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                          How to Trace or Reverse Cell Phone Location in a Few Clicks?
                                                          By Linda Crowford

   Cell phones are the preferred means of communication today. The might of cell phone usage is
such that one is considered an outcast if he does not own or use one. Hilarity apart, considering the
fact that cell phones are so prevalent today, there is no one single directory that can list all cell phone
numbers. Directories also tend to be service provider specific. Also a phone directory or even most
reverse phone look up services gives information only about a landline number. To really find out
solution to the origin of an unknown cell phone call, one should opt for a reverse phone look up service
that finds out information about cell phone numbers too.

Reverse phone look up services that includes access to finding cell numbers, do ask you to pay a fee
for this service. The reason for this is directories that collate information about cell phone subscribers
have a herculean task to do; the process is tedious as information is not obtained easily. You need to
pay an upfront fee for initial registration and after doing so; you are able to easily find out the source of
a cell phone call or an unlisted call in seconds. With reverse phone look up for cell phones, you will be
able to find information like the full name, residential address, office phone number, name of the cell
phone service provider etc. You can also use the cell numbers look up to do background check on the
person who calls you. You may also get information about the past telephone numbers the caller had
held in the past, before the current number.

To find out information about the owner of a cell phone; key in the area code and the mobile number in
the search option of the reverse phone look up directory. In other words, using the online cell phone
look up option is like exercising being a private detective, the only thing is that using the former method
being a lot cheaper. Identity of cell phone using pranksters, jealous lovers, jilted lovers, long lost
relatives, old friends, extortionists, marketing executives etc are revealed through the cell phone look
up services.

It can also be useful to marketing guys who spent the generous part of the day making call after call to
potential clients or customers. If as a sales representative or a tele-sales executive, you are not sure if
you had called a particular client before; all you can do is put the particular cell phone number in the
search option of the online reverse phone look up service. If the name, address and other details look
familiar, you know that you do not have to waste your time, calling the same person twice. For
business with several hundred clients and thousands of customers, a reverse phone look up for cell
phones can turn out to be useful.

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Linda Crowford is passionate about writing on various topics, specially those which are talk of the town.
She enjoys sharing her experience with others and encourages people to know the latest happenings.
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                          Free Reverse Cell Phone Number-Always Know Who's Calling!
                                              By John Clayton

Cell phones are great devices because it allows a person to scan the number that is calling their
number before they decide to answer the call. The caller id features of cellular phones allows cellular
phone user to view the number of the caller and save phone information in their phone's built in phone
book so that when a person calls back their number, they are able to identify the caller right away. But
unlike with traditional land lines phone numbers where there is an available directory for phone
numbers according to area codes and localities, cell phone numbers may be harder to trace.

 One solution in tracing unknown or unfamiliar phone numbers is to use free reverse cell phone
number services online. The free reverse cell phone number services let someone trace the number of
the unknown caller without having to call back the number. The free reverse cell phone number
services overcome the dilemma of not being able to trace numbers to a person or owner of a cell
phone number. So even if the call was not answered, you can always check and know who has called

 All you need to do in order to use the free reverse cell phone number lookup is to type in the phone
number in any of the free reverse cell phone number websites online and it will give basic information
such as the phone carrier, the location of the number and if it is a cell phone or a landline number.
Once you have this information, then you can search further by going through free reverse landline
phone number services available online. If more information is needed from the number, then you
would have to pay the fee in order to request for a look up. Free reverse cell phone number lookup
services can only provide basic information and nothing else. It is also for the privacy protection of the
subscriber that's why there is limited information given by the free reverse cell phone number look up

 But there is a downside in trying to make a trace or a free reverse cell phone number inquiry. Because
of the popularity of the cell phones, users are able to request to port or transfer their existing cell phone
numbers from their phone providers even when they move to another state. So making use of the free
reverse cell phone number service may trace the owner of the number to an old address. Also since it
is a free service, the free reverse cell phone number may give limited information unlike with paid
reverse cell phone number tracing. Also access to cell phone number directory databases may require
certain fees. But there are free directory listings that include cell phones; a person only needs to
search for it online. Whatever purpose one may have in using free reverse cell phone number services,
this online webtool is definitely handy in tracing anonymous callers.

Trying to find out the address and name of who is calling you? I have the exact method thousands of
people have used to find out information for Phone Reverse Lookup and unlisted numbers at

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