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									Natural Ways to Lower Blood Pressure

Patients with hypertensive disorders often need mengasup medication
regularly to control blood pressure. However, some changes in lifestyle
are also proven to reduce blood pressure. In fact, in some people can
eliminate drug addiction.

"Anyone with hypertension should be encouraged to do some things to lower
blood pressure without the aid of pharmacological agents," said Matthew
Burg, PhD, professor of medicine at Columbia University Medical Center in
New York.

Here are 10 steps to lower blood pressure naturally, as quoted from

Exercise Regularly
Exercise or physical activity for 30 minutes every day for a week, was
enough to lower blood pressure.

Gerald Fletcher, MD, a cardiologist at the Mayo Clinic says, moving on
reducing blood pressure 3-5 points, and can gradually reduce their use of
hypertension medications. Choose something you enjoy: walking, jogging,
swimming to cycling.

Eat Bananas
Most of the salt can increase blood pressure, but potassium can reduce
the adverse effects of sodium. Most people with hypertension lack this

Increase the potassium intake to 4700 mg per day benefit for people with
hypertension. Bananas, baked potatoes with skin, orange juice, nonfat
yogurt are the main source of potassium.

Reduce Salt
Those with normal blood pressure, or hypertension is high enough to
reduce blood pressure by cutting salt intake. Limit your salt intake is
1,500 mg a day. The easy way is to avoid as many processed foods contain
sodium. Be sure to also check the levels of sodium in food labeling.

Stop Smoking
Smokers are at high risk of hypertension. Nicotine makes blood pressure
soared cause chronic hypertension. Quitting smoking helps to lower blood
pressure, plus there are other health benefits.

Lose Weight
Scrape the weight a few pounds have a major impact on blood pressure.
Excess weight makes the heart work harder, which causes hypertension.
While losing weight reduces the heart's workload.

Reduce Alcohol
No more than a glass of alcohol for women and two drinks for men does
have health benefits. However, too much to drink will also increase blood
Various studies mentioned, the consumption of more than two glasses of
alcohol increases the risk of hypertension for men and women.

Overcome stress
Managing stress helps reduce blood pressure. However, measures to deal
with stress can be different for everyone. Relaxation and stress
management necessary for patients with hypertension to control blood

Yoga and Meditation
Yoga is a method of stress release, which effectively reduces blood
pressure in hypertensive patients, and related to the autonomic nervous
system, heart rate, digestion, and most of the functions of other organs.

Meditation among other respiratory setting, visualization, combination
into an effective management tool to cope with stress, said Burg.

Reduce Caffeine
Coffee has some health benefits, but lower the blood pressure is not one
of them. Caffeine can cause blood pressure spikes in the short term, even
in those who did not have hypertension.

If you have hypertension, reduce your intake of caffeine only two cups of
coffee per day. To examine the effects of caffeine, blood pressure checks
and a half after consumption of caffeine. If blood pressure rises 5-10
points, you are sensitive to caffeine.

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