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Michigan Vacations – Where To Go And Stay

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If you have decided to take a vacation trip to the Michigan area, you are going to find somewhere to stay.
There are more than a few choices.

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If you have decided to take a vacation trip to the Michigan area, you are going to find somewhere to stay.
There are more than a few choices...Michigan Vacations – Where To Go And StayyyMichigan is a large state with
lots of vacation opportunities. There are plenty of places to stay, but some of the major areas are
Northern Michigan area, Upper Peninsula, and the areas around Lake Michigan.       The northern Michigan vacation
area includes the Sunrise Side, an area in the eastern part of northern Michigan. Located in this area is
Thunder Bay Golf in Hillman, Michigan. This hotel mecca is heaven for golfing enthusiast. Thunder Bay is
located right on a golf course and four others are located nearby. Put another way, it can be golf all day,
every day, if you want it to be...Thunder Bay isn't all about golf. You can go on rides to search for,
possibly hunt, elk. There is also a quilter's retreat available which lasts four days and three nights.
includes workshops, teaching seminars and demonstrations. Optional spa treatments can be added to your
quilting package, making it a great place for some rest and relaxation.    Another area brimming with Michigan
vacation spots is the Traverse City area. One of the finest here is the Bayshore located on the beach at West
Grand Traverse Bay in Traverse City, Michigan. This place promotes itself as the Traverse City area's first
entirely smoke-free vacation lodgings, making it a great, healthy place to take a family vacation. Included
with all stays are a complimentary breakfast, high speed internet and a free airport shuttle, as well as
amenities. Getaways include such treats as a Wellness Room (your own room is turned into a mini spa!), romance
and golf packages.    These are just a couple of northern Michigan vacation areas that you can visit. Others
include the Grayling and Boyne areas. Michigan is definitely a top vacation area, great for romantic
vacations, family trips and did I mention golf?

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