Requirements of a GPS Fleet Tracking System

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					                                         Presented by Daniel Toriola

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                                    Requirements of a GPS Fleet Tracking System
                                                 By Denny Bulcao

  A good GPS fleet tracking system provides two huge advantages for your business: Employee
accountability and a quick return on your investment. In a sentence, your GPS tracking system helps
your company manage, locate, track and recover your valuable mobile assets.

Companies using GPS devices for fleet management can view all their vehicles on one web page,
dispatch the nearest vehicle to their customer, and view (online) daily or monthly reports of mileage,
speed and stops. A large majority of customers recognize a return on their GPS investment in less
than 30-60 days.

Employee Accountability

Not exactly sure where your $300,000 piece of equipment is? Dealing with consistent complaints about
late deliveries? Eliminate theft and gain peace of mind with GPS fleet tracking.

One customer installed GPS tracking units on a drivers’ truck that was routinely late and discovered
what was happening within a few days. The driver would speed through his route, drive 50-60 miles to
go home for a couple of hours and then speed back to finish his deliveries.

Carolyn Smithburger of Wallmark Service Company shared her experience with us. "GPS fleet tracking
has helped us keep a tighter reign on our employee's movements," she said. "They are much less
likely to run personal errands, go home early or waste time when they know we are looking. I was even
able to match trip routes to gas card purchases to ensure that our company is not paying for gas in
personal vehicles."

Return on Investment

Business owners aren't going to invest in a product that doesn't save or make their business money.
Vehiclepath has done both. Brown Bros., Inc, a Chattanooga, TN based company focused on grading,
excavating, and site utilities had several pieces of heavy equipment stolen over the last few years.
Brown Bros. purchased several GPS fleet tracking units to monitor the locations of their heavy

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                                        Presented by Daniel Toriola

The result?

"We had a brand new CAT skid steer stolen over the weekend," Project Manager Frank Geismar said.
"The skid steer was equipped with a GPS fleet tracking unit. Within minutes I was able to log on to my
computer and know exactly where it was located. I called the police and the sheriff's department and
gave them the exact location of where they could recover the stolen equipment. They recovered the
unit along with six other pieces of stolen heavy equipment valued at over $300,000. The skid steer was
back on the job site by noon."

Benefits of a Vehiclepath GPS Fleet Tracking System
How often are my vehicles tracked?

Your vehicle is located every 1, 2, or 5 minutes while it is in motion (Depending on your tracking
service plan).

Vehiclepath uses Google mapping for GPS fleet tracking – which includes a standard map, satellite,
and hybrid (lays map over satellite image).

Can I be alerted if a driver speeds?

Yes. Vehiclepath supports speed and geofence (boundary) alerts. If a driver exceeds a pre-set speed
limit, you will receive a text message or email alert. If a driver crosses a geofence you will be alerted as
well. Companies are using geofence alerts to see if a driver goes home during the day or is traveling in
an area they are not supposed to be.

How else can Vehiclepath help my business?

Dispatch - The Vehiclepath GPS fleet tracking system will make it possible for dispatchers to send
drivers to an increased number of jobs without the cost of hiring more drivers or purchasing more
vehicles. Routing becomes easier and clearer resulting in increased accuracy, lower fuel consumption
and less wear and tear on your vehicles.

Drivers - Your drivers can supplement their work orders by verifying their time spent at appointments
and job sites. This offers them a reliable way to track their progress and protects them (and you!)
against customer complaints. A GPS fleet tracking system will provide all the details necessary to show
time of arrival, time spent at a site, and more!

Accounting - Your accounting department will benefit from the use of reports generated from your
Vehiclepath account, not to mention the huge plus of cutting back on fuel consumption and overtime.
Even the vehicles benefit from lower mileage and increased data on required maintenance.

Customer Service - The use of the Vehiclepath GPS fleet tracking system will make the jobs of your
customer service staff easier and more streamlined. Your customers will benefit from increased
accuracy, faster status reporting, detailed billing information, and fewer delays in arrival time. These
are just a few of the ways your customers and your employees will enjoy GPS tracking.

Sales Department - Clearer routing will promote the idea of increased sales by making more
appointments throughout the course of a work day, increasing your volume and bottom line. You will
become knowledgeable in demonstrating ways that clients benefit, and your sales staff and their

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productivity can be monitored by your GPS fleet tracking system.

Upper Management - Increased efficiency saves time and money, which results in a larger return on
your investment. Your customers will benefit from up to the minute information. These improve the
image of your company and increase your customer base, too!

Vehiclepath provides one of the most effective and easy-to-use real-time GPS fleet tracking devices.
The GPS-based tracking technology used by Vehiclepath is one of the easiest solutions to install,
enabling rapid deployment of vehicle tracking capabilities for your fleet.

Vehiclepath is committed to excellent customer service. We are available to answer questions or assist
with customer support between the hours of 6:00 am to 11:00 pm, seven days a week, at (877)

Please visit Denny is a content wroter for Vehiclepath who manufactures GPS
fleet tracking systems.

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                      How GPS Tracking Can Save Companies Money in Today's Market
                                                           By Peter Geisheker

GPS Tracking in Fleet Vehicles has become a necessity in today’s business world. It is one tool that
any company who has fleet vehicles can benefit from.

In the past, when company people were on the road, a lot of time was lost in finding directions.
Reading maps and asking for directions was blamed for thousands of hours of lost time every year.
With GPS Tracking in Fleet Vehicles, reading maps became obsolete.

 Today, with GPS Tracking in Fleet Vehicles can pinpoint an exact location and give you turn-by-turn
directions to get you where you need to be.

 GPS Tracking in Fleet Vehicles has many other advantages that businesses find beneficial and can
use in everyday business.

 Vehicle maintenance - GPS Tracking in Fleet Vehicles can advise you when maintenance needs to be
performed on the vehicle; this means it is more cost efficient to run and is safer on the road

 Tracking - GPS Tracking in Fleet Vehicles can track a vehicle that is either lost or stolen and can
pinpoint its exact location. Many vehicles and their shipments have been saved from loss by using
GPS because they were recovered quickly.

 Scheduling - GPS Tracking in Fleet Vehicles can track where a vehicle is and this makes scheduling
deliveries easier because you know exactly what vehicles will be available, this will also keep your
customers happy because they will receive their deliveries on time.

 Vehicle logs – All states have regulations regarding vehicle downtime; GPS Tracking in Fleet Vehicles
keeps track of downtime on each vehicle to meet the regulation of each State.

Speed limits - GPS Tracking in Fleet Vehicles keeps a log of how fast the vehicle travels and how
many times it stops. It can even keep a log of how often the vehicle is turned off.

 Insurance – Insurance companies like the fact that the vehicles can be monitored at all times. Many of
them will offer a special discount for companies who use GPS Tracking in Fleet Vehicles.

 GPS was originally developed for military use. However, it was released to the public and became
very popular in a short amount of time.

 It was first used in passenger cars as a deterrent from theft and proved to be very effective. Its use of
satellites can pinpoint the location of any vehicle within a few feet. The recovery rate of vehicles that
have GPS installed is infinitely higher than those who do not.

 Companies began to notice GPS and its advantages and began using it in their vehicles. Since its
inception, GPS Tracking in Fleet Vehicles has saved companies billions of dollars.

The expense of installing GPS Tracking in Fleet Vehicles may seem like an unnecessary expense,

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however if you do the math, you will find that you stand to lose a lot more than the cost of installation in
your vehicles.

 Each year, billions of dollars are lost due to theft of products and vehicles. GPS tracking can minimize
losses and recovers vehicles before permanent damage can be done.

Peter Geisheker is the CEO of The Geisheker Group marketing firm. -- Peter
provides marketing services for GPS Tracking Systems, including GPS Fleet Tracking. -- href="

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