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									                             THE STATE GUARD

                               NY GUARD — FULLY TRAINED, READY TO RESPOND                                         NO. 6

     “The New York Guard provides augmentation and support to the
 New York military forces within the state of New York in order to enhance
   the overall capabilities of the Division of Military and Naval Affairs.”

NYARNG Sgt. 1ST Class Steve Swiderski, 69th Inf., and Sgt. 1ST Class Michael Milton, 14th Bde., OPFOR exercise.
PHOTO BY: PV2 Ubon Mendie, HQ, NY Guard
Page 2                                         The State Guard Sentinel                                   SPRING 2009

by BG Fergal Foley, NY Guard Commanding General

                                         who know the territory – the New         gral role in this development. Col.
                                         York Guard. I will tell you, the New     Warnecke, NYARNG RTI com-
                                         York Guard’s outstanding perform-        mander, is looking forward to working
                                         ance during JTF RNC 04 opened a          with us and sharing resources to im-
                                         lot of eyes.                             prove training.
                                            When Maj. Gen. Taluto asked me
                                         to come on board last August, there
                                         were discussions at higher levels of     PERSONNEL
                                         what the New York Guard’s role
                                         should be in the future. Fortunately,       We’ve released a new Table of
                                         Service Value Reports (SVR) showed       Distribution and Allowances that
                                         the administration the relevance of      more accurately reflects our man-
                                         the New York Guard in the years          power and mission. With our new
                                         since JTF RNC 04. It is a natural fit    TDA in place, there will be changes
                                         for the New York Guard to augment        made in terms of promotions and as-
                                         the Joint Task Forces.                   signments. In the officer ranks, I am
                                                                                  taking the promotion freeze off, with
                                                                                  priority given to our lower ranking
COMMANDERS CONFERENCE                    NCO’s                                    officers, As for assignments, in the
NOTES                                                                             next year we will have an 80% swap
                                            The non-commissioned-officers         out of brigade commanders and
MISSION:                                 corps is the backbone of the Guard.      group leaders.
                                         Just as in the regular Army, the New        This is long overdue, but it is by no
Our new mission statement, “The          York Guard’s strength on the ground      means negative in nature. It is impor-
New York Guard provides augmenta-        begins with its NCO Corps. I’ve          tant to bring back field experience to
tion and support to the New York mili-   brought in Command Sgt. Maj.             headquarters as well as providing
tary Forces” reflects who we are: a      James Harter, a combat veteran with      opportunities for staff to be in the field
relevant, mission-ready augmentation     long experience who I worked with in     to share and enhance their experi-
force for the National Guard.            the 107th Corp Support Group,            ence.
   As deputy commander for the 2004      NYARNG, to maintain and raise the           All of these changes, all of these
Republican National Convention Joint     levels of professionalism in our NCO     improvements on existing strengths,
Task Force, we were faced with           Corps that I have witnessed over the     are for one purpose: to increase our
some very serious and challenging        past several years. There were many      readiness. Readiness makes us rele-
contingency planning.                    times when I was Camp Smith Facil-       vant, we need to be ready at all
   With the president, vice president,   ity Manager that I would see sharp       times.
the cabinet, leaders of congress, and    New York Guard enlisted troops led          My objective as New York Guard
virtually every Republican party         by squared away NCOs and I thought       commander is simple. I don’t want
leader in the country would be in one    “are those soldiers National Guard”? I   anyone to challenge our relevance
central location (Madison Square         was corrected: “No sir, that’s the New   ever again.
Garden) simultaneously. The ques-        York Guard”. The first time that hap-
tion arose: should an attack occur,      pened – and it happened many times
how would we keep operations going       – I knew the New York Guard had
since units such as the 42ndInfantry     changed.
Division were deployed?                                                                ANNUAL TRAINING
   Where would the additional forces
for round the clock operations come      TRAINING                                         SCHOOL WEEK
from? At Northern Command, there
was discussion of bringing in an ac-        I am working with my staff to in-                  19-25 July
tive duty Army unit, such as the         crease our readiness, because
82nd Airborne, to augment our Na-        READINESS = RELEVANCE. I think                     Camp Smith
tional Guard.                            we do incredible training with limited
   I told the commander: why bring in    resources. We will continue to ramp           Initial Entry Training
troops who don’t know the city, don’t    up our training now that our mission      Company Grade Officers Course
know the subway system? We have          statement has been defined. The                Basic NCO Course
augmenter capable troops right here      New York Guard RTI will play an inte-
SPRING 2009                                      The State Guard Sentinel                                               Page 3

By Command Sergeant Major James Harter
     Our commander has great re-                There are many changes to come                  MILITARY BIO
spect for the non-commissioned- for the NY Guard, changes that will
officers corps. He loves NCOs, he further our alignment with the National               CSM JAMES HARTER
trusts us. I know that the NCO corps Guard as an augmentation force. I
of the NY Guard will continue to earn think these changes will all be for the
                                                                                      1969 - Enlisted in USMC , served ’69
that trust. As NCOs it is our primary better, change is good, change is an
                                                                                      – ’71 Infantry, 1 year in Vietnam
duty to maintain, and raise, high stan- opportunity.
dards of professionalism and military           This summer’s annual training will
bearing. It is our job to do our job, so not be a combined forces exercise,           1974 - Enlisted in NY Army National
that the officers can do theirs.           our brigades will be conducting differ-    Guard, 1st Bn, 210th Armor, Albany
     I’m a pretty straight forward guy, ent missions throughout the state, in
for enlisted and NCOs my door is al- addition to the School Week courses              1974 - 1992 - 1st Bn, 210th Armor –
ways open. If it’s closed, open it. If at Camp Smith. I will do all I can to be       Held numerous NCO positions
you’ve got something to say to me, go available to you during AT. The CG is
ahead, I want to hear it. Keep in mind a firm believer in getting out into the        1992 - 1997 - Sgt. Major NYARNG
though, for NCOs there is no open field to see everyone, and we will both             State HQ Operations & Training
door policy with our Commanding be paying visits to all the brigades.
General. Bring your issues to me and            Keep focused on your training,        1997 - 2004 - CSM 56th Personnel
I will address them with the Com- your mission readiness. The NY                      Svs.,1st Bn, 53rd Trp Command, &
manding General.                           Guard has had many successes over          101st Sig Bn, MPs CSM 3rd Bn, 142
     If there is something you need the past few years, all of which have             Aviation (Blackhawk Bn) CSM
done to help you better train and take brought us to this point: our new iden-        107th Core Support Group under com-
care of your troops, if I can do it within tity as a total augmentation force for     mand of Colonel Fergal Foley
the regulations, I will. It’s not easy to the National Guard. Our NCO Corps
find dedicated troops willing to do can take great pride in those suc-                2005 - Retired NYARNG
what we do for free. I will do all I can cesses, but now is not the time to rest
to help you keep those troops moti- on our laurels. Keep raising the stan-            2008 - Enlisted in NY Guard, named
vated and ready, and to help you find dards of professionalism, keep the NY           CSM by BG Foley
more like them.                            Guard moving forward.


Brig. Gen. Fergal Foley, NY Guard Commander, conducts
the swearing in of Capt. Joseph Dell, DDS into the 56th
Bde., NY Guard at Stewart Air National Guard Base, New-
burgh, NY on 10 JAN 2009. This was Foley's first swearing
in of a NY Guard officer since taking the command. Capt.
Dell was immediately put to work conducting dental exams
for personnel of the 105th Airlift Wing, NYAG. The 56th Bde.,
NY Guard regularly provides augmentation and assistance
to the 105th Air Wing.
                                                                    PHOTO BY: Sgt. Chris Ferraro, HHD, 56th Bde., NYG

              THE NY STATE RECRUITMENT MEDAL — Got yours?
                The Recruiting Medal may be awarded to any member of
              the New York State Organized Militia who obtains three new
                    members for any unit of the organized militia.
Page 4                                           The State Guard Sentinel                                       SPRING 2009

By PV2 Ubon Mendie, HQ, Staff Sgt. Dave Konig, HQ, Staff Sgt. Paul Rosa, 14th Bde.
Camp Smith, Cortlandt Manor, NY –
Over two weekends in February and
March soldiers from the 14th Brigade,
NY Guard assisted Bravo Company,
1st Battalion, “Fighting” 69th Infantry
Division in readiness training exer-
cises at Camp Smith. The training
was conducted to prepare Bravo Co.
for validation in Platoon Tasks.
     Serving as an opposition force
(OPFOR) , the 14th’s Task Force 14-
09 “brought the fight,” during simu-
lated infantry attacks on Military Op-
eration on Urban Terrain structures
and in the field, helping the 69th hone
their tactical skills. The use of TF 14-
09 members allowed the
69th Infantry’s junior leaders to deploy
and lead full squad and platoon size
elements in a realistic exercise envi-
     “We are out here today by request
of the National Guard,” said Capt. Pe-
ter Giakoumis, the company com-             One team — One Fight                                   PHOTO by PV2, Ubon Mendie
mander of Company Alpha, 1/71st,
14th BDE, NY Guard. “We are freeing        Sgt. Frank Tooker, who led the days’      1st squad immediately after the battle.
up National Guard soldiers who would       training.                                 “It doesn’t usually get this intense be-
ordinarily simulate the OPFOR troops.           The 14th Brigade troops were         cause the opposition is generally fo-
This way the 69th can focus on their       asked back for March’s exercise, an       cused on strategy and implementa-
training maneuvers and they don’t          assault on a mountain top in a wood-      tion, just like we are.”
have to split up their assets.”            land environment. A bleacher training          Sgt. 1st Class Steve Swiderski, a
     February’s drill focused on the       area was transformed into an OPFOR        69th platoon leader, was grateful for
MOUT site. With the NY Guard as an         base camp, dubbed “Corrigedor”.           the NY Guard support; “Our guys are
“enemy” force, the 69th assaulted the           Led by Sgt. 1st Class Michael Mil-   used to Iraq, where you’re either in
locations, drilling in door breaching      ton, the NY Guard troops fortified the    convoys, cities, or farmland. It’s been
and room clearing maneuvers. It was        area’s perimeter, setting up trip wires   a while since they’ve moved through
full-circle for the NY Guard; the 1/102    and other lethal deterrents. Two NY       wooded terrain, so it’s been a real
Engineers Battalion, 10th Brigade, built   Guard soldiers were placed at a sec-      plus for this training to have them all
the Camp Smith MOUT structures the         ond location, acting as snipers ton       out in the field. The NY Guard was
69th was training on.                      enhance a leadership reaction test to     outstanding, they did much more than
     “For me, this is a dream come         see how the approaching platoons          we expected. A lot of the NY Guard
true,” explained the 14th’s PV2 Ray-       would react to sniper fire.               have been in combat themselves, so
mond Gallagher .“The 69th is legen-             The first few hours were quiet for   they brought a realistic intensity to the
dary. These guys are much younger          the opposition forces as the National     simulation.”
than me, and they are putting them-        Guard soldiers worked their way                NY Guardsmen were free to use
selves in harms way,” the 54-year-old      stealthily through the wooded training    any necessary measure to stop the
Gallagher added. “This is why I signed     area. Suddenly, without warning, re-      infantry. This was perfect for Staff Sgt.
up– to help support their force.”          cognizance soldiers were spotted,         Steven C. Milito, 14th BDE team
     Without the NY Guard the 69th         spurring the command of fire. A fire-     leader and US Army veteran. “The
would be forced to split their re-         fight broke out as the 69th troops        harder we make it for them, the better
sources to facilitate the good guy, bad    fought their way towards the OPFOR        they will become,” he said. “It’s easier
guy scenario.                              base and seized their objective.          to correct the game plan before you
     “If I didn’t have the Guard here,          “The NY Guard were great,” said      get down range. As long as we are
our training time would have been cut      National Guard Sgt. Franklin Veliz,       needed, we will be here; we will give
by at least a third,” proclaimed 1st       Alpha Company’s team leader of the        them our best.”
SPRING 2009                                         The State Guard Sentinel                                         Page 5


Bravo Co. soldier assaults OPFOR position                        Bravo Co. makes their move

Sgt. 1st Class Hodge, 1st Sgt. Tooker       MOUT site attack                            OPFOR soldier in the field

                                                                                                                              All photos by PV2 Ubon Mendie

Bravo Co., 1st Bn, 69th ID on maneuvers                          High value target captured
Page 6                                           The State Guard Sentinel                                      SPRING 2009

By Staff Sgt. Dave Konig, HQ
     The NY Guard makes house calls.   trained       in
While most doctors, surgeons, and      Critical Inci-
psychologists in New York spend their  dent Stress
weekends on the links honing their     Management
golf game, the men and women of the    (CISM).      At
NY Guard’s 244th Medical Clinic are    the      March
packing up their stethoscopes and      SRP for units
hitting the road to make house calls   of        the
throughout the state for some very     53rd     Troop
special patients: mobilizing and demo- Command at
bilizing soldiers of the NY National   Camp Smith,
Guard.                                 MEDCOM
     Since September of last year, the Commander
medical personnel of the 244th have    Col. Donald
been attached to the NY National       Britten     re-
Guard Medical Command, working         flected     on
free of charge at least one weekend a  the value of Warrant Officer 1 James Goodman Jr. , 244th Med. Clinic, ex-
month, providing medical, dental, and  the        N Y amines deploying NYARNG soldier.
psychological care to thousands of     Guard.           Photo By Staff Sgt. Dave Konig, HQ
deploying and returning National            “ W e
Guard soldiers at Soldier Readiness    couldn’t do this, process our soldiers, nel for soldier and family assistance at
Processing (SRPs) and Reintegration    without the 244th Medical Clinic. To Reintegration programs throughout
programs. Each mission provides        have the services of the NY Guard the state. The 244th’s Hershman,
medical services to anywhere from      medical team is a tremendous plus for Capt. Michael Lonski (also a CISM
200 to 600 National Guard soldiers,    us.” Britten’s appreciation of the NY trained psychologist), Maj. Ira Salom
with NY Guard and MEDCOM person-       Guard dates back to his time as the (a physician) and Maj. Joseph
nel working side by side.              state’s Homeland Defense and WMD McKeegan (a pharmacist) will work
     “I am so proud of our doctors,    Director, working with the Chemical, with MEDCOM to provide counseling
dentists, nurses,” enthused            biological, nuclear explosives En- on topics such as family relations,
244th commander, Lt. Col. Allen        hanced Response Force Package stress management, and substance
Hershman. “The medical care they       team. “The NY Guard were integral to abuse. According to Hershman, these
provide the National Guard would cost  that mission, just as they are integral missions bring their support to the
tens of thousands of dollars in the ci-to this one.”                                 National Guard full circle.
vilian world. We do this free of charge     Another old CERFP vet, Lt. Col.               “We take care of the soldiers
every month, supporting MEDCOM.        Peter Goetchus, now the Deputy when they deploy, and on their return.
It’s our part of the mission, and an   State Surgeon for New York, was glad That’s the way it should be,”
important one.” In civilian life,      to see the 244th at his SRP. “Always Hershman explained.
Hershman is a psychologist specially   good to have the NY Guard here.                    The 244th provides full service
                                                               They’re putting medical care. At the February SRP,
                                                               in 12 and 14 while soldiers of the 53rd Troop Com-
                                                               hour shifts, in- mand were getting examined and hav-
                                                               credible effort.” ing their medical files updated inside
                                                                The 244th’s ef- the Camp Smith gym, out in the park-
                                                               forts have been ing lot the 244th’s Capt. Joel Bach-
                                                               so well received man, DDS, was filling a need – and a
                                                               by MEDCOM, tooth – in a state of the art mobile
                                                               they’ve       been dental facility.
                                                               rewarded – with            “It’s all about mission readiness,”
                                                               an      expanded said Bachman. “I’m glad I have this
                                                               m i s s i o n . opportunity to use my skills to help
                                                               Throughout the accomplish that mission.” When
                                                               spring          t h e Bachman’s patient in army combat
                                                               244th has been uniforms was asked which drill he pre-
                                                               assigned          by ferred, his drill sergeant at boot camp
                                                               MEDCOM            as or Bachman’s drill, he responded “no
Capt. Bachman, DDS, 244th Med. Clinic on the job.
Photo By Staff Sgt. Dave Konig, HQ                            the lead person- comment”.
SPRING 2009                                      The State Guard Sentinel                                                 Page 7

By Maj. Dave Greenwood, 10th Brigade
     For the 10th Brigade's Search and         For realistic simulation, SAR
Rescue (SAR) team, finding lost           Team Members signed in on arrival
campers in the difficult terrain of up-   with Dept. of Environmental Conser-
state New York is not an exercise in      vation paperwork, just as they would
the hypothetical. In the summer of        in an operational search. Team mem-
2006, the 10th's SAR team was acti-       bers were briefed on the mission and
vated for three weeks, augmenting the     the exercise. Col. Farley operated the
National Guard and the Department of      TOC with the assistance of his Bri-
Environmental Conservation search-        gade staff. Brigade S3 training and
ing for a missing camper in the Indian    operations officer, Col. Jamie Bly, co-
Lake region of the Adirondacks.           ordinated mission operations.
     In January, veterans of that his-         After receiving standard medical,
toric mission continued training to       mission, commo and safety briefings,
maintain readiness for future SAR         the teams moved out for their SAR
missions.                                 mission in single digit temperatures
     On 24 January 2009 elements          and freshly fallen powder. Commo
from the 10th Brigade's Headquarters      assets were exercised to determine
Company, 1-2, and Forward Medical         functionality, trouble shooting for any
Support Detachment and 1-3, drilled       problems that could be fixed for future
in a SAR Functional Exercise (FE) at      operational deployments.
the Leeds, NY Armory. Participating            Close contact was kept through-
elements included units from Syra-        out with the 1-2 Signal / Military
cuse, Utica, Leeds and Troy. The          Emergency Radio Network (MERN)
exercise utilized the mountainside        Company, led by Capt. John Mauro,          Sgt 1st Class Joe Galizia, 10 Bde.
terrain adjacent to the Leeds armory.     for operational communications during      instructs Land Navigation
     Exercise planning accommodated       the exercise.                              PHOTO by Chief Warrant Officer Two
                                                                                     Joey Nickischer, 56th Bde.
several skill sets: SAR, communica-             Meals were taken in the field, and
tions, medical & logistics                medical and safety conditions were
and included Tactical Operations          constantly monitored by the exercise       dier was put through an individual,
Center (TOC) operation at the ar-         safety officer, Sullivan, and the 2134     face to face medical and safety de-
mory.     Exercise planners included      FMSD staff.       Medical planning and     briefing. It was determined that the
Major John Neeley, Capt. Joe              support was coordinated by 1st Lt.         inclusion of command and control ele-
Sullivan and Sgt. 1st Class Joe Gal-      Heidi Lohre, of the 2134 FMSD, and         ments from brigade headquarters, the
izia. The Officer In Charge (OIC) for     Sgt. 1st Class Joe Galizia, the NCOIC      MERN task force, and medical sup-
the mission was 10th Brigade Com-         for the 1-2.                               port detachment added realism to the
mander Col. Brian Farley.                       Following the exercise, each sol-    exercise.

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  training and operations including back issues of the State
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                                                                                 American Combat Journalist
Page 8                                             The State Guard Sentinel                                       SPRING 2009

by Capt. Paul F. Kelly, NY Guard (SRL)

     Upon taking command of the NY          need; with the Grunts of an Infantry
Guard, BG Fergal Foley made a spe-          Line Company.
cial point of emphasizing the important          Sgt. 1st Class Sampson, was an
role of the Non Commissioned Officer        inspiration to all of us; including both
(NCO) Corps: “The most important job        junior and senior officers.
in the NY Guard is that of first line su-        When the shooting started, the
pervisor. Sometimes we underutilize         soldiers in our company, would look to
the NCO corps by not giving them the        see how Sampson and other NCO's
responsibility and authority they have      were reacting to the situation. Our
earned and deserve.                         NCOs consistently reacted calmly and
     NCOs are the vital link in the chain   professionally. When many soldiers
of command. We can only succeed in          were understandably confused and           soldiers in the 198th Light Infantry Bri-
our missions with an effective NCO          frightened, our NCOs were always           gade. I often think of him, a great
corps.                                      thinking, watching and directing fire      American soldier, a great NCO.
     The general has it absolutely right.   toward the enemy.                               For the past twenty eight years, I
     I enlisted in The U.S. Army in              At times of great stress, soldiers    have been actively involved with our
1968. This was not a popular thing to       need and want someone to be in             local rescue service here on Long Is-
do during the most volatile years of the    charge; some one who will tell them        land. Whenever I find myself in a diffi-
Vietnam War. My strongest memories          what to do, a person           who will    cult situation, I think of our Sgt. 1st
of my service with the 23rd Infantry in     lead. Our NCO's back in 1960's and         Class Sampson. I tell myself that, like
Vietnam are of the great NCO's I            '70's, knew that they were the leaders     him, during a crisis, I must keep think-
served with. One whom I will never          and must lead! Soldiers, yesterday         ing. I must focus. I must do my job, I
forget was Sergeant 1st                     and today, look to their NCOs for lead-    must lead, or others will suffer. Lead-
Class Sampson. Sampson served in            ership.                                    ership is never easy.
WWII and Korea. Yes, he was an                   Sampson was seriously wounded              The Non Commissioned Officer is
older soldier, especially for field duty    in a night action back in 1969. I had      the leader who must be available to
with an Infantry Unit. No, Sgt.1st          the honor of carrying him off of the       the enlisted men and women.
Class. Sampson did not have to be in         field to the waiting "Dust                     I thank Brigadier General Foley for
the field. With his rank, and experi-       Off" (Medivac Helicopter.) He was not      his insight and understanding of the
ence, he could have found a way to be       able to talk to us due to his multiple     military and especially his appreciation
assigned to a nice "safe" job in            wounds. All these years later he has       for the leadership role of the NCO
the rear area. He chose to serve            continued to set an example for me,        Corps.
where his experience was in dire            and I suspect, for many of the other

                                               On the weekend of 23 - 25 January,      Farley, to task Greenwood with addi-
                                            the NY Division of Military and Naval      tional PAO duties. He served as a
                                            Affairs held a Public Affairs workshop     press liaison for the NY Guard during
                                            in Saratoga, NY. The workshop was          Annual Training 2008.
                                            led by Eric Durr, DMNA Director of            The DMNA Public Affairs office and
                                            Public Affairs, and Lt. Col. Richard       NY Guard Public Affairs Office work
                                            Goldenberg, NYARNG, editor                 together to promote the NY Guard's
                                            of Guard Times.                            duties as an augmentation force for
                                               Lt. Col. Paul Fanning, NYARNG           the NY National Guard.
                                            Public Affairs Officer, gave a presenta-      Increased coverage of NY Guard
                                            tion on his Public Affairs duties on his   training and missions in the Guard
                                            recent tour of duty in the Afghanistan     Times, DMNA press releases covering
                                            combat theater.                            the NY Guard, and NY Guard PAO
                                               The NY Guard was represented by         augmentation of the NY National
                                            Maj. Dave Greenwood, 10th Brigade.         Guard Public Affairs Office (as exem-
                                            Greenwood, the S-4 supplies and lo-        plified in last May's Randall's Island
                                            gistics officer for the 10th, has civil-   joint forces exercise) are recent exam-
                                            ian experience as a corporate writer       ples of ongoing NY Guard - National
                                            for GE Energy, which led the com-          Guard joint Public Affairs initiatives.
                                            mander of the 10th Brigade, Col.
SPRING 2009                                         The State Guard Sentinel                                              Page 9

By Sgt. Chris Ferraro, HHD, 56th Bde.
      The 56th Bde. spent their January
drill providing legal, medical and logis-
tics support to NY Air National Guard
(NYAG) and the US Marine Corps
(USMC) troops at Stewart Air Base
      Ten legal officers from the 5th Civil
Affairs (CA) Regiment, many of whom
are civil and corporate attorneys in
their civilian lives, performed a Legal
Services Operation (LSO) for the Ma-
rine Aviation Logistics Squadron
(MALS) 49 Detachment B. Over the
course of the day the 5th CA proc-
essed 30 Marines providing them with
legal documentation such as wills and
powers of attorney that are necessary
for such a unit to be deployed.
      Lt. Col. Michael Stoughton, CO of
MALS 49 was thrilled with the NY
Guard’s assistance. “It’s awesome,
the 5th CA is self-sustaining, they
came in and gave us support and pro-
vided everything we’ve asked for.”
      The one day LSO enabled MALS
49 to focus on their primary mission of        Lt. Col. David Warager, 56th Bde helps a Marine from MALS 49 DET B.
                                               PHOTO BY: Sgt. Chris Ferraro, HHD, 56th Bde, NYG
providing refueling services for Marine
helos via their squadron of C-130 air-
craft.                                        makes this increasingly difficult.           Joseph Dell, was hard at work provid-
      “We have JAG services but not of            Maj. Ray Mechman gave a brief            ing dental examinations to airmen.
this kind on site,” Stoughton ex-             power point presentation and lecture         This was Dell’s first day in the NY
plained. “Something like this would           covering the rights of the Marines un-       Guard and a very special one as Brig.
have taken a few months to make               der the Service Members Civil Relief         Gen. Foley, the new NY Guard Com-
happen. There are zero JAGS as-               Act (SCRA). The lecture proved use-          manding General arrived to swear him
signed to a unit at this level.”              ful to the Marines of MALS 49 as             in.
      Typically, any JAG services for         more than half of them are reservists.           Stewart Air National Guard Clinic
the Marines are provided by the Navy              Across the base at the clinic the        commanding officer Colonel Joseph
but the current operational tempo             56th Brigade’s newest officer, Capt.         Deluca expressed gratitude for Dell’s
                                                                                           dental assistance. “A year ago we
                                                                                           were belly up, no dentists, and this
                                                                                           impacted the mission.” He told Foley
                                                                                           during his visit, “Your people and what
                                                                                           they do are incredible, the NY Guard
                                                                                           saves us a vast amount in expendi-
                                                                                           tures per year. We’re all squared
                                                                                           away, thanks to you.”
                                                                                               Soldiers from the 56th also
                                                                                           worked the chow line, serving food for
                                                                                           nearly five hundred Airmen and Ma-
                                                                                           rines over the course of the day. After
                                                                                           touring the base and conferring with
                                                                                           USMC and NYAG commanders Foley
                                                                                           was pleased with what he saw.
                                                                                               “The NY Guard is a unique force
                                                                                           enabler…[we] have an incredi-
                                                                                           ble team; we’re a shining light.”
Capt. Brian Kanner, 56th Bde, conducts a Legal Services Operation (LSO)
for airmen of the 105TH Airlift Wing, NYAG, Stewart Air Base.
PHOTO BY: SGT Chris Ferraro, HHD, 56th Bde, NYG
Page 10                                            The State Guard Sentinel                                       SPRING 2009

By Public Affairs Staff
   The 7th Civil Affairs Regiment, 88th
Brigade held a change of command
ceremony on 22 January, 2009 at the
Fort Hamilton Community Club in
Brooklyn's Fort Hamilton. Outgoing
commander Colonel Michael King
handed over command of the regiment
to Lt Col. Brian Cogan. King is retiring
this year from the NY Guard.
    The 7th CA's "Lawyers in Uniform"
conduct Soldier Readiness Processing
legal operations for the National Guard
monthly at Fort Hamilton, providing
deploying National Guard soldiers with
wills, powers of attorney, and other
valuable legal services free of charge.
   Before enlisting in the NY Guard,
Col. Michael King served in the US
Army with distinction for 35 years.
   King enlisted in 1965, went through
Basic in Ft. Dix, graduated Officers
Candidate School in 1966; he was            L to R: William Woods, FDNY Pipe Band (also Col. King's son in law),
awarded the parachute badge upon            NYARNG Maj. Gen. Robert Rose, Lieut. Col. Michael King at the ceremony. .
                                            Photo courtesy of Col King
completing Airborne school in Ft. Ben-
ning in 1971.
   King is married with three children,    Guard received its designation in 2001        the New York State Militia, which in
Nancy, a NY City school teacher, Mau-      in honor of the first state militia unit to   turn had been established in 1825
reen, a paralegal and pilot, and Mi-       refer to itself as the National Guard.        from prior units.
chael, a NY City Firefighter.              That unit was formed from the 2nd                On Bastille Day of that year, 1825,
   The 7th Civil Affairs Regiment; NY      Battalion, 2nd Regiment of Artillery of       the Marquis de Lafayette, hero of the
                                                                                         American Revolution, left New York
                                                                                         City for his return to France. To honor
                                                                                         him on his day of departure, the unit
                                                                                         adopted the name "National Guard" in
                                                                                         remembrance of the Garde National
                                                                                         de Paris, once commanded by Lafay-
                                                                                         ette during the early days of the
                                                                                         French Revolution.
                                                                                            This unit was reformed as the 7th
                                                                                         Regiment, New York National Guard in
                                                                                         1847. Its campaign credits include the
                                                                                         War of 1812, the Civil War, World War
                                                                                         I and World War II. Its present direct
                                                                                         descendant is the 107th Support
                                                                                         Group of the New York Army National

Col. King (far left), and his bike, with fellow Vietnam Veterans at Vietnam
Memorial, Camp Smith AT 2008.
Photo by CPT George Lamboy
SPRING 2009                                   The State Guard Sentinel                                         Page 11

                                       Marine Corps rifle platoon lieutenant     the NY Guard's Army Division from
                                       during the Korean War, was the author     1998 to 2004. He also served as CSM
                                       of several books about the USMC,          for the 12th Regimental Training Insti-
                                       including the novels The Marine, The      tute, the Army Division Chief Awards
                                       Marines of Autumn, and Warning of         NCO, and Chief Recruiting NCO.
                                       War, and the non-fiction war mem-            For many of the soldiers in the NY
                                       oirs The Coldest War, The Scariest        Guard who enlisted in the days follow-
                                       Place in the World, and Why Marines       ing the 9/11 attack in 2001, Foley
                                       Fight. His last book, Hero of the         was the first NCO they encountered in
                                       Pacific: The Life of Legendary Marine     the Guard. He always maintained the
                                       John Basilone will be published in        high military standards of a career
CW5 LAWRENCE ADAMS                     October.                                  NCO, and was always available to
   Chief Warrant Officer 5 Lawrence       Mr. Brady was an admirer of the NY     encourage and train new soldiers. All
Adams passed away in February. He      Guard, hailing it in private conversa-    in the NY Guard express their condo-
was sixty six. Adams first enlisted in tions as "true reserve service". He is    lences to his wife Mary Lou and the
the Army National Guard in 1962 and    survived by his wife Florence, his        entire Foley family.
continued to serve his country for an  brother Monsignor Tom Brady (who
incredible 42 years. Upon retiring fromserved as the chaplain for the Fire De-   ROBERT A. GRATE
the National Guard in 2004, Adams      partment in Queens and Brooklyn for           Bob Grate passed away in February
was commissioned in the NY Guard       decades), and his daughters Fiona         with his family by his side. He was 81.
and assigned to the G-1 shop at head-  Mehling and author Susan Konig, and       He was predeceased by his wife, Har-
quarters. He was a friend to all in thefour grand children. Susan is married     riette, and survived by his son and
G-1 shop.                              to Staff Sgt Dave Konig, HHD, NY          daughter-in-law, David and Mary-Ann
   The NY Guard expresses it's condo-  Guard.                                    and grand-daughter Justine.
lences to his wife Sheila and his entire                                             Bob was a US Army veteran of
family.                                  CSM JACK FOLEY                          World War II and taught English to
                                           Command Sergeant Major John P.        Japanese businessmen for most of his
JAMES W. BRADY                           "Jack" Foley passed away in February    life. Bob’s last month was spent hap-
   Author and journalist James Brady in South Carolina. He was sixty five        pily with fellow veterans at the Vet-
passed away in January at the age of years old. Before enlisting in the NY       eran’s Home and Hospital in Mon-
eighty in Manhattan. Mr. Brady, who Guard, Foley served his country              trose, NY. Bob’s son, David, an editor
was awarded the Bronze Star for valor for thirty years in the US Army Re-        and publisher from Endicott is a pri-
for combat action as a United States serves. Foley served as the CSM for         vate in the NY Guard.

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  published quarterly. Views which         Sentinel that will help align our pub-   Recruitment Team at HQ are stand-
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  Commander In Chief                          This will, hopefully, serve two       HOOAH! TO ALL WHO
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  NYG Commander                            Times, and it will make the Sentinel     following soldiers worked on this
  Brig. Gen. Stephen Bucaria               more readable for our friends, rela-     issue:
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  Capt. George Lamboy                      readers - including potential re-        Maj. Dave Greenwood, 10th Bde.
  NYG Public Affairs Officer               cruits! As always, feel free to let us   Maj. Ira Salom, 244th Med. Clinic
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     We are recruiting artists, writers,                In the Winter 2009 issue of the WE’RE STILL
  p h o t o g r a p h e r s , c a r t o o n i s t s , Sentinel, a misplaced comma in the RECRUITING!
  videographers, journalists, advertis-    caption under Sgt. Carl Majors'
  ing men and women for the NEW            photo led to confusion. Sergeant            With this issue of The Sentinel,
  NYG PAO team.                            Carl Majors was named the 88th           the NY Guard Public Affairs Team
     If you know anyone who wants to       Brigade's NCO of the Year for            welcomes PV2 Ubon Mendie.
  put their creative talents to use for    2008. The NY Guard NCO of the            Mendie has prior military experi-
  their state and country, have them       Year for 2008 is Sgt. Phillip G.         ence with the US Marine Corps
  contact Cpt. George Lamboy and           Keyes of the 1st Battalion, 21st         where he was trained as a journal-
  S t a f f S g t . D a v e Ko n i g a t   Regiment, 65th Brigade, NY Guard.        ist. Mendie took the great photos                     The editor regrets any confusion.        on page five and on our cover.

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