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									Looking for a Workplace Compensation Attorney

If you have been injured when you were at work, then you need to hire a workplace
compensation attorney to help you understand the ins and outs of workers’ compensation law.
Figuring out if you deserve compensation for any injury that you got in the workplace on your
own can be tough especially when you have little knowledge of workers’ compensation law.
Expert help form a personal injury attorney or a workers compensation attorney can help you
get compensated right away.

However, finding expert help can be very frustrating especially you don’t personally know a
specialist that deals with workers’ compensation laws. Here are several ways to look for efficient
legal help:

Professional associations of lawyers in your area or a local bar association is the first step.
Make sure you are dealing with an association that is specifically intended for workers’
compensation and not lawyers that deal with general practice.

The Internet can give you results of local companies that are exclusively for worker’s
compensation law. Narrow down your search by using your zip code to find a local law firm that
can help you out.

There are many articles, reviews and blog sites online that deal with worker’s compensation
law and about hiring a personal injury lawyer; you can find competent and efficient help through
these sites.

Co –workers may also know of a lawyer who is an expert in workers’ compensation law.
Families and friends who have also been in the same predicament can help guide you in finding

Do not delay in filing for a claim. Each state may have a different time limit in filing for a worker’s
compensation claim but common time limits are within 30 to 90 days. The state of California h
as the longest allowed filing time of one to five years but you need to report the claim to your
employer within 30 days. Of course there are certain instances when the injury may result to
a much longer time to claim your disability. If the injury results in a coma, the employee may
not be able to personally file for a claim, if the injury results in prolonged treatment or surgery
or if the injury is contagious and the employee may need to remain quarantined for a specific
number of weeks then he may not be able to file for a claim right away.

A workers compensation attorney can help employees and even employers in every aspect
of the workers’ compensation law. An employee may need legal assistance if his claim was
not approved or when his claim is taking time to be approved delaying his compensation that
he needs for further medical attention. Even a manager or a business owner can benefit from
the expertise of a workplace compensation attorney or a personal injury attorney to be able to
develop safe workplace practices and foster safety and security for everyone in the office or
work place setting.


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