India’s First Financial Helpline - Launches Online Financial Calculators by dailabank

 - India’s First Financial Helpline, launches Online Financial Calculators that help clients
Evaluate and Compare offers and make the right Financial decision.

Most of us are confused and lost when we are provided with information related to personal finance
products (like loans, fixed deposits, insurance etc) and find it difficult to compare and make the right
evaluation. The data made available by different product providers is not always directly comparable
and one needs additional support in breaking the complicated numbers and easily make a comparison.
In order to help customers overcome this problem, has launched the four online

“Dial-A-Bank” is be headed by Gaurav S. Khurana, Ex National Head Sales ING Investment Mgt India, and
Ex VP Citibank. It is a service that is to help the consumer be able to make the right choice between
different financial products available in the market.

The online calculators launched by are :

    1. EMI Calculator

    Take benefit of the EMI Calculator for judging the affordability of the EMI on your loan. You can
    decrease your EMI by increasing your tenure or by wisely choosing the bank with the lowest rate of
    interest. This can be very useful while taking a Home Loan, Personal Loan, Education Loan or a Car

        The EMI Calculator will help you understand :

           The total interest payable on the loan
           The total amount payable on the loan
           The exact EMI (ie Equated Monthly Installment payable every month on the loan)

    2. Fixed Deposit Calculator

    Fixed Deposit Calculator is used for calculating the maturity amount of Fixed Deposit under
    various compounding options, viz. Yearly, Half-yearly, Quarterly, Monthly, Daily and without any

        Fixed Deposits (FD) are popular savings schemes offered by banks. Fixed Deposits have
        traditionally been one of the most safe investment option preferred by people with low risk
        appetite. FD is a deposit of a fixed sum of money for a fixed period of time - which can vary
        anything from a few days to a few years - at a fixed interest rate known at the beginning of the
        investment. Interest is usually compounded at periodic intervals like monthly, quarterly etc

        This Fixed Deposit Calculator (FD Calculator) gives you the return on the Principal when interest
        is paid on Yearly / Half- Yearly / Quarterly or Monthly compounding on Fixed Deposits, PPF etc.
        Effective yield is the actual return on your Fixed Deposit. It depends on the rate of interest and
       the frequency of compounding. Fixed deposit calculator can be used the Calculator for finding
       the Fixed Deposit amount required for realising the desired maturity amount.

   3. Retirement Calculator

       The first thing to do when thinking about retirement income planning is to figure out how much
       you will need, and where you stand today. To have a secure retirement use the retirement
       calculator to help you create your retirement plan.
       A retirement planning calculator allows you to enter in some numbers about your retirement
       goals, your current financial condition, expected retirement income as well as expenses, and
       then shows you when you could retire, based on how things stand today.
       Calculations done on retirement calculator project how much you would have available at the
       time of retirement.

   4. SIP Calculator

       The Systematic Investment plans help you to plan for your long-term financial goals like your
       buying your own house or buying your own car. SIP Calculator will show you how small
       investments made at regular intervals can yield much better returns over a long period of
       SIP Calculator will help you to achieve your investment goals. SIP Calculator helps calculate the
       amount one should invest every month to get a desired amount at the end of tenure period.

       In this calculator enter the amount of investments done by you every month, rate of return and
       the investment period in years. When you submit it, within no time it gives the total amount
       invested and the value of investment.

Dialabank has a single number “600-11-600” across 18 cities in India and following are the key
benefits of Calling Dial-A-Bank (600-11-600)

      Service available for all Loan (Home, Personal, Business, Education, SME Auto & Gold),
       Insurance (Life and Non Life) and Investment products
      Single Number “600-11-600” across 18 major cities in India
      Service of a qualified and trained Personal Banker on phone who represents not One but
       multiple Banks
      Zero charges to the customer
      Product Tie-Up with all leading Banks, Insurance and Mutual Fund companies

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