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									Carpet Cleaning Tips: Cleaning Carpet Spills and Vacuum Cleaning

Commercialized cleaning solutions that are available in the market are expensive, but they
are good in removing stains. However, if used too often, these cleaners can wear and tear
your carpet in no time. Furthermore, carpet stains can be as troublesome when treated
with strong chemicals. There are a number of ways in dealing with carpet stains

Here are some of the tips on how to maintain and clean your carpet flooring:

Vacuum Cleaning Your Carpet

Like any other type of floor cleaning, carpet flooring requires vacuum cleaning. Vacuum
cleaning helps prevent build of dirt. Doing it at least once a week should do the trick. This
can help keep your carpet in good condition longer than usual. Furthermore, clean twice
than usual the areas of the carpet where people pass by often.

For wall-to-wall carpeting, divide the area where you wish to vacuum into 4 quadrants. The
reason behind is that you'll probably clean the area thoroughly when you divide it by
sections rather than attempting to deal with it as a whole. It is essential to slow pace your
vacuum cleaning so that deep rooted dirt will be removed.

To get rid of strong odor of your carpet, use baking soda to adhere this problem. First you
need to sprinkle the baking powder all over the carpet. See to it that you’re not applying too
much soda because it will damage your vacuum in teh long run. Perform this trick as
minimal as possible to avoid damaging your vacuum. Baking powder like dirt causes your
vacuum cleaner to clog, which is not good for your machine.

This ends our topic on how to vacuum your carpet. Now we move on to our next topic
which is dealing with spills on your carpet.

How to Clean Spills on the Carpet

The number one rule that you should remember when removing spills on your carpet is to
act as soon as possible.

Before applying cleaning solution on the carpet, blot the area and get as many stains as
possibly as you can. But do not over do it as you may just do to your carpet what you don't
wanted-damaging it.. Also, choose the best cleaning agent you are going to apply on your
carpet. Make sure that it will help solve your problem rather than make it any worse.

Cleaning solutions that comes with strong chemicals could give you the following

      Fading of color of the affected area.
      Discoloration, which is quite impossible to repair.
      Damage the carpet's fiber and sometimes burn it.

Never rub the affected area because this might cause the spill to scatter. start spot cleaning
from the outer region of the stain and move in a circular motion going inwards. Blot the
area free from moisture after you apply the solution. If the moisture is still there after
buffing, what you can do is put a towel on top of the area followed by a weight to press it
against the carpet. This will allow the moisture to seep into the towel completely.

Practicing these tips is as important as learning them. Practice what you have learned and
you will surely learn more tricks in carpeting. Learning these tips will surely put you
advantage, considering the cost of having to repair or replace it.

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