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This Scambook Group Page started on November 10th, 2011, with initial reports beginning on June 18th, 2011

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Complaint Title: Capital One - False Advertising for $200.00 on 02/01/2010
Submitted by                  In April of 2009 I was given the option of accepting a higher interest rate of 17.9% or closing
Anonymous                     my account and keeping the current rate of 11.52% while paying off the balance. I was given
on 01/30/2012                 a phone number to call to decline. On April 5, 2009 at 5pm I called the number and declined
Complaint #66662              the offer and closed the account. This account is my husbands and I also have one. I closed
                              my account the same day at 4:30pm. My interest rate was 14.9% at close and has not
                              changed. When I received my statement for this month I noticed the minimum due was more
                              this month than last. When I looked at the statement and interest charges, the rate was
                              17.9%. I called Capital One and the representative (Samantha) said she would ask a
                              supervisor. I had been on hold for 20 minutes and she hung up. I called back and was put on
                              hold for 45 minutes and was hung up on again. I called the 3rd time and actually spoke to a
                              supervisor (Sherry) and was told that the system did not show that I had declined the offer
                              and my terms went up in 2010. I explained to her that I had called the same day I closed my
                              account according to the pamphlet instructions. She said there was nothing she could do and
                              the interest rate would stay at 17.9% unless I reopened the account and waited 6 months
                              before someone could look at the account and possibly lower the interest rate. She asked me
                              if I could tell her who I talked to, and I told her the phone number on the pamphlet was
                              automated and there wasn't anyone on the phone. I told her that I made a phone payment on
                              both accounts the same day I closed the account and I had confirmation numbers for both
                              payments, and they charged me ten dollars on both accounts to make payment on the
                              phone. She said there was no record of my call in the system and I asked to speak to her
                              supervisor. She said she was the highest ranking supervisor at Capital One and there wasn't
                              anyone else I could talk to. I told her that I was being punished for a mistake on their part. I
                              told her I would be contacting the FTC and the better business bureau and hung up. I have
                              detailed paperwork with the pamphlet that was given to us and the detailed instructions. I
                              have confirmation numbers from the day I called. Please help me. - Group Report Generated from:

Complaint Title: Capital One - Unauthorized Credit Card Charge for $29.50 on 07/06/2011
Submitted by                  I was notified that Capitol One and Sony had teamed up and I would receive a new credit
Donna                         card replacing my Visa Sony Card with a new one from Capitol One. I charged one item on
on 07/06/2011                 the new card on Jun.05 for $17.50 and there is also a "Transactions for Donna Buker listed
Complaint #3152               for Jun 6 LZNHBFSE800-390-6035ID"
                              I just received the billing and intend to call tomorrow and protest this additional charge. They
                              are saying my total billing is $47.00 therefore, they have added $29.50 to a card they claimed
                              was a replacement due to their merger and there would be no changes in the charges. I am
                              also going to CANCEL this card.

Complaint Title: Capital One - Other for $13,000.00 on 08/10/2011
Submitted by                  The bank offered favorable credit terms at a low fixed interest rate until the balance was paid
dmkappasig                    in full. They then reneged on the offer at a later date raising the credit card interest rate and
on 08/10/2011                 the minimum payment amount!
Complaint #10551

Complaint Title: Capital One - Bait & Switch for $118.86 on 05/13/2011
Submitted by                  May 13, 2011 I inquired about balance transfer 'deals' available.
Peter                         The rep said she would send a check made payable to me for $15,000 and the rate would be
on 06/22/2011                 5.99% annual, just as though it were a balance transfer, IF I CASHED THE CHECK by June
Complaint #1196               28, 2011.

                              16 days later I got the check in the mail. I never cashed it. They disbursed no funds. My
                              balance should have been $0.00. But when I checked online they had charged the amounts,
                              above, including a $25 'late fee' as though they had disbursed on May 13, 2011.

                              It took an English speaking supervisor to clear me back to $0.00 balance. She was fully
                              aware and experienced in 'fixing' their unmasked trickery.

Complaint Title: Capital One - Unauthorized Credit Card Charge for $39.90 on 08/12/2011
Submitted by                  I have ben charged by SAVINGSACE two motnths for a service that I never asked for it. I am
Homayoon                      asking for refound and also deleting my name from your list.
on 08/20/2011                 Thank you. H.Sh.
Complaint #13621

Complaint Title: Capital One - Other for $350.00 on 11/18/2011
Submitted by                  told me that i would receive my money after they had me t wire money to india i must have
sha                           been stupid to do it they constantly hassle ou and it is not fair what they have done i would
on 11/26/2011                 like to come face to face with these people
Complaint #40194 - Group Report Generated from:

Complaint Title: Capital One - False Advertising for $1,500.00 on 01/01/2008
Submitted by                  Not sure of the exact date.
Andrew                        Capital One Promised a no hassle credit card. They promised that if we couldn't resolve an
on 06/18/2011                 issue with a vendor, they would do it and refund the money.
Complaint #801                I saw a charge on my card that I did not authorize and informed their fraud department. I saw
                              the charges removed and then added back a few days later. I informed them again and they
                              still did nothing like their ads promised. The original charge was 300.00 now because of
                              overcharges, interest, etc, they are trying to charge me 1500+.

Complaint Title: Capital One - False Advertising for $1,299.00 on 06/22/2011
Submitted by                  They allowed fraudsters to resubmit the charges even after I sent proof that they are
Anonymous                     crossborder scam artists stealing from small businesses
on 11/27/2011
Complaint #40713

Complaint Title: Capital One - Other for $0.00 on 07/29/2011
Submitted by                  I have been receiving phone calls from Capital One continuously about a credit card that I did
Shellmica                     NOT open. I have confirmed with them that they are looking for a Michele L. Lane, DOB:
on 08/09/2011                 1/8/44, and not from my address. They will not tell me what was charged or why they keep
Complaint #10324              calling me. I have been told they would take me "off their list" a dozen times, but I still
                              receive calls.
                              I checked my equifax and a Michele L. Lane is on there. I have issued a dispute through
                              My name is Michelle M. Lane (Ludwick, Nelson, Thies). I have asked Capital One to stop
                              calling me multiple times, I received a call again earlier this week. I was on the phone w/
                              Jamal, he was transferring me to the fraud department and hung up on me. I have not
                              received any paperwork about this claim, just MANY calls on both my Cell and home number.
                               I do not know what to do anymore. Please help.

Complaint Title: Capital One - False Advertising for $7,617.18 on 10/10/2011
Submitted by                  I overpayed my Capital One Credit Card account for some reason the decided to send back
sh                            the overpayment through the usps. This is almost $8000 we are talking about I never got the
on 10/14/2011                 check someone else did and cashed it. The check was made to Seniors Blue Book my
Complaint #26633              bussiness and is supposed to be a deposit only account.Capital One credited me the amount
                              and told me the case was closed then I get my next bill and the charge is put back on. I
                              caLled AND AGAIN THEY CREDITed MY ACCOUNT this amount ANOTHER MONTH
                              How any bank cashed this check is beyond me. Capital one says it on me to find out who
                              cashed the check and follow up with them it will take them 3 to 4 weeks to get me a copy of
                              that cashed check which seems ridiculous to me. Capital one should never have put such a
                              large check in the usps with no way of tracking it. I am a bussiness owner AND i WOULD
                              SEND MONEY ESPICALLY IN THIS LARGE SUM THROUGH anybody but FED EX OR
                              UPS COMPANIES THAT PROVIDE TRACKING INFORMATION. i beleive this was an inside
                              scam at Capital one and they are doing nothing to help me resolve it . What can I do to get
                              my money back and who can I report Capital one to they admit to me on the phone they have
                              done many wrongs on this situtation but refuse to help me rersolve it !

   Sample Comments from the Group Members - Group Report Generated from:

From Report: Capital One - Other for $350.00 on 11/18/2011
Submitted by                  I am in the same boat as u r. I filed with the company, FBI and BBB. These companies have
Vipin                         to be after the scammers as well. Company's getting bad name. Good Luck
on 11/26/2011
Comment #7934                 Vipin

From Report: Capital One - False Advertising for $0.00 on 09/08/2011
Submitted by                  Actually that is how several credit card companies do it now. They try and sell you credit
Alvin                         protection and credit monitoring services. I think the services are worthless but it is legit to
on 09/09/2011                 speak to a real person these days
Comment #3195 - Group Report Generated from:


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