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									Interior Chimney Brick Cleaning
Most people who have chimneys and use them do so during the winter months. Depending on usage,
bricks around the chimney in the chimney room can start accumulating stains from smoke and suit.
This means the bricks will begin to discolor from the burning hearth keeping you warm on a snowy
Removing these stains is not easy and requires a lot of elbow grease. Also, certain chemicals that
may be necessary in the process are harsh so be sure to keep the room well ventilated.
So how do you start? Well, some of the things you'll probably need are the following: scouring
powder, bleach, a tarp or protective cover for the floor, a good stiff scrub brush, protective goggles
and gloves, baking soda. You may also need hazardous cleaning agents such as muriatic acid or
Ok, here's what you should do:
1. Cover the area below the chimney bricks as best as possible. Make sure to especially protect
carpet. Do this well as there's no sense in cleaning the chimney but having to replace the flooring.
2. Starting from the top wipe down the bricks with a moist rag removing loose residue. Use dish
detergent, soapy water, and scrub well until you start to see results. If the bricks are old don't scrub
too hard unless you know they will not be damaged. Remember, for each of the cleaning steps you
need to have patience for some of the tougher stains to dissipate.
3. When it looks like you need the harsher cleaners bring in the trichloroethylene or muriatic acid.
Read instructions but for the muriatic acid you usually mix 1 part to 9 parts water and apply with a rag
while rinsing with a separate clean rag.
NOTE: it may be best to test this on a small area and make sure it will not discolor the bricks. Also,
DO NOT pour muriatic acid solution down the drain as it is hazardous. Dump a lot of baking soda in
the bucket until the solution stops reacting. Then dispose of it in the drain.
4. For certain stains molding dough/putty (the light colored variety) made for children often works.
5. If you still have an issue there are other commercial cleaners available. Also, you may need to turn
to a professional.

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