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									Why Do You Need Pre-paid Legal Service?

Pre-paid legal service or PPL may be applied to individual or group insurance. It is
often characterized as low cost insurance and limited legal service which is provided by
participating law firms that are considered cheaper compared to hiring independent lawyers.
Pre-paid legal services usually cater to individuals who need assistance when it comes to
civil law and criminal law; the rates are affordable since a fixed and recurring charge is
applied. Low cost but high quality legal service is what pre-paid legal help is all about which
is good news to people who really cannot afford hiring expensive legal help.
There are several legal services that are covered by pre-paid legal lawyers; here are the
most common:
Legal advice and legal consultation – a client can take advantage of free legal advice and
consultation for any legal matters in some companies while other firms may provide a
specific time frame for consultation and advice.
Review of contracts – any legal contract may be consulted and reviewed before signing.
Clients are given an overview of their legal rights and responsibilities for any written
contract and the penalties for violating such contract.
Demand letters – clients are assisted in making demand letters of any kind as well as
consulting what will happen if such demands are not met.
Making wills – legal help is also given for individuals especially seniors who are looking into
making a live will.
Legal representation – pre-paid legal services also includes court appearances which are
determined by a number of hours allotted for the client. Legal representations also include
court hearings which are also determined by a specific number of hours. Most common
issues that are dealt with legal representation are traffic violations, general trial defense,
defense against criminal charges, property devaluation, plaintiff support, employment
compensation and filing civil lawsuits against private or public parties
Specific target markets – pre-paid legal service may be used for acquiring family plans,
claiming disputes regarding employment compensation and many more
Preventive measures – pre-paid legal services is just like insurance, it can be used as a
preventive measure to protect consumers using their individual legal rights and the use of
appropriate legal advice.

Using pre-paid legal services may either be in a closed or open provider system which
differs from the ability of the client to secure a pre-paid legal firm for assistance. In a
closed provider system, the client has one main law firm that assists in most areas of law.
It is comparable to health maintenance organizations or HMO in health insurance where
members are cared for by a group or company of medical professionals. An open provider
system on the other hand allows the client to choose their legal representative among the
list of law firms and their specialization; open systems are comparable to preferred provider
organizations in the health insurance field.
If you need pre-paid legal help then do not hesitate to seek help before it is too late.
Resources are all around you so choose your legal service wisely.


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