7 Types of Insects are often unknowingly ingested Participate by mambuduren


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									7 Types of Insects are often unknowingly ingested Participate

Sometimes there are insects on vegetables that pass from the washing
process prior to cooking and inedible when eaten. Some insects have a
good but also can cause allergies when eaten accidentally.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has decided to allow some insects
such as mites and maggots provided it does not ruin the taste and quality
of food.

Here are seven insects that may be consumed by you as quoted by Rodale,
Tuesday (01/05/2012), among others:

A. Aphids

Such as aphids, leaf green or black and small size that can infiltrate
into the vegetables, especially spinach, broccoli, and cabbage.

2. Mite

These insects are small and white, and generally living in a grain of
wheat and other grains. However, that has been contaminated grain storage
mites can cause allergic reactions such as dust mites in the home

3. Maggot

These little creatures can be found in canned foods such as canned
mushrooms, canned tomatoes, tomato paste and pizza sauce. Canned
mushrooms on the packaging there are at least 20 maggots in it for every
100 grams of dried mushrooms. While the tomatoes are packed in the
product there are about 1 to 5 grubs per 500 grams.

4. Fruit Flies

Fruit flies that have been entered into the fruit you buy, not be lost by
washing with water. If you drink a can of orange juice, at least five
fruit flies contained in each cup or 8 ounces of juice. Eating a handful
of raisins can also make you eat as many as 35 eggs of fruit flies.

5. Corn caterpillars

Corn is a very difficult plant to grow organically because it is very
susceptible to pests. But in most cases, it is easy to avoid eating
caterpillars that hide in the corn cobs of corn with chopped corn and
boil it.

However, canned sweet corn will not be free from caterpillar larvae of
corn and it is allowed to remain consumed by the FDA.

6. Bean beetle

One can of black beans may also contain an average of five or more bean
beetle larvae, which will grow into a dark brown beetle like peas.
7. Caterpillar

Caterpillars will sometimes attack vegetables such as spinach, and not
easy to cook spinach is free of worms. But insects are not harmful if
eaten with spinach join you.

If you do not want to involve more of the insects in your food, cut back
eating processed foods that are packed in cans.

You can choose your vegetables and fruits that can be washed to minimize
insects. Packaging products usually do not pay attention to small details
during the production process.

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