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					Tennis is a sport that is enjoyed by people all over the world. A singles
tennis game is played between two people. When two players compete
against another pair, the game is known as doubles. A game of tennis can
be played with a ball and a racquet, which is the bat used to hit the
ball. The ball is yellow in color to improve its visibility to the

Initially, tennis was played only among the elite class but slowly it
became popular and is now played by every class of people. Its popularity
can be attributed to the simple rules of the games and the little
equipment that is needed.

Tennis is played on a national scale and worldwide tournaments are also
conducted. An umpire has an authoritative position in a game of tennis
and has the right to make decisions. A line judge and a net judge are
also present in some cases. Now the judges have been replaced with
electronic equipment as this makes the job easier and more efficient. The
most authoritative post is occupied by the referee, who has every right
to overrule the judgment of the umpire.

Tennis is played without any breaks. After a game ends, the next one
starts exactly after 20 seconds. The only exception is when the players
are switching sides and then a 90 seconds break is taken.

In tournaments, 120 seconds are given to the player before starting
another round and this is extended only in special circumstances like
damaged footwear or some technical problem. Weather changes may result in
rescheduling of the match.

People who play tennis professionally enjoy a lot of benefits like fat
paychecks, fame and endorsements.

Even if you are not interested in taking this game up as profession, you
will surely enjoy a casual round of tennis. Just select any open space,
find a partner and you can start your game of tennis with a racquet and a
ball. This is a wonderful game and can be played anywhere, anytime;
whether you are on a picnic with your family and friends or just want to
unwind after a day of work.

For those who love to play this game but can't due to some reason, online
tennis games are the best option. Here the computer is your opponent. The
game is completely computerized. Although it's not the same as playing a
real game of Tennis, it is quite addicting and can keep you busy for

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Description: ennis is one of the games played in the Olympics and one of the most popular. The word tennis alone would automatically refer to lawn tennis while the table tennis is referred as is it is or ping pong. The difference between the two is implied in their names: lawn tennis is played on the lawn/grass while the table tennis is played in the table and uses a much smaller racket.