Scenic Landscaping : Dry Spring Season

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					Scenic Landscaping : Dry Spring Season

Time to Place Your Mulch Orders

This spring season has been one of the driest that we have seen in the last decade. Due to the
excessive warm temperatures we saw early on, your plants and bedding areas are suffering. With
these warm temperatures and limited rain fall, we are seeing rapid weed growth and plants
thirsting for water.

The best solution for protecting your plants and inhibiting weed growth and runoff is a healthy
layer of mulch. Place your orders for mulch now to schedule as soon as possible.

Mulch will help to retain moisture and reduce the growth of weeds. Scenic uses all organic
content in their mulch, which provides additional nutrients and is beneficial to your yard.

Please contact us with any questions.

Please contact Jared at 914.420.9091 or email at , at your
earliest convenience to arrange for your mulch to be installed if you have not done so already.
The Team at Scenic Landscaping

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