2010 Scholarship Workshop Flyer by qdCK3H7


									           THE AUCKLAND BRANCH OF PENZ
                 in association with Team Solutions

                    Welcomes you to
              Scholarship Physical Education
                  Workshop Series 2010

              For students and teachers of Scholarship
                         Physical Education

When: 4.15pm-6.15pm.

    Thursday 13th May
An introduction to Scholarship. Critical Evaluation. Critical Writing
Skills and Examination Technique.

    Wednesday 2nd June
Trends and/or Issues impacting on New Zealand society, such as
‘cotton wool kids’.

   Thursday 24th June
Comprehensive Planning for Physical Activity Programmes

   Wednesday 28th July
Performance Improvement Programmes

    Thursday 12th August
Mock Exam Question 4.15-5.15pm/ Teacher Marking and
Discussion 5.15-6.15pm

   Wednesday 13th October
Physical Activity, Health Promotion and New Zealand Society

Diocesan School for Girls Common Room Block,
(CR 301). Margot Street, Epsom.
 $5 per student per session

What to do next:
   Register by sending an email to Margot Bowes at m.bowes@auckland.ac.nz
    containing the following information.
   The names/ number of students likely to attend
   A brief overview of your level 3 programme so we can see what you have
   Any scholarship preparation done to date

Physical Education Scholarship Examination:
Tuesday 30th November 2010

“Critical Evaluation is the process of making informed and valid judgements or
conclusions supported by comprehensive knowledge and evidence. Throughout the
process we challenge assumptions and taken-for-granted points of view through
reflecting and examining pros and cons, bias and different perspectives”.
                                             Scholarship Research Group 2007

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