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									             APES Chapter 15
                                                        13. What are the three categories of mineral resources
      Geology and Nonrenewable                               extracted from the earths crust. Why are they
                                                             considered a nonrenewable mineral source?
          Mineral Resources
Objectives                                              14. What five nations supply most of the worlds
                                                            mineral resources? What re the four strategic
1.   Omit – Covered in Lab/Investigation                    mineral sources imported by the U.S. and why
                                                            are they important to our economy and military
2.   Distinguish between internal and external              strength?
     geologic processes. Identify and explain three
     types of external geologic processes.
                                                        ** Spoils , Tailings
3.   List and define three broad classes of rock.       Lab/Investigation – Plate tectonics
     Briefly describe the rock cycle and indicate
     interrelationships among these classes.

4.   Describe how earthquakes are caused. Describe
     how tsunamis are formed. Describe the role of
     volcanoes in the rock recycling process.

5.   What is a mineral? What is a mineral resource?
     Identify four types of minerals and what they
     are used for. Clarify the relationship between
     identified resources and reserves.

6.   Distinguish between subsurface and surface
     mining. Explain four types of surface mining.

7.   Identify and describe four environmental
     impacts of mining.

8.   Draw a hypothetical depletion curve. Project
     how this curve would be affected by the
     following changes in assumptions: (a) recycling
     of the resource is increased, (b) discoveries of
     new deposits of the resource are made, (c)
     prices rise sharply, (d) a substitute for the
     resource is found.

9.   Describe the economics of nonrenewable
     minerals. Explain the limitations of mining
     lower-grade ores. Discuss the option of getting
     more minerals from the ocean.

10. What are the basic provisions of the Surface
    Mining Control and Reclamation Act of 1977.

11. Identify five ways that mineral resources can be
      used more sustainably.
      SUPPLEMENT S 33. What is nanotechnology?
      What are some of the environmental risks of
      nanotechnology? What are some of the
      promises of nanotechnology?

Geology and Nonrenewable Mineral Resources                                                                  1

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