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                        Configuring Windows 2003 as Router

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Table of Contents:-
   A. Introduction.
   B. Pre-Requisites.
   C. Setup Diagram.
   D. Configuring Windows 2003 server as router.
   E. Adding gateway in client machines.
   F. Reference.

A. Introduction:-
       Using the Remote access services (RRAS) component, you can configure your Windows
2003 server act as a router. For this to work, you need to have multiple network adapters on different

B. Pre-Requisites:-
 1) One server/Desktop having 2 LAN ports and preloaded with Windows 2003 std edition 32 bit.
 2) Two client machines preloaded with Windows XP (for testing).

C. Setup Diagram:-
PCE Extended Testing Doc.

D. Configuring Windows 2003 server as router.
   1) Give the IP address to the server as mentioned in the diagram.

   2) Go to Start    All programs     Administrative tools    Routing and Remote Access.

       Note: - Here the server name is given as ROUTER.

   3) Locate the server in the left-hand pane, and right click it. And select Configure and Enable
      Routing and Remote access from the shortcut menu.
PCE Extended Testing Doc.

   4) In the Welcome screen, click Next.

   5) Select Custom Configuration and click Next.

   6) Select LAN Routing option, and click Next.
PCE Extended Testing Doc.

   7) Click on Finish.

   8) Click on Yes to start the Routing and Remote access service.

   9) Router is up now.
PCE Extended Testing Doc.

E. Adding gateway in client machines.
  Add the IP address to the client machine as below.

      Machine under NETWORK - A

      Machine under NETWORK - B

  Now you can connect the machines from network A to Network B.

F. Reference.


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