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The SLATE by yaosaigeng


                                                     PHOTOS/Tues. Oct.7
                                                     School photos will be taken on Tues. Oct.7 in the
                                                     morning. There will be class and individual

         SLATE                                       photos. If a student is absent, they can have an
                                                     individual photo taken on Retake Day, usually
                                                     about 4 weeks after the first photo shoot.
                   1895                              SCHOOL UTILIZATION UPDATE
                                                     As you know, on July 23rd the motion was passed
     A National Historic Site                        to close Centre, Lunenburg Academy and
            Year 113                                 Lunenburg Jr. Sr. and replace these schools with a
       September 19, 2008                            P to 9 school. The time line for this venture has
                                                     not been determined. Here is the most current
             CONNECTIONS                             information from Nancy Pynch-Worthylake,
 Del         97 Kaulbach Street                      Superintendent, SSRSB:
 Mail        PO Box 759                                   The school which students will attend for
            Lunenburg NS B0J 2C0                            grades 10 to 12 has not been finalized. A
 Tel        902-634-2220                                    suggestion that is being considered is
                                                            students having a choice between PVEC
 Fax        902-634-2222
                                                            and Bridgewater – a smaller high school.
                                                          There is no response as of yet on the
                                                            Impact Assessment Study from the
PEANUT SAFE SCHOOL                                          Riverport Study committee/SAC and from
A reminder to parents that Lunenburg Academy is             the Milton Study Committee/SAC. The
now a peanut safe school. Please do not send                deadline is November 20, 2008.
anything to school that contains peanuts or peanut
                                                          The Board has submitted its list of
                                                            priorities for capital projects for
                                                            consideration by the province.        They
SAC MEETING/Mon.Sept.22/7 pm. LHS
                                                            include a new Primary to grade 9 school to
The first SAC meeting of this school year will be
                                                            house students from Centre, Lunenburg
held at 7:00 pm. on Monday, Sept.22 at
                                                            Academy, and Lunenburg Jr.
Lunenburg Jr. Sr. High School.
                                                          The provincial Capital Project Review
SAC meetings are open to the public and all                 Committee has visited Centre, Lunenburg
parents are welcome to attend.                              Academy, Lunenburg Jr. Sr. and South
                                                            Queens. This committee will carry out a
If you are interested in becoming a member of the           thorough formal assessment of each
SAC, or if you know someone who would make a                request and submit recommendations to the
great parent representative, please contact the             Minister of Education and to Cabinet. The
school.                                                     superintendent is hoping that a decision on
                                                            whether there will be a new school will be
GRADE 3 ASSESSMENT                                          announced sometime this fall. The Board
Our Grade 3 students will be participating in the           must make a final decision on the time line
Early Language Literacy Assessment Sept. 30,                for closures by March 15, 2009.
Oct. 1 and 2. Students will spend 70 minutes of
each of those days engaged in reading and writing    SOCCER
work. Students’ assessments will be marked in        Soccer has started here at Lunenburg Academy.
October.                                             Mrs. Risser will be coaching, but would appreciate
                                                     any parents who would like to volunteer to help.
It is very important that students come to school    We will be playing 7-8 games throughout
well rested and ready to try their best every day,   September and October. There are two mixed
but especially during assessment times.              teams. One includes players from grades 4-6 and
                                                     the other will have players from grades 3&4.
Lunenburg Academy Newsletter/1
                                                     Please call the school offices if you can help.
                                                          Lunenburg Academy Newsletter/2
Adult sizes only                                          COMPOSTING WORKSHOP
The Lunenburg Academy Foundation has a
number of light grey t-shirts for sale at $15 and         Are you interested in learning how to compost
sweatshirts at $30. The Academy with a red roof           in your own backyard?
is printed on the front. The following sizes are
available:      T-shirts – M, L, XL & XXL                 Composting is an excellent way to recycle natural
               Sweatshirts – L & XL                       nutrients in your own yard, improve garden and
They may be viewed/bought by coming to the                lawn soil and reduce waste sent to landfill.
school office. Payment can be made by cash or
cheque made payable to the Lunenburg Academy              Attend a Global Education Association
Foundation.                                               composting workshop that is geared toward both
                                                          adults and youth. You will learn proper backyard
If there is enough interest, children’s sizes may be      composting techniques, how to use your compost
available at a later date. Look for more info. in an      in your yard, as well as an introduction to worm
upcoming Slate.                                           composting. The workshop will be led by Kirk
                                                          Symonds the RRFB outreach officer.
Next Friday, September 26th, we have a                    Workshop details
Professional Development Day here at the school.            When: September 30th
We will be beginning our training in the Math               Where: Lunenburg Academy Garden (third
program PRIME. Mr. Oickle, our Math Mentor,                           floor if weather is poor)
will be leading our workshop.                               Time: 6-7pm
                                                            Cost: free
Our Lunenburg Academy community has been
very active this past week! We had our first              For more information on these and other Global
“Walk Across Canada” day on Monday. Students              Education Association workshops, visit the calendar at
                                                 or call Andrea
and teachers were walking, jogging and running
                                                          Cleland at 634-1895
around our loop. Each loop was 1/3 of a kilometer
long. As a school, we walked 79 1/3 kms!! So –            ****************************************
how many loops do you think we did? 
                                                          Run for the Cure CHILDREN’S FUN DAY
We also went to the new Gus Vicker’s Field and            On Sunday September 28th from 1-4 pm there
had our Terry Fox run/jog/walk. Thanks to Bill            will be a Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation,
Roblee for beginning our celebration and to John          Run For The Cure Children's Fun Day at the
McGee and the Rotary Club for providing our               Lunenburg Community Centre. There will be
lunch.                                                    bouncers, laser tag, FREE face painting and FREE
                                        Mary Chisholm
                                                          ice cream with the purchase of a $10.00 bracelet
                                                          for each child. 100% of bracelet sales will be
STUDENT ACCIDENT INSURANCE                                donated to the Canadian Breast Cancer
In an effort to streamline and reduce administration      Foundation's Run For The Cure.
costs, the School Insurance Program (SIP) will not be
producing individual student accident insurance           ****************************************
brochures for classroom distribution. Rather they are
referring schools and parents to their web site     Family Fun Day at the Municipal Activity
(click the red apple at the top of the page) for full        Recreation Complex (the M.A.R.C.)
information – including brochure, claims procedures        Saturday, September 27th, 11:30 a.m. – 2:00
and forms – on this coverage. Also, they placed a                               p.m.
student accident insurance advertisement that              Games and activities! Hiking! A corn boil! Free
included a gold plan registration form in the August 29                for the entire family!
edition of the Chronicle Herald.                           Hosted by: the Lunenburg County Community
                                                              Health Board, and Lunenburg Municipal
Would you like some help? If so, sign up now for     Session #1 is about to Kick Off at the Kippers School
this parenting group.   To register call: Lisa       of Gymnastics. There are still a few spaces available
                                                     in pre-school, recreational and advanced programs.
Dauphinee-Muise 543-4604 ext.2423. All groups        There are classes available from age 2 right on up to
are held at Mental Health Services, Dawson           teen. Your child can try artistic programs with access
Centre, Level II.                                    to the classic equipment (beam, bars, floor, vault) or
                                                     can register for the specfic trampoline and tumbling
PLEASE NOTE: Your child does not have to be          program. For more information, please call 543-4010
registered at the clinic in order for you to         and leave your detailed contact information.
participate. Sessions are free:
                Oct. 14 -3-5:00 pm
                Oct. 21 – 3-5:00 pm
                Oct. 28 – 3-5:00 pm                  PianoBuddies…semi-private                   keyboard
                Nov. 4 – 3-5:00 pm                   instruction for children in grades K-2. Students
                                                     will learn to read, write, play and compose music
                                                     using Children’s Music Journey software and MIDI
DesBrisay Museum Launches ‘Blast from the Past’      keyboard. If you are interested in developing your
Club                                                 child’s music skills and enhancing his/her learning
Hey kids… are you wondering what to do on            abilities at school, please call Janette at 531-2354
Saturday mornings? Why not check out the Blast       to inquire about this new and exciting piano
from the Past Club at DesBrisay Museum! Kids from    program. Classes are held every Tuesday or
grades 4-6 meet every second Saturday morning        Wednesday afternoons/evenings in Blockhouse
from 10 am until noon, and learn about things that   (exit 11).
happened in the past! Like Angeline who sailed
for Halifax to buy a wedding dress, but ended up     Your teacher, Janette Georges, is a licensed
in London, England. Or, how pirates and              Maestro/Kindermusik educator and faculty
privateers in the 1800’s ruled the waters off Nova   member at the Maritime Conservatory of
Scotia. You will learn how to be a museum            Performing Arts in Halifax. She is co-author of the
curator and decide which artifacts to put on         MusIQ Club Teacher’s Guide, and an avid
display, and how to make your own                    composer, arranger and lyricist/storyteller.
thaumatrope. We’ll even learn what it was like to
be a kid in Bridgewater when then men were           Janette Georges
going off to war. Call the Museum at 543-4033
and sign up today!                                   Tel: 531-2354

BALLET CLASSES – Mahone Bay Centre                   ****************************************
Ballet 1 (no experience) Ages 5 & 6, Tuesdays,       The next “Slate” will be available by Fri. Oct.3.
4:00—4:45 p.m., $90/10 wks (limited space
available)                                           Milk for the month of Oct. – 21 days/$7.35
Ballet 2 (some dance experience) Ages 7 & 8 ,        ****************************************
Tuesdays, 4:45—5:45 p.m., $90/10 wks
Ballet 3 (ballet experience) Ages 9 to 12,
Tuesdays, 6:15—7:15 p.m., $95/10 wks                 ****************************************
Ballet for Teens/Adults 7:15—8:30 p.m.,
$110/10 wks                                          LOOKING AHEAD – See attached UPDATED
The above classes start September 23 at the          September and October calendars
Mahone Bay Center, Dance Studio.
Intro. To Ballet for Older Adults (50+) —
3:00—4:00 p.m., Tuesdays, starting September 30
$60/6wks                                             Lunenburg Academy Newsletter/3
To register or for information, call Lunenburg
Municipal Recreation, 541-1343.
National Family Week 2008
October 6 – 12                                        THE LUNENBURG KINDERCHOIR
                                                      This outstanding award winning choir begins its
Strengthening Ties through Family Traditions is       15th season this October. There are 2 sessions –
the theme for this year’s National Family Week.       one in the Fall and one in the Spring. Practices are
Family traditions can provide a sense of identity,    on Saturdays from 1 – 2:30 pm on the 3rd floor of
closeness and security within a family, which is      the Academy. Children from 5 years of age and
especially important given our often fast-paced       up are welcome. The total cost of registration is
and hectic environments.                              $5.00. The Kinderchoir has a large repertoire,
                                                      including German Folksongs sung in German to
Every family honours some type of tradition,          help preserve Lunenburg’s Heritage. For more
whether it involves a special celebration, a time-    information, phone 634-8548.
honoured activity or something centered on day to
day routines. You are invited to take extra time on
the week of Oct 6th – 12th to share and celebrate
your traditions!

For more information on National Family Week,
you may check their website at

       UPDATED MENU                                          - PLACE ON YOUR FRIDGE!!!
                                                      If you have any questions regarding our program,
Mondays                                               please call Patti Robertson at school 634-2220 in
Chicken Wrap                                  $2.00   the mornings or at home 634-3247. Thank you.
(white breast meat chicken finger, lettuce, cheese
and ranch dressing)
Homemade Corn Chowder (trial)                 $2.00

Tuesdays                                              CANTEEN ITEMS
Caesar Salad                                 $2.00
Chicken Caesar Salad                         $3.00    (Available Mon-Thurs. ONLY)
Ham & Cheese Sub                             $2.00
                                                      We have a variety of baked potato chips, cheese,
Wednesdays                                            chocolate milk for $1.00 each at this time.
Toasted Bagel/apple                          $2.00
Sloppy Jo                                    $2.00    We are in the process of obtaining peanut free and
                                                      healthy snacks from our supplier. They will be
Thursdays                                             added as they become available.
Grilled Cheese Sandwich/carrot sticks        $2.00
Chicken Noodle Soup                          $2.00

Veggie Pizza/Cheese Pizza                    $1.50

                                                      Lunenburg Academy Newsletter/4

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