Skill required for graduated informatics by dwieps


       Based on research at Harvard University in the United States declared that
thesuccess is not only determined by the knowledge and technical skills (hard skills) a
person, but also of how to control themselves and others (soft skills). According to
research 20% hard skills and 80% soft skills.


      That mastery of science, technology and technical skills. Example: a bachelor of
engineering informatics will understand software engineering, web programming,
programming languages, etc.. Hard skills are desperately needed in the work later.


        That is a person skilled in dealing with others (interpersonal skills) and skills) in
theset itself (intra-personal skills) that will assist in developing the
work. Especiallywhen confronted later to work in a team of several people. By
having good soft skills capabilities then we will easily associate and organize co-
workers and jobs.

Employment in the field of informatics is generally very broad and many. Here aresome of
the professions and the skills needed to get a profession.

           1. Programmer
              Profession is much targeted by the IT graduates as salaries and hard
              skills arealso taught diperkuliahan fit with this profession. Programmers are w
              orkingdenganmembuat an application. Usually, programmers do not work
              alone. They work in groups or organizations, therefore, also needed a
              fairly soft skills. The necessary skills:
           a) Master of algorithms and programming logic.
           b) Understanding of methods, best practices and tools/modeling programming
              like OOP, design patterns, UML.
           c) Master of several popular programming languages like C +
              +, VB, PHP, C #,Java, Ruby, etc (for web developers need
              to HTML, DHTML, CSS, Javascript andAJAX).
           d) Understand the RDBMS and SQL.
           e) Mastering the English language is essential.

           2. Networking
              This profession is also quite a lot for the IT department. Here we must be able
              to plan what should be and what is needed such as how the server should be
              used,how many workstations are used, hub / switch how many, etc. Network
   has officially licensed the CISCO. Endeavored to follow the license
   is to be networking.

3. System Analyst
   Must be able to develop software, especially at the stage
   of requirements, design, and partly under construction. Creating a
   document based on softwarerequirements and design
   of business processes. Make a proposal and present itbefore
   the client. Creating a database design if needed. Develop a framework for
   use in software development by the programmer.

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