; How can I repair my credit report?
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How can I repair my credit report?


Want to repair your credit report? What you should be wary about are scams. Even if a lot of people have poor credit histories.

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									                                     How can I repair my credit report?

Want to repair your credit report? What you should be wary about are scams. Even if a lot of people have
poor credit histories. Credit agencies target these people with their scams, saying that they should save
their money and pay them for their services, or that they can remove bankruptcies, missed payments or
other negative marks on your report. Don’t get fooled by these. There’s no shortcut for credit worthiness.
You will be able to repair your credit but it will take time, effort and discipline.

There are a lot of companies out there with advertisements claiming that they can remove negative marks
on your credit report. Truth is, all their claims are not true. Their process is illegal and it’s pretty sure that
they won’t be doing what they’re expected to do. Scams usually ask for your money first before offering
their services to you. Most “authentic” companies don’t require you to pay until their service is done.
Scams would also ask you to not contact any of the three credit agencies directly.

Applying for a credit online and provide false information will just get you into more trouble. You will be
charged of fraud.

Now that you have an idea about scams, here are a few tips for you to repair or improve your credit.

       Get the most recent copy of your credit report. You actually have one free credit report for the 3
        agencies every year. Check for errors, inaccurate information etc. Include in your letter your basic
        information: Name, Address and so on. Next, state the facts about the dispute, give a brief but
        concise statement about it, telling them either to remove or that you never made late payments.
        Send it through e-mail, mail or even by telephone. Don’t forget to keep copies of the letter that
        you send to the agencies.

       When it comes to accurate negative items on your report, the only thing you can do is wait for it
        to be removed, it usually lasts 7-10 years. But instead of waiting it out, why not build up your
        score to better your report? Try to make regular payments, don’t miss out on one. It is the fastest
        and easiest way to get black marks on report, yet at the same time the simplest way to get a good
        credit score.

       Do regular check-ups on your report. If you want, you can even sign up for an online monitoring
        service. Don’t miss out on payments and mange it for errors. Try to do everything quickly. It will
        save you time and money as well in the long run.

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