Tennis With Dad _Proverbs 237_ by Indrawati02x


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									We did a lot more talking than playing. After we spoke we played a best
three-out-of-five set.

We spoke for greater than an hour and played for less than twenty
minutes. He reiterated a point that he expressed two weeks prior, that my
mistakes don't define me. He explained that as long as I keep staring at
them thinking that they do, they will.

Proverbs 23:7 says, "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he."

"David," he said, "you have to let go of the past and look toward the

By this point in the conversation I had removed my hat and I was rubbing
my unshaved face in exasperated mannerisms; I was running my hands
through my disheveled hair. I was thinking hard, in the wrong way about
the wrong things, and it hurt.

It was our first time on the tennis courts in two years. We used to play
a lot more; never a lot, but, a lot more than once every two years.

Speaking of the conversation two weeks prior, I shall explain.

I drove to my parent's home in Admirals Cove after attending my first
ever SLAA meeting. That night, April 29th, I accepted a white chip.

I surrendered and declared my powerlessness. That would, I guess, be the
night that I entered recovery in my pursuit of sexual health. I
surrendered to a new way of life that night.

Following that meeting I drove to my parent's house. I found them in
their theatre watching an episode of 24. They paused the show. For an
hour we talked.

I confessed that the primary reason I stole money from them during my
confused, delinquent high school years was to pay for prostitutes. They
listened as I explained that I lost my virginity to a prostitute named
Joy the night of my brother's bachelor party.

A sexual hunger dominated my life from that point on.

I explained that I had withdrawn cash from their credit and debit
accounts, throughout high school, and into my college years, to pay for
my sex addiction.

In high school, when they approached me about the thievery, I lied and
told them that I stole the money so that I could go gambling at the dog
track by the airport with my friends.

To this day, I have never been to the dog track. Those days, I guess, I
thought that a gambling addiction was less indicting than a sex and love

To me this is complex. I don't know the where the problem begins.
I have surrendered though. I am powerless. I need God. I need a Higher
Power big time. I need God to manage my life.

I won the best three-out-of-five match on the tennis court. But that
matters only a small bit in contrast to the importance of the tennis
outing as a whole. It was great to be out there with my dad; talking and

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