Tennis Strategies to Slay Your Opponent

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					Tennis is a fun game but it is tricky too. A tennis expert will say that
there is a variety of shots you can use and a whole lot of tennis
strategies to apply! The key is to analyze the situation and act
accordingly. For instance, at times you might want to put up
'neutralizing' tennis strategies and at other times 'offensive' tennis
strategies. Neutralizing tennis strategies are used to nullify or
neutralize opponent's advantage. They are listed below:

1. Neutralize the pattern: There must be pattern in your opponent's play.
Your opponent must have some strength. Tennis expert advice: Try and
prevent the opponent from making use of it. For instance your opponent
might be good with the forehand rather than backhand. If you play a
backhand move, you will prevent them from using the forehand to their

2. Prevent the opponent from reaching a good attacking position: Your
opponent could have a good attacking position if the ball is short or is
off-center and the opponent gets a good angle of attack. Do not give him
this opportunity.

Offensive tennis strategies are:

1. Slicing the ball: According to tennis experts, mostly it is used as a
defensive shot but can be used as an offensive shot too. The shot is
powerful as the ball stays low. This makes it hard for your opponent who
has to hit a low ball while on the run. A tennis expert will tell you
that the tennis slice is a good tennis strategy to take on the opponent

2. Use opponent's weakness to your advantage: Play to the weakness of
your opponent. For instance if your opponent is not good with the short
ball, go with them and break his/her rhythm of the game.

3. Reduce response time of the opponent: According to tennis expert and
coach Tomaz Mencinger, this can be done by hitting a ball hard or playing
the ball early.

4. Make use of the short ball: If your opponent has hit a short ball, you
should use it to your advantage, says a tennis expert. The better you hit
the short ball, the weaker will be his/her return. If you hit it low,
your opponent will have difficulty reaching the ball which will probably
result in a floater. You can easily come in on the ball and score a

5. Play at the net: Attack at the net with volleys and overheads. As a
result the points will be short. The net player should put away the ball
quickly. Doing this consistently is one of the winning offensive .

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