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                                             iPhone Accessories – The Latest Rage
                                                               By Mike Smith

   The Apple iPhone packs three spectacular products into one – a stunning phone, a touch screen
iPod, and a cutting edge Internet device. Combining a whole host of next generation features such as
fast 3G wireless technology and GPS mapping, the iPhone is the hallmark of 21st century technology.
Apart from standard communication, this brilliant phone can serve as an array of gadgets with the 2.0
megapixel camera, media player, wireless connectivity and browsing. The iPhone is much more than a
standard cell phone and technology conscious consumers acknowledge that it is a cut above the rest.

Apple, true to its design-centric approach, has created a stylish smartphone with spectacular iPhone
Accessories that extend the functionality of this awesome device. The wireless iPhone headset puts
Bluetooth technology into a sleek anodized aluminum casing that offers nearly 6 hours of talk time and
72 hours when on standby. Like the smooth curves and stylish finish of the iPhone, this headset too, is
a beautifully crafted accessory. Wireless technology built into the iPhone Headset offers fans of the
device the hands free option when making or receiving voice calls. As improvements are made to the
underlying Bluetooth technology, these headsets can only get smaller and better.

Protecting your iPhone is serious business. iPhone covers must offer safety against moisture and
provide extra grip without compromising on access to the many phone features. A stylish iPhone
leather case is sometimes preferred over covers, since they are a chic, sophisticated alternative. A
durable leather case integrates a tough plastic shell for better impact resistance. One essential
protective accessory is the iPhone Screen Protector. Manufactured from a tough self-adhesive
polymer, this iPhone accessory prevents dirt, dust, fingerprints, and scratches from marking your cell

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the launch of the phone. If you already own this stunning smartphone, Wireless Emporium has great
deals and discounts on these iPhone accessories and much more.

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                                             iPhone Accessories Worth Checking Out
                                                             By Fia Gay Caballero

Living in a technology driven world demands for keeping abreast with the latest gadgets and gizmos to
not only improve our daily life but to also add a fun element to it. For iPhone owners, this simply means
investing on the most up-to-date iPhone accessories.

If you’re a new iPhone fan and looking for iPhone accessories to jazz up your mobile experience, you’ll
be surprised about the numerous choices you have. To help you decide which one to get, here are
some of the recommended Apple iPhone accessories

Apple iPhone 3G USB Charge Cradle – A must grab for every iPhone owner, iPhone 3G cradle allows
you to quickly synchronize and charge your iPhone 3G. This stylish and lightweight iPhone charge
cradle is also very easy to use; just plug the USB cable into your computer and the mini USB adapter
into the cradle and sit your iPhone 3G down—done! This comes with AC charger that will enable you to
charge your device without connecting the cradle to a PC.

iPhone Car Charger – When you’re always on the move, it’s nice to have an iPhone car charger or
travel charger to guarantee a replenished battery every time. Never miss an urgent call and enjoy full
use of your iPhone during road trips or when you’re stuck in traffic. Most iPhone car chargers are built
to charge ultra fast and come in smart designs, fit for sophisticated professionals on the go.

iPhone Cases – Perhaps the simplest iPhone accessories, Apple iPhone cases are getting better and
better to protect your phone against dirt, dust, and scratches. Depending on your style and preference,
iPhone cases come in hard cases, jelly cases, leather cases, metal cases, and in all colors of the
rainbow. But it boils down to wanting to defend your investment from any would-be damage and
extending its functionality. With that in thought, an iPhone case is truly a must have.

iPhone Bluetooth Headset – Such an essential iPhone accessory, iPhone Bluetooth headset allows
hands free option when making or receiving voice calls—particularly crucial when you’re driving. With
wireless Bluetooth headsets, you can avoid the hassles of awkward cables and entangled wires. Drive
safely and talk comfortably using an iPhone Bluetooth headset.

Have fun accessorizing your iPhone with these trendy yet useful iPhone accessories to fully customize
your iPhone experience. But don’t limit yourself, as this is just the beginning. Apple has surely a lot
more accessories in store for its hard-core iPhone devotees.

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