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					To master any game you need constant practice and more so in the game of
tennis, which requires you to push yourself and put in effort to improve
footwork for greater mobility. Regular practice and unwavering stamina
are what are required from you in tennis so brace yourself for it. One of
the best tennis secrets is to practice more and more.

Below are some of the tennis tips and tennis secrets served to you. Take
them with generous helpings of practice.

Tennis Tip# 1: Maintain your cool during the game

It cannot be focused enough that although tennis on the outside looks
like a very hard line entertainment activity requiring you to be always
on your toes (no pun intended!), it is in reality a test of your nerves.

Tennis star Novak Djokovic says that 'tennis is a very mental game' and
the difference lies in the 'mental ability to cope with the pressure and
hit the right shots at the right time'. True that! One of the greatest
tennis secrets coming from a tennis star! And how do you achieve that? By
keeping calm and maintaining your focus.

Also, you must believe in yourself. Confidence is created and should not
depend solely on how you perform or how many points you scored on the
court that day. Unless you truly believe in your skills, you won't have
the fire inside you that is so necessary to crush your opponent!

Tennis tip #2: The 80/20 rule applied to tennis

Give the ball 80% of your focus and the opponent 20% and not vice versa!
The secret to a win in tennis is to have all concentration on the ball,
its movement and its judgment.

Tennis tip #3: Put in some legwork

Tactics pave the way to only part of the victory. You have also got to
put in some practical effort. Apply this tip to be a good athlete. You
need to build on your strength. It goes without saying that for tennis,
you will have to have proper coaching classes from seasoned professionals
if you want to pursue tennis in the long term. For steely stamina, what
are the tennis secrets of stars? Have lots of exercise for quadriceps as
well as ankle, knee, hip joints and acceleration.

Train extensively for fast feet. Tennis is masterly about agile feet.
Perform hula hoops and other drills. Prior to playing a game, warm
yourself up by shuffling your feet, jogging and skipping.

Tennis tip #4: Add extra zing

For that added zing in that serve of yours, use a resistance band to have
a powerful, crushing swing. Perform stretching exercises to increase your

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