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									                                         November 2004 - Page 1

                                     NEIL News
         November 2004               By Newsletter Editor Joe             jewel of a facility located in our
        Volume 7, Issue 11           Islinger                             own backyard, promises to be
                                                                          both fascinating and educational.
   WEDNESDAY—TOUR OF                                                      And, speaking of the Best of the
  ARGONNE NATIONAL LAB               As I write this, New York and        Best, how about the recently
                                     Boston are engaged in a pitch        concluded ASSE Leadership
                                     battle to claim the rights to call   Conference, held the weekend
  Inside this Issue                  them selves the best of the          before last, again in our own
                                     American League of baseball.         backyard. . I sure hope you took
      NEIL NEWS AND OTHER            The winner then heads into the       the opportunity to take a big
1     CHAPTER NEWS                   World Series against St. Louis
                                     or Houston. Even if you dislike
                                                                          swing at this pitch; to attend and
                                                                          participate in this conference.
      MEET YOUR CHAPTER              baseball, feel the players are
2     MANAGEMENT                     overpaid underachievers, and try
                                     to ignore the whole process, the
                                                                          So, what’s your safety batting
                                                                          average? How do you do in the
      TOUR OF ARGONNE                annual ritual is as much a part of   clutch? Do you have what it
                                     fall as is pumpkins, frost and
                                     leaves. Listening to the game, I
                                                                          takes to strike out the side? Go
                                                                          the distance?
      ASSE FOUNDATION                can’t help but wonder if we
                                     aren’t “The Best of the Best” in
                                     the Safety world.
                                                                          Past President Andy Tudor sent
                                                                          a great quote today. Said the
                                                                          great Will Rogers: “Even if you
                                     In this newsletter, you will be      are on the right track, you'll get
      SCSE ACTIVITIES                treated to a photo glimpse of the    run over if you just sit there."
                                     16th annual Chicagoland Safety
                                     Conference, hosted by your           I hope we are delivering what
                                     ASSE chapter along with other
                                     local chapters of the ASSE and
                                                                          you need to be the Best of the
                                                                          Best at your facility, so you
      SLEEP DISORDERS &              AIHA, OSHA, NIU, and Illinois        don’t get run over. If not, please
      SAFETY                         DCCA. Those of you who at-           let us know. Take care and stay
                                     tended know that this is indeed      safe.
                                     the Best of the Best for yourself
                                     and your career to further your      Changes to 2004-5
      ASSE SAFETY                    safety expertise. Take a look in
                                                                          Chapter Meeting
                                     this newsletter at this Grand
                                     Slam of Safety. And if you
                                     missed it this year, we are plan-
11    UPDATE
                                     ning CSC 2005 right now. We
                                     are happy to have your ideas,
                                                                          Conflicts in scheduling have
                                                                          forced the following changes to
                                     thoughts, suggestions, and help.
17    MEETING ANNOUNCEMENT           We just wrapped up a dynamite
                                                                          the 2004-5 ASSE NEIL Chapter
                                                                          meeting schedule. We regret any
                                                                          inconvenience the changes may
20    NOVEMBER 10, 2004              program last week on getting
                                     and keeping a job in the Safety
                                                                          have caused. Changes are in
                                                                          BOLD below.
ASSE Northeastern Illinois Chapter   profession. And the second out
PO Box 72698                         of the double play is coming up      . Nov. 10, 1PM, Lunch
Roselle, IL 60172-0698               next month a unique activity         followed by Facility Tour,
                                     broght to you by your chapter        Argonne National Laboratory,
                                     management. The tour of Ar-          Argonne, IL
                                     gonne National Laboratory, a
                                         November 2004 - Page 2
. December 9, 6:00 p.m. Cash         web site. Believe me, if you        next page). We hope to see you
Bar / Reception,. Chandlers',        haven’t been on the ASSE            soon.
Schaumburg IL 7:00 p.m.              headquarters web site recently,
Dinner & Awards Joint                you must surf in sometime soon.     Chapter Rosters
meeting with ASSE Greater            There’s a lot here to benefit you
Chicago and AIHA Chicago             and your career.                    Chapter rosters are available at
Section.                                                                 chapter meetings for any
                                     Next, Dan Brockman, EHS             member who wishes to have a
..Jan 19, 2005, 7:00 am, Indoor      Recruiter of,       printed copy of the roster.
Air Quality, Harper College          Barrington IL, hosted a dynamic     Please note that you can go to
                                     discussion on the state of the      the ASSE web site and search
. Feb 9, 12 Noon Registration &      Safety Profession in the real       the member database at any time
Lunch ASSE Headquarters Des          world. Dan confirmed that the       for contact information if you
Plaines IL.                          safety profession is doing pretty   are looking for a specific chapter
                                     well right now, employers are       member.
½ day seminar 12:45-4:45             seeking qualified candidates and
Seminar topics: Accident             good potentials exist. Dan
Causation, Costs of Accident         provided some excellent
Prevention, Implementing an          pointers to attendees on their        2004-2005 Officers &
Effective Safety Program,
Workers Compensation
                                     resumes, the job search process,      Committee Chairs
                                     networking, and Career paths in
Management                           safety.                               PRESIDENT: Earl Hansen
. Mar 9, 7:00 a.m. Hot Topics        Next, Dan rifled the ball over to     PRESIDENT-ELECT – Michael
in Safety (at Harper College)        Chapter member Fred
                                                                           Sarlitto 708-514-5386
                                                                           TREASURER: Tony Weber 630-
                                     Moskowicz for a Triple Play!!!.       202-1752
. Apr 13, 7:00 a.m. Student
                                     Fred told us his story. For those     SECRETARY: Sara Gibson CSP
EHS Presentations, Chapter
                                     of you who don’t know Fred,           847-925-6923
Elections. Harper College                                                  PAST PRESIDENT Elizabeth
                                     past Chapter Treasurer, he has
                                                                           Cunningham 847-482-2747
. May 11, 1pm, Lunch followed        recently come through the career      DELEGATES TO THE 2005 PDC:
by Facility Tour, TBD                change process in pretty decent        Dr. Earl Hansen, Michael Sarlitto
                                     shape overall. He talked about
                                     his initial reactions when                  COMMITTEE CHAIRS
. June 8, 6:00 p.m. Planning
Meeting; Installation of New         released from his prior               MEMBERSHIP: Linda Hiser
Officers; New Officer                employer, his search, his             773-467-0797
Orientation Harper College,          networking plan, and finally, his     FOUNDATION: Alex Garcia 847-
                                     victory, a great position with a      413-9102 x297
Palatine, IL                                                               Diana Franck 800-818-1079
                                     growing company. It sure wasn’t       AWARDS/HONORS: Rich Rapacki
October Chapter                      easy but the process worked like      630-879-3006
                                     it should and Fred’s insights         STUDENT SECTION: Dennis
Meeting Summary                      should help us all.                   Cesarotti 630-726-2180
                                                                           NEWSLETTER – Joe Islinger
Around 25 chapter members                                                  312-930-2538
                                     Here’s a hearty THANK YOU
came out to ASSE Headquarters                                              COPS (Practices & Standards)
                                     to those who presented and those      Robert (Bob) Harcar 847-205-6171
in Des Plaines IL last week to       who came to participate. Some         Tony Zoia, 847-719-5379
participate in a fantastic program   students came in from NIU,            JOBS Liz Cunningham 847-482-
put together by Liz Cunningham       chapter members on both sides         2747
and Earl Hansen. The program                                               PUBLIC RELATIONS: Andrew
                                     of the hiring fence met and           Tudor 847-824-3600
“Jobs: How to Get and Keep           shared stories, and hopefully         2004 CSC: Mike Sarlitto
One” began with a fine               benefited from the evening.           708-514-5386
presentation by Patrick Arkins
from ASSE’s National                                                       WEBMASTER: Mia Hannon
Headquarters. Patrick showed us
                                     New Member?                           HANNON@EIGER.CEET.NIU.EDU
                                                                               CHAPTER WEB SITE
the benefits provided by ASSE        For all new members, the first
National for us to use to further    meeting attended by a new             neilasse/index.html
our careers. He then took us on a    member is free! We are
guided tour of the web site          confident that you will learn , showing the           something and take away more        Newsletter Articles
Members-only benefits, job           than what you came with. Just
listings, networking, safety chat,                                       Please send your newspaper
                                     contact our Membership Chair,
and other useful features of the                                         articles, list of job openings, or
                                     Linda Hiser. (See the box on the
                                        November 2004 - Page 3
other information of interest to    Public Affairs with Argonne,         3) Enhancing the nation's
our chapter to Joe Islinger at      suggests lunch at The Patio          energy resources to ensure             restaurant, 7440 South Kingery       America's energy future.
                                    Highway (Route 83), Darien IL,       Argonne is working to develop
Change of Address?                  630-920-0211. This is a casual       and evaluate advanced energy
                                    sandwich and ribs place where        technologies.
If your contact information has     you go through the line and pay
changed, please notify ASSE         for what you eat. While we are       4) Developing better ways to
headquarters (email:                not formally planning a “lunch”      manage environmental or         here beforehand, you might want      problems. Argonne is at the
phone: 847-699-2929 and ask         to check it out if you want to       forefront in developing new
for customer service).              look for fellow chapter              ways to manage and solve the
                                    members. Pat also notes that you     nation's environmental problems
The chapter officers can access     can come early and eat at the        and to promote environmental
directly the contact information    cafeteria or restaurant on the       stewardship.
from headquarters.                  Argonne site.
                                                                         5) National Security has
                                    Here is an excerpt from the          increased in significance in
Chapter Meeting                     Argonne National Laboratory          recent years for the nation and
November 10—                        web site welcome page.               for Argonne research. Argonne
                                                                         capabilities developed over the
Tour of Argonne                     Welcome to Argonne                   years for other purposes are
National Lab                        National Laboratory                  helping counter the threats of
The ASSE Northeastern IL            From Hermann A. Grunder,
Chapter will be hold its            Argonne Director                     At the same time, we are also
November meeting on                                                      conscious of our responsibility
Wednesday, November 10th at         “Argonne is one of the U.S.          to help the public understand
the Argonne National                government's oldest and largest      science and to enhance
Laboratory. The laboratory is       science and engineering research     American science, engineering,
located at 9700 S. Cass Avenue      laboratories -- the largest in the   and mathematics education by
(from I-55 take exit 273A, South    Midwest. For the past half-          helping to train nearly 1,000
Cass Avenue). This is near          century, the University of           college graduate students and
Southwest suburban Lemont and       Chicago has overseen operation       post-doctoral researchers every
Darien. Please meet at the          of Argonne for the United States     year as part of our normal
Visitor Center by 2 p.m.            Department of Energy and its         research and development
                                    predecessor agencies.                activities. “
Please R.S.V.P to Liz
Cunningham no later than 12         Argonne has five major mission       We’ll see you there.
noon, Monday, November 1,           areas, each of which fulfills
2004 .This is essential. You will   important governmental and
not be admitted unless you do       Department of Energy
this.        responsibilities, as well as
or 847-482-2747 for your            provides important benefits to
RSVP’s There is NO COST for         our society at large. They are:
the tour. However, you must be
a US Citizen and must show a        1) Conducting basic scientific
photo ID for admission. A bus       research to further our
will pick us up at the visitor      understanding of the world we
center and take us into the         live in. Argonne conducts basic
compound; therefore, everyone       experimental and theoretical         AERIAL VIEW OF
must be on time and get there by    scientific research in the           ARGONNE NATIONAL LAB
2 p.m. The tour will be             physical, life, and environmental
completed by 4:30 pm.                                                    Chapter Best
You have the choice of meeting      2) Operating national scientific
                                    facilities to help advance
                                                                         Practice Award
the group at the Visitors Center
at 2:00 pm, or meeting in           America's scientific leadership.     By Andy Tudor
advance for Lunch. Pat              Argonne operates world-class
Canaday, Communications and         research facilities like the         We began a new, successfully
                                    Advanced Photon Source.              demonstrated practice feature
                                         November 2004 - Page 4
with the January newsletter.        five full days at the Northern      And for those of you who did
You are invited to submit an        Illinois University Business        not make it this year, for
article, 300 words or less, for     Campus in Naperville, was well      whatever reason, here is what
publication in the Chapter News-    attended and well received by       you missed.
letter. Any best practice or suc-   those who participated.
cess stories that may provide
incentive and guidance to Chap-     The conference included a two
ter members are welcome. Each       day pre-conference session
member submitting will receive      featuring the OSHA 10-hour
a Certificate of Appreciation and   course, a total of 40 sessions in
the article voted most effective    multiple tracks, and a full slate
will receive an award at the        of full and half day courses on
Awards Presentation dinner next     the last day of the program.
December 2004. Please submit
best practices to Joe Islinger or   At the same time, the Safety
Andy Tudor for publication in       Vendor’s Expo, held in the Expo
this newsletter.                    Hall at NIU-Naperville,             Welcome to the Conference.
                                    provided 1 ½ days for attendees     Whatever you need, we have it
                                    to visit the hall, crammed with     here for you.
ASSE Foundation                     40 industry trade show
Scholarships                        representatives. A wide range of
                                    the safety industry was
Available Now                       represented at the Expo,
                                    including educational and not-
Over $60,000 available, for         for-profit institutions, Safety
students pursuing degrees in        Consultants, Manufacturers,
safety related fields!              Distributors, Service providers,
                                    and even OSHA. If you couldn’t
Website:                            find it at the Expo, you probably            don’t need it.
for complete list of awards and                                         Please step up to the booth,
application documents.              For those who participated, a big   our helpful Registration
Contact: Dr. Earl Hansen-           THANKS. Thanks to those from        Volunteers are here to help
815-753-0579 , Alex Garcia          our chapter who helped out on       you start your adventure.
/Diana Franck- 847-413-9101         the planning and organizing
                                    committee. Thanks to
*DEADLINE:                          representatives of other ASSE
                                    chapters (Greater Chicago and
DECEMBER 1, 2004
                                    Three Rivers) who pitched in to
                                    help float the ship. Thanks to
You can contact Dr. Hansen,
                                    representatives of the AIHA who
Alex Garcia, or Diana Franck
                                    also lent a big hand. Thanks to
for an application. You can
                                    the dedicated men and women of
email me (Joe Islinger jo-
                                    OSHA who spent long hours to ) as I
                                    make this a success, both in
have a copy that Alex sent to                                           We have Exhibitors like Rich
                                    organizing and in the
me. Good luck, and time to get                                          Rapacki, Aires Consulting,
                                    educational help they provided.
going now!!                                                             ready to serve your needs.
                                    Thanks for the help provided by
                                    the Illinois Department of
                                    Commerce and Community
16th Annual                         Affairs, and by Northern Illinois
Chicagoland Safety                  University. And thanks to the
                                    others, too numerous to mention
Conference a                        individually here, who helped
                                    out by moderating, presenting,
Success                             exhibiting, or attending this
                                    years’ conference. We hope to
Once again, the annual
                                    see you all again next year.
Chicagoland Safety Conference
                                    Below, please take a look at        We have a Vendor’s Reception
closes to smashing reviews. The                                         with Cake and Refreshments.
                                    some of the highlights of the
conference, held this year for
                                    conference, in photos.
                           November 2004 - Page 5
The Cake was donated by
Complete Equity Markets.
                                       November 2004 - Page 6
                                   Eugene Satrun, Dan
                                   Foltyniewicz, and Christine
                                   Petitti of the conference
                                   planning committee.

Melanie Javens of Complete
Equity Markets, demonstrates
                                                                     Society of Casualty
candle lighting safety. And                                          Safety Engineers
below, Liz Cunningham,
Chapter Past President, shows                                        (SCSE) Activities
how to blow ‘em out                Educational opportunities
                                   abounded at the conference.       NOVEMBER MEETING
                                   Above, Diane Turek of OSHA,       NOTICE
                                   Conference committee
                                   planning member, introduces       When: Friday, November 5,
                                   Howard Eberts, OSHA               2004
                                   Assistant Regional
                                                                     Presenter: Perry Myers, Myers
                                   Administrator for the Chicago
                                                                     Investigation Services, Chicago
                                   Area office, our Keynote
                                   speaker. Below, some of the       Topic - “WC Investigation /
                                   networking that took place at     Surveillance cases”
                                   the conference.
                                                                     Where: Fountain Blue
                                                                     Restaurant, 2300 Mannheim
                                                                     Road, Des Plaines, IL

                                                                     Time: 12pm-Lunch, 1 p.m.-
                                                                     Speaker. The Board meeting
                                                                     will be at 11 a.m.

                                                                     COST/RSVP: $20 Please
                                                                     respond by November 1, 2004 to
                                   A special thank you to Leslie     Richard Petitte at 312-286-4894
                                   Peterson of AIHA and Dr.          or at
                                   Earl Hansen our Chapter 
                                   President (below) who assisted
                                   and supported this effort         Perry Meyers will speak about:
Dan Foltyniewicz, Conference
                                                                     Workers’ Compensation (WC)
Treasurer, demonstrates the
                                                                     Fraud / How WC Fraud affects
safe way to eat cake (Pass it to
                                                                     the industry / WC
someone else!!!) James Dillard,
                                                                     fraud/malingering Red Flags /
OSHA, Conference Committee
                                                                     Who typically needs his firm /
Member is the recipient.
                                                                     What his firm does during WC
                                                                     Investigation/Surveillance cases
                                                                     / Benefits of WC
                                   In the next column, take a look   There will also be
                                   at presenter Paul Satti with a    Fraud/malingering video
                                   nice baby shower gift.            footage, and
                                   (including baby fall              Questions/Discussion
                                   protection) We combine a lot
                                   of events in our Annual CSC.      Per President Jeff Skog:
Stop by for the drawing, you       Stop on by to check us out        “November will be an exciting
might win, like attendee John      next year!!!                      month as we are pleased to
Schnarr did (left) along with                                        welcome Perry Myers of Myers
                                          November 2004 - Page 7
Investigation Services. Perry’s      “Our Belief: The single greatest
firm does Workers’                   untapped opportunity to improve
                                                                          Some Good Safety
Compensation Investigation and       operating performance and            Reading
Surveillance. He should have         impact the bottom line is to
some interesting video footage       develop excellence in safety and     Members have sent in some
of fraud/malingering cases.          reliability -- Yet many              links to great safety reading this
Come with lots of questions and      organizations today continue to      month. I’d like to share some of
he will have the answers!”           misuse fundamental concepts          this with you.
                                     and suffer the negative
Upcoming Meeting Dates:              consequences.                        Rich Dresser sent in the links
                                                                          below to the Police Guides for
December 2, 2004 Meeting             The Warning Signs:                   Homeland Security, "Protecting
                                                                          Your Community From
Christmas Dinner – The               Using OSHA 'recordable'              Terrorism: Strategies for Local
Wellington Restaurant,               statistics as a measurement of       Law Enforcement" from the US
Arlington Heights- 7p.m.             performance or a program goal        Dept. of Justice. The links will
                                                                          take you to the first three reports
SCSE WEBSITE/EMAIL                    Using prizes, incentives, and       in an eventual series of five
ADDRESSES                            safety meetings as major             reports. They are rather lengthy
                                     components of a prevention           but if you are in this business I
We have re-launched our              program
website so be sure to check out                                           expect they are invaluable. for                                                   Please keep us safe and visit
                                     Displaying posters and banners
information about SCSE. Please                                            Volume 1, Part 1:
                                     that count days or hours since a
keep visiting for updates posted                                
                                     lost-time accident
on the site.                                                              e/open.pdf?Item=1362
                                     Pressuring employees for safety
(Editor’s note: Also check out                                            Volume 1, Part 2:
                                     results without their buy-in and if you are                                  
                                     with little knowledge of the true
looking for a job. They have                                              e/open.pdf?Item=1363
                                     causes of accidents
some hot opportunities in the
                                                                          Volume 2:
safety career on there right now.)   Viewing safety as an employee
                                     responsibility rather than an
“Achieving Safety                    organizational problem

Excellence”                          Absorbing costs related to losses
                                                                          Volume 3:
                                     as corporate overhead rather
I have just viewed a presentation    than allocated directly back to
on “Achieving Safety                 the operating units”                 John Clevenger sent a short
Excellence” on the internet and                                           article in about a worker who
think its worth sharing with         To view the presentation, visit
                                                                          died in CT after falling from a
chapter members.                     the website at
                                                                          roof into a 500 degree kettle of
                                     However, please note that the
                                                                          tar. Two co-workers received
The presentation is by Hank          presentation is 10 meg in size
                                                                          burns trying to pull him out of
Sarkis of the Reliability Group      and can take 10 minutes to
                                                                          the kettle. Things like these
of Florida. You may have heard       download if your connection is
                                                                          make us realize we still have a
Hank speak at ASSE functions         slow. So it could take 20-30
                                                                          lot of work to do.
such as recent PDC’s, or may         minutes of your time to view.
have read his contributions in       You might want to save this one
professional journals. His           for your next “office luncheon”      Sleep Disorders
website indicates he has an          at your desk. Its worth a look,      and Safety
MBA from the University of           though—not a sales pitch.
Miami and some impressive                                                 The following article was sent in
experience with Fortune 500          You can reach Hank Sarkis at
                                                                          by chapter member Rich
firms in various industries.         The Reliability Group, 2421 NE
                                                                          Dresser. Thanks for the valuable
                                     33rd Street, Lighthouse Point,
                                                                          information, Rich.
The presentation challenges          FL 33064 Telephone (954) 782-
some common beliefs in the           5588, Fax (954) 788-9284             Source: (USA) Federal Register:
safety industry. To introduce the                 October 1, 2004
presentation, here are some                                               DEPARTMENT OF
comments from Hank Sarkis
taken from the web site:
                                         November 2004 - Page 8
TRANSPORTATION--Federal             crewmembers of Train 243 were         sleep-wake cycle have also been
Railroad Administration             fatally injured, and both             shown to lead to significant
                                    crewmembers of Train 533              sleep and circadian rhythm
Notice of Safety Advisory 2004-     sustained serious injuries. The       disturbances in railroad
04; Effect of Sleep Disorders on    track and equipment damaged in        workers.\3\
Safety of Railroad Operations       the accident was valued at
                                    approximately $1.4 million. The         \1\ Elshaug, A. Reid, K. and
SUMMARY: FRA is issuing             National Transportation Safety        Damson, D. 1998, The circadian
Safety Advisory 2004-04 to alert    Board (NTSB) determined that          effects of irregular work
the railroad community, and         the probable cause of the             schedules on sleep. In W.P.
especially those employees          accident was crewmembers'             Colquhoun (ed.), Aspects of
occupying safety-sensitive          fatigue, which was primarily due      Human Efficiency (London:
positions, to the danger            to the engineer's untreated, and      English Universities), 273-282.
associated with degradation of      the conductor's insufficiently
performance resulting from          treated, obstructive sleep apnea.        \2\ 2004, National Sleep
sleep disorders that are            NTSB Report No. RAR/02/04.            Foundation Workshop on Shift
undiagnosed or not successfully                                           Work Sleep Disorder, March 4-
treated. Alertness (vigilance)      Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder       5, Washington, DC.
and unimpaired cognitive            characterized by cessations of
functions are important to the      breathing during sleep, and              \3\ Pilcher, J. and Coplen, M.
safety of railroad operations.      therefore partial awakenings          2000, Work/Rest Cycles in
                                    during a sleep period.                railroad operations: effects of
Of particular concern to FRA                                              shorter than 24-hour shift work
are those employees who             Sleep disorders represent a           schedules and on-call schedules
dispatch or operate trains or who   serious health problem in             on sleep. Ergonomics, Vol. 43,
inspect and maintain signal         American society and a                No. 5, 573-588.
systems. Many of these              significant economic concern.
employees work unpredictable        Moreover, untreated sleep             One of the more common sleep
schedules and long hours,           disorders can result in impaired      disorders is sleep apnea,
making it difficult for them to     work performance, including           affecting as many as 18 million
achieve adequate rest even if       possible loss of alertness and        Americans. Researchers estimate
otherwise healthy. This advisory    situational awareness, which          that the prevalence of sleep
contains suggested measures that    could in turn present an              apnea in the general population
railroads and employees should      imminent threat to transportation     is between 8-12%, depending on
utilize to prevent work-related     safety. In general terms, sleep       the measure used (mild,
errors and on-the- job accidents    disorders range from fairly           moderate or severe). Some
as a result of sleep disorders.     common disorders, such as             researchers have also estimated
                                    insomnia (the inability to initiate   the prevalence of severe sleep
FOR FURTHER                         or maintain sleep) to relatively      apnea in the general population
INFORMATION CONTACT:                rare sleep disorders such as          between 3-5%, about 90% of
A. Scott Kaye, Office of Safety,    narcolepsy (inappropriate and         whom are still undiagnosed,
RRS- 4, Mail Stop 25, Federal       uncontrollable sleep episodes).       clearly demonstrating a
Railroad Administration, U.S.                                             significant problem. Obstructive
Department of Transportation,       Railroad employees who                sleep apnea, circadian rhythm
1120 Vermont Avenue, NW.,           typically work on-call are            disorders, and rotating shifts,
Washington, DC 20590.               especially vulnerable to sleep        have been found to be
                                    disorders such as circadian           significant predictors of work-
Telephone 202-493-6303.             rhythm disorders,\1\ and shift        related accidents.\4\ Although
                                    work sleep disorder,\2\ a             severe sleep apnea is considered
SUPPLEMENTARY                                                             one of the more debilitating
                                    relatively recent addition to
INFORMATION:                                                              sleep disorders and is a
                                    sleep disorders listed in the
                                    Diagnostic and Statistical            significant risk factor for on-
Factual Background
                                    Manual of Mental Disorders            the-job accidents, it is also one
On November 15, 2001,               published in 1994 by the              of the most easily diagnosed and
Canadian National Railway           American Psychiatric                  treated of all sleep disorders.
Company/Illinois Central            Association (better known as the
                                    DSM IV), which cuts across all        \4\ Ohayton, M, Lermoine, P.,
Railroad Company (CN/IC)
                                    types of shift work jobs. Studies     Arnaud-Briant, V., and Dreyfus,
southbound Train 533 and
                                    of on- call work schedules that       M., 2002, Prevalence and
northbound Train 243 collided
                                    lead to alterations in the timing     consequences of sleep disorders
near Clarkston, Michigan. Both
                                    or duration of sleep and the          in a shift worker population.
                                          November 2004 - Page 9
Journal of Psychosomatic                ``Require that any medical         While FRA has regulations that
Research, 53, 577-583.               condition that could                  address the fitness of employees,
                                     incapacitate, or seriously impair     the regulations are limited to
According to the National Sleep      the performance of, an employee       hearing and vision requirements
Foundation, untreated sleep          in a safety- sensitive position be    for locomotive engineers (49
disorder sufferers are three times   reported to the railroad in a         CFR part 240) and the control of
more likely to have automobile       timely manner.'' (R-02-25).           alcohol/drug use (49 CFR part
accidents. The National                                                    219). FRA also enforces the
Highway Traffic Safety                  ``Require that, when a             hours of service law (49 U.S.C.
Administration estimates that        railroad becomes aware that an        21101-21108), which specifies
more than 100,000 auto crashes       employee in a safety-sensitive        the maximum hours of duty and
annually may be fatigue- related.    position has a potentially            minimum periods of release for
These incidents result in an         incapacitating or performance-        certain safety- critical
estimated 1,500 deaths and tens      impairing medical condition, the      employees.\5\
of thousands of injuries and         railroad prohibit that employee
lasting disabilities. Sleep          from performing any safety-           \5\ The hours of service law is
disorders also tend to be more       sensitive duties until the            an important defense against
prevalent in an aging population.    railroad's designated physician       excessively long hours of work.
The average age for a railroad       determines that the employee          However, it was enacted prior to
operating employee is now            can continue to work safely in a      completion of the major body of
approaching 50.                      safety-sensitive position.'' (R-02-   fatigue research. Although FRA
                                     26).                                  may not vary the terms of the
While the impact of sleep                                                  statute, FRA is empowered to
disorders is unique to each          FRA agrees with the safety            authorize pilot projects directed
individual and can be related to     concerns as expressed by the          at fatigue mitigation upon joint
a variety of other factors and       NTSB. This Safety Advisory,           petition of the railroad and
medical conditions such as           which has been developed after        employees affected. FRA
obesity, depression, age and         consultation with industry            continues to encourage
gender, evidence is clear that       parties participating in the North    development of approaches to
significant risks exist for those    American Rail Alertness               fatigue prevention and
with undiagnosed and untreated       Partnership, is an initial step in    mitigation, especially with
sleep disorders. Some of these       addressing the concerns               regard to providing predictable
risks include excessive daytime      identified by the NTSB.               work schedules that do not
sleepiness, greater risk of                                                induce fatigue and that offer
cardiovascular disease, memory       However, in evaluating the            ample opportunity for rest.
loss, and increased risk of          recommendations, FRA has
accidents to name a few. For         noted the importance of               Need for Action Now
these and other reasons, the         addressing these needs within a
NTSB has been concerned about        proper framework of                   The FRA and NTSB have
the impact of sleep disorders and    accountability, scientific            investigated numerous human
other medical conditions on          credibility, professional             factor accidents that were the
railroad safety.                     discipline, and fairness. Further,    result of errors caused by loss of
                                     FRA notes that conditions that        alertness or loss of situational
Following its investigation into     could threaten employee fitness       awareness. While there are no
the collision near Clarkston,        for duty are not limited to sleep     existing data to justify the
Michigan, the NTSB issued            disorders.                            inference that undetected or
three recommendations to FRA:                                              untreated sleep disorders were a
                                     Accordingly, in the fall of 2003,     causal factor, several factors,
   ``Develop a standard medical      FRA awarded a contract for a          including the Clarkston,
examination form that includes       comprehensive study to                Michigan collision, data
questions regarding sleep            determine the need for, and           extrapolated from other modes
problems and requires that the       options for implementing,             of transportation, and the
form be used, pursuant to 49         medical standards for railroad        prevalence of sleep disorders
CFR part 240, to determine the       employees in safety- critical         within the general population,
medical fitness of locomotive        occupations. Upon receipt of a        clearly demonstrate that there is
engineers; the form should also      final report from that study, FRA     a threat to railroad operations
be available for use to determine    will evaluate the appropriate         from undiagnosed or
the medical fitness of other         framework for addressing in           incompletely treated sleep
employees in safety- sensitive       greater detail the NTSB's             disorders.
positions.'' (R-02-24).              recommendations.
                                           November 2004 - Page 10
This threat exists, not only in        certified sleep disorder centers    policies and procedures for
train operations, train                and related specialists for         relevancy.
dispatching, and signal                referral when necessary.
maintenance, but also in the                                               FRA believes that the
operation of motor vehicles, on-          (3) Develop and implement        recommendations set forth
track equipment, and other             rules that request employees in     above, if implemented by
machinery. Approximately 35%           safety- sensitive positions to      industry parties, could advance
of all train accidents reported to     voluntarily report any sleep        the successful management of
FRA are attributed to human            disorder that could incapacitate,   sleep disorders. Taken together
factors, of which fatigue, and         or seriously impair, their          with the results of FRA's broader
more particularly, sleep               performance.                        study of potentially impairing
disorders, play an undetermined                                            medical conditions, lessons
role. Most employee casualties            (4) Develop and implement        learned could provide a sound
in train incidents and non-train       policies such that, when a          foundation for more formal
incidents also involve a human         railroad becomes aware that an      action by industry, government,
factor component.                      employee in a safety-sensitive      or both.
                                       position has an incapacitating or
Recommended Actions                    performance-impairing medical       Issued in Washington, DC, on
                                       condition related to sleep, the     September 21, 2004.Grady C.
Therefore, FRA recommends              railroad prohibits that employee    Cothen, Jr., Acting Associate
that railroads and representatives     from performing any safety-         Administrator for Safety.
of employees, working together,        sensitive duties until that
take the following actions to
promote the fitness of employees
                                       medical condition appropriately
                                       responds to treatment.
                                                                           ASSE 3rd Annual
in safety-sensitive positions:                                             NAOSH Kids
                                         (5) Implement policies,
   (1) Establish training and          procedures, and any necessary       Safety on the Job
educational programs to inform         agreements to--                     Poster Contest
employees of the potential for
performance impairment as a               (a) Promote self-reporting of    By Diane Hurns
result of fatigue, sleep loss, sleep   sleep-related medical conditions
deprivation, inadequate sleep          by protecting the medical           Young artists needed! In an
quality, and working at odd            confidentiality of that             ongoing effort to educate
hours, and document when               information and protecting the      children on the importance of
employees have received the            employment relationship,            workplace safety and health, the
training. Incorporate elements         provided that the employee          American Society of Safety
that encourage self-assessment,        complies with the recommended       Engineers (ASSE) today kicked
peer- to-peer communication,           course of treatment;                off its third annual ASSE kids'
and co-worker identification                                               'safety-on-the-job' poster contest
accompanied by policies                   (b) Encourage employees with     for ASSE members' children,
consistent with these                  diagnosed sleep disorders to        grandchildren, nieces and
recommendations.                       participate in recommended          nephews. The contest runs
                                       evaluation and treatment; and       today through Feb. 14, 2005,
   (2) Ensure that employees'                                              Valentine’s day, and is broken
medical examinations include              (c) Establish dispute
                                                                           down into four age categories.
assessment and screening for           resolution mechanisms that
possible sleep disorders and           rapidly resolve any issues          The winning poster will best
other associated medical               regarding the current fitness of    illustrate workplace safety and
conditions (including use of           employees who have reported         be featured on the annual North
appropriate checklists and             sleep-related medical conditions    American Occupational Safety
records). Develop standardized         and have cooperated in              and Health (NAOSH) week
screening tools, or a good             evaluation and prescribed           poster distributed worldwide.
practices guide, for the               treatment.                          NAOSH week, a week dedicated
diagnosis, referral and treatment                                          to raising awareness about the
                                       FRA acknowledges that some of
of sleep disorders (especially                                             importance of workplace safety
                                       the above recommendations may
sleep apnea) and other related                                             and preventing injuries, runs this
                                       have already been
medical conditions to be used by                                           May 1-7 (2005)
                                       institutionalized in one form or
company paid or recommended
                                       another by various segments of      “Children are not aware of what
physicians during routine
                                       the industry; in this case, FRA     their parents do when they go to
medical examinations; and
                                       suggests a review of current        work each day,” ASSE President
provide an appropriate list of
                                        November 2004 - Page 11
Gene Barfield, CSP, said. “This                                          SH&E practitioners, with
contest helps ASSE members'
                                     Survey-Education                    education and agriculture
children understand how their        Pays                                ranking the lowest.
parents, grandparents, aunts or
uncles, work day in and day out      By Diane Hurns                      The 34-question survey
identifying hazards and                                                  developed by ASSE was sent to
implementing safety advances in      A recent American Society of        a randomly selected group of
all industries and at all            Safety Engineers (ASSE)             2500 members and professional
workplaces to help the millions      membership compensation             members. Of the 1624 returned
of people who go to work, return     analysis survey found the           surveys, respondents represented
home safely every day. It’s also     average member salary in 2003       all business categories with more
a fun contest.                       to be $74,000 with half of the      than half from the
                                     respondents receiving a bonus of    manufacturing, construction,
“Also of major importance,”          between $1,000 and $5,000.          insurance, services and public
Barfield added, “is the fact that    Also, the majority of those         administration sector. The
children will soon be entering       surveyed anticipate a salary        median age of the respondents
the workplace themselves. They       increase this year of about 4.6     was 46-50 years of age and 93
need to be aware of what             percent, or between one and five    percent work full time, with
constitutes safety on the job for    percent of their current salary     seven percent self-employed. In
their own protection. You’re         base.                               the majority of the companies
never too young to learn.”                                               represented by respondents
                                     The survey done by Block            safety and health functions are
The poster contest is open to        Research, Inc. found that           grouped together, with
ASSE members' children,              professional ASSE members           environmental functions handled
grandchildren, nieces or             (those with a P.E., CSP, CIH,       separately. Fifty-one percent
nephews between the ages of 5        CHP, CRSP or IOSH-RSP or            surveyed say they are
and 12. There are four age           BA from an accredited college       responsible for 100 percent of
categories with a winner selected    plus 10 years of safety             their company's safety, health
from each age group which            experience) earn nearly $10,000     and environmental budget.
include: 1) ages 5-6; 2) ages 7-8;   more. The survey also found that
3) ages 9-10; and, 4) ages 11-12.    having a bachelor's degree adds     To purchase a copy of the ASSE
An independent panel of judges       nearly $12,000 to one's salary      compensation survey contact
will select the four winning         and a master's degree nearly        ASSE's customer service
entries that best illustrate the     $20,000 compared to high            department at 847-699-2929 or
theme "safety on the job." Each      school only. A certified safety and
age group winner receives a          professional (CSP) designation      check for
$1,000 savings bond. All             adds $10,500 to a salary. In        additional information.
entrants receive a prize.            addition to salary and bonuses,
                                     61 percent are reimbursed for       Contact: Diane Hurns, 847-768-
For the ASSE kids’ “safety-on-       professional development, with      3413;
the-job” poster contest rules and    the annual amount spent per
entry form please go to the web site
                                     employee ranging from $1,000        The Illinois
                                     to $10,000.
or contact                                                               Occupational .           The survey found that safety,
The winning entries will be          health and environmental
                                                                         Health Leadership
announced in March 2005.             practitioners with 10 or more       Summit
Posters will also be displayed at    years of experience earn about
ASSE's annual professional           $20,000 more than those with        Monday, October 25, 2004
development conference &             less than five years' experience.   Swissotel, Chicago
exposition to be held in New         As responsibility and stature
Orleans June 12-15, 2005.            within a company increases, so      1:30-5:00 p.m. Monday,
                                     too, does salary – rising from      October 25, 2004, Swissotel,
Contact: Diane Hurns, 847-768-       $57,410 for entry-level positions   323 East Wacker Drive, Chicago
3413,                to $97,760 for executive-level
                                     positions.                          Registration fee: $195
ASSE New                             Survey results found the            Includes attendance at the
Compensation                         electronics and finance             October 25 Leadership Summit
                                     industries ranked the highest in    and the follow-up Summit II
                                     terms of compensation for           February 17, 2005 in Chicago, a
                                        November 2004 - Page 12
networking break and Ryan           • aligning competing priorities    Notice of Proposed Rulemaking
Associates’ opening night           among business and labor           (NPRM) for occupational
national conference reception       interests;                         exposure to Hexavalent
Immediately following at the                                           Chromium in the Oct. 4, 2004
Swissotel. For information, call    • communicating within the         Federal Register. OSHA is
800-666-7926, or visit              Illinois Workers’ compensation     proposing three separate .                     system;                            standards that cover exposure to
                                                                       hexavalent chromium (CrVI) in
Full national conference tuition    • addressing medical and           general industry, construction,
includes the summit and all         employee privacy issues;           and shipyards. The Agency is
other courses and activities. For                                      accepting public comments on
every two paid attendants, a        • implementing methods for
                                                                       the proposed standards until Jan.
third may attend as a guest of      enhancing worker health and
                                                                       3, 2005.
Sponsor Ryan Associates.            productivity;
                                                                       "The risks involved in the
About the sponsors                  • measuring the impact of
                                                                       occupational use of hexavalent
                                    workplace health and safety
                                                                       chromium can be serious and
Ryan Associates and its sister      interventions.
                                                                       potentially life threatening," said
Organization, the National                                             OSHA Administrator John
Association of Occupational         Candid discussion about
                                    challenges pertinent to the        Henshaw. "This proposed rule is
Health Professionals, specialize                                       both economically and
in occupational health program      Illinois environment, creative
                                    thinking about solutions and       technologically feasible, and will
development, professional                                              substantially reduce the risk to
education and consumer              audience participation will be
                                    strongly encouraged.               workers potentially exposed to
outreach. The Leadership                                               hexavalent chromium."
Summit is being held in
conjunction with Ryan                                                  OSHA is proposing to lower its
Associates’ 18th annual national    The Illinois Occupational Health   permissible exposure limit
conference on providing             Leadership Summit will be used     (PEL) for hexavalent chromium
healthcare services to              to create task forces that will    and for all CrVI compounds in
employers, October 25-27,           convene at a second half-day       construction, shipyards, and
2004.                               summit, scheduled for February     general industry from 52 to one
                                    17, 2005 at the Sutton Place       microgram of CrVI per cubic
The Great Lakes Centers for                                            meter of air as an 8-hour time
                                    Hotel, Chicago. Task force
Occupational and Environmental                                         weighted average. The proposed
                                    assignments will be determined
Safety and Health is a world                                           rule also includes provisions for
                                    by participants at the October
leader in improving, maintaining                                       employee protection such as
and promoting the welfare of                                           preferred methods for
workers, companies and              Please call or see the web site    controlling exposure, respiratory
communities. It is based at the     listed in this announcements for   protection, protective work
University of Illinois at Chicago   more details or to register for    clothing and equipment, hygiene
School of Public Health.            this event.                        areas and practices, medical
                                                                       surveillance, hazard
The objective
                                    Governmental                       communication, and
To create a venue where leaders                                        recordkeeping.
from multiple disciplines           Affairs Update
                                                                       Hexavalent chromium (CrVI)
throughout Illinois can join
                                    By David Heidorn, Manager of       compounds are widely used in
forces to take affirmative steps
                                    Government Affairs and Policy,     the chemical industry in
toward resolving challenges
                                    ASSE                               pigments, metal plating, and
such as:
                                                                       chemical synthesis as
                                    OSHA Trade Release-Oct. 1,         ingredients and catalysts. CrVI
• integrating service delivery;
                                    2004                               can also be produced when
• developing institutional                                             welding on stainless steel or
                                    OSHA Proposes Revised Rule         CrVI-painted surfaces. The
commitment to strong provider-
                                    on Hexavalent Chromium             major health effects associated
employer-payer relations;
                                                                       with exposure to CrVI include
                                    WASHINGTON -- The U.S.
• identifying needed state and                                         lung cancer, asthma, nasal
                                    Department of Labor's              septum ulcerations and
local legislative and regulatory
                                    Occupational Safety and Health     perforations, skin ulcerations (or
                                    Administration will publish a
                                     November 2004 - Page 13
chrome holes), and allergic and    BLS 2003 Workplace Fatality           addition, Sec. 171.2 would be
irritant contact dermatitis.       Data Out                              amended to make explicit that:

Comments, whether submitted        The rate of workplace fatalities        --There may be more than one
by mail, fax, or electronically,   last year remained at the same        offeror of a shipment of
must be sent by Jan. 3, 2005.      level as 2002 -- 4.0 per 100,000,     hazardous materials.
Three copies of written            the Labor Department's Bureau
comments must be sent to the       of Labor Statistics reported this       --Each offeror is responsible
Docket Office, Docket H054A,       month. BLS' Sept. 22                  for complying with the
Room N-2625, OSHA, U.S.            announcement said a total 5,559       requirements of the HMR with
Department of Labor, 200           fatal work injuries were              respect to any pre-transportation
Constitution Ave., NW,             recorded during 2003. OSHA            function that it performs or is
Washington, D.C., 20210.           Administrator John Henshaw            required to perform.
Comments of 10 pages or fewer      said in a statement that the
can be faxed to the OSHA           report emphasizes that                  --For a shipment involving
Docket Office at (202) 693-        "American workers remain safer        more than one offeror, each
1648. Comments can be              than they were just a few years       offeror may rely on information
submitted electronically at        ago." Henshaw also noted that         provided by another offeror,          fatalities among Hispanic             unless the offeror knows or, in
Further information on             workers dropped notably for the       the exercise of reasonable care,
submitting comments can be         second straight year, following       should know that the
obtained by calling the Docket     several years of increases.           information is incorrect. In a
Office at (202) 693-2350.                                                similar manner, a carrier may
                                   RSPA Proposes Definition of           rely on information it receives
OSHA plans to hold an informal     ``Persons Who Offer''                 from an offeror or a prior
public hearing in Washington,      HazMat for Transportation             carrier, unless the carrier knows
D.C., beginning on February 1,                                           or, in the exercise of reasonable
2005. The meeting is expected      September 24, 2004                    care, should know that the
to be held from 9:30-5:30 p.m.                                           information is incorrect.
on each day. Interested persons    RSPA has proposed adding to
who intend to present testimony    the Hazardous Materials               Comments are due November
at the hearing must notify OSHA    Regulations a definition for          23, 2004.
of their intention to do so no     ``person who offers or offeror''
later than Dec. 3, 2004.           in order to codify long-standing      ocs/fedreg/a040924c.html
Individuals who request more       interpretations on the
than 10 minutes to present their   applicability of those
testimony, or who will submit      regulations. RSPA has proposed
                                   to define ``person who offers'' or    OSHA Announces Harwood
documentary evidence at the                                              Grant Awards
hearing, must provide the          ``offeror'' to mean any person
Agency with full testimony and     who performs, or is responsible
                                                                         Date: September 16, 2004
all documentary evidence by        for performing, any of the pre-
Jan. 3, 2005.                      transportation functions required     U.S. Labor Department Awards
                                   under the HMR for                     more than $10.5 Million in
Major provisions of the general    transportation of a hazmat;           Grants For Safety and Health
industry, construction and         tenders or makes a hazardous          Training Programs
maritime standards are outlined    material available to a carrier for
in the accompanying Fact Sheet.    transportation in commerce; or        WASHINGTON -- The U.S.
                                   both performs, or is responsible      Department of Labor's
(please see the OSHA web site)     for performing, pre-                  Occupational Safety and Health
                                   transportation functions and          Administration today awarded
OSHA's role is to assure the       tenders or makes a hazardous          more than $10.5 million in
safety and health of America's     material available to a carrier for   Susan Harwood Training Grants
workers by setting and enforcing   transportation. Under the             to 69 nonprofit organizations for
standards; providing training,     proposed definition, a carrier        safety and health training and
outreach, and education;           that transfers, interlines, or        educational programs.
establishing partnerships; and     interchanges hazardous materials
encouraging continual              to another carrier for continued      "These grants of more than
improvement in workplace           transportation is not an offeror      $10.5 million will provide new
safety and health. For more        when it does not perform any          opportunities to train and
information, visit                 pre-transportation functions. In      educate workers about job                                                            safety," said Secretary of Labor
                                       November 2004 - Page 14
Elaine L. Chao. "They are an       the Office of Risk Assessment in    operation. The amendments are
important part of this             OSHA's Health Standards             effective December 27, 2004.
Administration's emphasis on       Directorate, who died in 1996.
compliance assistance, which       During her 17-year tenure with      ocs/fedreg/a041001c.html
protects workers by reaching       the agency, Harwood helped
out aggressively to employees      develop OSHA standards              ASSE Asks Consideration of
and employers to help prevent      designed to help protect workers    NIOSH Move to DoL
injuries and illness from          exposed to bloodborne
occurring in the first place."     pathogens, cotton dust, benzene,    In a letter to Senator Arlen
                                   formaldehyde, asbestos and lead     Specter, Chair of the Senate
The grants support the             in construction.                    Appropriations Committee's
development of training                                                Subcommittee on Labor, Health
materials and the provision of     A complete list of the 2004         and Human Services and
safety programs to educate         Susan Harwood Grant recipients      Education, ASSE suggested that
Hispanic and other non-English-    can be found on the OSHA web        perhaps it's time to look at
speaking workers and employers     site. A fact sheet provides this    moving NIOSH to the
in small businesses, and workers   information. .                      Department of Labor. This
who are employed in high                                               comes after NIOSH's apparent
hazard industries and industries   RSPA Advisory Bulletin -- De-       demotion in the organizational
with high fatality rates.          Watering of Pipelines               restructuring of CDC announced
                                                                       over the summer and due to take
OSHA awarded grants in two         On June 21, 2004, the Research      affect tomorrow, October 1.
categories:                        and Special Programs                Accompanying the letter is an
                                   Administration's Office of          ASSE white paper examining
Targeted Topic Training Grants     Pipeline Safety (RSPA/OPS)          the issue. In short, it has
support training for four          issued Advisory Bulletin ADB-       become more and more apparent
occupational safety and health     04-01 to owners and operators       that NIOSH -- the federal
topic areas; construction          of gas and hazardous liquid         government's only agency
hazards, general industry          pipelines to consider the hazards   supporting occupational safety
hazards, ergonomics, and the       associated with pipeline de-        and health research -- is not
health care industry. OSHA         watering operations. This           getting the resources and
Training Materials Development     advisory bulletin was originally    organizational commitment it
Grants support the development,    issued jointly with OSHA as         needs in an organization that, no
evaluation, and validation of      Safety and Health Information       matter how well meaning it is,
training materials for four        Bulletin SHIB 06-21-2004. For       has as its core purpose the
occupational safety and health     further info contact Richard        advancement of health issues. If
topic areas; construction          Huriaux, (202) 366-4565; or by      NIOSH cannot get what it needs
hazards, general industry          e-mail,                             to carry out its purpose within
hazards, lead hazards, and work- .      CDC and the Department of
related transportation hazards.    This document can be viewed at      HHS, maybe it's time to move it
                                   the OPS home page at                to an agency that knows
"These funds offer new    The original     occupational issues.
opportunities to provide quality   advisory bulletin issued by
training for non-English           OSHA can be viewed at               OSHA Publishes Final Rule on
speaking workers and others .               Fire Protection in Shipyard
who work in high-hazard        Employment
occupations," said OSHA            ocs/fedreg/a040929c.html
Administrator John Henshaw.                                            OSHA has published its fire
"The Susan Harwood Training        NTSA Amendments on                  protection standard for shipyard
Grant program is one way that      Platform Lifts                      employment developed through
we can maximize our outreach                                           a negotiated rulemaking process.
to workers and employers at        NHTSA has published a               According to OSHA, this final
both the regional and local        response to petitions for           standard provides increased
levels and provide the necessary   reconsideration of a December       protection for shipyard
training and education to help     2002 final rule that established    employment workers from the
keep all workers safe and          new motor vehicle safety            hazards of fire on vessels and
healthy."                          standards for platform lifts and    vessel sections and at land-side
                                   vehicles equipped with such         facilities. It also reflects new
The training grants are named in   lifts. The purpose of these         technologies and current
honor of the late Susan            standards is to prevent injuries    national consensus standards and
Harwood, a former director of      and fatalities during lift          gathers all fire-related safety
                                       November 2004 - Page 15
practices for shipyard             discontinues the practice of          The NIOSH Steps to a Healthier
employment into a single           allowing workers who perform          Workforce Symposium, October
subpart, making them more          hot work such as welding,             26-28, in Washington, DC, is
accessible for employers and       cutting, or grinding to act as        fast approaching. ASSE is a
employees. The final rule          their own fire watch. The rule        cosponsor and ASSE members
becomes effective December 14,     also affords employers                Fred Drennan, Jim Ramsay and
2004.                              flexibility by allowing them to       Maureen Johnson have played a
                                   rely on a combination of fire         role in helping shape the
WASHINGTON -- Shipyard             response organizations (e.g.,         conference. Each will be
workers will now be afforded       internal, external, or both) rather   presenting to ensure that ASSE's
the same level of protection       than requiring them to establish      leadership on these issues is
against fire hazards as            internal fire brigades.               reflected. Here's info directly
employees in other industries                                            about registering from NIOSH.
thanks to a new rule announced     Other specific issues detailed in     Join us!
today by the Occupational          the final rule include training,
Safety and Health                  multi-employer worksites, hot         Register Now for the Steps to
Administration (OSHA).             work precautions, hazards of          Healthier Workforce
                                   fixed extinguishing systems           Symposium…This is an
The Fire Protection in Shipyard    onboard vessels and vessel            exclusive announcement for our
Employment final rule,             sections, and land-side fire          NIOSH partners… this
scheduled to be published in       protection systems. The rule          Conference Will Sell Out!
tomorrow's Federal Register,       includes a model fire safety plan
was developed through the          that employers can use to             The Symposium Agenda will
negotiated rulemaking process      develop their site-specific plans.    feature presentations on Health
and will provide increased         A key part of any safety plan         Protection and Promotion:
protection from fire hazards for   includes discussions of               Science, Policy, and Practice,
nearly 100,000 workers in the      employee evacuation                   and Economics; a Stakeholder
shipbuilding, ship repair and      procedures.                           Issues panel: Expectations and
ship breaking industries.                                                Reservations: Opportunities and
                                   The new standard will impact          Barriers From Multiple
"Through the negotiated            approximately 700 employers,          Perspectives and over fifteen
rulemaking process,                and covers all fire response          break out sessions on the past
stakeholders from all aspects of   provided by the employers'            and future of the integration of
the industry provided excellent    workers, whether part of a fire       health promotion and protection
guidance to address safety and     brigade, shipyard fire                focusing on worker health. The
health risks associated with       department, or designated by the      full agenda can be viewed at
shipyard fire hazards," said       employer. . OSHA is also    
OSHA Administrator John            requiring the 26 states and           2004/agenda.html
Henshaw. "Those risks, and the     territories with their own OSHA-
hazards involved with              approved state plans to revise        The Symposium will be held
firefighting activities at         their standards regulating means      October 26-28, 2004 at the
shipyards, are considerably        of egress, emergency action           Cafritz Conference Center on
different from other industries    plans, and fire prevention plans      the Campus of George
and we believe the requirements    that resulted from this               Washington University,
outlined in this standard will     rulemaking.                           Washington D.C. To register
help save lives and prevent                                              online visit:
injuries in the industry."         OSHA's role is to assure the
                                   safety and health of America's
The final rule incorporates 19     workers by setting and enforcing      For additional conference
consensus standards from the       standards; providing training,        information visit
National Fire Protection           outreach, and education;    
Association (NFPA) and             establishing partnerships; and        2004/symposium.html .
includes relevant information      encouraging continual
from other sources, including      improvement in workplace              OSHA Signs Alliance with
OSHA's general industry            safety and health. For more           CCHEST
standard on fire protection, as    information, visit
well as procedures from the U.S.                                         In case you hadn't seen this from
Navy and U.S. Coast Guard.         NIOSH Steps to a Healthier            BCSP, CCHEST has also joined
                                   Workforce Symposium                   with OSHA in an alliance. The
The standard requires a written                                          following is from OSHA's
fire watch policy and also                                               monthly Quick Takes.
                                        November 2004 - Page 16
CCHEST Joins Year-old                Relief and Brownfields                U.S. Environmental Protection
Alliance with OSHA, Board of         Revitalization Act of 2002, to        Agency (EPA)
Certified Safety Professionals       help states and communities
                                     around the country to assess,         EPA Makes Passenger Aircraft
OSHA Administrator John              clean up, and revitalize              Water Testing Information
Henshaw signed an addendum           Brownfield sites. These grants        Available
Sept. 13 with the Council on         may be used to address sites
Certification of Health,             contaminated by petroleum and         The Environmental Protection
Environmental and Safety             hazardous substances (including       Agency (EPA) today is
Technologists (CCHEST)               substances mixed with                 informing the American public
adding them to the BCSP              petroleum.)                           of results from initial testing of
Alliance launched one year ago.                                            drinking water onboard 158
The Alliance continues a             A Brownfield site is real             randomly selected passenger
collaborative effort with OSHA       property, the expansion,              airplanes. Preliminary data
to encourage safety                  redevelopment, or reuse of            released by EPA today shows
professionals to strive for          which may be complicated by           that in the recent tests, most of
enhanced knowledge of safety         the presence or potential             the aircraft tested (87.4%) met
and health programs and to           presence of a hazardous               EPA drinking water quality
encourage achievement of             substance, pollutant, or              standards. However, 12.6
Certified Safety Professional        contaminant.                          percent of domestic and
(CSP) designation. Henshaw                                                 international passenger aircraft
signed the addendum in New           The Brownfields assessment            tested in the U. S. carried water
Orleans in conjunction with the      grants (each funded up to             that did not meet EPA standards.
National Safety Council              $200,000 over two years)
Congress and Expo.                   provide funding for a grant           As part of enforcement
                                     recipient to inventory,               activities, EPA, during August
Paperwork Requirements of            characterize and assess sites, and    and September 2004, randomly
Grain Handling Standard              to conduct planning and               tested the water supplies on 158
                                     community involvement.                aircraft. Aircraft tank water is
OSHA has asked for comments                                                used in the galleys and lavatory
on its request for an extension of   The revolving loan fund grants        sinks. Initial testing of onboard
the Information Collection           (each funded up to $1 million         water supply revealed 20 aircraft
Requirements (paperwork)             over five years) provide funding      with positive results for total
contained in the Grain Handling      for a grant recipient to capitalize   coliform bacteria; two of these
Facilities Standard (29 CFR          a revolving loan fund and to          aircraft (1.3 percent) also tested
1910.272), which sets safety         provide subgrants to carry out        positive for E.coli. Both total
practices, means, methods and        cleanup activities. The cleanup       coliform and E.coli are
operations for employees             grants (each funded up to             indicators that other disease-
working in grain handling            $200,000 over two years)              causing organisms (pathogens)
facilities. Comments are due         provide funding for a grant           may be present in the water and
November 22, 2004.                   recipient to carry out cleanup        could potentially affect public       activities at sites owned by the      health. When sampling
ocs/fedreg/a040922c.html             grant recipient.                      identified total coliform in the
                                                                           water, the aircraft was retested.
EPA Seeks Brownfields Grant          For more information and              In repeat testing on 11 aircraft,
Proposals                            assistance, contact your nearest      the Agency confirmed that water
                                     Brownfields Regional                  from eight of the aircraft tested
EPA Solicits Proposals for Up to     Coordinator, found in Appendix        still did not meet EPA's water
200 Brownfields Grants               1 of the Proposal Guidelines for      quality standards.
Throughout the Country               Brownfields Assessment,
                                     Revolving Loan Fund, and              A significant part of aircraft
EPA is now accepting proposals       Cleanup Grants, available at:         travel includes international
for up to 200 Brownfields         flights. According to the Air
assessment, revolving loan fund,     You may also contact the Office       Transport Association (ATA),
and cleanup grants, contingent       of Brownfields Cleanup and            about 90 percent of ATA
on availability of funds in the      Redevelopment at 202-566-             member aircraft have the
Agency's fiscal year 2005            2777.                                 potential to travel
budget. The deadline for                                                   internationally. These aircraft
proposals is Nov. 12, 2004.          Drinking Water on Airplanes           may board water from foreign
These grants are authorized by                                             sources that are not subject to
the Small Business Liability                                               EPA drinking water standards.
                                        November 2004 - Page 17
EPA is committed to keeping the     (3) Terrence Dickson of Bristol,
American public well informed       rlinewater/ .                       Pennsylvania, was leaving a
of further testing and actions                                          house he had just finished
taken, reviewing existing           Dave Heidorn, Manager of            robbing by way of the garage.
guidance to determine areas         Government Affairs and Policy       He was not able to get the
where it might be strengthened,                                         garage door to go up since the
concluding water quality            American Society of Safety          automatic door opener was
protection agreements with the      Engineers, 1800 E. Oakton           malfunctioning. He could not re-
airlines and taking enforcement     Street, Des Plaines, IL 60018,      enter the house because the door
actions where warranted.                     connecting the house and garage
                                                                        locked when he pulled it shut.
We believe the information          Annual Stella                       The family was on vacation and
released today will help the                                            Mr. Dickson found himself
traveling public make informed      Award Winners                       locked in the garage for 8 days.
decisions. Passengers with                                              He subsisted on a case of Pepsi
compromised immune systems          This was sent in by Chapter
                                                                        and a large bag of dry dog food
or others concerned may want to     member Duane Clark. Thanks
                                                                        he found in the garage. He sued
request canned or bottled           for the lighter side, Duane.
                                                                        the house owners insurance
beverages. EPA will update its                                          claiming the situation caused
                                    Once again, it's time to review
information and advice to the                                           him undue mental anguish. The
                                    the winners of the Annual Stella
traveling public as soon as new                                         jury agreed to the tune of
                                    Awards. The Stella's are named
information is available.                                               $500,000.
                                    after 81-year-old Stella Liebeck
EPA is working actively with        who spilled coffee on herself
                                                                        4th Place
ATA, which represents a             and successfully sued
number of major airlines, as well   McDonalds. That case inspired       Jerry Williams of Little Rock,
as with non-ATA members, on         the Stella Awards for the most      Arkansas, was awarded $14,500
agreements regarding steps the      frivolous successful lawsuits in    and medical expenses after
airlines will take to ensure        the United States.                  being bitten on the buttocks by
acceptable drinking water                                               his next-door neighbor's Beagle
                                    Unfortunately, the most recent
quality. The Agency is also                                             dog. The Beagle was on a chain
                                    lawsuit implicating McDonalds
discussing how airlines would                                           in its owner's fenced yard. The
                                    and the teens that allege that
provide the necessary additional                                        award was less than sought
                                    eating at McDonalds has made
testing to determine the nature                                         because the jury felt the dog
                                    them fat was filed after the 2003
and extent of the problem. If the                                       might have been a little
                                    award voting was closed. This
parties are unable to reach an                                          provoked at the time, as Mr.
                                    suit will, undoubtedly, top the
agreement or agreements                                                 Williams who had climbed over
                                    2004 awards list.
promptly, EPA will exercise its                                         the fence into the yard, was
enforcement authorities to          5th Place (3-Way-Tie)               shooting it repeatedly with a
achieve these goals. EPA                                                pellet gun.
anticipates an agreement with       (1) A jury of her peers awarded
U.S. airlines shortly.              Kathleen Robertson of Austin,       3rd Place
                                    Texas, $780,000 after breaking
EPA began a review of existing                                          A Philadelphia restaurant was
                                    her ankle tripping over a toddler
guidance in 2002. In response                                           ordered to pay Amber Carson of
                                    who was running inside a
to the aircraft test results, EPA                                       Lancaster, Pennsylvania
                                    furniture store. The owners of
has accelerated its priority                                            $113,500 after she slipped on a
                                    the store were understandably
review of existing regulations                                          soft drink and broke her coccyx
                                    surprised at the verdict,
and guidance. The Agency is                                             tailbone. The beverage was on
                                    considering the misbehaving
placing specific emphasis on                                            the floor because Ms. Carson
                                    toddler was Ms Robertson's son.
preventive measures, adequate                                           had thrown it at her boyfriend 30
monitoring, and sound               (2) 19-year-old Carl Truman of      seconds earlier during an
maintenance practices such as       Los Angeles, California, won        argument.
flushing and disinfection of        $74,000 and medical expenses
aircraft water systems.                                                 2nd Place
                                    when his neighbor ran over his
                                    hand with a Honda Accord. Mr.       Kara Walton of Claymont,
For more information on the         Truman apparently did not
regulation of water supplies on                                         Delaware, sued the owner of a
                                    notice there was someone at the     nightclub in a neighboring city
airplanes and to view publicly      wheel of the car when he was
available testing data, go to:                                          when she fell from the bathroom
                                    trying to steal the hubcaps.        window to the floor and knocked
                                          November 2004 - Page 18
out two of her front teeth. This                                           above requirements, please
occurred whilst Ms. Walton was
                                       Safety Employment                   email your resume and salary
trying to crawl through the                                                history to:
                                       Plant Safety Manager Position
window in the ladies room to
                                       Available                           Bethany Brevard Harned,
avoid paying the $3.50 cover
charge. She was awarded                September 2004                      Principal EHS/HR Recruiting
$12,000 and dental expenses.                                               Specialist, Professional Outlook,
                                       Required Degree: BS Safety or       Inc.
THE GRAND PRIZE                        related                             Bethany@professionaloutlook.c
This year's runaway winner was         Required Years of Exp: 5+ years
Mr. Merv Grazinski of                  safety exp. (3 in a safety role     Safety Coordinator Position
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Mr.           within manufacturing)
Grazinski purchased a brand                                                October 2004
new Winnebago Motor Home.              Location: Northwest suburbs of
On his trip home from an OU            Chicago (local candidates only)      Required Degree: BS
football game, having driven                                               Occupational Safety degree from
onto the freeway, he set the           Industry: Manufacturing             accredited safety school with
cruise control at 70 mph and                                               ASP
calmly left the drivers seat to go     Compensation: $60,000-70,000
                                       + bonus eligibility                 Required Years of Exp: 2-3
into the back and make himself a
                                                                           years of safety & training
cup of coffee. Not surprisingly,
                                       Excellent opportunity to join a     experience in manufacturing
the RV left the freeway, crashed
and then overturned. Mr.               large, stable company as a plant
                                       safety manager for one of their     Salary Range: $43,000-$50,000
Grazinski sued Winnebago for                                               (depends on level of experience)
not advising him, by instructing       manufacturing plants. Looking
him in the owner's manual, that        for a pro-active safety
                                       professional that has proven        Location: Kokomo, IN area
he actually could NOT do this.                                             (relocation package provided)
The jury awarded him                   experience in implementing
$1,750,000 plus a new                  culture change to promote a safe
                                                                           Industry: Manufacturing
Winnebago Motor Home.                  work environment & reduce
                                       recordables. Additional             Challenging opportunity to join
FOOTNOTE: The company                  responsibilities will include       a multi-billion dollar
ACTUALLY changed their                 maintaining OSHA compliance,        manufacturing company
owner's manuals on the basis of        training, lockout/tagout, MSDS,     assisting the Safety Manager in
this suit... just in case there were   industrial hygiene monitoring,      implementing and maintaining
any other purchasers similar to        machine guarding, etc.              pro-active safety and health
Mr. Grazinski buying their                                                 programs for a facility doubling
product.                               Requirements:
                                                                           in size. The chosen candidate
                                       BS Safety or related; 5+ years      must have previous experience
A Bit More Humor…                      safety experience which should      and/or knowledge of OSHA
                                       include at least 3 in safety role   VPP certification process and
A priest and a pastor from the                                             Process Safety Management.
local churches are standing by         within manufacturing Proven
the side of the road, pounding a       experience implementing culture
                                                                           To be considered for this
sign into the ground, that reads:      change & reducing recordables
                                                                           position the following
                                       Additional experience should        requirements must be met:
"The End Is Near! Turn
Yourself Around Now --                 include training, and handling
                                                                           BS Occupational Safety degree
Before It's Too Late!"                 the day-to-day safety issues of a
                                                                           or directly related degree from
                                       plant Local to the Chicagoland
                                                                           accredited safety school
As a car sped past them, the           area
driver yelled, "Leave us alone,                                            Minimum of two years of in-
you religious nuts!"                   Our client offers a competitive
                                                                           plant, hands-on safety and health
                                       compensation package which
                                                                           experience, including loss
From the curve they heard              includes salary plus major
screeching tires and a big splash.     medical, dental, vision, 401K,
The pastor turns to the priest and     pension plant, tuition              Proven experience administering
asks, "Do you think the sign           reimbursement. If you are           programs that have reduced
should just say, Bridge Out?"          interested in this challenging      injuries and workers
                                       career opportunity, and meet the    compensation costs
                                         November 2004 - Page 19
Facilitate compliance training       control surveys on large             Valid drivers license, Clean
                                     National commercial accounts.        DMV and clean car. able to
Self-directed and motivated with     The candidate will need to have      climb, walk and carry,
the ability to work in a team        a strong Commercial Casualty
setting as well as individually      and Property background as well      Will work from home and cover
                                     as experience with large             the states of Illinois, Indiana,
 Our client offers a competitive     contractors, distributors,           Ohio, 30-40% travel, possible
compensation package that            manufactures, and transportation     travel to Mississippi, Kentucky
includes salary plus medical,        businesses. My client is looking     and Wisconsin
dental, tuition reimbursement,       for someone who is able to
pension and matching 401K. If        communicate at all levels and        Bachelors degree in engineering,
you are interested in this           can work in junction with            science or health and safety,
challenging career opportunity       underwriters and claims              CSP desirable, salary up to 82k
and meet the above                   departments on risk analysis.
requirements, please email your                                           Thanks for your help
                                     This particular position requires
resume and salary history to:        the individual to work out of        Suzi Taub CAC, CSP, President,
                                     their own home, and my client is     Taub and Associates, 7334
Bethany Brevard Harned,
                                     not providing a company car but      Topanga Canyon Blvd. Suite
Principal EHS/HR Recruiting
                                     is of course covering all            100, Canoga Park, CA 91303
Specialist; Professional Outlook,
                                     expenses including mileage.
                                     The salary range is between          Office: (818) 700-8282 x 101,
                                     $80k-$90k+ depending on              Mobile: (818)414-8282
Senior Loss Control-Insurance        experience and designations.
                                     My client is also looking for        Email:
The position below was               someone who has at least a
submitted by David Lundin. If        BA/BS preferably in                  Website:
you call please mention Dave.        Engineering or Science related
TKJ International Recruiters,                                             Loss Control Representative
Inc. is a retained or contingency-    Again, I appreciate your time       for Eastern Iowa
based international executive        and your help on this. If you
                                     ever need any help either for        “Our client is a leading risk and
search firm that specializes in
                                     yourself or placing candidates       insurance firm. They are seeking
the placement of Property and
                                     within your company please do        a Loss Control Representative
Casualty Insurance
                                     not hesitate to contact me.          for Eastern Iowa. In this posi-
Professionals. TKJ International
                                                                          tion you will recommend risk
works with a variety of
                                     Danielle Zanolli, Territory          improvement measures to the
insurance providers in the
                                     Manager, TKJ International           insured and provide information
Property and Casualty industry.
                                     Recruiters, 1-866-485-5732           to the underwriter to help in un-
We work with Agencies,
                                     *221,            derwriting decisions on accept-
Brokerage Firms, Third Party
                                                                          ing/pricing or rejecting risks by
Administrators, and Independent
                                     Insurance Loss Control-              evaluating the risks at an in-
Adjustment firms, Managing
                                     Strong Casualty Lines                sured’s business (air quality,
General Agencies, Insurance
                                                                          safety standards, processes and
Companies, Reinsurance               I currently have a client who is a   controls, use of hazardous chem-
Companies and Insurance              multi line insurance carrier look    icals, etc.), and researching pre-
intermediary companies. We           to hire someone with strength in     vious loss history. You will ser-
provide confidential service to      casualty lines to handle a           vice all size and complexity of
both candidate and client as is      territory which includes Illinois,   risks. To be considered you will
needed with respect to their         Indiana, and Ohio. Do you know       need to offer around Five (5) or
individual requirements.             of anyone who fits my criteria?      more years of direct loss control
   The client I am working with                                           experience. In-depth knowledge
                                     Here are some additional specs:      of loss control and of current
on this Senior Loss Control
opportunity is a National                                                 OSHA, National Fire Protection
                                     5 years insurance company
Insurance Carrier and has a very                                          Association, EPA, and other
                                     casualty exp, Good
good reputation in the market                                             state and local regulations. One
                                     communication skills, Good
place. This position requires                                             or more professional designa-
                                     computer skills
services of IL, IN and some OH                                            tions required such as Certified
territory. The position requires     Able to do presentations for         Safety Professional, Associate in
the individual to conduct loss       large groups                         Risk Management or Associate
                                                                          in Loss Control Management.
                                         November 2004 - Page 20
                                     for working with exposure eval-     fastest growing service
Safety professionals presently       uations, recommendations for        companies in the country, we
outside the insurance industry       risk improvement and the im-        have full time positions open in
could be considered as well.         plementation of necessary safety    New York City, Chicago, Los
Please contact Scot Dickerson        programs. You will also con-        Angeles, and Miami.
for immediate confidential con-      duct risk assessment of prospec-
sideration and additional details.   tive accounts and loss control      All positions require 10+ years’
Email: sdickerson@insurance-         service delivery to policyhold-     experience with a major carrier Phone: 515-273-9991.         ers. Qualified candidates will      or national broker in commercial
Fax: 515-440-2347. See our           have 5-7 years of applicable loss   casualty loss control.
website at,                          control/safety management field     Experience in writing/presenting for a          experience for a trucking com-      loss control proposals to large
complete listing of nationwide       pany.                               risks and major account
opportunities.”                                                          coordination is necessary. BS
                                     Contact Scot Dickerson for          Degree in Engineering or
                                     complete details and confidential   Physical Science is preferred;
Safety Professional-                 consideration. Email:               CSP or ARM designation is a
Transportation-Risk and     .      plus. Computer skills required.
Insurance                            Phone: 515-273-9991. Fax: 515-
                                     440-2347. See our website at,       This position offers a
Our client is a leading risk and for a         competitive salary, and full time
insurance firm. They presently       complete listing of nationwide      positions have a comprehensive
offer a unique opportunity for a     opportunities.                      benefits package. Qualified
Safety Professional to join the                                          candidates should send resume
insurance industry. They are                                             with salary history to:
looking for an individual that       LOSS CONTROL
has safety management experi-        CONSULTANT                
ence within the transportation
industry working for a mid to        Safety Resources, a leading         Woods Hole Oceanographic
large sized trucking operation.      service provider to the insurance   Institution
                                     industry, has an immediate need
In this Loss Control Consultant      for several loss control
position you will be responsible     consultants. As one of the
                                        November 2004 - Page 21

                            Northeastern Illinois ASSE
                                 Chapter Meeting
                                November 10, 2004
                        Tour: Argonne National Laboratory

 The ASSE Northeastern IL Chapter will be hold its November meeting on Wednesday, November
10th at the Argonne National Laboratory. The laboratory is located at 9700 S. Cass Avenue (from I-
                             55 take exit 273A, South Cass Avenue).
                               Meet at the Visitor Center by 2 p.m.
      Please R.S.V.P to Liz Cunningham no later than 12 noon, Monday, November 1, 2004 .
             or 847-482-2747

You must be a US citizen to enter the laboratory compound and you must have a photo ID with you!

                                        SEE YOU THERE!

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