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					                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     June 15, 2001

           A Bulletin of Career, Educational, & Re-entry Information & Opportunities for RPCVs
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                                                                                                                                                                 The 10 Worst Job-Interview Mistakes
     Resources                                                                                                                                                            by Calvin Lovick (reprinted with permission from www.minoritycareer.com)

The following publications offer

useful information on successful                                                                                                                           or fun, emotional security, and the          3. Dressing incorrectly: First impres-
                                                                                                                                                           thrill of anticipation, the job inter-       sions are important. Cleanliness and
                                                                                                                                                     view ranks right up there with IRS                 neatness in grooming and attire project
                                                                                                                                                     audits, going on your first roller-coaster         a confident attitude. Frequently, the
Best Answers to the 201 Most Fre-
quently Asked Interview Questions                                                                                                                    ride, or going for your first bungee               decision is made in the first few min-
by Matthew J. Deluca, McGraw-                                                                                                                        jump! And if being judged makes you                utes of the interview, whether it’s go-
Hill, 1996                                                                                                                                           nervous, you’re in for a great ride!               ing to be a turn down, a second inter-
                                                                                                                                                            In the current job market with              view, or hire. The first impression will
The Interview Rehearsal Book:                                                                                                                        hundreds of qualified job applicants               dictate the length of your interview
7 Steps to Job-Winning Inter-                                                                                                                        all vying for that one great opening,              and your opportunity to present your-
views Using Acting Skills You                                                                                                                        it’s like going for an open casting call           self.
Never Knew You Had                                                                                                                                   in the next Steven Spielberg movie.                                                          organized person, but you’d never
by Deb Gottesman and Buzz
                                                                                                                                                     Getting an audition just means surviv-                   First impressions are               know it from looking at my desk.”
Mauro, Berkley Publications
                                                                                                                                                     ing until the last round. A major part of                                                          5. Not knowing your own
Group, 1999                                                                                                                                                                                               important. Cleanliness and
                                                                                                                                                     the job interview is avoiding doing the                                                      strengths: You must know your
                                                                                                                                                                                                           neatness in grooming and
101 Dynamite Questions to Ask                                                                                                                        unmistakable wrongs. Avoid making                                                            background and your résumé thor-
at Your Job Interview                                                                                                                                the following mistakes and you’ll in-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  attire project a                oughly so that you are prepared to
by Richard Fein, Impact Publi-                                                                                                                       crease your chances of landing your                        confident attitude.               answer any question without hesita-
cations, 1996                                                                                                                                        dream job.                                                                                   tion. If you are asked a question
                                                                                                                                                            1. Arriving late: Nothing makes                   As a general rule, corporate busi- about your background, such as dates,
101 Toughest Interview Ques-                                                                                                                         a worse impression. If you can’t even              ness attire is a suit and tie for men and you shouldn’t have to refer to your
tions: And Answers That Win
                                                                                                                                                     show up on time for the interview, how             tailored suit or dress for women in a résumé. Hesitating, being vague, or
the Job!
by Daniel Porot, Daniel Porto,                                                                                                                       on earth would you do as an employee?              conservative color such as black, navy, groping for the right words destroys
and Frances Bolles Haynes, Ten                                                                                                                       If there’s even a remote chance that               gray, or tan, with appropriate foot wear the impression you are trying to cre-
Speed Press, 1999                                                                                                                                    weather,         traffic,      unfamiliar          (business shoes with socks), no tennis ate. Make a list of 10 work-related
                                                                                                                                                     locations, poor directions, or car                 shoes for men, and closed-toed shoes items you do well or know about.
Job Interviews For Dummies                                                                                                                           trouble might be a problem, leave early            for women, with a low heal and hose. Then, during your interview, come
by Joyce Lain Kennedy, Hungry                                                                                                                        just to be sure. If you aren’t certain             Avoid any extremes in hairstyle (in- up with graceful ways to bring them
Minds, Inc., 2000                                                                                                                                    about the location or parking, drive to            cluding color), make-up, perfumes, up.
                                                                                                                                                     the location the day before to avoid               colognes, and jewelry. Keep it simple.          6. Not asking any questions:
                                                                                                                                                     any problem.                                             4. Admitting a flaw: Inevitably, W hen the interviewer asks, “Do you
                                                                                                                                                            2. Arriving early: Arriving at              the interviewer will ask you “what is have any questions?” and you re-
             Shanta Swezy
                                                                                                                                                     the interview location at 9:30 for a               your greatest weakness” or “if you spond by saying you don’t have any,
           RPCV Kazakhstan                                                                                                                           10:00 a.m. appointment is good—                    need improvement, in what area would it makes you look uninterested, un-
            Hotline Editor
                                                                                                                                                     checking in with the receptionist is               it be?” Giving a straightforward, to- imaginative, and suggests that you
              Sam Axelrod
             RPCV Ukraine
                                                                                                                                                     not. You don’t want to put pressure on             tally honest answer is a mistake the didn’t pay attention during the inter-
            Hotline Assistant                                                                                                                        your interviewer, nor do you want to               interviewer doesn’t expect you to make. view, or all three. If you can’t think
                                                                                                                                                     pace in the lobby and wear a path into             It’s all part of the interviewer’s tech- of any questions, rely on the home-
   For information on how to place job
         announcements, contact:
                                                                                                                                                     the marble floor! Instead, go to a nearby          nique to have you eliminate yourself work you have done. Let’s say you
                Peace Corps                                                                                                                          restaurant for a coffee. Then return to            from the competition.                     are interviewing for a position in the
       Returned Volunteer Services
         Phone: (202) 692-1430 or                                                                                                                    your interview 10 minutes prior to                       Answer the question with a posi- real estate market. Having done your
         (800) 424-8580, ext. 1430
    E-mail: <hotline@peacecorps.gov>
                                                                                                                                                     your appointment.                                  tive weakness, such as, “I’m a very
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Continued on Page 5
       Fax: (202) 692-1431 or 1421

                                                                                                                                                                       "To find out what one is fitted to do, and to secure an opportunity to do it, is the key to happiness.”—John Dewey
                                                            TEACHERS • Whiteriver, AZ                                    POLICY ANALYST • Annapolis, MD
             PUBLIC SECTOR                                  Teaching positions for the 2001-02 school year avail-        Position available with the Maryland Higher Educa-
                                                            able at Alchesay High School. Positions include:             tion Commission, the higher education coordinating
CAMPUS RECRUITER • Tempe, AZ                                English, science, social studies, business, special          board. Duties: coordinates operating and capital bud-
Position available with Arizona State University for one    education (self-contained, transition, and resource),        get analyses; develops policy briefings on higher
or more years beginning 8/15/01. Duties: designs and        as well as coaching vacancies. Qualifications: state         education issues. Qualifications: BA/BS in business
implements recruitment campaigns to increase aware-         teaching certificate or ability to obtain certification.     administration, political science, public policy, or
ness of Peace Corps programs in university and local        Salary commensurate with qualifications and experi-          other related area; one year of experience in public
communities; counsels and interviews applicants; con-       ence (district salary schedule). Teacher housing avail-      administration or related fields (master’s degree will
ducts information meetings, class talks and walk-in         able. Contact: Madeline Palmer, Principal at (520)           substitute for one year of required experience). Sal-
office hours; coordinates activities with Los Angeles       338-4848 or <mpalmer@wusd.k12.az.us>.                        ary range: $38-$47K. Deadline 7/15/01. Send cover
Peace Corps office. Qualifications: RPCV enrolled at                                                                     letter, résumé, state application, and three references
least part-time in ASU classes; strong organizational and   PASSPORT SPECIALISTS • Boston                                to: Maryland Higher Education Commission, Re-
communication skills; ability to work without close         Positions available with the Boston Passport Agency,         cruitment, 16 Francis Street Annapolis, MD
supervision; and ability to work with people of diverse     U.S. State Department. Duties: determine entitle-            21401; phone (410) 260-4515; Web site:
backgrounds. Position is 19-20 hours per week. Send         ment to U.S. passports; accept passport applications;        <www.mhec.state.md.us>.
letter and résumé to Dr. Julie Stanton, Morrison School     interpret U.S. citizenship laws and regulations; ad-
of Agribusiness and Resource Management, 7001 E.            minister oaths and make determinations of U.S.               TECHNICAL ADVISOR • Washington, DC
Williams Field Rd., Mesa, AZ 85212; phone: (480) 727-       citizenship and identity. Qualifications: BS or BA           Position available with U.S. Census Bureau, Interna-
1126; fax: (480) 727-1011.                                  degree; team player; service-oriented; committed to          tional Programs Center, an organization dedicated to
                                                            public service excellence; highly motivated, depend-         transferring technology to developing countries.
LABOR INVESTIGATOR • Seattle, WA                            able, adaptable, flexible, and willing to perform            Duties: develops census and data processing systems
Position available at the GS 7/9/11 level with the U.S.     multi-tasks and functions. Salary: GS-5/7/11, $25-           on PCs for developing countries; trains counterparts;
Department of Labor, Office of Labor-Management             40K. Send résumé to: Robert Sheeran, Regional                participates in software development of CSPro (Cen-
Standards. Duties: conducts criminal and civil investiga-   Director, Boston Passport Agency, Tip O’Neill Fed-           sus and Survey Processing System); travel overseas
tions; analyzes financial records; works on a team in a     eral Building, Room 247, Boston, MA 02222; e-                required. Qualifications: bachelor’s degree in com-
close-knit federal agency to protect the rights of union    mail: <bostonpassport@aol.com>. Candidates with              puter science or related; motivated self-starter; C++
members. Qualifications: ability to analyze written and     non-competitive eligibility for federal employment           (MFC) in Windows desirable; languages (French/
numerical data and report findings in a clear and           encouraged to apply.                                         Spanish/Russian/Arabic) desirable. Send résumé to:
comprehensive manner, and work with a variety of                                                                         Glenn Ferri, International Programs Center, Popu-
people. Training provided. Starting salary ranges from      TEACHERS • Maryland                                          lation Division, Washington DC 20233; phone:
$30,026 to $44,441. Promotion potential to the GS-12        Positions available with Montgomery County Public            (301) 457-1451; fax: (301) 457-1451; e-mail:
level starting at $53,262. Send résumé to: Patricia A.      Schools. Positions include: math, Spanish, French, sci-      <gferri@census.gov>.
Anderson, U.S. Department of Labor, OASAM, 1111             ence, computer technology, and special education. Quali-
Third Avenue, Suite 915, Seattle, WA 98101-3212, 206        fications: bilingual applicants with teaching experience;    HEALTH NUTRITIONIST • Phoenix, AZ
553-4172; e-mail: <anderson-patricia@dol.gov>.              Maryland teaching certification. Résumé should include       Position available with Department of Health Ser-
                                                            area of certification, e-mail address, or phone numbers      vices. Duties: serves as a member of the nutrition
*VARIOUS • Washington, DC                                   where you may be reached. Fax résumé to: (301) 517-          program for women, infants, and children (WIC)
Positions available as economists, computer special-        5061. Please visit the MCPS Web site at                      team; promotes program planning, implementation,
ists, and statisticians with the Bureau of Labor Statis-    <www.mcps.k12.md.us> to discover more information            monitoring and evaluation of the Arizona WIC Pro-
tics. Duties: monitor consumer/producer/international       about Montgomery County Public Schools. For infor-           gram. Qualifications: experience in planning, devel-
prices, locality pay, salaries, and benefits, employ-       mation on getting certified to teach in Maryland, contact:   oping, and implementing nutrition programs, ser-
ment for the nation, industries, and occupations,           Jeanne Embich, Director of Peace Corps Programs,             vices and educational activities; experience in coor-
productivity for the nation and industries, occupa-         (202) 973-1061.                                              dinating nutrition services with operating public health
tional health and safety statistics, and characteristics                                                                 programs; prefer registered dietitian and previous
of the employed/unemployed. Qualifications: non-            WRITER-EDITOR • Washington, DC                               WIC experience. Salary: $27,901-$49,021. Submit a
competitive eligibility; U.S. citizen; BA/BS in ap-         Position available with U.S. Department of Labor.            comprehensive and detailed résumé to: Rosalee
propriate field; math and statistics courses required.      Duties: develops and coordinates publication of ma-          Montoya, Office of Human Resources 1740 W.
Send cover letter, résumé, and D.O.S. to: Angela            terials to inform labor unions about legal require-          Adams, Room 100, Phoenix, AZ 85007; phone:
Mason, Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2 Massachusetts          ments concerning officer elections and financial re-         (602) 542-2754; fax: (602) 542-1090.
Ave. NE, Room 4280, Washington, DC 20212-                   porting and develops internal training. Qualifica-
0001; phone: (202) 691-6615; fax: (202) 691-6610.           tions: one year of specialized experience at the next        TECHNICAL ADVISOR, • Washington, DC
                                                            lower grade level (education may be substituted for          Position available with U.S. Census Bureau, Inter-
CAMPUS RECRUITER • Syracuse, NY                             experience). Promotion potential to GS-12. Salary:           national Programs Center, an organization dedi-
Position available with the SUNY College of Envi-           $30K-69K. Apply by July 16. Send résumé, OF-612,             cated to transfer of technology to developing coun-
ronmental Science and Forestry. Programs of study           or SF-171; most recent supervisory performance               tries. Duties: develops census and data processing
include: environmental sciences, forestry, environ-         appraisal if available; and a transcript if qualifying on    systems on PCs for developing countries; trains
mental and forest biology, chemistry, landscape ar-         education to: U.S. Department of Labor, attn: Ather          counterparts; participates in software development
chitecture, paper science engineering, environmental        L. McKelvy, 200 Constitution Avenue, NW, Room                of CSPro (Census and Survey Processing Sys-
and forest engineering, wood products engineering.          S-3316, Washington, DC 20210.                                tem); travel overseas required. Qualifications:
Successful applicants must be accepted into the gradu-                                                                   bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related;
ate program at ESF for the fall 2001 semester. Salary:      RECRUITER • Los Angeles, CA                                  motivated self-starter; C++ (MFC) in Windows
tuition and stipend. Academic-year appointment.             Position available in the Peace Corps Los Angeles            desirable; languages (French/Spanish/Russian/
Please contact: Thomas Slocum, ESF Office of Ca-            Regional Office. See the regional recruiter vacancy          Arabic) desirable. Send résumé to: Glenn Ferri,
reer and Counseling Services, 110 Bray Hall, 1              announcement at the Peace Corps Web site:                    International Programs Center, Population Divi-
Forestry Drive, Syracuse, NY 13210; phone: (315)            <www.peacecorps.gov>. Please submit application              sion, US Census Bureau, Washington, DC 20233;
470-6660; e-mail: <toslocum@esf.edu>; Web site              to: Peace Corps Human Resources, 1111 20th Street            phone: (301) 457-1451; fax: (301) 457-1451; e-
<www.esf.edu>.                                              NW, Washington, DC 20526.                                    mail: <gferri@census.gov>.

Page 2
                                                                                                                     " " indicates this announcement has appeared in previous Hotlines.
FOREIGN SERVICE OFFICERS • Worldwide                           OUTREACH WORKER • Chicago, IL                               EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT • Chapel Hill, NC
Positions available with the U.S. Department of State,         Position available with Saint Anthony Hospital, a           Position available with the American Cleft Palate-
Foreign Service. Duties: work with administrative, con-        nonprofit Catholic hospital dedicated to providing          Craniofacial Association, an international non-
sular, political, or economic functions; carry out foreign     health and medical services, with special emphasis          profit dedicated to optimizing care for persons
policy missions and serve Americans abroad. Qualifica-         on the poor and underserved. Duties: plans, devel-          with facial birth defects. Duties: provides general
tions: U.S. citizen; at least 20 years old; able to pass the   ops, coordinates, implements and evaluates car-             administrative support to the executive director
Foreign Service exam. Exam registration booklets avail-        diovascular disease education and preventions               including correspondence and filing; answers
able at: U.S. Department of State, Recruitment Division,       programs. Qualifications: high school diploma or            phones and foundation hotline; organizes board
HR/REE/REC SA-1, 2401 E St NW, Washington, DC                  GED; excellent communication, organizational,               and committee meetings; assists with conference
20522-0151; Web site: <www.state.gov>. Deadline for            written and verbal skills; previous health and/or           planning and execution. Qualifications: bachelor’s
registration: 8/29/01.                                         community programs experience helpful; Spanish              degree preferred; excellent administrative/organi-
                                                               skills required; car necessary. Salary: $21K plus           zational skills; superior verbal/written communi-
                                                               benefits. Send résumé to: Veronica Venturini,               cation skills; strong computer skills with Microsoft
             PRIVATE SECTOR                                    Saint Anthony Hospital, Chicago, IL 60623; fax              Office Suite. Salary: up to $30K. Send or fax
                                                               (773) 522-2964; e-mail: <vventuri@cath-health.org>.         résumé to: ACPA, 104 South Estes Drive, Suite
FARM HELP • Potomac and Buckeystown, MD                                                                                    204, Chapel Hill, NC 27514; fax: (919) 933-9604;
Positions available with Nick’s Organic Farm. Farm             PROJECT LEADER • Florida                                    e-mail: <cleftline@aol.com>; Web site:
operates on a large farm-scale using modern equipment          Position available with Project Achieve, Inc., a San        <www.cleftline.org>.
to raise crops and livestock, including food grade soy-        Francisco-based company that offers curriculum man-
beans, sweet corn, rye grain, barley, hairy vetch, and hay.    agement systems delivered over the Internet to public       PROJECT ASSISTANT • Washington, DC
Research is conducted on the farm with USDA coopera-           schools around the country. Duties: leads and manages       Two entry-level positions available supporting
tors and agricultural grant programs. Products are sold to     implementation of Project Achieve in 20-30 schools;         international development programs in Africa and
wholesalers, retailers, and livestock operations. Interest     develops an implementation vision with school princi-       Latin America based out of Fintrac, Inc., office, a
in organic farming and experience operating and repair-        pals; leads training sessions for staff; communicates       private agribusiness consulting firm. Duties: works
ing farm machinery are helpful. Full or part-time. Salary:     product feedback from schools to product development.       on project backstopping, market research and
$8/hr. Contact: Nick Maravell, phone: (301) 983-2167;          Qualifications: minimum two years of teaching experi-       analysis, library services, Web site design, and
e-mail: <ncmarave@erols.com>.                                  ence; bachelor’s, master's preferred; change-manage-        other admin. responsibilities. Qualifications: un-
                                                               ment and leadership experience; dedication to and pas-      dergraduate degree (preferably in business, eco-
*CORRESPONDENTS • Various                                      sion for public education reform. Send résumé to: Viviana   nomics, international affairs, or development stud-
Positions available with Weissmann Travel Reports,             Szymanski, Director of Human Resources, Project             ies); knowledge of spreadsheet and word process-
a provider of worldwide destination information.               Achieve, Inc., 250 Fourth St., San Francisco, CA 94103;     ing software programs; strong writing and analytic
Duties: work on detailed research about what to see            Web site: <www.projectachieve.com>.                         skills, in addition to fluency in French or Spanish.
and do in a destination; write up descriptions in a                                                                        Send résumé and cover letter to: Fintrac, Inc., 1746
lively, original way. Fact checking is also required.          RESETTLEMENT MANAGER • New York, NY                         Kalorama Rd. NW, Washington, DC 20009; fax:
Pay is generally U.S. $100-$650, depending                     Position available with large community- based non-         (202) 462-8478; e-mail: <jobs@fintrac.com>.
on the assignment. To see samples of travel                    profit organization. Duties: interviews and counsels
reports, visit <www.weissmann.com>. If in-                     individuals who have relatives who may be eligible          COORDINATOR • Minneapolis, MN
terested, please send an e-mail to                             for U.S. resettlement; files applications and affida-       Position available with Children’s HeartLink, a
<weissmanncorrespondents@cahners.com>.                         vits; orients refugees to their new homes and commu-        nonprofit organization. Duties: works in collabo-
Please put the destination you’re inquiring about in           nities; provides a wide variety of support referral and     ration with international programs director; coor-
the subject line, and include a brief description of           advocacy services. The case manager may also work           dinates missions to international sites; arranges
your background.                                               on other refugee resettlement projects such as early        visits and trainings for international medical pro-
                                                               employment, medical case management or material             fessionals; maintains patient information system;
*BACKPACKING STAFF • Toccoa, GA                                aid. Qualifications: BA or other qualifying experi-         coordinates the receipt, inventory, and distribu-
Positions available now through Aug. with Blue Ridge           ence; bilingual; skills or experience related to serving    tion of donated medical supplies. Qualifications:
Outdoor Education Center. Duties: teach environmental          refugees, political asylum seekers, or the foreign          BA/BS; strong skills in organization, problem
education classes, Cherokee culture adventure programs,        born. Send résumé and cover letter to: Eileen Reilly,       solving, and verbal and written communication;
high ropes, and rappelling with youth and adult groups.        Program Manager, CAMBA, Inc., 884 Flatbush Av-              multi-tasking abilities; and experience in interna-
Qualifications: ability and desire to lead school groups in    enue, 2nd fl., Brooklyn, NY 11226.                          tional development. Salary: mid $20s. Send cover
educational classes, biology or ecology background                                                                         letter and résumé to: Children’s HeartLink, Attn:
preferred; sense of humor a must. First Aid, CPR, high         RESIDENT COORDINATOR • Linn County, OR                      Mr. John Cushing, 5075 Arcadia Avenue, Minne-
ropes, and rappelling training provided. Salary: $190/wk       Position available with Linn County Affordable Hous-        apolis, MN 55408; phone 952-928-4860; fax (952)
plus room and board. Send cover letter and résumé to:          ing, a private nonprofit development corporation            928-4859; e-mail: <info@childrensheartlink.org>.
John DiDiego, Director, Blue Ridge Outdoor Education           providing quality affordable housing to low-income
Center, Rt. 3, Box 3495, Toccoa, GA 30577; phone:              residents. Duties: works directly with residents of         VARIOUS • United States
(706) 886-7621; e-mail: <blueridge@alltel.net>.                LCAH-owned housing to enrich social, economic,              Positions available with Girl Scout Councils in vari-
                                                               and environmental conditions impacting their lives;         ous parts of the United States. Qualifications: mini-
TEACHERS • Tohatchi, NM                                        works with residents, executive director, property          mum of five to eight years as agency CEO with a
Positions available with Tohatchi High School, a 9-            managers, and social service providers to plan and          minimum of 25 staff and $1 million budgets; experi-
12 school of 500 Native American students located              implement programs; evaluates and reports. Qualifi-         ence in multicultural environments and facility in a
on the Navajo Reservation north of Gallup, NM.                 cations: knowledge/experience with community or-            foreign language such as Spanish encouraged. Com-
Openings include: band/chorus, English, home eco-              ganization, program development, social service net-        petitive salary and benefits depending on size of
nomics, math, social studies, special education, voca-         working, advocacy, and case management services;            Council. Current positions are Allentown and
tional agriculture. Subsidized housing, certification          ability to work on newsletter. Salary range: $30-34K,       Johnstown, Pennsylvania, Bakersfield, California,
waivers, higher education available. Contact: Don              depending upon experience. Send cover letter and            and southwest Connecticut. Send résumé to: Bob
Wetmore or TJ Bentley, Tohatchi High School, PO                résumé by 7/15 to: Diana Cvitanovich, 745 Main St.,         Perodeau, PO Box 509, Convent Station, NJ 07961-
Box 248, Cougar Trail, Tohatchi, NM 87325; phone:              Lebanon, OR 97355; fax: (541) 258-3791.                     0509; e-mail: <executive.source@jwtworks.com>;
(505) 733-2206; fax: (505) 733-2216; e-mail:                                                                               fax: (973) 539-3721 or (800) 451-1451.
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LITERACY INSTRUCTOR • Reading, PA                              IT COORDINATOR • Washington, DC                           COORDINATOR • Washington, DC
Position available with an innovative vocational ESL           Position available with Academy for Educational           Position available with International Communications
program at Reading Area Community College for in-              Development/Latin America and Caribbean Re-               Department of Conservation International. Duties: sup-
structor of beginning reading and writing (in Spanish) for     gion. Seeking senior level IT policy and imple-           ports offices around the world in educating students and
displaced non-literate farm workers in order for them to       mentation professional in the International arena.        teachers about biodiversity conservation; develops stra-
be mainstreamed into ESL and vocational classes. Quali-        Qualifications: U.S. citizenship required; master's       tegic programs; creates educational materials; organizes
fications: familiarity with basic language/literacy skills a   in a field related to IT in development; minimum          awareness campaigns; assists in fundraising and coordi-
must; master’s preferred. Compensation includes 25             three years of experience; experience with inter-         nates networking and training opportunities. Qualifica-
hours of instruction plus 5 hours program development          national development organizations and knowl-             tions: three years of experience in envir–onmental edu-
a week. Send résumé to: Laurie Ketzenberg, Coordina-           edge of the organization/operation of USAID;              cation; six months in developing country; professional
tor, 2311 Seipstown Road, Fogelsville, PA 18051; fax:          Spanish fluency is required. Send résumé w/cover          fluency in Spanish; knowledge of environmental educa-
(610) 285-4945; phone: (610) 285-4699; e-mail:                 letter and reference position #KV1135pc to: AED/          tion and conservation strategies; bachelor’s in environ-
<LKetzenberg@mindspring.com>.                                  HR, 1875 Conn. Ave. NW, Suite 900, Washing-               ment or education; teaching skills and commitment.
                                                               ton, DC 20009; fax: (202) 884-8413; Web site:             Send résumé, cover letter, and references to: Shannon
PROGRAM MANAGER • Washington, DC                               <www.aed.org>.                                            Quesada, Conservation International, International Com-
Position available with Checchi and Company, an                                                                          munications, Attn: EE Coordinator Search 1919 M
international development consulting firm. Incum-              EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR • Voluntown, CT                        Street NW, Suite 600, Washington, DC 20036; e-mail:
bent will assist with the management of current                Position available with small nonprofit with inno-        <s.quesada@conservation.org>.
contracts in Colombia, Guatemala, and Nicaragua,               vative programs in land reform and community
as well as new business development activities.                development finance. Organization works on both           DEVELOPMENT EDUCATOR • Millbrook, NY
Duties: backstops overseas field offices; recruits             sustainable development and land conservation             Position available with Cornell Cooperative Extension
international consultants; writes and edits propos-            with innovative programs in land reform and com-          Dutchess County, a nonprofit agency dedicated to grass
als; drafts employment agreements; monitors                    munity development finance in the United States           roots youth development. Duties: outreaches to new
monthly reports from field offices. Qualifications:            and occasionally abroad. Duties: manages organi-          audiences; coordinates a variety of countywide events/
fluent in Spanish; bachelor’s master’s; two to three           zation; supervises staff; raises funds; prepares          programs and general 4-H clubs. Qualifications: BA/BS
years relevant work experience; knowledge of                   informational and technical materials; travels for        in science, education or a related field; two years of
USAID and other donor organizations. Send                      the purposes of consultation and public speaking.         program management experience. Salary: $27K. Send
cover letter with current résumé to: Coney                     Compensation modest, based on need: room and              résumé to: Nina Malerba, 4-H Program Leader, 2715
Patterson, fax: (202) 466-9070; e-mail:                        board, transportation, medical care, payments for         Route 44, Millbrook, NY 12545; fax: (845) 677-6563.
<cpatterson@checchiconsulting.com>.                            debts and dependents, and a stipend. Contact:
                                                               Chuck Matthei, Equity Trust, 539 Beach Pond               OUTREACH WORKER • Hendersonville, NC
*INSTRUCTORS • Tallahassee, FL                                 Road, Voluntown, CT 06384; phone/fax (860)                Position available with Blue Ridge Community Health
Positions available with the Hurricane Island Out-             376-6174; e-mail: <equitytrust@aol.com>.                  Services, Inc. Duties: works with farm workers, adoles-
ward Bound School/Southern Programs, a non-                                                                              cents, and their families; promotes/enables use of clinical
profit organization dedicated to working year-                 VARIOUS • Greenbelt, MD                                   services; conducts health education and case manage-
round with at-risk and adjudicated youth in a                  Two positions available with Aid Through Trade, a         ment. Qualifications: strong organizational and commu-
wilderness, residential, and home setting. Duties:             fair-trade jewelry design and import business started     nication skills; fluency in English and Spanish; experi-
work in the field; work in team situations; teach;             by a Nepal RPCV. Business manager duties: respon-         ence working with Latinos; valid NC driver’s license;
oversee safety of course and help enhance our                  sible for overall operations, including staff supervi-    ability to work alone in the evenings at migrant camps.
community. Qualifications: CPR, WFR, and prior                 sion, efficient order processing, timely production,      Send résumé to: Human Resources Director, Blue Ridge
experience with teens. All are encouraged to at-               and delivery, and highest level of customer service.      Community Health Services, Inc., P.O. Box 5151,
tend an initial training program (occurs four times            Marketing coordinator duties: customer service, new       Hendersonville, NC 28793. Contact: Mary Anne Tierney,
per year). Programs range from 18 to 30 days in                market development, liaison for national sales reps;      Outreach Coordinator; phone: (828) 696-8264, ext.
wilderness courses and 180 days in residential                 travel to fashion-focus trade shows. Opportunity to       2436; e-mail: <mat@brinet.com>.
settings. Send résumé to: Alyse Ostreicher, Staff              work in socially conscious business that is having
Developer, HIOBS, 177 Salem Court, Tallahas-                   positive impact on women artisans in Nepal. Send          FIELD INSTRUCTOR • Loa, UT
see, FL 32301; phone: (850) 414-8816; fax: (850)               résumés to: Aid Through Trade, P.O. Box 818,              Position available at Aspen Achievement Academy.
922-6721; e-mail: <alyseo@aol.com>; Web site:                  Greenbelt, MD 20768; fax: (301) 345-4149.                 Duties: works with two other instructors at year-round
<members.tripod.com/outward.bound>.                                                                                      wilderness therapy program; works with a therapist on a
                                                                                                                         team of three instructors and six to nine students; teaches
                                                                                                                         outdoor living, primitive skills, high school curriculum

                                                                                                                         and assists with the therapeutic process. Qualifications:
                                                                                                                         BA/BS or equivalent life experience; experience with
                                                                                                                         outdoor living and/or adolescents; WFR/WEMT and
                                                   OPPORTUNITIES                                                         one-year commitment preferred. Salary: $90/ day to
                                                                                                                         start, $125/day for senior instructors. Contact: Hansel
     *RPCV BUSINESS SYMPOSIUM • Washington, DC                                                                           Halverson, P.O. Box 400, Loa, UT 84747; e-mail:
     The National Peace Corps Association, as part of the 40th anniversary Celebrations, is presenting a                 <FieldDept@theaspenacademy.com>.
     one-day symposium to highlight future trends and opportunities for RPCVs in business including
     entrepreneurial ventures, economic development NGOs, corporations, and university MBA pro-                          TEACHERS • US South
     grams. In addition, the symposium will recognize RPCVs that have continued their careers in the                     Teaching positions available through Southern Teachers
     private sector and those businesses that value the Peace Corps experience. For detailed information,                Agency for public and private schools. Duties: involve
     including schedule, location, cost, places to stay, and an area to nominate a company and/or an                     typical classroom assignments in all K-12 academic
     RPCV for recognition as making an outstanding contribution to the private sector community, please                  areas. Qualifications: bachelor’s degree; teacher certifi-
     go to <www.isgroup.com/bizsymp/info.asp>. Early registration deadline is June 7, but please note                    cation preferred, but not required. Salary: $20-40K. Send
     that participant numbers are limited and will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. Ques-               résumé to: Southern Teachers Agency, 7 Elliewood
     tions/inquiries may be sent directly to the conference coordinator, Dan Jenkin (Czech Republic
                                                                                                                         Ave., Suite 2A, Charlottesville, VA 22903-2603; phone:
     1995-97), e-mail: <bizsymp@rpcv.org>; voicemail: 202-238-0709, option three.
                                                                                                                         (804) 295-9122 fax: (804) 295-6448; Web site:
 Page 4
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VARIOUS • Colora, MD                                        VARIOUS • Falls Church, VA                           Continued from front page
Positions available at West Nottingham Academy.             Positions available with the Capital Chapter of
Openings include: French teacher, history teacher,          the National Parkinson Foundation, a small non-      research on the strength of the market, you may ask,
counselor, and associate head of school. Benefits           profit dedicated to serving people with              “Do you expect the market in this area to remain as
include competitive salary and housing. Send                Parkinson’s disease in the Washington, DC area       strong as it has been in the past six months?”
résumés and references to: Kenneth Brown, Head              by providing patient services, organizing educa-           7. Inquiring about benefits too soon: Ask not
of School, West Nottingham Academy, Colora,                 tional and outreach events, and supporting re-       what the company can do for you, but what you can
MD 21917; phone: (410) 658-5556; fax: (410)                 search into the cause and cure for Parkinson’s
                                                                                                                 do for the company! Sound familiar? If you seem
658-6790; e-mail: <kbrown@wna.org>; Web site:               disease. Patient services coordinator duties:
<www.wna.org>.                                              implements the chapter’s various patient ser-        more interested in the profit-sharing plan and vaca-
                                                            vices programs for the local Parkinson’s com-        tion policy than the job duties and requirements, the
ASSISTANT • Washington, DC                                  munity. Part-time (16 hours/week) staff assistant    prospective employer will develop serious concerns
Position available with the International Crisis            duties: provides overall administrative and cleri-   about your priorities. Of course, you have the right to
Group in the Washington office that handles lob-            cal support for the office. For complete job         know about the benefits a company offers, but chances
bying, policy, and public relations. Duties: an-            descriptions      and      information      visit    are the company information will be offered. After
swers phones; directs all inquiries; handles all            <www.ccnpf.com>.                                     all, their benefits are a selling point. If the subject
office support functions such as mailings, filing,                                                               isn’t brought up, you can broach the subject when
travel arrangements, and computer maintenance;              EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR • Amherst, MA
                                                                                                                 salary negotiations begin. Explain that the offer you’ll
provides administrative support for office staff,           Position available with the Hitchcock Center, a
including, developing itineraries for visiting ana-         small community-based environmental educa-           accept depends on the value of the whole compensa-
lysts. Salary: $25-30K. Send résumé, references,            tion and nature center. Duties: responsible for      tion package.
and writing sample to: Kristina Medic, Interna-             budgeting, fund-raising, grant-writing, super-             8. Bad-mouthing your previous employer:
tional Crisis Group, 1522 K Street, NW, Suite               vising of education staff, and maintaining rela-     Don’t ever, ever say anything derogatory or negative
200, Washington, DC 20005; e-mail:                          tionships with community and funding organi-         about an employer, coworker or company you have
<icgwashington@crisisweb.org>.                              zations. Qualifications: commitment to commu-        worked for in the past. It marks you as a complainer
                                                            nity-oriented environmental and science educa-       and it’s a small world. You don’t know whom the
VARIOUS • Worldwide                                         tion; experience in fundraising, administration,     person who’s interviewing you knows.
Positions available at Concern Worldwide for indi-          environmental education, and public program-
                                                                                                                       9. Lack of energy: It doesn’t matter if you only
viduals with strong relief and development back-            ming desirable. Send cover letter, résumé, writ-
grounds. Positions include: development officers,           ing samples, and three references by 7/31/01 to:     slept four hours last night and are coming down with
nutritionists, logistics officers, health program coor-     Director Search, Hitchcock Center for the Environ-   a cold. When you get to the interviewer, you have to
dinators, and assistant country director and country        ment, 525 S. Pleasant St., Amherst, MA 01002.        appear bright-eyed and eager. You must be cordial
director positions. Countries seeking new staff in-                                                              and polite. Job candidates with a lackluster demeanor
clude: Angola, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Burundi,            DEVELOPMENT DIR. • Chevy Chase, MD                   or an attitude rarely get the job offer. Mental energy
East Timor, Ethiopia, India, Laos, Mozambique, and          Position available with the Audubon Naturalist       is what it takes, so psych yourself up before making
Rwanda. Qualifications: minimum of two years of             Society, a regional environmental organization.      your entrance. Some lecturers and TV talk show
overseas experience plus a relevant master’s degree.        Duties: implements the development plan; works       hosts do it by playing lively music right before going
For a current listing of available jobs, please visit the   on budget development, supervision of grants,
                                                                                                                 on. If that’s impossible, just play an upbeat tune in
Web site at <www.concernusa.org>. Send résumé               and membership staff; works with volunteer
and cover letter to <benjamin.sand@concern-ny.org>.         committee. Qualifications: highly motivated; able    your head. Think of yourself as an entertainer and
                                                            to perform under tight deadlines; excellent inter-   know that the show must go on!
PROFESSOR • Fort Lauderdale, FL                             personal skills; environmental background pre-             10. Glancing at your watch: Clock-watching
Position available with the Graduate School of              ferred. Send résumé, cover letter, and salary        gives the impression that you are late for a more
Humanities and Social Sciences at Nova South-               requirements to: Development Director Search,        important date, are bored, or uninterested. Avoid that
eastern University (NSU). Qualifications: a Ph.D.           Audubon Naturalist Society, 8940 Jones Mill          problem by asking how much time you should allow
in social sciences, humanities, or a related field. .       Road, Chevy Chase, MD 20815; fax: (301) 951-         for the entire interviewwhen you set up the appoint-
Applicants should also have competence in areas             7179; e-mail: <mnelson@audubonnaturalist.org>;       ment. Your interviewer may be running behind, you
such as quantitative research, humanities, public           Web site: <www.audubonnaturalist.org>.
                                                                                                                 may have to complete an application or take some
policy issues, community building, urban studies,
business dispute resolution, or organizational de-          SHOP COORDINATOR • Milwaukee, WI                     tests, or you may be asked to meet with another
velopment. Submit a letter of application, curricu-         Position available with the Badger Association       decision-maker.
lum vitae, writing samples, course syllabi, teach-          of the Blind, a nonprofit organization serving the         Bonus number 11! Following instructions:
ing evaluations, and the names of three references          needs of the blind and visually impaired. Duties:    You may be given an application to complete or test
to: Conflict Analysis and Resolution Faculty Search         works with clients in a one-on-one basis to assess   to take. Make sure that you complete the entire
Committee (Position # 996087), Nova Southeast-              needs and suggest solutions; manages the retail      application even if you have a résumé. There may be
ern University, Office of Human Resources, 3301             operation of the Badger Association. Qualifi-        questions on the application that are not addressed in
College Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33314; e-               cations: retail experience. An enthusiastic and      your résumé. Never give an answer on an application
mail: <onsujobs@nova.edu>.                                  proactive person will have many opportunities in
                                                                                                                 “see résumé.” Leaving questions blank unanswered
                                                            this growing organization. Salary includes full
SHEEP HERDER • Townsend, MT                                 benefits and partial tuition reimbursement. Send     or referring to your résumé shows your inability to
Position available to herd sheep. Duties: works             résumé to: Badger Association, Attn. Human           take direction, your impatience, and your unwilling-
with trained dogs and horses in isolated areas for          Resources, 912 N. Hawley Rd., Milwaukee, WI          ness to follow instructions.
up to four months, from sunrise to sunset, seven            53213.                                                      Finally, there is an art to interviewing, so it may
days a week; protects sheep against predators;                                                                   take a few interviews to get the hang of it. Use your
lives full-time in a tent or a sheep wagon. Qualifi-                                                             interviews and your mistakes as learning tools to
cations: physically fit for vigorous mountain hik-                                                               improve on future interviews. Now that you know
ing; will train a willing novice Salary: $650 per                                                                the dos and don’ts of interviewing, go out and get that
month plus groceries. Contact Kay: fax (406) 266-
4962; e-mail: <kingalls2@juno.com>.
                                                                                                                                                                    Page 5
ACCOUNTANT • Washington, DC                              SUPPORT SPECIALIST • Westport, CT
Position available at the National Peace Corps           Position available with Save the Children. Duties: im-                        EDUCATION
Association (NPCA). Duties: maintains associa-           proves sponsorship management by leading and con-
tion accounts; manages accounts payable and re-          ducting field office reviews; lends technical assistance       HUMAN GOODNESS • Winston-Salem, NC
ceivable; manages cash flow; prepares for the            and policy guidance to offices; implements Total Quality      The University for Human Goodness seeks ma-
annual audit; advises NPCA leadership on finan-          Management improvement practices; provides training           ture individuals who desire to make a differ-
cial matters. Qualifications: three years of ac-         to staff. Qualifications: bachelors’ degree required plus     ence in the world. Its soul-centered education
counting experience, including work in a nonprofit       two years of experience in an office setting; effective       for a lifetime offers a service learning opportu-
association. Salary: mid $30s. Contact: NPCA, 1900       technical writing skills and strong analytical background;    nity that builds common sense, clear thinking,
L Street, NW, Suite 205, Washington, DC 20036;           strong leadership and communication skills; language          interpersonal and leadership skills, and a clear
fax: (202) 293-7554; e-mail: <admin@rpcv.org>.           skills in Spanish, French and/or Portuguese preferred;        sense of life purpose. The full-time program
                                                         ability to travel up to 20% of time. Contact Save the         requires a year’s commitment with a minimum
ADMIN. COORDINATOR • Boston, MA                          Children, Dept. 1373/PC/JM, 54 Wilton Road, Westport,         of 45 hours per week of applied service learn-
Position available with Management Sciences for          CT. 06880; fax: (203) 221-4077; e-mail:                       ing. Scholarships, including free room and board
Health. Duties: responsible for administrative man-      <rstanford@savechildren.org>.                                 for full-time students, are available to qualified
agement and logistical support for specific country                                                                    students. For further information, call (336)
activities. Qualifications: bachelor’s degree and/or     TEACHERS • Majuro, Marshall Islands                           761-8745 or e-mail <inquiry@ufhg.org>.
relevant experience; strong office and organiza-         Positions available with Majuro Cooperative School.
tional skills; ability to take initiative and partici-   Duties: teach kindergarten, 1st grade, 4th grade, and         *HELLER GRAD. SCHOOL • Waltham, MA
pate on teams in a fast-paced work setting; profi-       middle-school math and language arts. Qualifica-              Brandeis University offers a Master’s Pro-
ciency in Spanish required, Portuguese strongly          tions: certified teachers; ability to work autonomously       gram in Health and Human Services Man-
preferred; excellent interpersonal skills; ability to    and in a team environment; ESL training and experi-           agement, combining cutting-edge manage-
provide computer skills for word processing, data-       ence preferable. Housing and roundtrip ticket pro-            ment training and social policy analysis for
bases, spreadsheets, and presentations. Full-job         vided. School starts in Aug. 2001 thru June 2002.             graduates to design effective programs and
description at <www.msh.org>. Send cover letter          Contact: Principal, P.O. Box 81, Majuro, Marshall             lead organizations into the future. The Mas-
and résumé to: Marcia Herrera, Senior Recruit-           Island, MH 96960; phone: (692) 625-3144; fax: (692)           ter of Management and MBA (human ser-
ment Officer, Management Sciences for Health,            625-3719, e-mail: <coopschl@ntamar.com> or                    vices) are offered on a full- and part-time
165 Allandale Road, Boston, MA 02130; fax:               <majurocoop@yahoo.com>.                                       basis. Students can concentrate in a number
(617) 524-2825; e-mail: <jobs@msh.org>.                                                                                of policy areas, including health, child, youth
                                                         VARIOUS • Tashkent, Uzbekistan                                and family services, and services for elders
                                                         Positions available at the International Business School      and people with disabilities. Heller also of-
          INTERNATIONAL                                  “Kelajak Ilmi” at the Tashkent State Economic Univer-         fers a Ph.D. in social policy. RPCVs are
                                                         sity on a new project under a grant from the Eurasia          entitled to waive the $50 application fee. For
*DIRECTORS • Worldwide                                   Foundation. Positions include: lecturer, librarian, and       more information, please call Heller Admis-
Positions available with United Seamen’s Ser-            several senior-level posts. To apply for a position, send a   sions at (800) 279-4105, e-mail:
vice, an international nonprofit agency. Duties:         résumé, stating desired position, proposed program on         <HellerAdmissions@brandeis.edu>; Web
work in port community and merchant marine               organization of academic departments, and two letters of      site: <heller.brandeis.edu>.
centers. Qualifications: strong managerial skills        reference by 7/1/01 to: International Business School, 49
relating to food and beverages in a club-type            Uzbekistanskaya Street, Tashkent 700063, Uzbekistan;          UNIVERSITY OF MASS. • Boston, MA
atmosphere, strong social service, administra-           phone: (998-712) 45-46-63; or via e-mail:                     University of Massachusetts offers a 36-credit
tive, and counseling skills; ability to organize         <kelajak@ishonch.uz>.                                         hour Master of Arts and an 18-credit hour
programs for both the community and seafarers                                                                          Graduate Certificate in Dispute Resolution.
while maintaining a liaison between govern-              TEACHER • Fuzhou, China                                       Course work includes: negotiation, theory, and
ment agencies and the maritime industry. Initial         Fuzhou International School (FIS) is now hiring qualified     a six-credit internship mediating cases in Bos-
assignment is for two years. Tax free salary plus        instructors to teach foreign students in grades preK          ton-area district court. Advanced internships
benefits. Send cover letter and SF-171 or résumé         through fourth for the 2001 - 2002 school year. Candi-        are also available in a nonprofit mediation and
to: Assistant Director of Operations, United             dates must have valid teaching credentials. FIS offers a      training firm, a state mediation office, and a
Seamen’s Service, One World Trade Center,                competitive salary with base salary paid in U.S. dollars.     court-based youth mediation program. Students
Suite 2161, New York, NY 10048-0234; fax:                Benefits include furnished housing, medical insurance, a      can specialize in organizational, environmen-
(212) 432-5492.                                          travel allowance and professional growth opportunities.       tal, and ethno-political conflict. Graduate as-
                                                         As soon as possible, interested parties should contact via    sistantships are also available. Applications for
COUNTRY DIRECTOR • Bolivia                               e-mail: Jeffrey Fischmann, Director,                          spring 2002 accepted until 1/2/02. Contact:
Position available with Food for the Hungry              <jdfisch47@yahoo.com>.                                        Amy Gay, e-mail: <amy.gay@umb.edu>; Web
International (FHI), a Christian relief and devel-                                                                     site: <www.disres.umb.edu>.
opment organization working in over 20 coun-             ESL TEACHERS • NE China
tries worldwide. Duties: responsible for the over-       Positions available with Aston, an American-                  *UNIVERSITY OF VT. • Burlington, VT
all management and oversight of all DRC pro-             registered company with English schools in                    The Field Naturalist and Ecological Planning
grams, staff and budget, including provision of          China. Duties: teach conversational English                   Master’s Degree Programs at the University of
seeds, tools, and training to assist local farmers.      to all ages. Positions for teachers in private                Vermont provide collaborative, integrative, multi-
Qualifications: minimum of two to three years of         school or local middle schools. Qualifications:               disciplinary field training in landscape ecology,
previous program management experience, pref-            BA in any field; native English speaker; teach-               environmental problem solving, and ecology-
erably in Africa; educational background re-             ing experience or training period at the school.              based land-use planning. RPCVs are encouraged
lated to international relief and development;           Salary: $490/month, insurance, housing, Chi-                  to apply. For more information, contact: Field
bilingual; understanding of basic accounting and         nese lessons, end of contract travel bonus.                   Naturalist /Ecological Planning Program, Dept.
management practices; proven ability in fund-            Send cover letter, passport scan, and résumé                  of Botany, University of Vermont, Burlington,
ing, proposal writing, and contacts with major           to:    Mike      Threatt     in    China      at              VT 05405; phone: (802) 656-2930; Web site:
donors. Résumés/CVs must be sent by e-mail               <future@mail.dlptt.ln.cn>.                                    <www.uvm.edu/~wpoleman/fnwebpage.html>.
(please use MS Word for attachments) to

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                                                                                  Crisis Corps in Need of Volunteers
*CONSERVATION ASSOCIATES • Naples, FL                     El Salvador Post-Earthquake Assistance
Positions available through The Conservancy of
Southwest Florida. Naples Nature Center: envi-            Crisis Corps is recruiting Volunteers to aid El Salvador in earthquake recovery and reconstruction efforts.
ronmental policy, land acquisition, Museum of             RPCVs must have experience in Latin America (preferably Central America). Assignments are for six months,
Natural History, summer day camp, school pro-             with a minimum three- or four-month commitment. Excellent Spanish skills are required.
grams, and wildlife rehabilitation clinic. Briggs
Nature Center: environmental interpreters. Posi-          Assignments include: 1. Project Concern International project coordinators (experience in water and sanitation—
tions are available on a rotating basis. Applicants       potable water, latrines, and wells; logistics; community development; and construction); 2. Ayuda en Accion disease
must be at least a junior in college or graduates with    control/epidemiology volunteer (epidemiology or public health degree, experience with tropical diseases); 3. Ayuda
a background in biology, conservation, wildlife,          en Accion post-traumatic stress management volunteer (degree in psychology or clinical social work, minimum two
research, teaching, elementary education, environ-        years of related professional experience); 4. Police Welfare Foundation housing construction volunteers (considerable
mental education/science, marine, or related fields.      experience with cement block house construction and training experience); 5. Stress management volunteer for
For information, request an application from: Sharon      World Vision (Degree in psychology, clinical sociology or public health, ability to work with children, knowledge
Truluck, Human Resources Director, The Conser-            of PTS techniques); 6. Municipal planning/disaster mitigation volunteer for Cooperative Housing Foundation (local/
vancy of Southwest Florida, 1450 Merrihue Drive,          municipal development experience, experience in disaster planning and mitigation preferred).
Naples, FL 34102; phone: (941) 403-4213; e-mail:
                                                          HIV/AIDS Africa Assignments
                                                          The following assignments require previous African work experience, a six-month commitment, and HIV/AIDS
VOLUNTEER • Washington, DC                                work/volunteer experience. Additional qualifications listed.
Volunteers wanted to help a new organization
launch a youth program in Honduras. Put your              Kenya: 1. Community HIV/AIDS Peer Education Training volunteer (youth peer education and training expe-
ideas and research and writing skills to use in           rience, knowledge of life skills); 2. HIV/AIDS Trainer volunteer (HIV/AIDS training and ICE development ex-
planning projects dealing with environmental ac-          perience); and 3. Project Management volunteer for NGO (two years of community and NGO development ex-
tivities for youth as well as HIV/AIDS prevention         perience).
education and youth promoter training. Call RPCV
Eileen Blumenthal at (202) 544-8460 for more              Malawi: 1. Home-based care advisor/trainer volunteer (health degree and experience caring for AIDS patients); 2.
information.                                              Organizational Development volunteer for volunteer-staffed NGO (experience with a community based organization
                                                          and HIV/AIDS programs in Africa); and 3. Youth and AIDS Technical Training volunteer for volunteer youth
                                                          organization (experience working with youth on behavior change and life skills).
                                                          Namibia: HIV/AIDS youth coordinator volunteer for HIV/AIDS Multipurpose Center (youth development and
*U. OF SOUTH. CAROLINA • Columbia, SC                     training experience).
The University of South Carolina has fellowships for
RPCVs fluent in Spanish to pursue a graduate degree       Tanzania: 1.Counselor trainer for street children program (paraprofessional counselor training, especially for
and work with an innovative community development         adolescent population; MSW or equivalent); and 2. Life skills training volunteer for youth center (BSW life skills
                                                          knowledge and training experience).
project empowering the growing Latino population in
South Carolina. Duties: works on development of
                                                          Togo: NGO technical assistance and training volunteers (health education and NGO capacity building experience
cultural competency training; statewide workshops;        and French fluency).
Spanish interpretation, and translation. Fellowship
includes monthly stipend and tuition reduction. Quali-    Zambia: 1. workplace HIV/AIDS educator (health education degree and experience in workplace health education);
fications: bachelor’s degree; RPCV; fluent in Spanish;    2. monitoring and evaluation volunteer (MPH and biostatistics and research experience, in addition to community
experience working in Latino communities. Contact:        experience); and 3. Community-based hospice volunteer for NGO (social work or nursing degree and previous
Wendy Sellers Campbell, HABLA Project, Center for         hospice experience).
Child and Family Studies, College of Social Work,
University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC 29208;         Bosnia Assignments
phone: (803) 777-8127; e-mail: <habla@gwm.sc.edu>.
                                                          Crisis Corps is recruiting Volunteers to serve in Bosnia for 6 months commencing late August. RPCVs with
                                                          Slavic language skills and extensive experience in any of the following are encouraged to apply: accounting,
       AMERICORPS/VISTA                                   micro enterprise/NGO development, , business marketing, solid waste handling, and
                                                          design (clothing and household goods).
                                                          RPCVs interested in these assignments should submit an application and résumé to the Crisis Corps. An application
Positions available with the East Bay Conservation        and additional position information can be downloaded from the Crisis Corps Web site at: <www.peacecorps.gov/
Corps’ Project Youth Engaged in Service (Project          crisiscorps>; or call 800-424-8580, ext. 2250; or e-mail: <crisiscorps@peacecorps.gov>.
YES) to promote service-learning programs in
middle schools in Oakland. Duties: serve as club
leader, partner teacher, and liaison at one school.      VISTA LEADER • SE United States                                  VISTA LEADERS • Seattle, WA
Qualifications: BA/BS; experience working with           Positions availaable with organization focused on elimi-         Positions available with the Fremont Public Associa-
youth in an urban setting and background in com-         nating poverty housing. VISTAs work with Habitat coor-           tion. Duties: assist in the overall operations of our
munity service is preferred. Benefits: $1,360-1,440/     dinating volunteer projects in construction, family ser-         national service programs that focus on developing
month plus $4,725 educational award, health insur-       vices, and resource development. Duties: help manage             resources for low-income individuals, resolving con-
ance, childcare payments, and deferred student           these projects by encouraging success and reporting re-          flicts, and tutoring children. Qualifications: two years of
loans. Send cover letter and résumé to: Moira            sults. Leaders receive a living allowance, health benefits,      Peace Corps. Stipend of $1,000/month plus a $4725
Chapman, Project YES, 1021 Third St., Oakland,           and travel reimbursement. For more information please            education award. Begins August 2001. Send a résumé
CA 94607; fax: (510) 992-7962; e-mail:                   contact: Maureen O’Leary, VISTA supervisor, at (407)             to: C. Knebelsberger at the Fremont Public Association,
<mchapman@ebcc-school.org>.                              389-2462; fax (407) 389-6127; e-mail:                            P.O. Box 31151, Seattle, WA 98103; phone: (206) 694-
                                                         <moleary@hfhi.org>.                                              6824; e-mail: <carolinek@fremontpublic.org>.
                                                                                                                                                                                  Page 7
Peace Corps                                                                                                                                                           First Class Mail
Washington, DC 20526                                                                                                                                                  Postage & Fees paid
OFFICIAL BUSINESS                                                                                                                                                     Peace Corps
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   When responding to a listing: please indicate with a cover letter that you are a Returned      not be posted on bulletin boards or passed on to non-RPCVs. Peace Corps has no control over, nor
   Peace Corps Volunteer submitting your résumé in response to a HOTLINE announcement.            responsibility for HOTLINE advertisers, nor do we have personal knowledge relating to working
   Questions concerning positions should be addressed to the advertiser, NOT to Returned          conditions of advertised opportunities. If you have any complaints about an advertiser, please
   Volunteer Services. HOTLINE is published twice monthly for the use of RPCVs and should         write and let us know.


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                                                                                                                                                 Celebrate the 40th
 To change address or discontinue subscription, fill out the information above, cut out the box, and mail it in an envelope to:
 Database Mgr.,Second Fl., Peace Corps, 1111 20th St., NW, Washington, D.C. 20526. Changes cannot be made without
 this form nor over the phone. Please allow 4-6 weeks for any changes to take effect.
                                                                                                                                            For more information and to register
                                                                                                                                            for the National Peace Corps
                                                                 PROGRAM COORDINATOR • Eureka, CA
          June Career Event                                      Position available with College of the Redwoods.
                                                                                                                                            Association's activities in conjunction
                                                                                                                                            with the Peace Corps' 40th Anniver-
                                                                 Duties: establishes a program to train parents in                          sary in Washington, D.C., September
   CEO Duane Kissick, Project Coordi-
                                                                 reading and other literacy efforts with their child;                       20-23, go to: <www.rpcv.org/pages/
   nator Ted Bratrud, and other repre-
                                                                 works in unison with Access Careers in Teaching                            celebrate.cfm>.
   sentatives from Planning and Devel-
                                                                 AmeriCorps (ACT) located at College of the
   opment Collaborative, International                           Redwoods. This VISTA member will work with,
   (PADCO, INC.) , a consulting firm,                            and be supervised by, the ACT Coordinator at
   present the topic: “How to find a Job                         College of the Redwoods. Contact: Dawn
   in International Consulting.”                                 Jackman, College of the Redwoods, 7351                                          HOTLINE NOTICE
                                                                 Tompkins Hill Road, Eureka, CA 95501-9300;
   The discussion will highlight the dos                         phone: (707) 476-4539; e-mail: <dawn-
   and don’ts on how to land a job in in-                                                                                                     Returned Volunteer Services produces
                                                                 jackman@eureka.redwoods.cc.ca.us>; Web site:                                 and distributes Hotline to returned
   ternational consulting and conclude                           <www.americorps.org/joining/index.html>.
   with a power point presentation on                                                                                                         Peace Corps Volunteers for two years
   disaster relief.                                                                                                                           following their COS date. If your ser-
                                                                 PROGRAM COORDINATOR • Maine                                                  vice ended in May 1999, then this
                                                                 Mentoring positions available in communities across                          issue of Hotline is the last one that
                                                                 Maine with Big Brothers-Big Sisters. Duties: de-                             will be sent to you.
                                                                 velop and expand site-based mentoring programs,
   When and Where:
                                                                 which involves recruiting volunteers, matching                               Please note: Current Hotline copies are
   June 21, 2001, 12 noon–1:30 p.m.                              mentors to at-risk youth and coordinating programs                           now available online free of charge. Go
   Peace Corps, 1111 20th St., NW                                with schools. Benefits: living stipend, relocation                           to the Web site <www.peacecorps.gov/
   Shriver Conference Room A                                     allowance, health coverage, and an education award                           rpcv/hotline/index.html> to download
                                                                 of $4,725 at the end of 12-month term of service;                            issues in Portable Document Format
   Washington, D.C. 20526
                                                                 many training opportunities. Contact: Carrie Evans,                          (PDF). Because Hotline is now online,
                                                                 VISTA Leader, BBBS 195 Lancaster St., Portland,                              the National Peace Corps Association is
   For more information, please contact Elvira                   ME 04101; phone: (207) 749-0415; e-mail:
   May, RVS, at (202) 692-1445.                                                                                                               no longer offering paid subscriptions.

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