves are the same & executed at the               Gold        Gold       Bronze   Gold
      same time from start to finish.
                                                                                      Gold        Silver     Bronze   Silver
  3. Team may have members face multiple directions for the performance
      and contestants may mirror their partners in their presentation.                Silver      Silver     Gold     Silver
                                                                                      Silver      Silver     Silver   Silver
Additional Self Defense Rules
   1. Two divisions: Tactical demonstration or Entertainment (action movie            Silver      Silver     Bronze   Silver
        style.)                                                                       Bronze      Bronze     Gold     Bronze
   2. Up the 3 members per team. One minute max.                                      Bronze      Bronze     Silver   Bronze
   3. Present self defense, combat or a battle scene that is choreographed.           Bronze      Bronze     Bronze   Bronze
        Blunt edge weapons and dialog are allowed
           ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- -----
                          Taekwondo and Sponge Sword Sparring Rules:
This information applies to both Gumdo and Taekwondo:
    1. Continuous sparring matches. All matches will be two rounds, 1 ½ minutes per round, with a 30 second rest between
    2. All competitors will be divided into groups of two and compete in one match. Winners of each round are scored by
        flags. Most flags win the match. An absolute tie will result in a tie – no overtime/ sudden death.
    3. Equipment is required. Coaches are permitted.
Taekwondo: Equipment and Sparring Rules (All Ages)
  1.     Kick with foot and straight punch to torso are legal (scoring) techniques.
  2.     Color belts: ANY contact to face or head with foot or hand is gum jun and disqualification from the match.
  3.     Black belts: Controlled contact with foot to headgear is legal (scoring) technique. Excessive contact to headgear with
  kick is either loss of round or match depending on severity. Any contact to the face (not headgear) with foot, or any contact
  with hand to face or headgear, is either loss of round or match depending on severity or intent.
  4.      Exception to color belt/black belt head contact: incidental contact which will be reviewed by judges & decision made
  Gumdo: Equipment and Sparring Rules (All Ages)
     1. Target area is the torso (front and sides) and head (top, front, sides) and top of shoulder.
     2. Control contact rule tournament. A contestant will be disqualified, by the referee, for a malicious strike to an
         opponent that causes injury.
     3. Infractions are: Striking an opponent with one hand on the sword, dropping your sword and striking illegal area.
Criteria for determining the winner:
          Each round is judged on a superiority basis: Offense: Setting up opponent and scoring to legal scoring areas.
Higher score for the use of speed, faking or luring to create scoring opportunities, and also for the use of higher level
techniques (spinning kicks, jump spinning kicks) and kicks that score to the headgear; Defense; and Control.

          Festival Events: See each Festival Event for their rules. Certain festival events are grand champion

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