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									Stretch Mark Removal Products and
                             Most skin imperfections now seem to be nightmares of the past
                             because there are now a thousand and one ways and products to bid
                             skin imperfections goodbye. If before people with stretch marks just
                             have to live with those unsightly lines on their skin there are now
                             different stretch mark removal methods and products that are
                             available to lighten and even get rid of them.

                             Stretch mark creams

                              Stretch mark creams are the least expensive and the most popular
                              options for stretch mark removal. There are stretch mark creams,
                              which are specifically formulated to lighten or get rid of existing
                              stretch marks and stretch mark creams that work to prevent stretch
                              marks from appearing. Both types of formulations work at boosting
the skin?s capacity to produce elastin and collagen, which are responsible for maintaining the
skin?s elasticity. Products belonging to the first type of stretch mark creams can be considered if
you are in need of a striae removal cream.


Microdermabrasion, a skin care procedure performed by professionals for different skin maladies
is also used to treat stretch marks. In microdermabrasion old skin is exfoliated giving way to the
formation of new cells and the stimulation of the production of collagen and elastin.

If you decide to try microdermabrasion for your stretch marks expect to pay more than you
would for creams and expect some discomforts like skin redness and irritations on the treated
area which would slowly disappear as the skin heals.

More information can be found here.

Microdermabrasion works best on new stretch marks that may lighten after one
microdermabrasion session. Old and more pronounced stretch marks however would require
multiple sessions.

                             Laser Treatment

                             Laser has been found to stimulate collagen production and skin cell
                             growth that is why it is effective in celtrixa. Laser treatments for
                             stretch marks can either remove the topmost layers of the skin
                             thereby getting rid of the stretch marks or the treatment can
                             introduce skin on the skin tissues to trigger the skin to heal by itself.
In either of the two laser procedures skin will redden and feel inflamed right after treatment but
condition will improve as the skin heals completely.

Laser treatment is very effective on new reddish-purplish stretch marks but like
microdermabrasion it is less effective on old ones. Costing a lot more than all the other modes of
treatment its effects are long lasting as improvement in skin elasticity continues even up to sixth
month after treatment.

With these different stretch mark removal options will you still continue to let stretch marks keep
you for showing off your legs and curves? Evaluate the information just presented, seek the
advice of friends and decide on the option you believe will work for you.

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