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									                                    Beams Used In Architectural Design

As being an artist, when I view a blank canvas, the creativity will flow and the possibilities are infinite. I
wonder why many people than not, overlook the best blank canvas in the world, their own personal
ceilings. Ceilings are definitely the playground of the imagination and could morph into anything at all
from a sophisticated trompe l'oeil, to simple things like an appropriately lit cove. Well, even as I publish
this missive, my hall way ceiling is painted black and it's yummy.

I digress, let's talk about architectural box beams, as I believe people could be a little intimidated by
them, especially the solid ones. There are many failures looming before long when one uses solid wood
box beams, the very least of them is twisting and bowing. Could you imagine the way it must feel to
dream, save, plan and then view your beautiful beams come to fruition, only to discover that in a few
months, they are as twisted a canister of red vines? This makes me heartsick to find out a task fail, and a
lot of of times it is the lack of understanding by the consumer, or perhaps the manufacturer's lack of
ability to sell realistic expectations. This is certainly one of the better reasons to consider using faux
ceiling beams. These box beams are designed and engineered to resist warping by making use of the
suitable drying and curing process, sealing, and precision planning methods. Then the fun part starts,
hand hewn, with full on artistic license for making the most realistic beams one will discover within this
part of the country. Woodland's box beams are so realistic I cannot identify the difference between real
and faux, and keep in mind that when I state, I can spot something fake miles away.

Normally I try to design for "Fit ti Purpose," by that I mean select the right tool to complete the job and
design for planned maintenance and failure. As it is wood box beams upon which I am focused, let me
explain further. There's a couple of beam makers, and for good reason, as this calling is not really an
easy one. Woodland Beams continues to be creating the top looking beams, most effective beams for a
long period and they also get it done with great aplomb. Wood Box Beams brings intimacy into a room,
or make the most formal affair, or they may be casual, or painted, or my goodness, it boggles the mind
to think about the possibilities. I'm reminded of Ozzie and Harriet's living room area with the gabled
ceiling and painted beams, and Lucy and Ricky's farm house. Those iconic residences from the fifties
reinforce the beauty of architectural beams. My all time favorite design use of box beams will probably
be cove the drywall in the spot between the beams, like the ceiling beams are captured in the drywall
mud, or stucco. The dichotomy with the crisp white coved ceiling against an angular, dark rough hand
hewn ceiling beam is breath taking. Throw in some wooden floors a little red, golden ochre along with a
touch of lime green and you can have a party. This is definitely a delicious visual.

Look up! Precisely what do you see? If it's a white ceiling, run dont walk to the telephone, and speak to
the experts at Woodland Custom Beam Company.

This document is composed by the specialists at Woodland Custom Beam Company located at 4107 E.
Ashler Hills Drive, Cave Creek, Arizona 85331. Stop by their website at or
phone their office at 480-575-6758.

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