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Forgotten Harvest moves to new Oak Park headquarters


                  Metro Detroit’s only food rescue organization
                  Driving Hunger from our community since 1990              News                                    fall crop 2007
Your gift goes a                          Forgotten Harvest moves to new
l-o-n-g way!                              Oak Park headquarters
       very financial contributor —
       from young students collecting     $3.6 million Capital Campaign raises $3.2 million to date
       coins in their classroom to
our major corporate and foundation
funders — wants to be sure that their
                                          F   orgotten
                                              Harvest has
                                          announced its capital
donation is making a difference.
                                          campaign to support
We are proud to be the most efficient     a new Oak Park
and cost-effective food rescue            distribution facility.
organization in the nation. Our rescue/
deliver internal cost is just 16 cents    This new 20,000
per pound. Donors and contributors        square-feet
to Forgotten Harvest are pleasantly       headquarters, located
surprised to hear that 95 percent of      at 21800 Greenfield,
every dollar goes directly to our food    has nearly four
rescue operation.                         times Forgotten
                                          Harvest’s former          Forgotten Harvest’s new headquarters at 21800 Greenfield Road in Oak Park.
As a result, Forgotten Harvest            space for rescuing and
has earned a 4-star rating — the          distributing surplus perishable food to the          from the Chrysler Foundation and
highest possible rating — from            hungry. It provides over 10,000 square-              $100,000 from the General Motors
Charity Navigator, America’s largest      feet of distribution and staging areas and           Foundation. Forgotten Harvest expects to
independent evaluator of charities.       includes a commercial freezer and expanded           complete its campaign by September 2008.
Receiving four out of a possible          walk-in cooler. In addition, the new                  “At a time when so many families are
four stars indicates that “Forgotten      building features a truck dock which will            in need, Forgotten Harvest saw the
Harvest excels, as                        allow large donations of perishable food.            immediate necessity to increase our
compared to other                                                                             capacity to rescue more of the perfectly
charities in America,                     The new building will be funded through
                                          a capital campaign. To date, $3.2 million           good food that is ending up in landfills.
in allocating and                                                                             This new facility is strategically located
                                          has been raised towards the $3.6 million
growing finances                                                                              and equipped to ensure we are able to
                                          campaign goal. This includes lead gifts
in the most fiscally                                                                          grow and serve our most vulnerable
                                          of $1 million from the W.K. Kellogg
responsible way                                                                               neighbors,” said Susan Goodell, executive
                                          Foundation, a $400,000 challenge grant
possible.”                                                                                    director of Forgotten Harvest.
                                          from The Kresge Foundation, $250,000
We are privileged to have countless       from the Nonprofit Facilities Center,               Key stakeholders, board members and
contributors who stand together with      $250,000 from The Carls Foundation,                 FH friends were invited to a sneak
us in our fight against hunger and        $200,000 from the McGregor Fund,                    preview of the new location on May 2.
waste. We pledge to continue our          $107,000 from Kraft Foods, $100,000
fiscal responsibility by maximizing                                                                                   continued on page 2
each and every donation so we may
                                                                        3     AFPD Million Pound Challenge results
continue our mission to relieve hunger
                                                                        4     Holiday Cards are back
in our community through our surplus
food rescue program.
For more information, contact Anna
                                           inside dish:                 5
                                                                              Food Donor Highlight: Panera Bread
                                                                              Recipient Agency Highlight: Kimberly’s Helping Hands
                                                                        6     Menu of Opportunities -
Wallbillich, Development Director at                                    7     Mitch Albom and Time to Help lend a hand
248.967.1500, x 104.
New headquarters
(continued from page 1)
More than 100 guests
attended the Hard Hat
Open House where they
were given a grand tour and
overview of operations.

With renovations complete,
Forgotten Harvest relocated
operations to this new
                                                                                             FH First Vice-President, Bruce Nyberg explains
headquarters in late May.                                                                    Forgotten Harvest’s food rescue model to guests.
This specially equipped food
rescue facility will suport
the tremendous growth of
Forgotten Harvest’s nationally
recognized food rescue
program while also allowing
innovative new partnerships    Posing at the front entrance of the new building
with large-scale food donors. are (l-r): Jackie Sellers, FH Board Member; Bruce
                                      Nyberg, First Vice-President, FH Board; Joyce
If you would like to make a           Jenereaux, FH Board Chair; Susan Goodell, FH Ex-
capital campaign gift or visit        ecutive Director; Dr. Nancy Fishman, FH Founder;
and tour the new facility,            Paul Bringer, FH Board Member; Maggie Allesee,
please call 248-967-1500.             FH Board Member; Rob Cohen, FH Board Member.
                                                                                           FH Board Members Paul Bringer, Joyce Jenereaux
                                                                                           and Mark Greenstone tour the new distribution center.

 New building brings new friends and in-kind donations to Forgotten Harvest
  Forgotten Harvest’s brand new, larger location will bring increased     Recently, Forgotten Harvest formed a new partnerhip with The
  capacity to rescue more perishable, fresh food and deliver it to the    Detroit Chapter of the International Facility Management
  children, families and seniors who need it the most. Renovating         Association (IFMA), which should result in significant
  and owning a new building also brings many new challenges               assistance with the new facility, including discounted moving
  and decisions to Forgotten Harvest, including such things as            services, furniture donations, cleaning services and more. This
  maintenance, landscaping and furnishings.                               trade organization, comprised of facility managers, vendors and
  As the nation’s third largest food rescue organizations in the          suppliers, was looking to partner with a local non-profit and
  country, Forgotten Harvest currently maintains a budget where 95        provide support on a long-term basis.
  percent of every dollar raised goes directly towards program costs.     Robert Beuter, president of the Southeastern Michigan Chapter
  To that end, the organization is committed to ensuring that its         of IFMA, said, “We are eager and proud to use our experience
  administrative costs remain very low. To do this, we rely on and        to help Forgotten Harvest serve the hungry people in our
  actively seek out many types of in-kind donations.                      community.”
                                                                          Longtime supporter English Gardens provided its expertise
                                                                          and resources to beautify the grounds of the new location. They
                                                                          generously donated landscaping design and plantings. And
                                                                          together with Wilcox Brothers Lawn Sprinklers, the existing
                                                                          sprinkler system was repaired to working condition.
                                                                          Aramark Refreshment Services has donated coffee service and
                                                                          equipment to provide to our guests who visit and to groups who
                                                                          utilize our conference rooms.
                                                                          Carpet cleaning service was donated by Chet’s Cleaning.
                                                                          Mr. & Mrs. Ted Williamson graciously donated a brand new
                                                                          computer server to better accommodate future growth.
      IFMA Board Members (l-r): Robert Beuter, Cheryl Carey, Angelo       If you have a service or product that could benefit Forgotten
      Torcolacci and Rick Comisky along with their chapter members
                                                                          Harvest, we’d love to hear from you! Call 248-967-1500.
      are working to provide support and services for the new building.
                                             What’s on our plate
Oranges hit the spot
Behind a grocery store, a stock boy-turned-pitcher reaches into a crate
and pulls out an orange. He looks left, then right, winds up and…
SPLAT! The orange smashes onto the open lid of a Dumpster. As the
pulpy mess slides down into the garbage, he reaches for another and
another and another. It’s a terrible waste of good food. And that’s the
This scene is the beginning of the new 30-second public service
announcement created and produced pro bono for Forgotten Harvest
by The Yaffe Group and Dark Spark Media. It also happens to be
based on a true story. Look for it to air on local and cable television    It’s “lights, camera, action!” as the
later this fall.                                                           crew from Dark Spark direct and
                                                                           film the PSA.
Million Pound Challenge a success!
In August 2006, the Associated Food & Petroleum Dealers (AFPD) issued a challenge to all its member retailers and
wholesalers in metro Detroit to help raise one million pounds of food for needy families in southeastern Michigan. They had a
year to do it.
               Today, it’s mission accomplished. By donating their surplus perishable and nonperishable food products to
                               Forgotten Harvest, as part the One Million Pound Challenge, AFPD members have raised
                              1,125,992 lbs. of food, the cash-equivalent of $1.7 million donated.
                              “Our members have always given back to the community,” said Jane Shallal, AFPD president
                              and FH board member. “I knew they would exceed the expectations of this challenge. We weren’t
            AFPD members in Wayne, Oakland and Macomb counties took part in the campaign and more than 50 percent
of those who participated were first-time food donors to Forgotten Harvest. A new challenge was recently announced. AFPD
has launched a 1.5 million pound challenge beginning 12/1/07.

Big trucks drive out hunger
Engines revving and horns blaring, a convoy of three brand-new trucks arrived with much fanfare at Forgotten Harvest in January.
Klaus Entenmann, president and CEO of (then) DaimlerChrysler Financial Services Americas LLC, and FH board member,
                                                        piloted the first truck on snow-covered roads.

                                                         DaimlerChrysler Financial Services Americas LLC and Freightliner LLC,
                                                         DaimlerChrysler’s commercial vehicle division in North America, donated
                                                         a mini-fleet of three 2007 18-foot refrigerated box trucks, including one
                                                         Freightliner M2 and two Sterling Acterra trucks.

                                                          “We are pleased to assist Forgotten Harvest in its mission to rescue food
                                                         and drive out hunger from our communities,” said Entenmann while
                                                         presenting the keys to the trucks. “These big trucks have the horsepower
                                                         to get the job done.”

                                                         DaimlerChrysler Financial Services Americas partnered with Portland-
                                                         based commercial vehicle manufacturer Freightliner LLC, to support
 The 3-truck convoy made a grand entrance to the         Forgotten Harvest. Assisting in the donation was DaimlerChrysler Truck
 delight of a cheering crowd gathered at Forgotten
                                                         Financial and Wolverine Eastside, a Freightliner dealership in Mount
 Harvest’s offices.

New Detroit recognizes Forgotten Harvest work to close the gap on hunger
Forgotten Harvest was recently honored by New Detroit with the “Closing the Gap” award for the tremendous contribution in
fighting both hunger and waste, while helping to feed the most vulnerable people of our community. New Detroit, a coalition
dedicated to addressing the issue of race relations, presents the “Closing the Gap” award to an individual, a company and an
organization working to “eliminate disparities and strive to achieve economic and social equity.”
       Extra helpings
     Extra helpings                        Holiday Cards are back
                                                                                                 2007-08 Forgotten Harvest
                                                                                                     Board of Trustees
                                                                                                       EXECUTIVE BOARD
               Our Holiday Cards are a great way to show others that                                         Chairman
               you support Forgotten Harvest. Cards are $23 for 25                                         Joyce Jenereaux
               full color cards and envelopes (+ $3 for shipping) or                      First Vice-President         Treasurer
               $1 each. To place an order, call 248-967-1500.                             Bruce E. Nyberg              Jon A. Woods
                                                                                          Vice-Presidents              Secretary
                                                                                          Paul A. Bringer              Jacqueline Sellers
                                      “Peas on Earth”                                     Klaus Entenmann
                                      Inside: Wishing You a “Peas-ful”                    Robert Olender
                                                                                          Larry Shulman
                                      Holiday Season
                                      Creative: Forgotten Harvest                           Maggie Allesee                 Patrick Nagy
                                      Printing: Blue Cross Blue Shield of               Sarkis Mark Anusbigian            Peter Oleksiak
                                      Michigan                                              Rick Brockhaus                  Peggy Pitt
                                                                                             John C. Carter              Doris Robinson
                                                                                               Rob Cohen                   Jane Shallal
                                                                                              Roger Cook               Martin Shoushanian
                                                                                           Jack A. G. Crable            Jennifer Shroeger
                                                                                               Jim Croce                   Leon Tupper
                                                                                               John Darin               Lisa Vallee-Smith
                                                                                            Marietta Davis                 Jason Vines
                                                                                              David Hofer                  Keila Walton
                                                                                              Joe Kearney                Harry C. Warner
                                                                                            Mary Kowalski              Jacqueline Wiggins
                                                                                               Tim Laney
                                                                                                        ADVISORY BOARD
                                                                                              Mitch Albom           James Garavaglia
                                                                                               Barry Allen             Joel Jacob
                                                                                                Tim Allen             Anita Jenkins
                                                                                            Marilyn Beckham          George Johnson
                                              “Abundant Holiday Season”                        David Blatt            Alice Osburn
                                              Inside: Wishing you an Abundant               Jim Brandstatter         Terry Palleschi
     “Warm Wishes”                            Holiday Season                                 Tom Cihonski             Colleen Peters
                                              Creative: Versacom Incorporated                  Jeff Crank             Kathryn Reid
     Inside: for the holiday season                                                              Ed Deeb              Marge Sorge
     Creative: Carlson Marketing              Printing: Blue Cross Blue Shield of             David Draper           Sophie Tatarian
     Printing: Addison Graphic Solutions                                                       Irma Elder            Tammy Tedesco
                                                                                           Dr. Nancy Fishman        Robbie Timmons
                                                                                           George F. Francis III       Jay Wilber
                                                                                             Chuck Gaidica         Rabbi Paul Yedwab

this season’s harvest                           Thank you to our generous funders who make our mission possible!
The following foundations and corporations made donations of $5,000 or more:
 The Skillman Foundation - $200,000;                                    MAZON: A Jewish Response to Hunger - $8,000 grant;
 The Edyth Bush Charitable Foundation - $25,000;                        Sid Savage - $7,500 grant;
 The Mandell L. and Madeleine H. Berman Foundation - $25,000;           Taste of the NFL - $5,360 donation from national Super Bowl event;
 Panera Bread - $48,580 donation from Community Breadbox/               DaimlerChrysler Minority Dealers Association - $5,000 grant;
 matching grant program (see Panera story on next page);                Detroit Media Partnership - $5,000 grant;
 Huntington National Bank - $18,865 donation from branch holiday        Myrtle E. & William G. Hess Charitable Trust - $5,000 grant;
 fundraising project;
                                                                        William G. & Myrtle E. Hess Charitable Trust - $5,000 grant;
 The Trustmark Foundation - $10,000 and $8,000 grants;
                                                                        The Lohnberg Family Giving Fund - $5,000 given in honor of FH
 The King’s Sons and Daughters - $10,000 and $5,000 grants;             founder, Dr. Nancy Fishman;
 Charter One Bank - $10,000 grant;                                      Special Fund of the Applebaum Foundation - $5,000 grant;
 The First Foundation - $10,000 grant;                                  UAW-GM Center for Human Resources - $5,000 grant;
 The Oliver Dewey Marcks Foundation - $10,000 grant;                    Lula C. Wilson Trust - $5,000 grant.
 The Thomas Foundation - $10,000 and $5,000 grants;
Food Donor Spotlight                                     agency Spotlight
                                                               Kimberly’s Helping Hands
                        V     isit a metro Detroit
                              Panera Bread and you’ll
                        notice something special.
                        The great smell of bakery
                         items and the delicious,
                                                            W      hen the Forgotten Harvest truck pulls up
                                                                   to Kimberly’s Helping Hands in northeast
                                                          Detroit, it’s not uncommon to see the homeless in
                          fresh food being served of      the area and even neighbors come out to help assist
                          course, but on the counter      the driver unload the delivery.
                          near the registers you’ll         Things have changed around the neighborhood
                           find a small collection box    near State Fair Street and I-75 since Kimberly’s
                           that designates proceeds       Helping Hands opened in 2005; and that change
                           to Forgotten Harvest. On       has come by way of job training and after school
                         the wall behind the register,    programs, mentoring, clothing, shelter and food for
 you’ll notice a sign indicating that Panera Bread        the community.
 donates all their end-of-day product to hunger             Kimberly’s Helping Hands works to develop
 relief organizations.                                    programs that address the needs of the homeless in
   Giving back to the communities where they              Detroit and to improve the quality of life of those
 serve is an important ingredient to the success of       less fortunate.
 Panera Bread.                                              Co-founders Kimberly Donelson-Bennett and
   “Forgotten Harvest relies on the generosity of         her husband Rev. Germany Bennett maintain that
 our donors - both food and financial,” said Joyce        changes are needed in our community if we are to
 Jenereaux, Board Chair. “Panera Bread is a rare          provide the best possible future for the generations
 combination of both,”                                    to follow. “We also know that change must begin
                                                          with us,” Donelson-Bennett said. “We all have a
   Panera Bread has been committed to serving             responsibility to become leaders in our community.”
 their local communities since its founding in
 1981. Their “Operation Dough-Nation®” program              With changes, come new chances.
 serves to address four major activities: Community         The Bennetts lead by example. Shortly after they
 Breadbox™ cash collection boxes (Panera Bread            purchased their facility, they stopped by one evening
 matches the donations 50 cents on the dollar);           and found a handicapped man loitering outside the
 Panera/SCRIP gift card fund-raising; participation       building. He claimed he was watching it for his aunt
 in community events; and Day-End Dough-                  who owned it. He was a bit startled and embarrassed
 Nations™.                                                when they told him they were in fact the owners and
                                                          he started to roll his wheelchair away. The Bennetts
   Since 2000, Forgotten Harvest has been the most        called him back and offered him the same job he’d
 significant Day-End Dough-Nation™ partner for            been pretending to do and he graciously accepted.
 southeastern Michigan Panera Bread locations,
 and recently hit the million pound donation of             To fully understand the circumstances and plight
 food this summer.                                        of the people they serve, they’ve even spent weekends
                                                          on the streets in the cold harsh winter along side the
   Across America, the Day-End Dough-Nation               homeless.
 program works to deliver thousands of unsold
                                                            With the help of Forgotten Harvest, Kimberly’s
 breads, bagels and pastries to local non-profit, tax-
                                                          Helping Hands serves 150 clients each week through
 exempt organizations that help feed the needy.
                                                          their pantry. Every Sunday they serve 100 free hot
 At the end of each day, representatives from
                                                          lunches to anyone who shows up. Over the past two
 participating organizations pick up donations at         years that Kimberly’s Helping Hands has been a
 the bakery-cafes and deliver them to food pantries,      Forgotten Harvest recipient agency, they’ve received
 shelters and soup kitchens.                              200,000 pounds of fresh, nutritious food.
   In addition to supplying food donations, over            “If it wasn’t for Forgotten Harvest, we wouldn’t be
 the past several years, southeast Michigan Panera        able to provide things like fresh produce or dairy,”
 Bread stores have raised more than $237,000              said Donelson-Bennett, co-founder of Kimberly’s
 (including Panera’s donation match) for Forgotten        Helping Hands. “We wouldn’t be able to serve and
 Harvest through the Community Breadbox™ cash             accomplish what we have so far without them.”
 collection program.
                                                            Things are changing. And that’s a good thing.
menu of Opportunities . . .
Our supporters are our supporters because they truly believe in the mission of Forgotten Harvest. They
believe there is a solution to ending hunger and waste in our community. And they believe that the
solution begins with Forgotten Harvest. Because our mission resonates to so many, we receive daily
calls and emails from students, individuals, groups, clubs and businesses asking, “How can I/we help
Forgotten Harvest?”
We’ve gathered some ideas and projects that are easy and fun. Whether you’re just one person or a team,
remember, no effort is too big or too small! Please take a moment and review the “menu” for numerous
ways you or your company or group can support Forgotten Harvest. Every dollar donated provides six meals
to those in need.
                                     THANK YOU for your kind support!
Third-Party Events                                                          Forgotten Harvest Events:
Name Forgotten Harvest beneficiary for your next event. From a              16th Annual Comedy Night - April 2008 (Location TBD)
simple Jeans Day collection at the office (collect money from co-work-      Our signature event is an annual favorite of our sponsors and sup-
ers to wear jeans to work) to a golf outing or dance, third-party events    porters. Local funnyman Tim Allen, a founding friend to Forgotten
are a great way to get involved and create awareness for Forgotten          Harvest, headlined at the first Comedy Night in 1992. Since then,
Harvest. We are happy to assist you in any way we can, from providing       many nationally recognized comic acts have followed in his footsteps
a speaker, banners, video or brochures.                                     to deliver countless laughs and much needed support for Forgotten
                                                                            Harvest. This event has raised over $2.1 million since its inception.
Souper Bowl of Caring® - February 3, 2008
                                                                            Champagne Cruise 2008 - August 15, Westborn Market, Berkley
                                        Youth from congregations and
                                                                            The premier Woodward Dream Cruise Preview Party is a sell-out
                                        schools use large soup pots
                                                                            event each year. It’s an elegant, casual evening of chilled champagne,
                                        to receive donations the week
                                                                            live Motown music, a taste fest of delicious food from the best area
                                        before or the Sunday morn-
                                                                            restaurants and plenty of classic car watching. Champagne Cruise
                                        ing of the Super Bowl football
                                                                            has grown year after year and our guests will agree, it’s a party that
                                        game. Every dollar raised is then
                                                                            can’t be missed!
                                        donated to a local hunger-re-
lated agency. Involvement teaches young people that they can make a         For sponsorship levels or ticket information for either event, contact
positive difference in the lives of others. For more information on this    Monica Luoma at 248-967-1500 x102
opportunity, please visit or call Stephanie Fries at
248.967.1500 x 115.                                               
                                                                            An easy way to help Forgotten Harvest is through a new search
Out to End Hunger Campaign - May, 14, 2008                                  engine powered by Yahoo! called GoodSearch. GoodSearch will
                                                                            make a donation to your favorite charity or school with every search.
What if metro Detroit donated the money they spent on lunch
                                                                            It doesn’t cost you a thing — the money comes from the advertisers.
for one day to Forgotten Harvest? This one-day initiative started           For instance, if 1,000 people used GoodSearch for two Internet
                               by Forgotten Harvest is an easy              searches per day, in one year, they will have earned $7,300 for
                               community service project for your           Forgotten Harvest! No effort, great results.
                               office, group or school. This is your
                                                                            The more people who use this site, the more money will go to
                               chance to get creative, have fun with
                                                                            those in need. So please spread the word to your friends and family.
                               your co-workers and friends, and make
                                                                            Visit: and follow the directions to add it to
                               a difference in the lives of hungry          your search toolbar.
                               families in our community. Our last
                               event raised over $12,000 in one day!
                                                                            Double Your Dollars!                                                            Employee Match Contributions
Shop and give back to Forgotten Harvest doesn’t get easier than       You can double or triple your gift to Forgotten Harvest if you or
this! Visit and shop their site for fresh flowers,         your spouse work for one of over a thousand companies!
gourmet gift baskets, branded items, electronics and much more. They        Check with your HR department to find out if your company
will donate 10% of every purchase when you select Forgotten Harvest         has a matching gift program. If your company has a matching gift
as your designated charity at checkout. From corporate gifts to special     program, you can obtain a matching gift form from your employer.
occasions, shopping just got better!                                        Forms should be available from the human resources department.
                                                                            Just fill out the form according to guidelines and send to us with
 6                                                                          your donation.
                                                            Small bites
  Did you know that Forgotten Harvest runs the largest grocery store rescue project in the nation?
  Over the past five years, our grocery store rescue project has grown from six grocery stores to 140. That’s an increase of
  2,265%! Included in our grocery store rescue project are metro Detroit Kroger stores
  in Wayne, Oakland and Macomb counties (74 locations). Other food
  donors in the project include Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods,
  Nino Salvaggio Markets, Hollywood Markets,
  Gordon Food Services, Aldi’s, Busch’s
  Markets, and Plum Market.
        to r
      yS a
  2 res

                   29 /04
        6 /03
    er Ye

                                                          92 /06
                                   79 /05

                                                                                13 6/07

                                                                                                                14 rent
  oc al


Gr Fisc






                                                                   You say tomato . . .
                                                                   This summer, Forgotten Harvest partnered with Great Northern Hydro-
                                                                   ponics, a Soave Enterprises company, to rescue tomatoes. Lots of toma-
                                                                   toes! To date, we have rescued over 157,000 pounds of beautiful, nutritious
                                                                   tomatoes. They arrive to our building in large boxes, requiring volunteers
                                                                   to re-package them into smaller boxes for easier distribution to all our
                                                                   recipient agencies.
                                                                   A recent re-packaging project was completed thanks to Mitch Albom (FH
                                                                   Advisory Board Member) and his community service project “A Time to
                                                                   Help,” which encourages volunteerism. Thirty-five volunteers of all ages
                                                                   and backgrounds accepted the invitation from Albom to volunteer their
                                                                   time at Forgotten Harvest for a few hours. The volunteers, led by Albom,
                                                                   re-packaged approximately 17,000 pounds of tomatoes in record time!
                                                                   THANK YOU to everyone who gave of their time to help us transport this
   Mitch Albom (right) rallied a troup of volunteers to            food to those who need it most.
   Forgotten Harvest to help re-package tomatoes.
                                                                    Forgotten Harvest to assist with Las Vegas food
  FH launches new website                                           bank start-up
  thanks to Chrysler!                                                  America’s Second Harvest           food rescue facility in Las Vegas.
  Look for a brand new Forgotten Harvest                            (A2H), the nation’s largest hun-          This November Paul Cooper,
                                                                    ger-relief organization with a        FH Food Program Liaison, will
  website to launch this November. Visitors
                                                                    network of 200 food banks and         travel to Las Vegas to lend a hand
  will be able to make online donations,
                                                                    food rescue organizations includ-     in developing the new warehouse
                                                                    ing Forgotten Harvest, has asked      and operations.
  event tickets,                   for our assistance and expertise in       “We are honored to be rec-
  find volunteer
                                                                    perishable food rescue operations     ognized for our knowledge and
  opportunities and                                                 with a new food bank in Las Vegas,    initiatives in food rescue opera-
  learn more about                                                  Nevada.                               tions, ” said Susan Goodell, FH
  our food rescue                                                      Three Square, a hunger relief      Executive Director. “But we are
  operation. The                                                    organization serving Southern Ne-     especially honored to have the
  new site is made                                                  vada, and A2H plan to open a col-     opportunity to assist in any way
  possible through a                                                laborative organization to offer a    possible to help with a project
  generous gift from                                                food bank, community kitchen and      that is so desperately needed.”
  Chrysler LLC.                                                                                                                            7
Forgotten Harvest                                                                          Non-Profit Org
21800 Greenfield Road                                                                       US Postage
Oak Park, MI 48237                                                                             PAID
                                                                                           Southfield, MI
                                                                                           Permit No. 196
Phone: (248) 967.1500
Fax: (248) 967.1510

     Driving hunger from our community since 1990
     For all the freshest information,
     visit our website at:

    We’re saving
          YOU a seat!

                  Ha!                                                            hee!
           Ha!                                                             hee!

                                Comedy Night - April 2008
                   For more details, visit or call 248-967-1500

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