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									 Ruby on Rails Development: What Benefits Businesses Can Avail

Ruby on Rails is a web application framework that has actually revolutionized the way we
create internet applications. The technology comes with advanced tools and components
enabling users build powerful internet-based applications in a short time span. The
programming process is much faster making development more efficient and less
troublesome. If you have an upcoming project and are wondering whether you should go
for Ruby on Rails development or not, let us first understand what the technology is
all about and how it offers an edge over other open source frameworks.

                                      What is Ruby on Rails?
                                      Ruby on Rails, shortened as RoR, is an open source web
                                      application framework written in Ruby programming
                                      language. The framework allows users to build dynamic
                                      websites and internet applications regardless of the
                                      complexity       of    a   project.     Emphasizing   on     RESTful
                                      application design, the software architecture is created
                                      around client-server relationship.
                                      Other      key        principles      include   Convention     over
                                      Configuration (CoC) and Don’t Repeat Yourself (DRY)
                                      which make it more efficient and less complex from other
                                      open source frameworks. The framework sidelined all
                                      prior assumptions and opened up new and innovative
                                      ways to create web applications that lay emphasis on

Advantages of Ruby on Rails

After understanding about Ruby on Rails, we can now embark with a discussion on how
it scores over other open source technologies.

Quick Market Launch: The programming process of ruby on rails is faster and the
length of coding is reduced by and large. This translates into lesser time for developing a
website; in other words reduction in the market launch time.

Inexpensive: Ruby on Rails development is one of the most reasonable and
inexpensive ways to build rich internet applications. The best part is that the
performance and scalability of your website are not sacrificed.
Content Management: If you intend to supply your website with audio and video files,
RoR is an ideal choice that provides users with the ease of navigation while browsing the

Hire Ruby on Rails Developers

Using RoR for building dynamic web applications is a matter of personal preference but
the framework offers ease of navigation enhancing user experience. It is true that Ruby
on Rails is an easier and faster way to develop internet applications but it requires
serious expertise.

If you are not a RoR expert, you won’t be able to achieve substantial results even after
spending hundreds of hours. Hiring an onsite team for it won’t be a good idea because it
will unnecessarily add up to your development costs. The best way is to hire a Ruby on
Rails developer offsite for your task. Here is why. The ruby on rails developers are
experts in their domain who keep track of the latest technological developments in the
market. These changes are integrated continually in the software applications to help
you march ahead and not just keep pace in the market.

Besides this, they use a particular method of development and structuring called as agile
web development which ensures that developers and client are on the same page

The task outsourced to offshore software development companies proves wiser in
terms of money and partners commitment to the project. The team of developers
working for you from a virtual office acts as an extension to your in-house team and you
enjoy complete control over the smallest aspects of your project.

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