Precision Machining Technology I 8539 by wrcyaIJ


									Precision Machining Technology I 8539
Grade Level: 10 or 11

Precision Machining Technology II 8540
Grade Level: 11 or 12
Prerequisite: PMT I

Precision Machining Technology III 8541
Grade Level: 12
Prerequisite: PMT II

Students learn the basics of industrial safety and environmental protection; planning, management, and performance of machining jobs; quality control; process
improvement; general maintenance; engineering drawings and sketches; and application of measurements, metalworking theory, properties of materials, and
principles of CNC. Precision Machining Technology programs may be certified by NTMA (National Tooling and Machining Association), the certifying agency
for the National Institute for Metalworking Skills (NIMS). See Precision Machining Technology Framework for additional information.

Available upon completion of Precision Machining Technology sequence:

Machining Skills Level 1—Drill Press (NIMS)
Machining Skills Level 1—Milling Machine (NIMS)
Machining Skills Level 1—Measurements, Materials, and Safety (NIMS)
Precision Machining (NOCTI)
Credential Title/Description/Entity                          How to Earn Credential                         Implementation Data                         Possible Preparatory
                                                                                                                                                        Courses/Career Cluster
Precision Machining                                          Pass the NOCTI knowledge-based exam,           During 2004 through 2006, 24 Virginia       Precision Machining
Occupational competency assessment of skills and             Precision Machining (2052), with 173 test      students have taken this assessment with    Technology 8539/8540/8541
knowledge covered in a secondary level program in            items. Test includes organization and shop     2 scoring at or above the national norm.
precision machining                                          practices, measurement and inspection,
                                                             shop math, interpretation of blueprints,       2006: 21 Virginia students took the         Manufacturing
                                                             design activities, benchwork, precision        assessment with 2 scoring at or above the
National Occupational Competency Testing Institute           grinding machines, lathes, power saws,         national norm.
(NOCTI)                                                      milling, cutting tool technology, drill
                                                             presses, electro-discharge machines (EDM),     National Norm: 60.5
                                                             computer numerical control (CNC),              Virginia Norm: 50.0
                                                             machine maintenance, metallurgical
                                                             processes and heat treating, and application
                                                             of technical information.
Machining Skills—Level 1                                     Each of seven credentials that can be earned                                               Precision Machining
Certification of essential knowledge and skills for entry-   requires successful completion of a                                                        Technology 8539/8540/8541
level machinists in any one of seven distinct Machining      performance requirement and a related          No students were reported as having
Level 1 skill areas                                          theory exam. Each credential involves a        passed at least one Machining (Level I)
                                                             different written exam with the exception of   exam in 2005-06.                            Manufacturing
                                                             Turning; the Turning exam needs to be
National Institute for Metalworking Skills, Inc. (NIMS)      taken only once for both Turning               27 CTE teachers have achieved one or
                                                             credentials. In summary, there are seven       more Machining Skills Level I
                                                             performance requirements and six written       certifications
                                                             exams at Machining Level One. For
                                                             student-selected verified credit, pass any
                                                             one Machining (Level 1) examination with
                                                             performance component.

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