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 P R O M O T I N G T H E B I C Y C L E F O R E V E R Y D AY T R A N S P O R T A T I O N                                                                                FREE

                                                    How to Marry a Bicyclist
                                                    Are you lonely? Always locking your                             What should be your opening line? How about, “So,
                                                    bicycle to a rack with no bike beside it?                    what do you think of the new bike lanes?” Or “Boy, we
                                                    Do you have visions of riding a bicycle                      could use a bike lane on <insert name of street
                                                    built for two? In honor of Valentine’s Day,                  here>.” Or “Didn’t you outbid me at the Winterfest
                                                    we offer a guide to turning two-wheeled                      auction?”
                                                    fun into four.                                                  Newlyweds Patricia Gideon and Christopher Sharron
                                                                                                                 (see “How I Married a Bicyclist,” below) knew they
                                                        Finding shared values is a factor in any relationship,   were destined to bike together forever when they met
                                                    and bicycling can make for an excellent foundation.          at a friend’s birthday party. How did they know? As
                                                    Who better than your own life partner to share your          Patricia puts it, “I was walking out the door when I saw
                                                    exhilaration at new bike lanes being striped? Imagine        this nice-looking guy in an SFBC T-shirt. He said he was
                                                    not having to explain why you need three bikes (one          a member and didn’t even own a car.”
                                                    beater, one touring, one Burning Man). It’s also a              If you don’t want to go to events or be caught stalk-
                                 PHOTO: NINA BALL

                                                    practical issue: if one person bikes to a date and the       ing the local bike racks, you can always look online.
                                                    other drives, where do you go from there?                    On Friendster, there are currently more than 500 single
                                                        For those of you who want to include your bikes in       men and women in the Bay Area who mention biking
                                                    your Valentine’s Day celebrations, we offer the follow-      and bicycling as interests. Regardless of the social net-
                                                    ing four-step process to finding the bicyclist of your       working site you use, consider featuring a bicycle or
Making the Rainbow                                  dreams—and riding off into the sunset together.              helmet in your main photo to clearly broadcast your
Connection on                                       Step 1: Decide What You Really Want                          interests. If all that fails, Cycling Singles (www.cyclings-
Folsom St.                                              The first step in marrying a bicyclist is determining is a site that focuses specifically on pairing
                                                    the sort of cyclist you want to spend the rest of your       up two-wheelers.
Rainbow Grocery customers                           life with. As you are probably aware, all bicyclists are
and Folsom Street com-                                                                                                                              C O N T I N U E D O N PA G E 4
muters had reason to rejoice                        not created equal. For some, bicycling is a mode of
recently as work crews laid                         transportation; for others, it’s a way of life. Some strap
down the final paint job on                         a bike to the back of their Saab to hit the trails in
the long-awaited extension of
the Folsom Street bike                              Marin, while others ride to City Hall to speak out in
lanes, from 11th Street to                          support of the latest bike lane proposals.
14th Street. This important                             Is bicycling more of a practical or political state-
addition to our city’s Bike                         ment—or both—for you? Knowing your own attitude
Network was made, thanks
to the good work of the                             toward biking can help you decide on what you’re
Department of Parking &                             looking for in a partner. Realize, though, that with each
Traffic’s Bike Program as well                      qualification you put on a potential spouse, the fewer
as the support provided by
                                                    people you have to choose from. Even if they don’t
                                                                                                                                                                                     PHOTO: SF HISTORY CENTER, SF PUBLIC LIBRARY

the letters, postcards, and
calls from SFBC members.                            already bike for everyday transportation, you can
                                                    always convince them.
For updates on other key                            Step 2: Find an Eligible Bicyclist
Bike Network projects, see
page 3                                                  My grandmother has a saying: “If you want to meet a
                                                    nice Jewish girl, go to synagogue!” Along similar lines,
                                                    if you want to meet a bicyclist, go to Zeitgeist. Or
                                                    ZCritical Mass. Or any SFBC event.
                                                        Longtime SFBC member Emily Tilles met an eligible
                                                    bachelor on the Howard Street bike lanes soon after
                                                    they were striped. She simply struck up a conversation                                   at a stop sign, and you can too.

     From Leah’s Desk

     Happy New Year!                                                                                                                       TUBE TIMES
                                                               Membership Director, and Mary Brown, Bike Net-                            Michelle Thatcher
                                                               work Director until the end of February, are heading                            E D I TO R

     O     K, so you’re probably not reading this until Feb-
           ruary or March, but I think it’s not too late in
     the year to wish you a happy 2005. In fact, I
                                                               back to school to prepare for what will surely be
                                                               exciting new directions in their lives.

                                                                                                                                           Jeffery Bennett
                                                                                                                                             P RO D U C T I O N

     encourage us to say it all year long because I think          You can’t really think of Volunteer Night or Bike                        Brandon Fine
                                                               to Work Day or any of the SFBC’s outstanding par-                            DISTRIBUTION
     it is going to be a good year for the Coalition, and
                                                               ties without thinking of Michael’s enthusiasm and
     for bicycling in general.
                                                               passion for the SFBC’s membership. His work dur-        Published six times a year by the
         Why so rosy a prediction for 2005? For starters,                                                              SAN FRANCISCO BICYCLE COALITION
                                                               ing the past three and a half years has helped the
     much of our advocacy success hinges on convinc-                                                                   1095 Market St., Suite 215,
                                                               SFBC membership grow impressively, while always
     ing local decision makers to support our agenda,                                                                  San Francisco, CA 94103
                                                               keeping a strong focus on ensuring that members         phone: (415) 431-BIKE
     and we are thrilled to see another pro-bike Board
                                                               felt connected to and excited by the SFBC’s work.       fax: (415) 431-2468
     of Supervisors in office this term (see Quick
                                                               Every new member and volunteer was made to feel         email:    
     Releases, page 3). And we have reason to believe
                                                               welcome and appreciated by Michael’s warm style
     that Mayor Newsom will be an ally to the SFBC’s                                                                     The SFBC is a 4,500-member advocacy organization
                                                               and clear dedication to the cause.
     work in the coming year, hopefully helping to fast-                                                                   working to transform San Francisco’s streets and
                                                                   And what to say about Mary? She has shaped            neighborhoods into more livable and safe places by
     track key bike projects.
                                                               not only the SFBC during her seven years with us,          promoting the bicycle for everyday transportation.
         And there are plenty of bike projects that need
                                                               but San Francisco itself. As a tenacious volunteer,
     nudges. Thanks to the SFBC’s last two years of
                                                               Mary led what is regarded as the SFBC’s most well
     outreach work to help create the Bicycle Plan
     Update, in partnership with the city’s Department
                                                               known victory, the Valencia Street bike lanes. What
                                                               we now take for granted on Valencia Street took
                                                                                                                                            SFBC STAFF
     of Parking & Traffic and Transportation Authority,                                                                                    Jodie Medeiros
                                                               years of grassroots campaigning to succeed and                   AC T I N G M E M B E R S H I P D I R E C TO R
     we have at least 20 prime projects that will dra-
                                                               launched the SFBC into a position of real power                                 Josh Hart
     matically improve biking in San Francisco. Now,
                                                               that benefits us today. Later, as both Membership                        P RO G R A M D I R E C TO R
     SFBC members will be needed to ensure that
                                                               Director and Bike Network Director, Mary continued                    Chris Hayashida Knight
     these projects are implemented A.S.A.P You know                                                                                  O P E R AT I O N S D I R E C TO R
                                                               to inspire other volunteers to follow her lead of do-
     what that means: we’ll be looking for committee                                                                                        Leah Shahum
                                                               it-yourself, on-the-street organizing. It’s hard to
     leaders and volunteers for several new grassroots                                                                                 E X E C U T I V E D I R E C TO R
                                                               imagine kicking off a new bike lane campaign with-
     campaigns. Stay tuned for calls for help in the
                                                               out her experienced planning, focused vision, and                      BOA R D O F D I R E C TO R S
     Biker Bulletins. (If you’re not getting the SFBC’s                                                                          Jon Calaway • Dale Danley
                                                               much-appreciated sense of humor.
     weekly e-mail Bulletins, sign up at                                                                                  Mark Dwight • Chris Fenster (Treasurer)
                                                                   I know I speak for loads of SFBC members when                                                                                                        Jenn Fox • Jean Fraser
                                                               I write how deeply we will miss Michael and Mary,
         Organizationally, the SFBC is strong, with plans                                                                Deb Janes • Amandeep Jawa • Brooke Kuhn
                                                               and how much gratitude we feel for their years of
     to grow stronger. We increased from 4,200 to                                                                            Ann Lyons (Secretary) Clay Mankin
                                                               commitment, skills, and spirit. There is not enough
     4,500 members in 2004. This year, we will launch                                                                      Renée Rivera (President) • Eric Sloan
                                                               room in this column or in this newsletter to do                  Justin Smith • David Soward
     an unprecedented Membership Campaign to reach
                                                               them justice with written thanks. I hope that our
     5,000 members in 2005. I want to take this oppor-
                                                               successful work to dramatically improve and
     tunity to thank our members for their generosity
                                                               increase biking in 2005 will show our appreciation
     during the past year. We not only reached, but sur-
                                                               for the tremendous groundwork they have laid for
                                                                                                                       Potholes Giving You Pain?
     passed, our fundraising goals largely thanks to
                                                               us all.                                                 The Department of Public Works
     increased support from members like you, through
                                                                                                   BY LEAH SHAHUM      (DPW) relies on the public to
     responses to our End-of-Year Appeal, major dona-
                                                                                               EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR      report potholes on city streets.
     tions, and support at events like Winterfest (see
                                                                                                                       Note the location of potholes when
     page 5). Our strong financial shape will allow us to                                                              riding your bike and report them to
     (hopefully!) move our offices within the next few                                                                 DPW. Ask for a tracking number so
     months to a bigger, better space.                                                                                 you can follow up if the problem
         With this anticipation for the new year, though,                                                              isn’t fixed with 48 hours, as DPW
     we also have some hard goodbyes to bid. Two of                                                                    promises.
     our longest-term and most treasured staff mem-                                                                    Contact: 695-2100/
     bers are moving on. Both Michael Calfee, former                                                         

                                                                                                                       Please let us know if any pavement
                                                                                                                       problems linger - contact
Congratulations to New                                                                                        with a description.

SFBC Board of Directors
Thank you to all of the members who voted in the annual SFBC Board of
Directors elections at the end of 2004. We congratulate the following top
vote-getters who started their two-year terms on the Board in January: John
Calaway, Jean Fraser, Brooke Kuhn, Deb Janes, Amandeep (’Deep) Jawa,
Ann Lyons, and David Soward. And a special thank you to all of the candi-
dates who ran for the SFBC Board. (This was the most contested Board
race in as many years as we can recall.)
   If you are interested in knowing more about the Board’s work or service
on the Board, please contact Leah Shahum any time at
And Board meetings are open to SFBC members; contact us for meeting
information. To find out more about the SFBC’s Board members, see
                                                                               Masonic/Fell intersection as well as      their Supervisor is Tom Ammiano,

          Quick Releases
                                                                               Masonic Avenue bike lanes. “Ross          Sophie Maxwell, or Chris Daly.
                                                                               understands that investing in the         Contact info for all elected officials
                                                                               Bike Network will benefit all City        is at
                                                                               residents, including car drivers, by
                                                                               reducing the competition for limit-       Bike Plan Update Yield-
Desperately Seeking                     experience with community devel-
                                                                               ed parking spaces and road
                                        opment and fundraising in the
                                                                               space,” says Josh Hart, program           ing Results
                                        nonprofit sector. You can contact                                                After two years of community plan-
Do you have a friend, coworker, or                                             director of the Coalition.
                                        her at                                                    ning, the first of the Top 20 Bike
roommate who regularly drives to
                                                                                                                         Plan Update (BPU) projects are
work? Have they expressed interest
                                        Broad New Coalition                    Potrero Traffic Calming                   moving toward action. Proposals to
in trying a bike commute? If so, let                                           Needs Final Push for                      add bike lanes on two small but
us know! We’re looking for a regu-      Opposes Park Projects                                                            important pieces of the Bike Net-
lar car commuter who’s willing to       A broad new coalition of organiza-     March Implementation                      work are working their way
try biking to work for a week as the    tions has formed to oppose the            The SFBC is continuing to work
                                                                               with neighborhood and safety              through the legislative process —
subject of a Tube Times feature         widening of Martin Luther King
                                                                               groups to advocate for the original,      14th Street between Market &
story.                                  Drive in Golden Gate Park to four
                                                                               community-based plan for Potrero          Dolores Sts. and Oakdale Avenue
                                        lanes, as well as a second entrance
                                                                               Avenue, which will add bike lanes         between Bayshore and Selby. You
                                        to the underground parking garage
E-mail for                                                                                          can support them by writing Super-
                                        currently being built in direct con-   in each direction, remove two traf-
more information or to volunteer.                                              fic lanes, and add a middle turn          visor Dufty to express support for
                                        tradiction to Proposition J.
                                                                               lane and pedestrian refuge islands.       14th St. bike lanes and by writing
                                           We are calling on the Board of
Sign on to Bay Bridge                                                          This plan would put the freeway-          Supervisor Maxwell for Oakdale
                                        Supervisors to put the brakes on
                                                                               like street on a ‘road diet,’ just like   Ave. bike lanes (and also asking
Access Platform                         this disastrous plan and protect the
                                        park from the vastly increased traf-   we successfully won on Valencia           her to fill the gap on Oakdale
The SFBC, in collaboration with the                                                                                      between Third St. and Phelps).
Transportation and Land Use             fic that would result. The De Young    Street in 1999.
                                                                                  The only problem is that Muni          Another separate improvement slat-
Coalition, Bay Area Bicycle Coali-      Museum is slated to open in Octo-
                                                                               has been resisting the community          ed for approval is adding bike
tion and East Bay Bicycle Coalition,    ber, and without adequate plans to
                                                                               consensus, trying to force through        lanes on Fulton St. between Baker
is continuing to build support for      improve transit and bicycle/ pedes-
                                                                               a weaker plan that places the             and Webster Sts. Thanks to the DPT
the completion of the Bay Bridge        trian links, many fear auto gridlock
                                                                               northbound bike lane smack-dab            Bike Program for their work on
Bicycle/Pedestrian/Maintenance          in the park. Take action by visiting
                                                                               between a traffic lane and a bus          these projects. Also, the BPU’s Poli-
Pathway from Treasure Island to         our web page at
                                                                               lane. This plan also retains more         cy Document will be going to the
downtown San Francisco. You can
                                                                               car traffic lanes, keeping five car       Board of Supervisors for approval
find out more about this exciting                                                                                        soon, and we’ll need members’
project—and get other organiza-                                                lanes on this one-way street instead
tions you are affiliated with to sign
                                        SFBC Celebrates (Local)                of four lanes, as most neighbors          support at a public hearing. Stay
                                                                                                                         tuned for the date and details!
on to our platform, asking state        Election Victories                     prefer. We urge our members to
and regional leaders to fund a          Members had good reason to cele-       write to City leaders, especially if
shore-to-shore pathway—by visit-        brate the election victories of
ing our Bay Bridge page at              SFBC-endorsed supervisorial can- Contact           didates. Every supervisor who was for more informa-       endorsed by the Bicycle Coalition
tion or to join the Bay Bridge Task     was elected, including Jake
Force.                                  McGoldrick in District 1, Aaron
                                        Peskin in District 3, Ross Mirkari-
                                        mi in District 5, Tom Ammiano in
BABC Hires New                          District 9, and Gerardo Sandoval in
Executive Director                      District 11.
The Bay Area Bicycle Coalition             A key victory was that of Green
(BABC), representing the interests      Party member Ross Mirkarimi,
                                                                                                                                                                    PHOTO: DAVID ENG-

of Bay Area bicyclists on a regional    took the place of Matt Gonzalez
level, has hired its first executive    “The SFBC’s endorsement and vol-
director. Nicole “Cole” Portocar-       unteer support were key to our
rero started in December and will       success,” says Mirkarimi. “I am
be working on Bike to Work Day          excited to work with my new col-       By now you've noticed the volunteer crossing guards at the perilous
2005, which the BABC will coordi-       leagues on the Board to close out-     intersection of Fell and Masonic at the Panhandle - SFBC and Walk SF's safety
nate thanks to a grant from the         standing gaps in our Citywide Bicy-    program is going strong, and changes are in the works to improve safety for
Metropolitan Transportation Com-        cle Network.”                          bikes and pedestrians on this important route in the citywide Bicycle Network.
                                                                               Special thanks to the many volunteers who've given their time to create a safer
mission. Cole graduated from UC            First up next year for District 5   space for alternative transportation! For more info, or to volunteer as a crossing
Berkeley and has had many years         are improvements to the                guard, contact Josh Hart at 431-BIKE x23 or

FEBRUARY - MARCH 05                                                                                                                                       PAGE 3
Step 3: Go on a Bike Date
    So, by now you’ve decided what sort of bicyclist you’re interested in,
and you found one at an SFBC party. Where do you go from here? On a
                                                                                    How I Married a Bicyclist
bike date.
                                                                                          I was at a friend’s birthday party, having done my share of the
    There are two types of bike dates: those that are about the biking              musical entertainment for the night and also having downed my share
itself, and those that use bicycles for transportation. Following are a few         (and someone else’s) of the available alcohol. I was hanging out near
suggested bike dates.                                                               the exit, and this fantastic redhead was on her way out. She said “Nice
SFBC Cultural History Tours. The SFBC hosts at least 20 tours of San                shirt.”
Francisco, with topics ranging from graffiti to the Gold Rush. This is a
great chance to spend time together while seeing and learning about the                   I thought, “Jeez, I hate it when they objectify me like that, just star-
                                                                                    ing at my chest and all.” But then I remembered I don’t have a great
                                                                                    chest. That’s when I realized she REALLY meant my shirt. Now what
Marin Headlands/Paradise Loop. What could be more romantic than                     shirt was I wearing? Ah, yes, the ol’ SFBC shirt. What an inroad to con-
riding across the Golden Gate Bridge and watching the sunset from the               versation. We chatted about SFBC and biking for a bit, and then she
Marin Headlands? How about lunch on the water? With added mileage                   was gone.
and incline, this bike date is geared toward more athletic bicyclists.
 Opera/Symphony. Imagine biking to the Opera House—in full evening                       A few e-mails later, we had our first date. On it, we recounted vari-
wear. Arrive exhilarated by the fresh air and the thrill of doing something         ous bike adventures (her Alaskan AIDS Ride, my Bostonian riding trials
                                                                                    by snow and asphalt), shared our mutual grief at the general public’s
different. Grab a bite at one of the many restaurants in the Civic
                                                                                    love of cars, and addressed other bike-related philosophies (e.g., how
Center/Hayes Valley area that now have bike racks, such as bicycle-friend-          long do you REALLY wait before applying the patch to the tube, and the
ly Midori Mushi.                                                                    ecology of C02 cartridges verses pumps). She told me about her com-
Golden Gate Park. With car-free Sundays, nothing beats a bike through               mute from the Financial District to the Sunset over Presidio’s Arguello
the park and lunch by the ocean. To add a little advocacy to your date,             Street hill—I was impressed. And that was before I found out she keeps
you can always write a joint letter to the Board of Supervisors to encour-          a spare set of clothes, shoes, water, rations for earthquakes, and a full
age Saturday closure and to the National Park Service to call for more              medical kit in her bag (about 20 lbs.). She can kick my butt on a bike.
bike parking by Ocean Beach.                                                              About our third date, we roamed all over the waterfront on a beauti-
Embarcadero/Farmer’s Market. With ample bike parking and abun-                      ful sunny day and then into the Sunset to crash a friend’s party. Another
dant organic food, the Ferry Plaza Farmer’s Market makes a great bike               date had us escorting a friend of hers, who was biking her way across
date. Pick up some fresh fruit, bread, and cheese, then bike down the               the country, over the Golden Gate Bridge. I brought champagne on ice
Embarcadero bike lanes and find a nice spot to watch the boats sail by.             (in my backpack—kept the body temperature cool on a very hot ride).
Step 4: Swap Rings                                                                  Most of our favorite dates have involved bikes.
   By now you’ve met, dated, and moved in together (hauling your stuff
                                                                                          Little did she know at the time, but I already knew she was more
across San Francisco on an SFBC bike trailer, of course). You’re ready to           special than any other woman I’ve ever dated: she is a bike person.
make a formal declaration of commitment, state-sanctioned or otherwise.             There is a philosophy and an attitude necessary to ride a bike in the
   As any event planner can tell you, weddings come in many shapes and              City (more so to commute every day): equal parts dedication, fortitude,
forms. For the bike fetishist, that means proposing with a chain ring from          kiss-the-ground-when-I-arrive gratitude, and above all, appreciation for liv-
Resource Revival, registering at a local cycle shop, rolling down the aisle,        ing. Her commitment, despite every setback imaginable—from stolen
and biking away on a tandem or pedicab. Less fanatical cyclists can sim-            bikes to assaults by automobiles—is inspiration and comfort and hope
                                                                                    to me.
ply encourage their guests to bike by providing cycling directions to the
wedding location and providing ample bike parking at the reception.                       I worry a lot about her biking everywhere (she wiped out in the rain
   And wherever your honeymoon may be, consider renting bikes and                   on 17th Street three days before the wedding), but it’s part of who she
spending at least a day riding around, remembering how it all started.              is, and she is who I love. I married her on New Year’s Eve, 19 months
                                                                                    (or roughly 2,500 miles) after meeting her.
                                                                 BY DAVID GARTNER
                                                                                         Another reason I love my wife, partner, gal is that in lieu of wedding
                                                                                    presents, we asked folks to give to our favorite “things that need
                                                                                    money.” SFBC was her nomination.

                                                                                                                                BY CHRISTOPHER SHARRON

It’s winter in the City, and that means short days and plenty of rain on the
streets. But wet weather doesn’t mean you have to take the bus; a set of
fenders and some rain gear can keep you on your bike all year long! For
help, check out the SFBC’s Nighttime and Wet Weather Riding safety edu-
cation video online at

Winterfest 2004
a Huge Success
   Moments of captivating performance, scintillating conversation, and
great deals marked the night of December 5 at SOMArts Gallery. Winter-
fest 2004 was our most successful annual celebration yet, and lived up to
its reputation as the SFBC’s biggest and best party of the year as we
brought more people together, raised more funds, and had more incredi-
ble local art in the auction than ever before!
   Members came together to enjoy the mesmerizing acrobatics and aerial
dancing of Circo Zero directed by Keith Hennessy, the energizing profes-
sional auctioneering skills of John Cardoza/Cardoza Auctions, the riveting
holiday funk of jazz trio St. Julien Experience, the witty Haiku Hut,
beautiful locally made crafts, tons of bike gear in the silent auction, great
food, and of course New Belgium Brewery’s fine beer.
   Thanks to all of our hardworking and generous volunteers, those who
donated items and talent, and the festively costumed attendees. Many
thanks also to Jonn Herschend, Susan O’Malley, and Michael McConnell
for organizing the art auction. All of your efforts helped us to raise over
$30,000 for bicycle advocacy in the coming year. Welcome to the new
members who signed up at Winterfest, and thanks to our longtime mem-
bers who enjoy the party every year. This member
appreciation party is for you!
   See our Winterfest Photo Gallery at

 Thanks to our generous

                                                                                                                                                                           PHOTOS: NINA BALL/DAVID GARTNER
              Event Co-Sponsor
              Planet Bike
                          San Francisco Opera       DD Cycles
Scorchers                 SOMA Fabrications         Dol Active Wear
($1,000–$4,999)           Specialized               Embarcadero YMCA
Bellwether/Profile        Voler Apparel             Fehr & Peers
  Design                  Wilson Bicycle Sales         Associates
Big Swingin’ Cycles       Xtracycle                 Firefly
John Cardoza                                        Fisher Bikes
Chimes Printing/          Coasters                  Fossil Fool
  Action Printers         ($100–$499)               David Gartner
City Cycle                A. Maciel Printing        Giant Bicycles
Co-Motion Cycles          Alta Transportation
                                                                                Coasters cont’d                               Slim’s
                                                    Golden State Health         Road Rage Bicycles                            The Sock Guy
inktank design               Consultants            Gravy Wheels                Bruce Scanlon                                 SRAM
KHS Bicycles              Arizmendi Bakery          Hideo Wakamatsu             See Jane Run Sports                           Surly
New Belgium Brewery       Art by Opsal                 USA                      SF Brewcraft                                  Thule Racks
Noe Valley Cyclery        Bay City Bike Rentals     Izze Beverage Co.           SheBeest                                      Velo Press
OnGuard Locks             BikeAID                   Joie de Vivre               Sheila Moon                                   Verge Sport
Pacific Cycle             Bike Blender                 Hospitality -            Shiatsu by Sebastian                          Yoga Tree
Roaring Mouse Cycles      Bike Nook                    Phoenix Hotel
Timbuk2 Designs
Valencia Cyclery
                                                    Kool Stop Intl.             Thanks also to our Participating Artists
                                                    Le Colonial                 Bill Acheson, Altered Ego, Jose Arenas, Laura Ball, Nina Ball, Amy Berk,
Law Offices of William    Blazing Saddles           LeVeL Components
  Weiss                                                                         Chuck Bierwirth, Ivan Blackshear, Valerie Britton, Heather Brubaker, Julie Caine,
                          Joe Breeze                Light and Motion            Mona Caron, Kevin Chen, John Daniel, Monica Denevan, Robin Denevan, Ariel Dovas,
                          Bolinas Surf/2 Mile       LoFi Customs
Sprinters                    Surf Shop              Marin Bikes
                                                                                Lisa Ruth Elliott, Scotty Enderly, Tom Fowler, David Fullarton, Phil Frank, Jim Gaylord,
                                                                                Allegra Gibson, Tracy Taylor Grubbs, Lori Gordon, David Hamill, Audrey Heller,
($500–$999)               Buff                      Mission Cliffs              Mondo Jud Hart, Jonn Herschend, Amanda Hughen, Cynthia Ona Innis, Jason Jagel,
Avenue Cyclery            California Bicycle        My Own Bag                  Josh Keyes, Hugo Kobayashi, Leslie Kossoff, Stefan Kirkeby, Noah Lang, Kenneth
Bally Total Fitness          Coalition              Pedal Express               Leaf, Sam Lopes, Jeanne Lydon, Richard Lynch, Brian McDonald, Michael McConnell,
Breezer                   Chris Carlsson            PlantIt Earth               Muscovie Design, Paul Musso, Pete Nelson, Audrey Newell, Susan O’Malley,
GU Sports                 Mona Caron                R.E.Load Baggage Inc        Heather Patterson, Michael Rauner, Frank Revi, Will Rogan, Mark Rodriguez,
Inertia Designs           Chrome                    Rainbow Grocery             Lynn Rubenzer, Alice Shaw, Andrew Shultz, Dan Siegler, Stephanie Smith,
Patagonia                 Circus Center                Cooperative              Jennifer Stuart, Jefferson Thomas, Michelle Townsend, Liz Walsh, Dave Warnke,
Primal Wear               Dahon                     REI                         Audrey Welch, Jennifer Wofford with Brian Scott, Kelli Yon

                                                                                                                                                                 PAGE 5
                              CHAIN OF EVENTS
                org                                                                                                                                       fo sfb
      sfb ev                                                                                                                                           ride r updat ike.
                                                                                                                                                           s, an ed e org
wwfw.updatedtion ite
   or   d ac
                                                                                                                                                                d ac vent
                                                                                                                                                                    tion s,
     s, an                                                                                                                                                              item
                                                    ride along—make sure to fix that         join us in our ride across the Golden    youth hostel. Approx. 50 miles. Rid-
             FEB-MAR ’05                            flat!                                    Gate Bridge to celebrate! Bring
                                                                                             snacks and drinks to share. 12–15
                                                                                                                                      ers who want to stay at Montara Bay
                                                                                                                                      youth hostel need to RSVP by Feb.
                                                    “HI ARNOLD!” BIKE RIDE, A.K.A.           miles. E-mail robinm@exploratori-        18 (riders who want to return the
                                                                                    for more info. Heavy rain         same day RSVP by March 1) to ride
      The SFBC is constantly updating its website
                                                    AMERICAN RIVER TRAIL/DAVIS               cancels.                                 leader Michael Cobb at mish-
      at For new events and full    RIDE                                                                     Rain cancels.
      details, check it often.                      Sat., Feb. 26 | All Day                                                           Events marked with an asterisk (*)
                                                                                             MTB BASIC CLINIC WITH BICYCLE
      STREET SKILLS CLASSES                         RSVP for ride departure time                                                      are not organized or endorsed by the
                                                                                             TRAILS COUNCIL OF MARIN*
      Sat., Feb. 12 | 10am–2pm                      We’re off to see Gov. Arnie! NOT. On                                              SFBC.
                                                                                             Sat., Mar. 5 | 8am
                                                    this all-day trip we’ll take Amtrak to
      Ingleside Police Station, 1 Sgt. John                                                  RSVP for departure location
                                                    Sacramento, travel the American
      V. Young Lane (Off San Jose Ave. in           River Trail (approx. 35 miles) with an   Are your MTB skills a little rusty
      the middle of Balboa Park. Just               option to go to bike wonderville         from all the rain? Want to mountain
      north of Ocean Ave., near BART)               Davis for some pizza—all depending       bike like a maniac but don’t know
      Monday, March 7th | 5:30-9:30pm               on speed, time, and surliness of rid-    how? SFBC teams up with BTCM to
      SF Department of the Environment,             ers. Don’t ask about what exact          polish proto–mountain bikers into
      11 Grove St. at Market                        time we’ll be returning, just know it    fierce mountain biking fiends. You’ll
                                                    won’t be before 5pm! RSVP to ride        learn all the basics and actually ride
      Saturday, March 19th | 10am -
                                                    leader Michael Cobb at mish-             the trails going to and from the clin-
      2pm Richmond Police Station, 461                                                       ic! Bring water and lunch. RSVP and
                                           Amtrak round-
      6th Avenue (1 Block So of Geary)                                                       questions to ride leader Michael
                                                    trip fare is $14 (see
      These four-hour classroom courses             Rain cancels.                            Cobb at
      teach the basics of safe and enjoy-                                                    Rain cancels.
      able cycling, including riding in traf-
      fic, necessary equipment, crash               CYCLING AROUND: A BICYCLE
                                                    TOUR OF RECYCLING CENTERS IN             THE SOUTHERN WATERFRONT:
      avoidance, and legal rights and
      responsibilities. Open to adults 14           SAN FRANCISCO*                           PAST AND FUTURE*
      and over. Bicycle not required. Note:         Sat., Feb. 26 | 12pm                     Sat., Mar. 12 | 10am
      This is the “Day 1” course for                Intersection for the Arts, 446 Valen-    Meet at the Bike Hut, Pier 40, South
      League of American Bicyclists’ Bike           cia Street (btwn 15th & 16th)            Beach Harbor at Townsend and
      Ed certification. Pre-registration
                                                    Join the Intersection for the Arts at
      required. Go to or                                                      The future of San Francisco lies
                                                    this tour of recycling and creative
      call 431-BIKE x23 to sign up.                                                          south of the ballpark in post-indus-
                                                    reuse centers, led by recycling
                                                    mavens who wish to share their           trial areas with names like Dog-
      BREWS, BIKES, AND BUCKS*                      knowledge and love of recycling with     patch, Butcher Town, and India
      Sun., Feb. 13 | 2–6pm                         others. Free of charge and open to       Basin. The tour of this area will be
      Broken Drum Brewery, San Rafael               everyone, this event is part of “Life    both informative about the past and
                                                    Cycle Analysis,” a brand new collab-     looking toward a future of parks and
      Come to the 7th annual beer party
                                                    orative painting and sculptural          water recreation. Hosted by the
      and fundraiser benefiting Trips for
                                                    installation investigating the role of   Neighborhood Parks Council. Rental
      Kids. Meet mountain bike pioneers
                                                    consumerism, consumption, and            bikes will be available. Call Paul at
      such as Gary Fisher, Joe Breeze,
                                                    recycling. Please bring sunscreen        647-5183.
      Tom Ritchey, Scot Nicol, Jacquie
      Phelan, Otis Guy, Charles Kelly, Ross         and drinking water. Helmets
      Shafer, and Steve Gravenitis. Pro-            required. Rain date: April 9. For        RETURN TO PLANET OF THE APES
      ceeds from the sale of beer go to             more information contact Rebeka          ROAD” RIDE
      benefit Trips for Kids and their 40           Rodriguez at rebeka@theintersec-         Tue., Mar. 29 | 10am
                                                                                                                                            (415) 495-6027, ext. 206
      chapters around the country.         or (415) 626-2487 x108.
                                                                                             RSVP for departure location
                                                                                             This fun little jaunt can be either a
      CRITICAL MASS*                                ONE-YEAR ANNIVERSARY NIGHT               one-day outing for those who want
      Fri., Feb. 25 & Fri., Mar. 25 | 6pm           RIDE ACROSS THE BRIDGE!                  to visit the “Planet of the Apes”
      Justin Hermann Plaza, at Market St.           Sun., Feb. 27 | 6:30pm                   road and return the same day, or a
                                                    Panhandle Statue (Fell and Baker)        two-day excursion for those wanting
      Spring is a coming and the mass
                                                    It’s been a year since we began our      to ride and party at the Montara Bay
      is getting fat—won’t you please
                                                    two-wheeled nighttime ventures—

      Dates TBD
      Open to all members. Check for date and location.

                                                                                                  Accidents/Injuries & Landlord/Tenant
      May 19, 2005
      Bike to Work Day!

      SFBC VOLUNTEER NIGHTS                                                                                    Personal Attention,
      Weds., Feb. 2 & 16, Mar. 2, 16, 30 | 5 - 8:30pm
                                                                                                            Aggressive Representation
                                                                                                                 (415) 397-1130
      SFBC office, 1095 Market St Suite 215
      iNever a better time to help out. Join us!

     PAGE 6
 DMV Provides Form to Report Unsafe Driving
  As a bicyclist, you have firsthand experience with the dangers present                        TUBE TIMES Tosta     INDEX
  on the streets. The DMV has a channel for you to report dangerous                                compiled by Elmer
                                                                                    1. Number of hours a commuter during peak travel time in the San
      When you encounter unsafe drivers on the streets, showing your                       Francisco-Oakland area was delayed during 2002:
  panic, surprise, or disbelief is the best response. Your vulnerability might                                    73
  push past their defensive anger and alert them to how dangerous their               2. Total number of hours drivers were delayed while traveling at
  actions were—if they notice you. But if they are oblivious to the danger                peak times in the San Francisco-Oakland area in 2002:
  they create, glance at their license plate. Then report them, using the                                     153,195,000
  Department of Motor Vehicles’ Form 699.
                                                                                     3. Number of gallons of excess fuel consumed due to the above-
      The form, for reporting “potentially unsafe drivers,” is a great tool for                      mentioned time delay in 2002:
  bicyclists endangered on the street. List the vehicle’s license number,                                     245,000,000
  and check off boxes that help you describe the dangerous behavior                   4. The total congestion cost of the traffic delays in 2002, based
  (e.g.,“Acts violent or aggressive when driving”). There’s also space to             upon $13.45 per hour of person travel and $71.05 per hour of
  describe the driver’s dangerous deed(s) in your own words.                                      truck time and excess fuel consumption:
     The DMV might decide to retest these drivers for their competence, or
  alert them that their driving habits have been reported.                          5. Percentage of smog in the Bay Area attributed to motor vehicles:
      When reporting a seriously dangerous incident with a stranger, advis-          6. Projected average daily vehicle miles traveled in San Francisco
  es Elvita Yearwood at the DMV Driver Safety Office, try to get at least the                                     for 2006:
  driver’s first name. “That’ll help us confirm whether they are the person                                      8,603,300
  that car is registered to,” she says. “With only a license plate number, we
  do send a letter out, but can’t really insist on a re-examination.”                7. Number of pounds per person in the United States of green-
                                                                                   house gasses emitted from burning fossil fuels to generate electric-
      So next time, instead of just riding away feeling angry and powerless                            ity and power our cars:
  in the face of danger, report it to the DMV.                                                                 12,300
                                                        BY JOEL POMERANTZ                      TUBE TIMES INDEX
                                                                                    8. Typical percentage of the pollution emitted by automobiles in the
                                                                                    first few minutes of operation, before pollution control devices can
  You can get Form 699 as a PDF file at                                                                       work effectively:                                                                                  60
                                                                                    9. Number of pounds of pollutants that can be kept from the air by
                                                                                    substituting a short, four-mile auto trip with a short, four-mile bicy-
                                                                                                                   cle trip:
                    Etiquette for the Conscientious Cyclist                                                           15
                                                                                    10. Projected rise in sea level along the California coast (in inches)
                    Ask the Advice Pedaler                                                    by the year 2100 as a result of global warming:
                                                                                                                  13 to 19

                                                                                  Sources: 1,2,3,4, Texas Transportation Institute. 5, Bay Area Air Quality
                                                                                  Management District. 6, Metropolitan Transportation Commission. 7,
                                                                                   10, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. 8, Pedestrian and Bicycling
Dear Advice Pedaler:                                                                            Information Center. 9, WorldWatch Institute.
I am a fashion-forward cyclist. I like to ride in whatever I’m going to wear to
the office or the fancy party. But heels on my pumps keep breaking and my
fishnet-clad thighs get caught on the cables along my top tube. What should I
—Speed Dating

Dear Speedy:
Biking in heels is certainly more comfortable than walking in them. But
heels can break if you wedge the pedal between the heel and sole of your
shoe. While this secures your foot to the pedal and gives you some lever-
                                                                                                                                MEMBERSHIP PAYS FOR ITSELF
age, it also pushes the heel away from the sole, and the pressure will
cause the heel to break over time. Ride ergonomically and protect your
                                                                                   SFBC DISCOUNTS                             Join today and get discounts all over town.
                                                                                   A CLEAN WELL-LIGHTED          CITY CYCLE OF SAN FRANCISCO     PEDAL REVOLUTION
heels by keeping the ball of your foot on the pedal. Toe clips will help!          PLACE FOR BOOKS               DD CYCLES                       RHYTHM & MOTION DANCE
                                                                                   AMERICAN CYCLERY              ELECTRIC BIKE NETWORK            STUDIO
As for the fishnets, you have several options. If you have a fancy paycheck        ARIZMENDI BAKERY*             FREEWHEEL                       ROAD RAGE BICYCLES
to match your fancy outfit, then purchase a new bike with a “step-through”         AVENUE CYCLERY                FRESH AIR BICYCLES              ROARING MOUSE CYCLES
frame (no wonder they’re called “Ladies” bikes) or a cable-free fixed-gear         BAY CITY BIKE RENTALS         GOLDEN STATE HEALTH             SALON DES BICICLETTES
bike. The economical answer is to slip some shorts on under your skirt,            BIG SWINGIN’ CYCLES           MISSING LINK                    SAUSALITO CYCLERY
                                                                                   BIKE HUT AT SOUTH BEACH       NOE VALLEY CYCLERY              SPORTS BASEMENT
over your stockings. The Advice Pedaler’s friend in fashionable New York
                                                                                   BIKE NOOK                     NOMAD CYCLERY                   VALENCIA CYCLERY
uses thin yoga shorts, which she can take off subtly in her cubicle. Yoga
                                                                                   BLAZING SADDLES BIKE                                          VISION CYCLERY
not your style? Try ruffled square-dance panties.                                                                OCEAN CYCLERY
                                                                                    RENTALS                                                      YE OLDE BIKE SHOPPE
                                                                                                                 PACIFIC BIKES & BOARDS
                                                                                                                                           See for
E-mail your questions for the Advice Pedaler to                 *offers a discount to customers who arrive by bike      addresses and policy details.

 FEBRUARY - MARCH ’05                                                                                                                                                       PAGE 7
                                                           San Francisco Bicycle Coalition                                                                                  NONPROFIT
                                                           1095 Market Street, Suite 215                                                                                  ORGANIZATION
                                                           San Francisco, CA 94103                                                                                         US POSTAGE
                                                           (415) 431–BIKE                                                                                                     PAID
                                                           A D D R E S S S E RV I C E R E Q U E S T E D
                                                                                                                                                                        SAN FRANCISCO, CA
                                                                                                                                                                          PERMIT # 3819

                                                                                                 SEE YOUR NAME HERE!
                                                                                        Get the TUBE TIMES delivered to your home
                                                                                             by becoming an SFBC member.
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                                                                                                                           Best world biking adventure?
                          JOIN                   THE          SFBC                    !                                     What’s the best city in the world to travel by bike (after
Become a member of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition and help                                                           San Francisco, of course)? Send us a photo of your best world
make the City a better place to ride. Members get:                                                                        biking adventure and it might get published in the Tube Times!
                                                         J                                                                  This photo was taken by SFBC member Chris Gramly in
TUBE TIMES newsletter six times per year.           W W OI N ON                                                           Amsterdam, which boasts some of the finest examples of urban
                                                         W.S LIN
THE SFBC URBAN CYCLIST’S SURVIVAL KIT bike map,                                                   FBI K       E           biking facilities in the world. In fact, the city has made it so easy
    reflectors, stickers, transit guide, hot advice and more!                                             E.OR AT         to get around on two wheels that 39 percent of trips made by its
FREE RENTAL OF THE SFBC BIKE TRAILERS                                                                         G!          800,000 residents are made by bike each day. (Compare that to
ACTIVISM OPPORTUNITIES GALORE                                                                                             4% of SF’s population of 700,000.) Ample bike parking and for-
BIKE SHOP DISCOUNTS see list below right.                                                                                 ward-thinking bicycle and pedestrian safety features on the
                                                                                                                          streets make Amsterdam a haven for velorutionaries everywhere.
NAME     _______________________________________________
OCCUPATION          __________________________________________
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CITY, STATE, ZIP _________________________________________

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EMAIL    _______________________________________________
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I $1,000 HIGH WHEELER                                     I $500 VELORUTIONARY
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      T-shirt: Men’s Size ____ or Women’s Tee Size ___ )
I $25 INTRODUCTORY MEMBERSHIP (families: add $10 each additional member)

MAKE CHECK PAYABLE TO SFBC, 1095 Market Street, Suite 215, San Francis-
co, CA 94103. Barter memberships are available in exchange for volun-
teer time. Check with your employer about matching your donation. As
the SFBC uses your donations for unlimited, effective grassroots lobbying,
donations to the SFBC are not tax-deductible. If you need a deduction for
your contribution, contact Chris at 431-BIKE, ext. 10.


CREDIT CARD # _________________________________________
I Do not share my name, even with cool organizations the SFBC likes.

                                                                                                                                                                                                  PHOTO: CHRIS GRAMLY

I   Volunteer Night (Wednesdays)                          I   newsletter writing
I   staffing an information table                         I   newsletter mailing/distrib.
I   daytime office assistance                             I   flyer distribution
I   phone-tree calling                                    I   other
I   valet bike parking at events
I   attending public meetings

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