The 7 Biggest Beginner Tennis Mistakes by Indrawati02x


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									Tennis can be a tricky sport when you're just starting out. The following
7 beginner mistakes are what I believe to be the biggest challenges for
the novice. Address these issues and you'll be improving in no time.

 1. Judging The Ball

 Its very common for a beginner to lack judgement in where the ball is
going to go and how fast its going to get there and play appropriately. A
beginner often thinks the ball is going to be shorter than it actually
is. They rush to the ball and consequently hit the ball to hard and are
off balance when they get there. They dont realise that the ball will
actually fly deeper.

 2. Hitting The Ball Too Hard

 Another big challenge for a beginner is how not to hit the ball too
hard. They see a ball and swing at it. A beginner is only thinking of
connecting with the oncoming ball and they may panic a little. One of the
main reasons for hitting too hard is that they dont have a target. Your
arm doesnt know how much it should swing, if you know the distance then
you can get a feel for what force is required.

 3. Not To Be So Tight

 Being too tight is another challenge. When you start playing tennis you
contract too many muscles and you lose that all important feel and can
hit the ball too hard and generally get it all wrong. So, how can you
become a little more relaxed? A good tip is to rate your tightness 1-5. 5
being very tight and 1 being relaxed and going with the flow.

 4. Not Stopping the Racquet at Contact Point

 You must try and learn to complete the follow through of your shots.
When you find yourself hitting the ball too hard, a consequence of that
is stopping the racquet at the contact point and not completing the
follow through leading to an ineffective stroke. When doing this you
actually contract many muscles in your arm when you stop the flowing
movement forward and you lose control of the ball.

 5. How to Play with an Arc

 Another big challenge is to hit the ball in an arc rather than a
straight line
 The easiest way to hit the ball is to play in a straight line from the
ball to the target on the other side, however we want to get into the
habit of playing with an arc. The straight line approach can often have
the ball ending up in the net. Then, to avoid going into the net you may
well overcompensate and hit it too far resulting in the ball going over
the opponents baseline. Of course you may get lucky occasionally and the
ball can fly over the net and land in the court but it wont consistently
bring results.

 6. How to Reach the Ball in Time
 Learning how to get to the ball in time is another big challenge. If you
get to the ball late then you are still moving and are off balance which
will obviously effect your shot. We tend to naturally move to the ball
with the minimum speed necessary and get there just in time for the shot
but we want to get there quicker so were ready and set.

 7. Toss the Ball Consistently in the Same Place

 It can be very challenging when serving to toss the ball in the right
place each time. Sometimes it may go behind, sometimes in front, often
too far forward or too high, too low etc. This causes you to lose balance
along with the correct technique.

 So there we have it, the 7 biggest challenges beginners face. In order
to become a more proficient tennis player we need to learn how to
overcome these and work on each aspect to make our game stronger.

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