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Study Abroad Australia




Study Abroad Australia
The Study Abroad Programme                       2    Accommodation                              20
UWA: Fast Facts                                       Residential Colleges (On Campus Housing)
                                                      Off Campus Housing
Academic Calendar 2007 and 2008                   4
                                                      Living & Studying                          21
The Academic Programme                            5
                                                      What does it cost to study at UWA?
                                                      Overseas Student Health Cover
Study Opportunities                              6
                                                      Can I work?
                                                      Cost of Living
A Satisfying Academic Experience                 10
Teaching and learning                                 Student Exchange Programme                 22
Academic Transcript                                   Perth                                      24
Grading Scale
Academic Support                                      Albany                                     27

Admission Requirements                           12   Western Australia                          28

How do I apply?                                  13   Useful Websites                            30

Student Life                                     14   Application Form                           31
UWA Campus - the place to be seen
Clubs and Societies
Sporting Life - UWA Sports

Student Services                                 19
Counselling Service
Learning, Language and Research Skills (LL&RS)
Disability Programme
Careers Centre
Medical Centre
Housing Office (see info on Accommodation)

Study Abroad Programme
Welcome to the Study Abroad Programme at the University of Western Australia (UWA)!
Join a network of hundreds of international students from over 80 countries in Asia,
the Americas, Africa, Europe and Oceania who have chosen to study at UWA because of
its reputation for prestige, quality, excellent facilities and services and commitment to
its students. The UWA Study Abroad programme offers an integrated study experience
where you will study alongside degree-seeking students, enjoying all the same benefits
and privileges.

The choice is yours …
•   Choose to study for one or two semesters and
    commence in either semester. See the Academic
    Calendar for more details of semester start and

                                                                      Why choose UWA?
    end dates
•   Choose to live at one of five residential
    colleges located on campus; or live off campus                    Prestige
    independently or in shared accommodation.
    See the section on Accommodation for more                         •   UWA is a member of the "Group of Eight", a group
    information                                                           of prestigious Australian universities which enrol
                                                                          30% of all university students in Australia and conduct
•   Choose to have your units approved before you
                                                                          over 60% of university research
    arrive or select units after your arrival in Perth.
    See Academic Programme for more information                       •   UWA is the premier research institution in Western
                                                                          Australia (WA) and is widely recognised as one of
•   Choose from over 70 different clubs or societies
                                                                          Australia's leading research universities
    from UWA Surfriders to Solid Gold - the ‘Funkiest
    Club on Campus’, whose members pride                              •   Home of 2005 Nobel Prize winner in physiology
    themselves on their devotion to DISCO revival.                        or medicine.
    See Student Life for more information
•   Choose from over 30 sporting clubs such as the                    Quality
    Underwater Club, Outdoor Club or the Rowing                       •   UWA has the highest quality undergraduate students
    Club, all of which have been popular with past                        in Australia and is ranked second in Australia for the
    study abroad and exchange students. See                               quality of its undergraduate study programme.
    Student Life for more information                                     (Source: Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research 2005)
•   Try something different: experience rural and                     •   "At the top of the WA academic ladder… the University
    regional Western Australia by studying at                             of first preference among the top achievers."
    UWA's regional campus at Albany located in the
                                                                          Good Universities Guide 2006.
    Great Southern Region. Experience towering
    forests, whale watching, world class surfing and
                                                                      World class facilities, great services, great fun
    wineries while studying at one of Australia's
    most prestigious universities. See The Albany                     •   Widely acknowledged as one of the most beautiful
    Experience for more information.                                      campuses in Australia
                                                                      •   A member of the Elite Athlete Friendly University
                                                                          (EAFU) network
                                                                      •   Major sponsor of the UWA Perth International
2                                                                         Arts Festival.
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     Study A

         Academic Calendar
         2007 and 2008
       Study Abroad Or
                         ientation    Commences 20
       University Orie                                   February
                       ntation Day
       First Semester                 23 February
                       begins         26 February
      Mid Semester
      First Semester                 9 April – 13 Ap
                      classes end    1 June
                      ions           4 - 23 June
     Study Abroad Or
                      ientation    Commences 17
     First Semester                                July
                     begins        23 July
    Mid Semester
    First Semester                10 – 14 Septem
                   classes end                    ber
    Study/Examinat                26 October
                    ions          29 October - 17
  Study Abroad Or
                    ientation    Commences 26
  University Orie                             February
                  ntation Day
  First Semester                 29 February
                  begins         3 March
 Mid Semester
 First Semester                 13 - 17 April
                 classes end    6 June
                 ions           9 - 28 June
 Study Abroad Or
                  ientation    Commences 22
 First Semester                                July
                 begins        28 July
Mid Semester
First Semester                15 - 21 Septem
               classes end                   ber
Study/Examinat                31 October
                ions          3 - 22 Novembe

The Academic Programme
                                  With the freedom to design your own study programme, your options are wide and varied.
                                  You can choose any unit (subject) which is part of a regular degree programme at UWA
                                  across any faculty (except the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry or Health Sciences) subject to
                                  meeting normal prerequisites. The table of Study Opportunities on pages 6 to 8 provides you
                                  with an idea of what’s on offer in the various faculties.

Some points to note:
•   As all units are part of a degree, you should be able         •   You are expected to enrol in a full academic load which is
    to satisfy core/major requirements for your home degree           24 points per semester. This generally works out to four
    requirements (this will be up to your home university             units per semester.
    to decide)
                                                                  •   You may request a Pre-Approved Study List prior to arrival.
•   Descriptions of units can be found at:                            You can also choose to change these selections after your                                              arrive in Perth.
•   Each unit will show how many credit points it is worth and    •   Pre-registration (pre-enrolment) is not available, however
    in which semester it is taught. The majority of units are         generally units do not fill up unless they are quota-
    offered on semester basis.                                        restricted. You will be advised of any quota restricted units.
                                                                      Enrolment (registration) will take place during Orientation.

I was a bit surprised when my first UWA lecturer introduced himself to
the class as "Mel". I have found that the open, positive teacher-to-student
relationship that he was demonstrating is characteristic of nearly                                   In Political Science we have
the entire university staff. Indeed, in all my classes the lecturers and                             had a lot of interesting
tutors have been extremely approachable and very willing to provide                                 guest lecturers; for example
any assistance necessary to help me get the most out of their units.                                 an American ambassador,
Most importantly, I feel that each staff member I’ve                                                 a journalist who has been
encountered has taken a personal                                                                    reporting from Iraq and
interest in my success even though                                                                  a former foreign minister
they understand that I will only be                                                                 of Australia. Having such
here for one semester. I find that to                                                               people speaking about their
be very encouraging.                                                                                experiences really broadens your
Jamie Dean and his guide dog Paul, Wake
                 Forest University, USA                                                             Karin Andersson, Ava Gymnasium,
Study Opportunities
    Faculty           School/Departments                  Opportunities for Study Abroad and Exchange Students

    Architecture                                          Environmental Design/Architecture, Landscape Architecture,
    Landscape and                                         Fine Arts (art history, theory and practice). Strong emphasis on
    Visual Arts                                           digital media and its application to film, painting, photography,
                                                          printmaking and sculpture (including installation, environmental
                                                          and public art).

    Arts              Humanities                          Majors: Anthropology, Archaeology, Asian Studies, Chinese
    Humanities and    Music                               (Mandarin), Classics and Ancient History, Communication
    Social Sciences                                       Studies, Economics, English, European Studies, Fine Arts,
                      Social and Cultural Studies
                                                          French, Geography, German, History, Indonesian, Industrial
                                                          Relations, Italian, Japanese, Linguistics, Mathematics and
                                                          Statistics, Medieval and Early Modern Studies, Music (education,
                                                          composition, performance), Philosophy, Political Science and
                                                          International Relations, Psychology, Social Work, and Women’s
                                                          Studies. Particular themes for study abroad: Study Australia;
                                                          Communication and Culture in the Contemporary World,
                                                          International Studies in Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences.
                                                          Arts Practicum (similar to internship).

    Economics and     Graduate School of Management       Majors: Accounting (Financial and Managerial), Asian Business,
    Commerce          Economics and Commerce              Economics, Economic History, Electronic Business, Finance
    (UWA Business                                         (Corporate, Investment, Quantitative), Human Resource
    School)                                               Management, Industrial Relations, Information Management,
                                                          International Business Economics, Management, Marketing,
                                                          Money and Banking, Quantitative Economics.

    Education         Graduate School of Education        English, Society and the Environment (history, geography,
                                                          economics and politics), LOTE (Languages Other than English
                                                          including German, French, Italian, Japanese, and Indonesian),
                                                          Science (chemistry and physics), Mathematics, and TESOL
                                                          (Teaching of English to Speakers of Other Languages).

    Engineering,      Civil and Resource Engineering      Majors: Ocean Systems Engineering, Chemical and Process
    Computing and     Computer Science and Software       Engineering, Civil, Computer and Mathematical Science,
    Mathematics       Engineering                         Computer Science, Electrical and Electronic Engineering,
                                                          Environmental Engineering, Information Technology,
                      Electrical, Electronic and
                                                          Materials Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics
                      Computer Engineering
                                                          Engineering, Mining Systems, Offshore and Naval Architecture,
                      Environmental Systems Engineering   Oil and Gas Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Process
                      Mathematics and Statistics          Instrumentation and Control Engineering, Software Engineering,
                      Mechanical Engineering              Water Resources Engineering.
                      Oil and Gas Engineering

    Law                                                   Elective units available include: Indigenous Peoples and
                                                          the Law, Banking Law, Comparative Law, Conflict of Laws,
                                                          Criminology, Environmental Law, Family Law, Human Rights
                                                          and Equal Opportunity Law, Intellectual Property, International
                                                          Humanitarian and Refugee Law, International Trade Law,
                                                          Medicine and the Law, Mining and Energy Law.

Study Opportunities continued
    Faculty             School/Departments                   Opportunities for Study Abroad and Exchange Students

    Life and            Anatomy and Human Biology            Biological Anthropology, Ecology, Genetics and Evolution,
    Physical Sciences                                        Functional and Comparative Morphology, Bone Architecture,
                                                             Reproductive Biology, Endocrinology, Neurobiology, Cell Death,
                                                             Immunology, Eye Pathology, Muscle Diseases, Muscle
                                                             Transplantation and Regeneration, and Cancer.

                        School of Biomedical, Biomolecular   Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Chemistry, Microbiology and
                        and Chemical Sciences                Physiology. Students contemplating entry into a health-related
                                                             profession may also find units relevant to pre-medical studies
                                                             such as general and organic chemistry, biology and physics.

                        Human Movement and Exercise          Courses concentrate on biomechanics, exercise physiology,
                        Science                              sport and exercise psychology, motor control and learning,
                                                             exercise rehabilitation and physical and health education,
                                                             and recreation and health management.

                        Psychology                           Study areas include learning, intelligence, personality, abnormal
                                                             psychology, social psychology, developmental psychology,
                                                             cognitive psychology, abnormal psychology, psychological
                                                             methods and experimental design and analysis.

                        Physics                              Physics

    Medicine,           Dentistry/Oral Health Centre of WA   Courses offered within medicine and dentistry degrees are not
    Dentistry and       Medicine and Pharmacology            generally open to study abroad and exchange students. However,
    Health Sciences                                          some units are available in the areas of public health, health
                        Surgery and Pathology
                                                             science and paramedical sciences.
                        Paediatrics and Child Health
                        Population Health
                        Psychiatry and Clinical
                        Primary, Aboriginal and
                        Rural Health Care
                        Women’s and Infants’ Health

    Natural and         Agricultural and Resource            Agriculture and Resource Economics, Agriculture, Animal
    Agricultural        Economics                            Science, Botany, Conservation Biology, Conservation Biology
    Sciences            Animal Biology                       and Management, Earth Science, Environmental and Natural
                                                             Resource Economics, Environmental Geoscience, Environmental
                        Earth and Geographical Sciences      Law, Environmental Management, Environmental Science,
                        Plant Biology                        Genetics and Breeding, Geochemistry, Geography, Geology,
                                                             Geology and Resource Economics, Horticulture, Land and Water
                                                             Management, Land Rehabilitation, Landscape Management,
                                                             Marine Biology, Marine and Coastal Management, Marine
                                                             Science, Natural Resource Management, Oenology, Restoration
                                                             Ecology, Soil Science, Viticulture, Wildlife Management,
                                                             Wine Making, Zoology.

A satisfying
academic experience
Teaching and Learning
Although most of you are experienced university students, there
may be some differences in the style of teaching at UWA to what
you may be used to. Having an awareness of these differences
will give you an appreciation of the academic expectations at
UWA and enable you to have a more satisfying study experience.
The following points highlight some of the major differences
as observed by past study abroad and exchange students:
•    Units are taught concurrently during the semester.            Academic Transcript
•    Units are normally taught as lectures once or twice a         On completion of your studies at UWA, you will have access
     week complemented by a tutorial, seminar, laboratory          to an official Academic Transcript.
     or fieldwork.                                                  The transcript will contain the following details:
•    Lectures may be large, sometimes with 100-200 students.
                                                                   •   units enrolled
•    Tutorials, seminars, laboratories, practicals, fieldwork
                                                                   •   unit credit points
     and workshops are generally smaller classes of about
     10-20 students where most discussion takes place. You         •   period of study for each unit
     are expected to be prepared and actively participate in       •   grades and percentages received
     discussions. These classes may be compulsory and are
     normally assessed.
•    There is less formality between lecturers and students.
•    There are fewer contact hours with greater expectation
     of independent study through directed reading and essay

Assessment                                                                        Grading Scale
There are no special examinations for study abroad or exchange                      Grade          Percent%
students as you will be assessed according to the same
                                                                                    HD             Higher Distinction 80 - 100%
standards and regulations as degree-seeking students.
A summary of what to expect in terms of assessment follows:                         D              Distinction 70 - 79%

•    Assessment will be based on a combination of oral/written                      CR             Credit pass 60 - 69%
     assignments and tests, project work, participation in                          P              Pass 50 - 59%
     tutorials and laboratories and final examinations.
                                                                                    N+             Fail 45 - 49%
•    There is less formal assessment throughout the
     semester and heavier weighting given to final examinations,                     N              Fail 0 - 44%
     sometimes up to 80% of the final mark.
                                                                                    UP             Ungraded Pass
•    All units are assessed and graded at the end of semester
     except for full year units which will be done at the end of                    P*             Pass Conditional
     the academic year (November).
                                                                                    UF             Ungraded Fail

Academic Support
Entering a new environment is a stimulating and rewarding
experience but it also brings with it many challenges. The very
short-term nature of your studies may heighten some of these
challenges, particularly those of an academic nature. At UWA we
recognise this and are committed to providing the support required
to ensure you have a successful academic experience at UWA.
During Orientation you will be assigned to an Academic Adviser
who will be one of your major sources of information and
assistance for academic issues. Your Academic Adviser will
help you to create a study programme based on your academic
background and requirements.
Further academic assistance is also available from the various
Schools and Unit Coordinators. Learning Skills Advisers {who are
part of Student Services) offer workshops and courses on learning
and research skills, for both undergraduate and postgraduate
students. During Orientation more detailed information will be
provided about the culture of the University in terms of how the
academic units are structured, the academic expectations, who
to contact for assistance and generally how things work at UWA.

                                  Admission Requirements
                                  Minimum requirements
                                  •    Completion of at least one year of study at a recognised tertiary institution at the time of
                                       application with an overall 'B' average or GPA of 3.0/4.0 or equivalent. [If you would like to
                                       undertake postgraduate study, you must have completed the equivalent of an Australian
                                       bachelor’s degree.]
                                  •    Satisfy UWA English language competency requirements.

                                   GCE Ordinary Level English                C6 or higher

                                   TOEFL (paper-based total)                 Essay Rating/TWE of 4.5 and score of 570

                                   TOEFL (computer-based total)              Essay Rating/TWE of 4.5 and score of 230

                                                                             Internet-based Test (iBT): an overall score of 90
                                   Next Generation TOEFL                     with a minimum score of 22 in the writing section,
                                                                             and no less than 20 in the other sections

                                   IELTS                                     6.5 (no individual band less than 6.0)

                                   UWA Centre for English Language
                                                                             B grade or better
                                   Teaching Bridging course

                                                                             Minimum grade 3 in German Abitur, in conjunction
                                   German Abitur                             with a minimum grade B in DAAD Certificate of
                                                                             Language Proficiency test

                                   Norwegian Vitnemål                        Minimum grade 4 in the English component

                                   Swedish Slutbetyg                         Minimum grade VG in the English paper

                                  Results must not be more than two years old at the time of application.
                                  A full list of all UWA-approved tests for English competency is available at:

Applicants who do not meet the above English language proficiency may wish to
consider enrolling in an English language course at the UWA Centre for English
Language Teaching (CELT). The Centre offers courses in General English, English
for Academic Purposes and Bridging English.
For more information please contact:

Centre for English Language Teaching
The University of Western Australia
35 Stirling Highway
                                                                       When I arrived here, I was unsure about where I
Crawley 6009                                                           was going and what I was doing. Then I visited
Perth, Western Australia
Telephone: (61 8) 6488 3539
                                                                       the Study Abroad office and saw that the staff
Facsimile: (61 8) 6488 1077                                            there were happy to see me, knew that I was
                                                                       coming and they were really willing to help.
                                                                                      Jérôme Mardon, University of Poitiers, France
How do I apply?
Use one of the following processes:
  Where?                            How?                                          Where can I find more information?

  Directly to UWA                   Please submit your application to the         Study Abroad Office
                                    UWA Study Abroad Office. There is no           International Centre
                                    application fee.                              The University of Western Australia
                                                                                  35 Stirling Highway
                                                                                  Crawley, Perth
                                                                                  Western Australia 6009
                                                                                  Telephone: (61 8) 6488 8199
                                                                                  Fax:         (61 8) 9382 4071

  Through my Home University        Contact the Study Abroad Office or International Office at your home university

  Through North American            Contact these programmes directly:  
  programmes affiliated
                                    • Butler University Institute for
  with UWA
                                      Study Abroad
                                    • Centre for Education Abroad,
                                      Arcadia University
                                    • State University of New York
                                    • Study Australia
                                    • Australian Education Connection

  Through UWA                       Contact these organisations directly:
  Representatives Overseas
                                    • IDP Australia (various offices in
                                      Europe and Asia)
                                    • Centre for International Studies (CIS),
                                    • International Educational Services
                                      (IES), Germany

Applications can be downloaded from the internet at: (for admission) (for housing, there is an application fee of AUD$60).

                                                                Documents Required
                                                                •    Completed application form
                                                                •    An original or certified copy of your current official Academic
                                                                     Record including all tertiary study
                                                                •    Evidence of English language competence
                                                                •    Application for housing (where required). As demand for
                                                                     student housing is very high please submit this form at the
                                                                     same time as application for admission.
                                                                Where documents are not in English, a certified English translation
                                                                must be enclosed.
Student Life
While your studies are an important part of your overall study abroad experience,
what will probably remain foremost in your mind is the more personal side of
your UWA experience. Studying abroad is a rewarding experience but it can also
be very confronting. Our aim is firstly to make your transition to UWA as easy as
possible, and then maximise your whole experience by encouraging you take part
and make use of all the excellent facilities, great services and fun that you will find
on campus. It all starts with Orientation.

Orientation                                                            UWA Campus - the place to be seen
Each semester a two-day orientation programme is arranged              UWA is definitely the place to be for a lively student life in Perth.
specifically for study abroad and exchange students. This               Most of the social life on campus is organised through the UWA
programme provides you with essential information about                Student Guild which is the representative student organisation.
studying at UWA and living in Perth as well as opportunities           Now in its 93rd year, the Guild has a reputation for being one of
to meet other international students and UWA students.                 the most active and social in Australia. It organises countless
                                                                       activities, a fringe festival, campus band and DJ competition and
During Orientation you will formalise your study plan, gain more
                                                                       provides many of the services, as well as supporting 70 clubs
information about academic and general issues, familiarise
                                                                       and societies.
yourself with the campus and the city through optional tours and
social activities. You will also have the opportunity to participate   The Guild Village is a buzzing hive of activity every day of the
in the general university orientation programme for all new            week. The courtyard is now known by its Nyoongar (Aboriginal)
students to the University. At the beginning of the academic year      name, Koort Kwoba Dandjoo, which means Happy Hearts
(February/March) the general university Orientation is a great         Together. It contains Student Services, shops and food outlets
experience and feels like a huge festival with all the different       and a Market Day every Tuesday where you can buy inexpensive
clubs and societies in full swing.                                     locally-made jewellery, CDs, DVDs, clothes and much more.
                                                                       The Village also houses a second-hand bookshop, a regular
                                                                       (discount) bookshop, pharmacy, copy centre, optometrist
                                                                       and hairdresser as well as a stylish set of Stargate-inspired

The University is very beautiful with peacocks and
palm trees. I could spend hours watching the peacocks
in the beautiful surroundings. My personal highlight
has been meeting so many people from different
cultures and nationalities and learning about them.
                      Ina Schroder, University of Klobenz, Germany
Clubs and Societies
 Amnesty International (AI)
 Anti-war Collective
 UWA Archaeology Club (UAC)
 Asian Students in Australia (ASIA)
 Australasian Union of Jewish Students (AUJS)
 UWA Society for Baha’i Studies
 Bay 13 Australian Appreciation Club
 Bhakti Yoga Club
 Boonie’s Australian Sports Club
 Buddhist Bliss Culture Society (BBCS)
 Chemistry Club
 University Chinese Language Society (UCLS)
 Chinese Student and Scholar Association (CSSA)
 Christian Union (CU)
 Computer Science Students’ Club (CSSC)
 Desi Indian Students (DESI)
 Dance UWA (dUWA)
 Electronic Music Appreciation Society (EMAS)
 Student Environmental Engineers Club (SEEC)
 UWA French Club
 Hong Kong Club (HKC)
 Health Science Society (HSSC)
 Indonesian Students’ Society (INDOSS)
 UWA Italian Club
 Japanese Studies Society (JAPSSOC)
 Joshua Life
 UWA Juggling Club
 Kaos German Club
 UWA Labor Club
 Law Students Community Support (LSCS)
 Malaysian Students’ Union (MSU)
 Manic Depressive Society (Manics)
 Mint Club
 Monty Python Appreciation Association (MPAA)
 Pantomime Society of UWA (Pantosoc)
 Perth International (PI)
 Revolution Universities
 Rotaract Club of UWA
 ECOMS Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE)
 Singapore Students’ Society (SSS)
 Solid Gold
 Student Christian Movement (SCM)
 UWA Surfriders
 University Computer Club (UCC)
 Uni Camp for Kids (UCFK)
 Undergraduate Physics Society (UPS)
 University Catholic Society (UCS)
 University Debating Union (UDU)
 University Radio Club (URC)
 University Science Fiction Association (UniSFA)
 UWA Greens
 UWAnime Japanese Animation Club
 UWA Society for Creative Anachronism (UWASCA)
 Wilde Alliance
 Woolnough Society
 Zoology Club

Sporting Life - UWA Sports
The Australian Institute for Sport recently endorsed UWA as a member of the national
Elite Athlete Friendly University (EAFU) network. But you don’t have to be an elite
athlete to enjoy sporting life at UWA.

There is a wealth of sporting facilities on campus. Our new $2m
Watersports Complex nestled on the foreshore at Matilda Bay is
home to the UWA Boat Club, Underwater Club, Waterski Club and
the Outdoor Club, swimming pools, tennis and squash courts,
sports and leisure shop and numerous sports clubs. Nearby is the
UWA Sports Park which covers 33 hectares of playing fields and

                                                                                       List of Sports Clubs
facilities including the new UWA Tennis Complex, the largest clay
court and most modern tennis complex in Australia. A wide range
of competitions is offered including social sports, inter-faculty
sports, inter-college sports, state and national inter-university                       Athletics
competitions.                                                                           Badminton
Whether you’re into adrenaline pumping outdoor adventure                                Boat
or want to try out Australian Rules Football, belly-dancing, or
maintaining a healthy lifestyle, there’s plenty of variety on offer to
cater to all interests.
                                                                                        Flying Disc
More information is available at:                                  Football
                                                                                        Martial Arts
The Perth people are so nice and warm. If you ask a                                     Swimming
                                                                                        Table Tennis
stranger for help you can be 100% sure you will receive it.                             Tae Kwon Do
Perth offers a wide range of adventures, everything from                                Tennis
gorgeous beaches at Cottesloe to pulsating nightlife in one of                          Triathlon
Northbridge’s many nightclubs.                                                          Ultimate Frisbee
Charlotte Pettersen, Trondheim Business School, Norway                                  Volleyball
Håkon Bjørlykke, Norwegian University of Science & Technology (NTNU)                    Water Polo
                                                                                        Water Ski
Ingrid Viken, Trondheim Business School, Norway

Student Services
UWA is committed to providing high quality services to enable you
to take full advantage of all the opportunities at UWA and deal with
any challenges that may arise during your period of study. All staff
are qualified professionals with an understanding of student issues,
needs and concerns.

Some of these services include:

Counselling Service                                                  Careers Centre
Private and confidential consultations provided by qualified           The Careers Centre provides students with a wide range of
professionals to deal with personal and academic issues.             advisory, educational, information and employment services
All services are free.                                               to assist currently enrolled students. Many Study Abroad and
                                                                     Exchange students have used this service to find casual, vacation
Learning, Language and Research Skills (LL&RS)
                                                                     and volunteer work.
Learning and research skills advisers help both undergraduate
and postgraduate students to learn and research efficiently and
                                                                     Medical Centre
effectively through skills workshops on most aspects of learning     Doctors and nursing staff provide a full range of general practice
and research. You can also consult them on an individual             services including emergency care and treatment of illnesses
basis about any personal concerns you have about learning,           and injury.
researching and writing. Individual tutoring and study guides are
                                                                     Housing Office
also available. Services are confidential and mostly free.
                                                                     See the section on Accommodation, page 20
Disability Programme
The University is committed to enabling students with disabilities
                                                                     More information on all aspects of Student Services is available at:
and chronic medical conditions to achieve their full potential.
The programme provides a full range of facilities and services
and support to students who have special needs. All services are
free. It is very important we know of any special requirements
you have, before you arrive in Perth.

                                                                             On Campus Housing
                                                                             Currie Hall
                                                                             Telephone: (61 8) 9273 3333
                                                                             Facsimile: (61 8) 9388 1224

                                                                             St. Catherine’s College
                                                                             Telephone: (61 8) 9386 5847
                                                                             Facsimile: (61 8) 9386 3844
Many study abroad and exchange students choose to live at
one of the five residential colleges which are located adjacent               (Women only)
to the University. Renting off campus apartments and houses
either independently or on a share basis is also a popular
                                                                             St. George’s College
                                                                             Telephone: (61 8) 9449 5555
Residential Colleges (On Campus Housing)
                                                                             Facsimile: (61 8) 9449 5544
The residential colleges are a great option if you are studying at
UWA for only one or two semesters. The residential colleges offer  
numerous social activities such as formal dances, café crawls, river
cruises, trips to and around Perth, theme dinners and inter-college
sports organised throughout the semester. You can also get help
with the academic side of things through tutors, fellow students and
resident staff members. You have your own fully furnished study-             St. Thomas More College
bedroom and share bathroom facilities with a small group of other            Email:
students. Fees normally include three meals a day and regular                Telephone: (61 8) 9386 0111
cleaning. Gaining a place in a residential college is very competitive
                                                                             Facsimile: (61 8) 9389 1104
and not guaranteed so please apply as soon as possible, preferably at
the time you apply for admission.                                  

Off Campus Housing
The Housing Office provides a free service on accommodation related
issues for all UWA students. It operates a register of both vacant
and shared accommodation which you can use anytime during
the year. Particular attention is given to the needs of international        Email:
students who may not be confident in their ability to negotiate in            Telephone: (61 8) 9423 9423
English. Although renting off campus housing is a popular option, be         Facsimile: (61 8) 9423 9422
aware that there maybe certain conditions such as minimum leasing
periods, and additional expenses such as the purchase of furniture,
household equipment and connection of utilities for electricity, gas         (on-line enrolment process available)
and telephone. Try to arrive at least two weeks before semester starts
so that you have sufficient time to find off campus housing. It is
also recommended that you apply for temporary accommodation
prior to arrival so that you have a base to live while you look
for permanent accommodation. Temporary accommodation is
                                                                         For further information contact the Housing Officer
available at the residential colleges.
                                                                         Telephone: (61 8) 6488 3547
                                                                         Facsimile: (61 8) 6488 1119
    Living & Studying
    What does it cost to study at UWA?                                Can I work?
    Tuition                                                           As the holder of an Australian Student Visa you may be able to
    Please refer to the fees information sheet included or visit      apply for a work permit after enrolment has been formalised.
    our website:                                                      (A government charge of AUD$60 applies). Many international                    students choose to do this as a means of supplementing their
                                                                      income on a part-time or casual basis. It is important however
    Overseas Student Health Cover                                     that you do not rely on work in order to meet your living costs in
                                                                      Australia. A work permit allows you to work up to 20 hours per
    All applicants for an Australian Student Visa (and their          week during semester and full-time during the vacation period.
    dependants) must be covered by acceptable health insurance        There are no restrictions on the type of work you can engage
    cover during the whole period of study in Australia by            in, or location of the work (i.e. work is not restricted to work on
    purchasing Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC). It is            campus only), other than that you are qualified to do the work.
    a compulsory government requirement and applies to all            The UWA Careers Centre provides many vacancies in a range of
    international students except where special government            areas that are advertised through the Casual Jobs Register.
    arrangements between certain countries are in place (eg
    Norway, New Zealand and Sweden). Evidence of OSHC payment
    must be shown before a student visa can be granted. The initial
    payment for cover must be paid together with the payment of
    the first semester of tuition fees when you accept you formal
    Acceptance of Offer.

Cost of Living
Perth offers a high standard of living at a comparatively low cost.
When compared with other study destinations, Perth provides
excellent value for money.
The annual cost of living depends on the student’s lifestyle
and type of accommodation, but AUD$250 - AUD$320 per week
is generally sufficient for most students to live comfortably
(not including tuition fees).
The “Tuition Fees and Cost of Living” insert gives an indication
of the type of expenses and average costs students will need
to meet.
1                                                                                                                                     21
Student Exchange Programme
UWA has formal agreements with the following institutions. If you are participating in the Student Exchange programme
you will receive a tuition fee waiver. You must be nominated by your University to participate in the Student Exchange
Programme. Please apply through the Study Abroad Office or Office of International Programmes of your home university.

 Country       University/Institution                                 Country        University/Institution
 Austria       University of Vienna                                   Norway         Norges Handelshøyskole
               Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien                                           (NHH - The Norwegian School of Economics and
                                                                                     Norges Business Administration)
               (Vienna University of Economics
               and Business Administration)                                          Teknisk-Naturvitenskapelige Universitet
                                                                                     (NTNU - The Norwegian University of Science
 Canada        McGill University                                                     and Technology)
               Queen’s University                                                    Universitetet i Oslo (University of Oslo)
               Simon Fraser University                                               Universitetet for miljø-og biovitenskap
               The University of British Columbia                                    (UMB – The Norwegian University of Life Sciences)
               University of Ottawa                                                  Universitetet i Bergen (University of Bergen)
               University of Waterloo                                                Universitetet i Stavanger
                                                                                     (University of Stavanger)
 China         Zhejiang University
                                                                      Singapore      National University of Singapore (NUS)
 Denmark       Den Kongelige Veterinær - og Landbohøjskole
               (KVL)                                                                 Singapore Management University

               Københavns Universitet                                 Sweden         Mälardalens Högskola (Mälardalen University)
               (University of Copenhagen)                                            Stockholms Universitet (Stockholm University)
 France        Université Charles de Gaulle (Lille III)                              Uppsala Universitet (Uppsala University)
               Université Henri Poincaré (Nancy I)                    United         Royal Holloway, University of London
               Université de Limoges                                  Kingdom        University College London
               Université Louis Pasteur (Strasbourg I)                               University of Bristol
               Université Marc Bloch (Strasbourg II)                                 University of Glasgow
               Université Paul Cézanne (Aix Marseille III)                           University of Leicester
               Université de Poitiers                                                University of Sheffield
               Université des Sciences et Technologies (Lille I)      United         Indiana University
 Germany       Albert Ludwigs Universität Freiburg                    States of      Iowa State University
               Technische Universität Clausthal
                                                                      America        Montana State University
               Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen                                   North Carolina State University
               RWTH Aachen                                                           Pennsylvania State University
               Universität Koblenz-Landau                                            Purdue University
               Universität Passau                                                    Texas A & M University
               Universität Stuttgart                                                 University of Arizona
                                                                                     University of California
 Hong Kong     Hong Kong Polytechnic University
               University of Hong Kong
 Italy         Politecnico di Milano                                                    Irvine
               Università di Bologna                                                    Los Angeles
               Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore                                     Riverside
               Università degli Studi di Milano                                         Santa Barbara
 Japan         Himeji Dokkyo University                                                 Santa Cruz
               Kansai Gaidai University                                                 San Diego
               Sophia University                                                     University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
               Toyahashi University of Technology                                    University of Michigan

 Malaysia      Universiti Sains Malaysia                                             University of Pennsylvania
                                                                                     University of Texas at Austin
 Netherlands Vrije Universiteit
                                                                                     University of Vermont
 New Zealand University of Otago                                                     University of Washington

 There’s something about Perth ... friendly people, fantastic climate, great lifestyle
The city of Perth has been called many things from one of the           Lots to do!
“most isolated cities” in the world to “one of the most liveable
                                                                        As a student in Perth there is so much for you to do, from
cities in the world” or the “sunniest capital city in Australia”.
                                                                        the disco and jazz bars in Northbridge or the funky cafes in
Whatever the label, the “golden handcuff” of the west will get
                                                                        Fremantle, the sassy port city just half an hour from the CBD
you and you’ll never want to leave. There’s just something about
                                                                        of Perth, to opera and musicals, international film festivals and
Perth. Perhaps it’s the friendly locals who go out of their way to
                                                                        concerts, live bands, contemporary and indigenous art and craft
say hello, or maybe its the easy-going lifestyle and the expansive
                                                                        galleries, museums and theatres.
blue sky which will have you walking on sunshine most days of
the year, even in winter. Maybe it’s having the best beaches in the     Sport
country - the whitest sand, the clearest sparkling water - and all
                                                                        Perth people are obsessed with sport - both watching it and
so accessible from the city. Or perhaps it’s the lack of traffic jams,
                                                                        playing it. Winter is when Aussie Rules Football (aka as ‘the footy’)
the clean fresh air and the freedom you feel from all the open
                                                                        kicks off. Witness the sporting frenzy between the cross-town
spaces found in the many parks around Perth.
                                                                        Aussie Rules Football rivals - the West Coast Eagles and the
This is Perth - large enough (1.4 million people) and cosmopolitan      Fremantle Dockers - during the bi-annual Western Derby. During
enough (over 200 different nationalities) to provide the colour and     summer, cricket becomes the national religion and the Western
variety for a great lifestyle, but small enough to remain intimate      Australian Cricket Ground (also known as the WACA) is the place
and friendly giving you that feeling of belonging from the moment       to be!
you set foot on our shores.
                                                                        The Outdoors
Whichever way you look at it, Perth is amazingly beautiful, the         Like the rest of Australia, the beach and ocean is an essential
weather is fabulous, the locals are friendly and the rent is cheap!     part of Perth’s lifestyle. So with the Indian Ocean, the Swan River,
                                                                        and a great climate, it’s not surprising that there’s a whole
                                                                        range of water sports on offer in Perth. Try your hand at surfing,
                                                                        windsurfing, kite-surfing, kayaking, sailing, snorkelling, scuba
                                                                        diving or you can always just laze around on the beach or at Kings
I think it is amazing here, I love it! Perth is a city                  Park, 450 hectares of natural bushland and botanical gardens
like no other I have visited, it is a great place to                    right in the middle of Perth and just up the road from UWA.

study and live. I’m so surprised that I have not felt
homesick I think it is because I’m having so much
fun! There are so many opportunities to try new
things, see new places and meet new people.
24                       Jodie Kane, University of Leicester, UK
                                                                                            fast facts
                                                                                            Perth capital ci
                                                                                                             ty of Western Au
Eating Out                                                                                 Location Sout                       stralia
                                                                                                           h Western corn
                                                                                           Population 1.4                   er of Western
Café culture is big in Perth. You’ll find funky little cafes in many neighbourhoods                          million (fourth                  Australia
                                                                                           Size of WA 2,52                   largest city in
from the centre of Perth to the coastline of the Indian Ocean, each with their own                          5,500 sq km (la                  Australia)
distinctive character. Perth has more restaurants per capita than any other city          Government De                      rgest state in Au
                                                                                                             mocratic                          stralia)
in the world. From sushi bars to Italian Tratorrias, curry houses to upmarket             Time Zone GM
                                                                                                          T + 8 hours
restaurants, there’s a wealth of tantalising tastes reflecting the ethnic diversity        Religion Compl
of Perth’s population. During summer, everything is ‘al fresco’, including dining,                         ete religious fre
                                                                                         Language Engl                       edom
outdoor movies, and of course the traditional Aussie barbeque. There’s nothing                            ish
better than a balmy summer night with friends around a barbeque, or a picnic
                                                                                         Currency Deci
down at the Sommerville Theatre before settling into a deckchair to watch a              Climate Medite
                                                                                                         rranea  n. Located in th
movie. You could grab some fish and chips and sit on a carpet of soft grass down          hemisphere, Au                           e southern
                                                                                                         stralia’s season
at Cottesloe Beach while you watch the sun set on the Indian Ocean.                     those of the no                   s are opposite
                                                                                                        rthern hemisph                   to
Getting Away
When you’ve had enough of the city, escape to Rottnest Island - this is where
the locals go to get away from every day life. Just a ferry ride from the city,
Rottnest Island is well known for superb snorkelling, diving, surfing, fishing,
boating and swimming in crystal bays. If you’re not a beach person, there are
plenty of walking trails, golf and a museum which reveals
Rottnest’s darker past. There are no cars on Rottnest
so everyone gets around on bikes. Cycling from bay to

                                                                  Perth Weather
bay is a favourite pastime.

                                                                  Summer             Autumn              Winter               Spring
                                                                  Dec to Feb         Mar to May          Jun to Aug           Sep to Nov
                                                                  Dry and Hot        Some Rain           Rain                 Some Rain
                                                                  20° to 32°C        12° to 25°C         8° to 18°C           10° to 22°C
                                                                  68° to 90°F        50° to 85°F         46° to 66°F          48° to 76°F

Immerse yourself in one of the most spectacular natural environments:
experience rural and regional Western Australia while attending one
of Australia’s most prestigious universities
Albany, first settled in 1829, is Western Australia’s oldest          Accommodation
regional centre with all the facilities you would expect in a city
                                                                     There is a range of places to live in Albany, from the Middleton
but with the joys of country living. The Great Southern region
                                                                     Beach area to facilities closer to the centre of town and the
has inspiring karri forests, the grandeur of the Stirling Ranges
                                                                     UWA Albany Centre. The Centre keeps a register of private
and the spectacular southern coastline. The region has many
                                                                     accommodation, from furnished rooms to unfurnished houses.
vineyards producing some of Australia’s best wines. A mild
climate, unspoilt natural beauty and rich cultural experiences       Lifestyle
make Albany a very special place to live and to visit. The town
                                                                     Student life in Albany is centred around the town and the
is 4.5 hours drive or 1 hour flight south of Perth. About 30,000
                                                                     amazing Great Southern region. Recreational activities include
people live in town with another 20,000 in the surrounding
                                                                     bushwalking, surfing, diving, climbing, whale-watching, wine-
region. There are daily flights to Perth with connections to the
                                                                     tasting and many sports such as year-round golf and tennis.
rest of Australia and overseas destinations.
                                                                     Albany has a wide range of shops, a hospital, medical and dental
UWA Albany offers the unique experience of studying at a             facilities, and lots of cafés and bars. There are employment
small, non-metropolitan university centre and is particularly        opportunities in town and on local farms and vineyards.
rewarding if you are interested in studies related to the natural
                                                                     Student Services
environment. There are also many study opportunities similar
to those offered at the UWA’s main campus in Perth.                  Numerous services are provided by the UWA Albany Centre that
                                                                     help students throughout their time at university. At the UWA
Study opportunities for study abroad and exchange students           Albany Centre we aim to enable students to make the most of
include:                                                             their opportunities at UWA, to support them in their personal
•   any unit which is available within the Bachelor of Science       development, and to help them achieve their life, learning and
    in Restoration Ecology (only available at Albany). The           career goals.
    programme contains units concerned with conserving
    the natural environment and restoring and rehabilitating         For further information contact the UWA Albany Centre
    damaged ecosystems. It covers land and water ecosystems          Phone: (61 8) 9842 0888
    and the environmental, social, economic and political
    factors that shape restoration problems and their solutions.
    A unique feature of the programme is its location in Albany,
                                                                     Useful websites:
    with a range of environments for field-based studies as well
    as opportunities for project placements with local agencies
    and community groups.                                  
    Further information on units is available at: www.fnas.uwa.
•   any undergraduate unit offered in anthropology, English
    and history
•   'Arts Practicum' which is similar to an internship
                                                                       The UWA Albany Centre is housed in historic premises that
•   Summer units (January and February) in environmental               were once the Post Office, Customs Office and Courthouse.
                                                                       First built in 1869 the building has been refurbished to
•   first year units are available in over 40 degree                    accommodate its use as a university centre. Other UWA
    programmes.                                                        centres in Albany include the Centre of Excellence in
                                                                       Natural Resource Management focusing on research on
Further information is available at:
                                                                       the management of our natural resources; the Institute
                                                                       for Regional Development delivering postgraduate online
                                                                       courses in regional development; and the Rural Clinical
                                                                       School supervising fifth-year medicine students doing a
                                                                       rural placement.
Western Australia
That’s not all ... further afield from Perth
There is much to explore because Western Australia (WA as the       Australia’s Coral Coast
locals call it) is huge! To give you some idea, consider this: WA
                                                                    This regions contains WA’s first World Heritage site – Shark Bay,
is bigger than the whole of Western Europe, four times the size
                                                                    most famous for the wild dolphins that come right into shore
of Texas in the USA, and Japan and the UK could fit comfortably
                                                                    at Monkey Mia, and home to world’s oldest living organisms
within its borders with room to spare.
                                                                    - stromalites. The rugged terrain of Kalbarri National Park
This vast landmass which takes up a third of Australia can          provides some amazing trekking and gives you the chance to
be broken into several regions each with its own distinctive        capture some awesome scenery on film.
                                                                    Golden Outback
Australia’s South West
                                                                    Brilliant, starry night skies and wide open spaces with spinifex
Towering forests, whale watching, world class surfing and            and red earth as far as the eye can see, describes this region
wineries are just some of the features associated with this         of spectacular outback and goldfields. It’s a place of historic
spectacular region. Linking the whole region is the Bibbulmun       townships, friendly pubs, gold mines and the beaches of the
Track – a walk trail that stretches more than 1,000 kilometres      Southern Ocean where the seas can be wild one day and brilliant
from Perth to Albany. This is an adventure in itself and worth      blue calm the next!
                                                                    With so much to see, your biggest problem is going to be how
Australia’s North West                                              to do it all while you’re here!
Sometimes referred to one of the world’s last true wilderness
areas and the last Australian frontier. Here you’ll find rugged
landforms, deep red gorges, vast cattle stations, and the highest
density of Aboriginal rock art in the world. See the Bungle
Bungle range, Karijini National Park... the list goes on and on…

        Over the mid-semester break I went on the annual Outdoor Club
        mid-year trip. 22 of us piled into a rented bus, our stuff in the trailer
        pulled behind and headed off for three weeks in WA. We visited
        Newman (and met some “real Aussies”), Karijini National Park,
        Exmouth, Cape Range, Coral Bay, Monkey Mia, Kalbarri and the
        Pinnacles. It was a great experience, cheap, and left us with a lot of
        great friends, some Aussies, some not. I definitely recommend it!
        Rebecca Hundt, University of California, Davis, USA
Useful Websites
The University of Western Australia                                       Residential Colleges
The University of Western Australia                                       Currie Hall                                                  
                                                                          St Catherine’s College
International Centre                                            
International Centre                                                      St George’s College                                    
Overseas Representatives                                                  St Thomas More College                              
Information for Students                                        
Faculty Handbooks (for course descriptions and regulations)                                                  Western Australia
Principal Dates (semester, exams)                                         Western Australian Government                        
Student Administration (enrolment, examinations and graduation)           Western Australian Tourism                                     
Student Services                                            General Information
Student Guild                                                             Group of Eight                                            
Religious Services & Facilities                                           Australian Diplomatic Missions Overseas
UWA Sports & Recreation                                                   Perth Education City                                            
UWA Graduates Association                                                 Australian Education International                                        
                                                                          Immigration (Department of)
Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Visual Arts                        Information on Student Visas                                             
Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences                           Worldcare Assist (OSHC)                                             
Faculty of Economics and Commerce (UWA Business School)                   TOEFL                                              
Faculty of Education                                                      IELTS                                        
Faculty of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics                         AusAID                                              
Faculty of Law
Faculty of Life and Physical Sciences
Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences
Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences

Study Abroad & Exchange Students
‘Not for Degree’ Application Form

This form must be lodged at the Study Abroad Office, UWA International Centre, no later than 31 December for Semester 1 (February - June)
or 1 May for Semester Two (July - November)

Title (Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms etc):                   Date of Birth:           /          /
                                                                 (Day / Month / Year)
Family Name:

Given Names (as shown in passport):                                                       Preferred Name:

Postal Address:

                                              Country:                                    Postcode:

Telephone:                                               Facsimile:

Email Address:

Do you have any disability/ies or chronic illness/es which will require special consideration to assist you while studying at UWA?

Yes                   No                      (Answering this question is optional)

Country of Citizenship:                                                       Country of Birth:

Do you hold Australian Citizenship, Permanent Residency, and/or an Australian Passport?                                    Yes              No
Do you or any of your family have an application for Australian Citizenship, Permanent Residency
and/or for an Australian Passport currently under consideration by the Australian Government?                              Yes              No

Name of High School examination completed:
Name of Institution you are currently studying in:
Name of Degree/Certificate that will be issued to you on completion of your current course:

Which year of the course are you currently enrolled in?
List any courses/units/subjects you expect to complete at your home university which are not shown on your academic transcript:

Evidence of English Proficiency: name of examination completed and score (if applicable):
Which year do you wish to commence study?
Intended commencement date:                                                       February / March                              July
Intended length of study:                                                         1 Semester                                    2 Semesters
1. I am interested in studies in the following subject areas:
      (Please refer to UWA Faculty Handbooks:


2. I am interested in the following specific units. I require an Approved Study List to be forwarded to me.
      (For the most current list of available units, please consult the Faculty Handbooks at
      and the Academic Timetable at

  Unit Code                                      Unit Title                     Semester            Points             UWA Pre-requisite                    Equivalent Pre-requisite
  8 digit unit code                                                             Offered*            Value**            (if listed)                          from home university

* Semester one = March to June Semester two = July to November
** The normal full-load requirement for Study Abroad/Exchange students is 24 points per semester. You must enrol in full-time study as a condition of your student visa.


I declare the above information provided by me in connection with this application is correct and complete. I understand that The University of Western
Australia reserves the right to vary or reverse any decision regarding admission or enrolment made on the basis of incorrect or incomplete information.
I authorise The University of Western Australia to obtain results/records from any appropriate educational body and/or educational institution.

Signature:                                                                                                 Date:

Please indicate how you learned about UWA (You may tick more than one box)

      My school, college or university                     Study Abroad Fair                       Education Exhibition                            Friend or relative studying at UWA

     UWA International Centre                              Internet                                Australian Embassy/Consulate                    Australian Education Office

     Agent/Representative (please specify)

     Advertisement: Publication: (please specify)

     Other: (please specify)

SECTION F: NOMINATION FROM HOME UNIVERSITY (To be completed by home university for exchange applicants only).
I certify that this applicant has been approved by                                                                      to participate as a fee-waiver exchange student in the
Student Exchange Programme with The University of Western Australia.

Signature:                                                                  Position Title:                                                              Date:

The University of Western Australia, Study Abroad Office, International Centre, 35 Stirling Highway, Crawley, Perth, Western Australia 6009
Telephone: (61 8) 6488 8199 • Facsimile: (61 8) 9382 4071 • Website: • Email:
The UWA campus is only five
minutes drive away from the
centre of Perth and Kings Park

             PERTH CBD



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                                                     2772 Design and production

Study Abroad Office
International Centre
The University of Western Australia
35 Stirling Highway
Crawley 6009
Perth, Western Australia
Telephone:    (61 8) 6488 8199
Facsimile:    (61 8) 9382 4071
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